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Robert Roland

Intro to communication Judith Dutill 3/20/13

Thinking you know someone’s feelings/experiences is one of the biggest mistakes people make nowadays. One rule people tend to forget is no one is the same everyone thinks and handles situations differently. Just because a person may be nice and smile doesn't mean they are happy. They may be sad, Depress they just hide their emotions. I feel strongly about this because I’m the person that really doesn't show emotion but someone is always trying to tell me how I feel or that they understand my situation. I never tell someone I understand their experiences or what they came through unless I had. That can really make one feel uneasy when someone says that and has no clue to the person feelings. I do feel that one can respect fully expressed understanding without making someone feel bad. One example I can recall deals with a friend from home and one from college. One of my friends from high school lost his grandmother when we was in 12th grade. She had help raise him his whole life. He was really hurt by this to the point where didn't want to go to school anymore or do anything with his life because he feels it was over without her. He later realized that she wouldn't want him to drop out of school that she wanted the best for him. He use the sad situation to help him into wanting to do great because she would be proud of him. When I got to college my junior year roommate lost his grandmother that had been very close to him. He had previously told me that his family is very close to one another. I really didn't know what to say because I never lost someone that close like a Grandparent. I really didn’t know what he felt personally. He told me that he wanted to take a year off of school because he needed to get his life together and felt he need to help his family. After two weeks of him missing classes I had a talk with him to see what was going on. I let him know that this happened to my high school friend. That my friend wanted to give up on life and later realize that that loved one would be upset if he seen their actions. My roommate ended up giving his life back together and doing even better than he had expected by the end of that semester. In this situation it was very uncomfortable. I believe this is something everyone deals with someone you know dealing with a death in their life. If you really didn't lose that person in your life how can you really know how they feel? It's a question that you will find different answer to. I do believe is some not all situations someone can respectfully expressed understanding.

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Understanding someone’s feelings/experience.

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