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Robert Roland Prompt #1

Intro to communication Judith Dutill 2/3/13

I would have to say that a time were "I cannot hear you because of what I expect you to say". Happen to me around a time most teens probably remember the age of 16. Most teens around this age are waiting to get there permit and start learning how to drive. Parents in my eyes fear this age because of the high risk danger of new drivers. Some driving situations parents fear range from driving at night or with friend passengers were you may not be as focus. These are the things that your parents may have on their minds. I had just turned sixteen and I wanted to go and get my permit. So I asked my mom can she take me on the day of my birthday. She told me "Don't start asking me every day I will take you when I ‘am ready". That was not the answer I wanted to hear. Weeks before my sixteenth birthday my mom had a different tone about the situation, which made me feel that she couldn't wait to get my permit. I could tell that she was not ready for me to start driving yet. I really didn’t know what her problem was. Being a normal child later that week I asked my father if he could take me which he agree too. I believe that if I had not been talking to mother weeks before hand I would not of been expecting a yes when I asked her about getting my permit. After that situation I really did not know what to expect when asking my mother for something because I never know if she would change her mind. Parents have a good way of making you feel like you’re getting your way or telling you something you want to hear so you can stop asking them about it. This is something I find out the hard way.

Hearing what you want  

Exmaple of hearing something that you dont want to hear.

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