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The requested information is below! >>>Click Here<<< Orthodox Judaism â&#x20AC;&#x2039;alright guys so we're here in the cisco headquarters and this is a little tour of their telepresence teleconferencing room we're waiting for my other classmates and the engineer to show up hello yeah you like okay panasonic and say oh yeah we know that almost wholly firstly we have my classmates are having fun singles else on TV I myself just my house POTUS my side like let's see if I can get into the picture yeah what she always says the Green Monster there header high near ready we're all yours all right thank you so we're going to start from here so welcome to get my name is Ricky Elias and one of the devil junior here now he's just our collaboration life so this really showing latest collaboration solutions so that range estimate from mobile collaborations to desktop

collaborations and fear conferencing and so what I'm going to do today is to kind of take you through the data life experience okay well how you use collaborations when you away from office when you undergo and you get to the office cutting collaborate with people inside the organization's already outside garden stations and feel free to stop me a time when you have if you have any questions I'm going to start from here if you have any questions before we start so let me start with mobile operations setup can we take video of them yes so how many of you have iphones or android pad right in breast blackberry so almost all different kinds of devices they go so we see the same trend actually today in the workplace with people coming in and get all those smartphones that i have and i want to be able to collaborate so what we've done over the past few years we kind of like create a unified cooperations to this is all per click on jabber and it's based in standard particle XMPP so they can do we can click on chat we can be voicemail we have presence informations and as I know your availability status and then we get access to corporate director so what I have here for my demo so I have a jabber client this iphone is right there is in jeopardy of mine now we we can take a Samaritan a month of the office right now I may be the coffee shop just having a meeting with my customers and I need something to follow I want to connect back to somebody's in the office and the first thing i can do is i connect to my hotspot the Wi-Fi hotspot and i can start by 3pm which is you know start unless your connectivity back into the office and then from there I can go ahead and lounge by jabber client the German client's allows me to see who's available in the office you see the little boxes to the left d of the username it's an orange right now so that person inside it's not available at idle so Matt was example here if I move the mouse from that he will turn into green and so now I know that Madison family because I can go ahead and under start a check check on operations from there I want to see from madisonville and that's back in the office met is using the same piece of software the German pine which has the same functionality and then from there I can go ahead and start a conversation now I have the options whether I want to use voice over IP which is over the Wi-Fi or I want to use gsm in this case I'm going to use voice over IP kin-yuen gal over Wi-Fi connections and I'm having a conversation right now we've met any office and complicated to poison ivy what if the difference between business guy ok so different to the business card you promised see moresee as we go along you wanted to think that we do we packed a lot of features there for collaboration purpose so not just voice conversations you have video you have web collaboration of WebEx and then you probably see more as we go along and then we can come back to that question so from here I'm down with we might cup of tea cup of traffic I need to walk away from the world's hot spot I need to drive back into the office and I want to keep the conversation going so what why don't you do from here and transfer my call to I GSF guess a used mobile network so I'm sending a request back to the office and I tell my communication manager this a link that conversation back and now picking up the phone call on my gsm and i continue the conversation with length and then to nab this is transparent he doesn't know what i'm using flexible Wi-Fi or voiceover gsm transparent to me really because then your your voice already must be pretty poor quality if you can't tell if it's on the first over IP today because editor 1110 the pre-war one is deployed today suspect your grandma even simpler call for a boycott yes we use it for now to continue from here I say get to the office and I what coverage my dress that's my desk all right so what I can do here I can just hang up but that's what we'll have this little features around seven soon processor and now I have video collaborations and finish difference then I'm video from your iphone 4 iphone is to work at Apple here people will get the video so let's going to show you in terms of flexibility you have let's start at the conversation goes around Wi-Fi and then be able to choose whichever way you wanna nominate so we use this in our daily lives so at home I can be starting up webex conversation at eight o'clock and then I need to make my way back into the office I guess the continuum by transferring into gsm and then get to the office i could continue any any questions so far give it 10 / it considers you got to hang up in the air and stuff yeah so they had the handover today there are two options right we can do it automatically but most of the time is better for user to have the control so when they want to choose they were transferred because if we rewind a network sometimes you know the hotspot is not so reliable so you can have it for call dropped connection so so the quality program doesn't automatically handsome it doesn't do that they will all right so now I want to move on since I'm now back in my dad some of the office right now so i have to say switch the spinning back here so you can follow from the screen right there so now i have the same piece of client here that you ever find i can give that I can do make elaborations right off these applications or I can start by collaborations from another different applications like email right now we have an integration with like Microsoft Outlook so it's an example here I receive an email and I want to talk to Dave this is dave and his idol right now remove the past year listen I chance to green so I know that Dave is available now instead of me sending a reply over email it's going to take some times and then Dave might be you know bc and then he'll reply later so instead of doing that i'm just going to go ahead and start conversations okay i want to choose to get that one hawaii university tuition cost.

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