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eBook Writing Guide As Internet marketing evolves with time and technology, one of the tools in the arsenal of generating online leads, building communities and increasing sales is the use of the eBook. Instantly downloadable content incorporating links, interactive graphics and visuals combined with other online appliances is useful to the person looking for easy to consume material. When applied as an Internet marketing tool eBooks, or electronic books, are often used within websites or blogs as a resource of compiled information on the industry or niche the blog is in. Like any other online content, it must be: 1.Engaging - the title and content should be based on research on your target market. 2.Relevant - the information should be up-to-date and easily applied or completed. 3.Easy to Read - writing an eBook is not like traditional books, many of the same rules of writing online apply. Creation of an informative product, whether electronic or in print, must always utilize marketing strategies to shape and define it. The subject, the positioning of the product, the strategy you use to write the copy requires a keen understanding of what people want, need and are willing to pay for. Before you begin the process of actually writing content for the eBook you must: • • • •

identify potential profitable niches and topic calculate the practicality of developing the document discover customer hot topics and industry issues, and understand how those issues and topics are framed in the mind of the reader.

You must also consider whether or not you intent to charge for the eBook. The PDF format may not offer highest perceived value if you

are asking for a fee. There are other formats to consider such as Kindle, eReader, Microsoft Reader and MobiPocket. Once you have identified the market, chosen a topic and a platform, you must consider how long to write the eBook and how to present the information in an easy-to-apply format. An eBook should be a short document on how to solve the problem or issue defined by your initial market research. Whether the document is 5, 20 or 60 pages long, clear instruction that address a real issue will establish you as an authority in your field and keep readers coming to you for additional information. It is the need to solve this problem that generates buyers for your eBook. Now The Writing Starts 1.Create an outline so you stay on track and on point in your writing. 2.Use references with high authority, it adds quality to your content. 3.Use formatting to keep the content organized and easy to read. Bullet lists, numbered lists, bolds and subheadings help with readability. 4.Edit your work. Read it aloud, use more than one spell and grammar check. 5.Edit your work again. It may be helpful to have another person review the eBook. 6.Publish. eBook marketing is still an effective method of generating visibility, establishing authority and generating profits. Invest time into selecting a topic that your readers want, provide quality, engaging content that helps your target solve a problem and you will find your daily downloads, and your bank account, increasing. Bobby Freiler is a successful online business serial entrepreneur, serious about teaching and educating others to duplicate his success.

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Writing an eBook for Online Business Marketing  
Writing an eBook for Online Business Marketing  

How to get through the process and write an ebook, from planning to posting online