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Effectively Using Search Engine Optimization Techniques What is SEO? Search engine optimization is not a simple, single-strand method or tool. SEO is a group of integrated strategies built on research and calculations that can effectively generate and direct web traffic and positively influence website and content rankings for any business. There are negative, positive and neutral factors that affect your rankings with Google, Bing, Yahoo! and any of the other search engines available online. The process of SEO is a long-term practice, rather than a one-stop or simple step. Studying SEO techniques is ongoing and applying those strategies will take some time. Results are not typically immediate, and in fact, most results will not come immediately. However, effective and continual application of SEO implementation will yield positive results that can return profits for any online business. Effective Uses Of SEO Strategy

1.Keywords: When looking at keywords, you have to consider the three Ps: phrases, proximity and placement. SEO strategies include placing the keywords in content titles, URLs and title tags. 2.Links: Links are internal, inbound or outbound. The number and reputation of the links, associated anchor text and age are important influencers. 3.Metatags: While viewed as becoming less significant overall, the keyword and description metatags are still relevant. Metatags still rule on Bing and Yahoo! The Description metatag often reveals in the description or summary of your site within search results. 4.Content: Unique, relevant and frequently updated content boost

your search engine rankings. Formatting and fonts used also influence how the content is viewed, and has the added benefit of making it easier to read on screen. Using headlines and bolds, bullet lists and short pages is recommended. 5.Images and Extras: Images do not replace text links. For the images to have SEO impact, use the ALT attribute, but only use images for navigation when it is vital to the layout of your site. Remember that search engines do not index videos or podcasts, so if there is no tape script or alternative text description, it is as if your videos and flash movies do not exist. If you are not skilled or seasoned at SEO or do not wish to learn the correct techniques of implementing SEO, then I suggest you connect with an SEO expert. There are many SEO professionals, and there are also many who claim to be. Be careful with your selection, and make sure you do your due diligence, but if it's done correctly your business and your sales are certain to improve dramatically. Bobby Freiler is a successful online business serial entrepreneur, serious about teaching and educating others to duplicate his success.

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