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Get Quality Content Professionally Written For You Reviews of websites ranking highest in search engines indicate those with high quality content and updated frequently fare best. Business owners are busy running operations and lack the time necessary to write the SEO content that keeps their websites resourceful and advertises their company through article marketing. Article Databases or Custom Content? Pre-prepared relevant content is available for purchase. The articles are used according to several licensing formats: 1.Use Licensing allows the purchaser to publish the article without modification on their site or in a print publication. 2.Unique licenses allow the business owner to use the article exclusively. The article cannot be modified, but no other sites may use it. 3.Full Rights are exclusive and can be modified and redistributed. Benefits of purchasing articles from a database like Constant Content: - No waiting period. Web copy writing takes time; these articles are ready for immediate download and use. - Many authors have a varied and vast selection of articles. You can quickly search for content by specialty or author and purchase quality content from an author to use over time. This allows the style and tone of the work to remain consistent. Interacting with content writers is possible through a copy writing or content services company. Ensure the company provides the level of professional content writing that meets your needs. Consider author profiles and resumes; review the pay scale for content writers. If the site contracts authors that are not fluent English speakers, articles may reflect that. Pay scales that begin lower than industry averages may indicate lower standards for content and SEO requirements. Some

of the better-known content services companies are: Textbroker - One of the more successful companies; there is a thirdparty plug-in that links your Textbroker account to a WordPress blog. Writer Access - Profiles for authors are easy to browse for specialization. eCopywriters - Crowdsourcing allows you to select the best fitting work. SEO content writers often provide direct services to clients for a negotiable fee. Work with an author that is knowledgeable about SEO requirements, marketing strategies, and has samples of high quality content available to view. For a limited time, you can learn to build your business with a FREE, intensive 7-Day Marketing Bootcamp, offered by Bobby Freiler, a successful online business and marketing serial entrepreneur. Join at

How to Get Quality Online Content Professionally Prepared