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Want Future Growth? Look to “Chindia” According to Economic Watch estimation US economy will registered 2.97% of GDP Growth. The number is far lagging behind to world average of around 4.49%.But still there is silver line to the clouding. US are still doing better than G-7 countries average GDP growth of 2.45%.Though the Chinese economy is going through some temporary bad patch still expected to expand its economy by up to nine percent depending on who you listen to, but could be as low as 7.5% should the Euro zone plummet into another recession. Though it’s not best of times Chinese economy is showing signs of good growth. China is working extra time to avoid any bumpy obstacles in their ambitious path. China’s GDP growth expanded at an average of 9.30% annually from 1989 to 2010. Asia-Pacific region is going great guns and indicating GDP growth of approx. 7%. China’s neighbor and competitor India has registered stellar 7.82% GDP growth. Investors know the hard hitting competition between Chinese dragon and Indian elephant for investor’s investment. Expert’s belief in China has been restored by China’s consistent GDP growth. China is doing better than Japan on this front. China and India has emerged as better option for investors comparing to Japan. Japan’s GDP growth is estimated at 2.07% this year, but synics have their own doubt set about this estimation. Other developing Asian countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, are expected to grow at 8.36% this year. But experts have their faith in India in long term. India’s has emerged as one of the best option for investors since they had opened their economy for foreign investments in 1991.India has huge population over 1.18 billion. They have one of the biggest middle-class public chunk.BBC has predicted that India will surpass China as most populated nation by 2025. What makes Indian a hot choice for investors is Indian Democracy. India has been democratic nation since its independence from British Empire. When we compare constraint Chinese Communist regime to Indian democracy, the difference between two countries is visible. What makes India attractive are its democratic government, young and educated workforce, and high literacy rate at 71.7% for those seven years and older, according to the country’s Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. India and China jointly shares world’s one third of population. Both countries are on rise of high GDP growth. That makes combined market of ‘Chindia’ very attractive proportion. India’s GDP per capita was US$3,703 in 2011 and ranked 127th in the world, according to the International Monetary Fund, but this was up from 142nd in 2009.Chinawas ranked 90th with a GDP per capita of $8,394 in 2011, a steady jump from $3,735 in 2009. By the way, the U.S. GDP per capita is seventh in the world at $48,147, while oil-rich OPEC member Qatar is first at $102,891. It will take some time to reach on level of US or G-7 Countries but India and China will be there for sure. As the basic rule of economics higher earning will increase high expenditures from the people of both countries. For more information visit us: - Profit


Want Future Growth? Look to “Chindia”  

According to Economic Watch estimation US economy will registered 2.97% of GDP Growth. The number is far lagging behind to world average of...

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