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MEET THE TEAM The Beautiful People That Make It All Tick

THE SKIING HAS-BEEN - Phil Purdie left the City and the world of Investment Banking to set up SnowSkool in 2003 with a small loan from the old man. Phil’s a good ole-fashioned ski fanatic and has skied throughout the world (in places as diverse as Japan and South Africa) as well as having eight seasons’ experience in Canada, Europe and NZ under his belt. Recently he has turned his attention to making sure his one year old son, Jackson, skis in the Winter Olympics in 2030 (in the Cairngorms). THE BRAINS - After working as a Management Consultant in London for ten years and picking up a MBA from Cambridge University, Steve Purdie joined SnowSkool and quickly restructured everything we do! Although a half-decent skier, Steve prefers spreadsheets to park skis and accounting to backcountry shredding and was recently suspended for two days “thinking time” for suggesting that there is nothing wrong with snowblades.

THE AGEING PARK RAT - Former Paratrooper Adrian “Dunk” Gourlay is our course organiser and spends a lot of time going into a lot of detail about things you wouldn’t even think about! On-snow, Dunk’s a freestyle snowboarding guru and it is rumoured that he once nose-pressed a sixty-one mile long kinked S-rail somewhere in the backcountry between Banff and Revelstoke, all in aid of charity. Going to press, Dunk has racked up six seasons in Canada and two in NZ. THE SHEILA – Marion Fagan is CEO of SnowSkool Australia and, in between running a family and living a social life that would make Kylie Minogue look like the shy, retiring type, Marion deals with all the demands of our customers from the other side of the world. She repped the full NZ course in 2010 and tends to make an appearance for the first week or two at one of the courses to help knock the reps into shape, mother her beloved Aussies and entertain us with her rapier wit!

SNOWSKOOL REPS: Who’s who?! We’ve got quite a few reps on the books at SnowSkool what with all the courses that we are now running in Canada, France, NZ and USA. There’s Sarah who’s a loud-mouth Kiwi bird and sick snowboarder and wee Scottish Rosie who cooks like Heston, mothers like Delia and is loved by all. There’s AJ who takes himself a lot less seriously than the photo suggests but skis more seriously than it suggests. AJ tends to hook up and do his seasons with Tom – a mild-mannered Home County’s type that, when sent to Canada, grows wild facial hair and skis like a mad-man! King of customer feedback, George, impresses the ladies offsnow and the men on-snow and particularly in the park. Jordi’s not too shabby in the park either although doesn’t he know it! Less wellknown is that Jordi is fluent in Swedish...this has yet to come in useful!


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Can you guess who is who?

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Snowskool: Ski & Snowboard Instructor Brochure  

Snowskool's 2012 Brochure, showing ski and snowboard instructor courses.

Snowskool: Ski & Snowboard Instructor Brochure  

Snowskool's 2012 Brochure, showing ski and snowboard instructor courses.