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Rug Gallery offers a complete range of services designed to help you enjoy your rugs for generations. Whether adding another decorative floor covering to your home or office, or simply expanding on your growing collection of handmade rugs, Medallion Rug Gallery offers a pleasant rug buying experience.

A full-service process, Medallion’s professional staff will bring rugs to your home, manage all furniture moves, and display each rug individually allowing you the opportunity to evaluate numerous rugs in a very short time.

Because our tastes, homes, and decorating patterns change, Medallion Rug Gallery allows flexibility with every purchase through their unique “Lifetime Medallion’s “Try Before You Buy” Policy Full Exchange allows customers the ability to evaluate Guarantee.” rugs in the comfort of their own homes without any fees or obligations to buy.

Buying a handmade rug, Area Rug, Area Rugs, Persian Rug, Antique Rug can be one of the most enjoyable experiences whether you are furnishing your home or adding to your own collection of handmade rugs, Antique Rug or Collectable Rugs.

This consumerfocused approach, along with a wealth of friendly services and policies, allows Medallion Rug Gallery to provide you the best experiences for all your handmade rug needs.

Medallion Rug Gallery gives individuals, interior designers, and collectors located throughout the world, a rug buying experience designed around the consumer’s needs.

A knowledgeable staff of over 20 people with more than 100 years of industry experience is here to make your next home furnishing project more enjoyable, helping you add the beauty and character best suited for your living space.


Rug Gallery has long been educating local communities about one of the most exquisite art forms in the world, handmade rugs.

We are direct importer of handmade rugs from all over the world including Iran, India, Pakistan and China; the expert in restoration services and the ultimate source for the most successful interior designers.

Find now the perfect rug for your house! 323 University Avenue Palo Alto, CA 94301 Tel: (650) 329-9020, 800 300 RUGS Fax: (650) 329-9776

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In Palo Alto, California, Medallion Rug Gallery represents the history, present, and future of high quality handmade rugs.