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AreaRug4Sale The ultimate source of quality rugs

A quality area rug enhances the interior appearance of a house. Many different types of rugs are available including hand-woven, Oriental, Persian, area or antique rugs.

Our vast collection represents the history, present, and future of high quality handmade rugs.

Our store is based in Palo Alto, California and has the finest and most unique rug collection for miles around.

Our store specializes in oversized, new, modern and contemporary rugs. We also offer and deal in collectable and antique rugs.

Area rugs can help you add beauty and character best suited for your living space. Our company has become a trusted resource for today’s rug enthusiasts with elegant showrooms housing one of the world’s largest collections of handwoven rugs.

The online store give individuals, interior designers, and collectors located throughout the world 24-hour access to an outstanding inventory and view of our rugs collection.

Many skilled interior designers look to our store as the ultimate source for quality handwoven, Persian, handmade and antique rugs for use in their design projects.

A quality rug can make sure that the next home furnishing project is more enjoyable and it can also help add to the beauty and character best suited in a living space.

Choose with us the best rug for a spot in your house!

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Today, AreaRug4Sale represent the history, present, and future of high quality handmade rugs, Persian Rugs, Area rugs, Persian Handmade area...