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AreaRug4Sale Buy Your Handmade Rug With 100% Confidence

When you buy a collectable rug, you’re getting a rug for your home that you will not find elsewhere. They are more than mere floor coverings. They carry a rich history and are functional pieces of artwork that will bring beauty and distinction to your home.

A knowledgeable staff of over 20 people with more than 100 years of industry experience is here to make your next home furnishing project more enjoyable, helping you add the beauty and character best suited for your living space.

In handmade rugs, colorful motifs are woven into the rug against the solid color in the background and the border, creating even more incredible color contrast. All handmade rugs are identified by their background color and border color.

Colors are also an important factor in determining the origin of handmade rugs. Different rug producing areas use different combinations of colors and different types of dyes. Colors are chosen according to the best dyes available in the environment whether natural or synthetic, and even sometimes according to their symbolic values (traditional and religious meanings).

Size is a very important factor in pricing a handmade rug. Therefore, understanding the units of measurement used in determining the dimensions of a rug are also important. The length and width of rugs can be expressed in both the British Imperial System (feet and inches) and the Metric System (meters and centimeters).

AreaRug4Sale is grateful to be working with some of the most talented professionals from the interior design community. By combining the expertise of our expanding worldwide network of highly skilled designers with the best resource for premium handmade rugs, we continue to unite clients and designers to achieve the ultimate in interior design solutions.

Layout is the overall arrangement of motifs or objects woven into a rug. Motif is any single form or interrelated group of forms which make up part of the overall design. All rugs can be divided into three major layouts of all-over, medallion, or one-sided.

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