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Camptown’s mission is to challenge, mentor, and teach youth about life through outdoor adventure and nature programs that help build confidence, character, and hope.



EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR STATEMENT It seems like every week a new study is coming out addressing the issues children face today: obesity, diabetes, Autism, ADD & ADHD, Asthma, and others. Recently I was reading an article from the Harvard Business Review titled “Sitting is the Smoking of our Generation”. In this article author Nilford Merchant cites The Lancet, a British medical journal article that concludes that inactivity is causing 5.3 million deaths per year,” The article goes on to show that this is very similar to the number of deaths attributed [by the World Health Organization] to tobacco smoking.


Meanwhile, a growing body of evidence indicates that children need far more activity, including unstructured play, to improve health, cognition and emotional well-being. Naturebased exercise appears to be especially effective. As a result, some pediatricians and mental health professionals are now prescribing “green exercise” in parks and other natural settings. And at least some schools and determined teachers are insisting that their students do a portion of their learning outdoors, in nature — adding priceless balance to their lives. This is where Camptown comes in. We are the experts in outdoor play, education, and adventure. The schools, churches, and community centers we work with, recognize the importance of the programs we provide. In the past 10 years, Camptown has grown from serving 174 youth to over 3,400 last year. This growth was accomplished by creating effective, innovative programs that meet the needs of our partners and the youth they serve. These include our How Wild is Your School nature education programs, Natural Wonders Day Camps, Trailblazer program for youth with special needs, Wilderness Adventure Academy at schools like Christel House Academy, and Pathfinders program for adjudicated youth. We could not have done this alone. Last year Camptown engaged 49 volunteers who gave 945 hours of service. Recognizing the need for additional resources of staff, equipment, supplies, and space, our board of directors set out to position Camptown for the next decade. This year we hired a full time Development Director to help secure the funds needed to help us meet this growing need. We want to thank our contributors, board members, volunteers and friends for all of their hard work, support, and encouragement this year. It is because of you that we can make a difference in the life of a child.

The experience of a Camptown wilderness adventure goes well beyond just having a good time. Camptown provides an adventure with a purpose. As our students explore the wild, they learn to appreciate their unique talents and how to use those gifts to benefit themselves and their communities. We guide youth away from the pressures of home, school and the neighborhood and give them a setting in which they can build life skills, grow spiritually, build friendships, and experience the pace and flow of nature.


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We foster values such as sharing, caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility as we help youth adjust to and cope with their changing world. We lead youth to a better path through camping and adventure programs in the great outdoors. Youth form ideas and attitudes through these direct experiences. In the wilderness, they learn skills such as leadership, teamwork, and conflict resolution. They develop an appreciation for the natural world. They place themselves in a beautiful environment that transcends the landscape of street and suburban life.

Don Schafer, President and Executive Director


PROGRAMS YOUTH LEADERS Camptown’s Youth Leadership Program is designed for youth who choose to further develop their leadership, decision making and professional skills. Through monthly meetings youth leaders will receive some specific training such as first aid/CPR, Leave no Trace Outdoor Ethics, Leadership, and backcountry camping skills. They will then put those skills into practice through service and fun activities such as canoeing, climbing, biking, backpacking, rafting as well as helping out on other Camptown programs. WILDERNESS ADVENTURES Adventure options include hikes, canoe trips, camping, backpacking and whitewater rafting. Adventures can last a day, a weekend or an entire week. MISSIONS/SPIRITUAL Mission trips and Spiritual Retreats allow your leaders the freedom to focus on building relationships with students while Camptown deals with the details. YOUTH WITH DISABILITIES Camptown’s custom programming can accommodate youth with physical, cognitive or developmental disabilities. NATURAL WONDERS DAY CAMP Launched in 2008, this program allows larger groups of various ages to have an introductory nature experience. Held primarily at Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park, Camp Days consist of a variety of outdoor activity stations, allowing the students to explore outdoor recreation in a safe environment. Activities may include: fishing, nature hike, team building games, outdoor cooking, fire-building, canoeing, geocaching, reptiles, and many more. This program is great for Summer Day Camp groups looking for a new field trip. TEAMBUILDING Camptown designs teambuilding workshops and adventures for groups of all ages or organizations with a goal of developing a more cohesive team and a more effective working atmosphere. TRAININGS & WORKSHOPS Camptown can help your staff with their professional development offering American Red Cross First Aid & CPR, Leave No Trace Trainer courses and workshops, basic canoe and water safety instruction from an American Canoe Association Instructor, or specific outdoor skills workshops. HOW WILD IS YOUR SCHOOL? “How Wild is Your School?” is a fun, energetic, thought provoking way to teach your students about the world around them. Camptown staff will come to your school and bring outdoor education to the everyday through a hands on learning experience.





3,406 SERVED


3,085 SERVED


of our partner organizations receive program funding support from Camptown


receiving free or reduced lunch


Volunteers for 945 hours



ur goal is to equip youth with the life skills needed to thrive in today’s culture. Through our wilderness programming, we strive to make a significant impact on each participant. Youth who complete one of our programs will: •

Learn to appreciate their unique gifts and talents, understanding their value as individuals and their ability to contribute to their community.

Learn how to work together with fellow youth on projects in a way that is active, respectful, and encouraging.

Develop appreciation and compassion for other people.

Develop decision-making skills with an understanding of the consequences of their choices.

Appreciate the challenges and joys of exercising, exploring, eating, sleeping, and playing in the great outdoors.

Camptown program participants reported growth in the following areas:

















This program is designed for youth who may have already begun down the wrong path or are about to embark in the wrong direction. Participants can include youth 12 – 15 year olds who are first time offenders, status offenders, or Children in Need of Services (CHINS). This six day-day/five-night program begins with ten hours of pre trip preparation. Pathfinders groups are limited to six youth and can include two to four adult mentors. In addition to the pre-trip training above, additional teaching components such as choices & consequences and personal responsibility are included. Our Pathfinder overall recidivism rate is 19% with only 9% returning to the court system as a juveniles.


WORDS FROM OUR STUDENTS: “Going this trip helped me tremendously. I needed a transition before college. Getting to meet people from my college ahead of time and developing my skills has booted my confidence. I can’t wait to go to college and meet the rest of my fellow students. I can tell them about my trip instead of just saying I had a great summer. After this trip, I plan to show my leadership skills more and continue to speak up and be noticed. I am ready for any challenge Butler has to offer me. “

Camptown creates leaders:

Do what is right...

“It (Camptown) showed me how to cope with people who drive me nuts, but the most important thing is it showed me how to be a good leader and root people on and the feeling you have when people say you did a great job and things like that.”

“I learned the mindset you should have throughout life. Don’t give up and do what is right.”


IT IS BECAUSE OF YOU THAT WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIFE OF A CHILD. MORE WORDS FROM OUR STUDENTS: “I was excited for Camptown. Hiking, camping, whitewater rafting. I’ve been hiking and camping since I was eight. When I was 12 we (me and my grandpa) was on a camping trip. My grandpa had a massive heart attack. I then vowed to never go camping gain. But then I went to Camptown. By going on this trip, it reminded me how good I am at camping and how fun it was. On Monday, I automatically got picked for leader. Everybody just wanted me to be their leader. So I was the leader. We started at the twin arches and ended at Jake’s Place. On the way there, I felt like I was hiking with my grandpa again. I moved throughout the line, front, back, middle, checking to make sure everyone was okay. On Tuesday, I was scout. I ran ahead of the group to check out any obstacles. If I did see any obstacles, I went back to the group and warned them to be careful. Even when I wasn’t leader or scout, I still solved problems. I thought maybe this shouldn’t be my last time camping.”



“I learned that I am capable of overcoming things and not to become easily discouraged”

“I am going to be patient and more respectful!”


DONORS Our donors make a big impact with the youth we serve.


Calvary United Methodist Church Central Christian Church


BKD Foundation Christel DeHaan Family Fund Hoover Family Foundation Indiana Youth Institute Indianapolis Foundation Lilly Endowment Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust Peyback Foundation Downtown Optimist Foundation Jerry & Barbara Burris Foundation


ACES Power Marketing BMO Harris Bank Brandeis Machinery Brandt Construction Browning Investments CIK Enterprises Co-Alliance CSCI Consulting Custom Cast Stone Delello & Sons Don Smock Auction Co, Inc. Easter and Cavosie Filson Earthwork Company, Inc. Faegre Baker Daniels Green BEAN Delivery Heavy Duty Trucking, Inc Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Integrated Investment Strategies, Inc. Kraft Foods Foundation Lafever Electric Lewis Wagner, LLP Martin Marrietta Materials Max IT Healthcare LLC Meridian Investment Miller Pipeline Multiguard National Bank of Indianapolis Park Indy Peter A Kraft Harris Steel Prime Pay, Inc. REI Sprint Storage Solutions Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP Teachers Credit Union Team Summit Transcorr Wells Fargo Bank Wesley’s Lawn Care, Inc Wilkinson Assess Management 10


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* Includes salary for first full time Development Director Hired in 2012


2012 BOARD OF DIRECTORS & OFFICERS Kent Grubaugh, Chair, Custom Cast Stone Charlie Wilson, Vice Chair, Eli Lilly Bob Clark, Secretary, Taft Law Allen Still, Treasurer, Clifton Larsen Allen Jeff Beck, Faegre Baker Daniels Rich Blaiklock, Lewis Wagner, LLP Scott Davison, One America Financial Mike Devlin, Floor Graphics Mike Fowler, Eli Lilly Ellyn Ludden, Team Summit Jeff O’Barr, NCAA Josh Russell, Shiel Sexton Steve Troike, Wells Fargo Brian Nickolaus, IU Health Don Schafer, Executive Director Kevin Gleason, Sprint Andy Litke, Messer Construction

VOLUNTEERS Individuals Kaete Adams Mary Adams Hannah Anderson Laurie Anderson Tanyna Barymore Ursula Booth Judi Chambers

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REI Ron Rich Mike Russell AJ Smith Sprint Stephanie Tucker Lauren Walker

STAFF Don Schafer, President and Executive Director Eric Bond, Program Director Cynthia Schafer, Program Support Steve Vedra, Director of Development Ciaran Connery, Program Support Steve Vedra, Director of Development Ciaran Connery, Program Support


Camptown, Inc. 7998 Georgetown Road, Suite 700 Indianapolis, IN 46268

Voice: (317) 471-8277 Fax: (317) 471-8279


CAMPTOWN.NET Camptown’s mission is to challenge, mentor, and teach youth about life through outdoor adventure and nature programs that help build confidence, character, and hope.

Camptown Annual Report 2012  
Camptown Annual Report 2012  

Camptown’s mission is to challenge, mentor, and teach youth about life through outdoor adventure and nature programs that help build confide...