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We’re Launching Our “NEW” Website Inside this issue:

We’re Launching Our New Website


Meet Jane Yarborough


It’s A Dog’s Life


Trivia Corner


Health & Fitness


Money Matter


When Do You Change Your List Price


Special points of interest:  Benefits of our new website

 What you need to know about Home Inspectors

 Dog Parks in Northern Kentucky

 A winning financial situation for you and your kids

 Pricing Your Home To Sell

We are so excited to announce the development of our brand new website. It is being developed in stages, however, most of the “good stuff” will be up and running by the first part of July. Now, we know what you are thinking, “I’ve been to Realtor websites before and they are all the same”. Guess what, we know that too. That is why our website is going to be quite different. Actually Marley, our public relations director, realized that she is able to engage people when they meet her in person, so why not on the web. When you log onto our website, an animated Marley will be there to greet you and show you around a little bit. In fact, we are hoping that by fall of this year, Marley will have her own website within ours that will be very entertaining, fun and informative as well. This is what you will find when visiting The main advantage to you as a visitor to our site is ease in finding the information you want. BUYERS, we know you want an easy to use home search. We have made our home search as easy as we possibly can to

time during your visit to the website.

We’re On The Web help you in your efforts to finding a new home. SELLERS, there will be lots of good information to help you with the sale of your home. One proven highlight is the Pre-Certified Home. There will be a special section on our site which features Pre-Certified Homes. Currently, we are aware of no other Realtor that offers this option to Sellers at the “beginning of the listing process”. In addition, there will be: a featured homes link which will offer a slide show on our featured homes; team member profiles to introduce ourselves to new visitors and to update our good friends on what each team member has been up to and involved in; community links which will lead you to happenings around the area; easy access to any of our e-mails at any

Another new feature to our website that is uncommon to the usual Realtor website is a BLOG. On our BLOG you can weigh in along with others bloggers with questions and answers about real estate, area events, or just about anything you want to talk about. This feature is a great way to find out what others in the community think and get valuable information you are seeking. In Phase II of our website, which will probably be in the fall sometime, we will have more innovative animation from Marley with her own website within our site, information about animal shelters, rescues, new pet products and her own blog where Marley barks out about animal rights, public awareness, fun facts, etc. What’s in it for you? A fun and informative website experience that will make you and others want to visit our site again and again. We are committed to growing this website to accommodate our web community’s interests and needs.

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Meet Jane Yarborough Jane Yarborough is the proud wife of Lieutenant Colonel Fred Yarborough, and mother of Britt and Erin. An animal lover at heart, Jane resides in Taylor Mill, KY with her family which includes two dogs and two cats.

Jane Yarborough, E-pro, RIS

Jane has been in the Real Estate industry for 15 years helping people just like you realize their dream of home ownership. Jane is an active member of the Northern Kentucky Board of REALTORS, the Kentucky Asso-

ciation of REALTORS and the National Association of REALTORS. We are proud to have Jane Yarborough associated with our “Home Pros Team”. Jane’s clients continually comment that they have made a lifelong friend and feel they “couldn’t have done it without her”. Jane is outstanding when it comes to helping families relocate from out of town. Being a military family has taken Jane all over the coun-

It’s A Dog’s Life This month I thought I would talk about my very favorite thing to do . . . go to the dog park. Simply stated, a dog park is a place where dogs and their people can play together. As the name implies, these places offer dogs off-leash play areas while their people enjoy the park-like setting. Amenities vary greatly among these places, but ‘off-leash’ and ‘park’ are the key elements that dog owners and dogs desire. To my knowledge, there is at least one dog park in both Campbell and Kenton Counties and one coming soon to Boone County.

Trivia Corner 1.


The Continental Congress appointed what four men to draft the Declaration of Independence? What two states did not approve the draft of the Declaration of Independence?


How many known copies of the Declaration of Independence are there?


Where is the original Declaration of Independence kept?

by Marley

I have visited both dog parks and I enjoyed each of them. My usual hangout is the park in Ft. Thomas (located within Highland Park at the end of Mayfield Drive) because it is close to my house. My mom takes me everyday when she gets home from work, and believe me I can hardly contain myself until I arrive. I didn’t know anyone at first, but now Gus, Sparkle, Beau and Spencer are some of my best canine pals, just to name a few. On weekends, I like to look beyond Ft. Thomas and check out parks such as the Paw Park (located within Pioneer Park on KY 17).

Email your correct answers to: by July 15th to be included in a drawing for 2 AMC movie passes. Answers to last quarters trivia questions 1. D 2. B 3. A Winner: Sharon Hall, Ft. Wright

try. Having been relocated herself many times over the years, Jane knows exactly what it feels like to pick up your family and move. Jane assists clients in not only finding just the right home they’re looking for, but helping them pick up their lives in a new location by educating them on area schools, churches, cultural events and personal interests.

Most all dog parks offer: fresh water, park benches, lots of shade trees, double gate entrances, litter bags and small dog and large dog areas (apparently I intimidate small dogs, so it is nice they have their own section). All of these parks are very clean and well kept. So ask your human to take you to the park. You can play with other dogs while your human visits with other dog owners. I think my mom likes the dog park too because she talks and laughs the whole time we are there.

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Are All Home Inspectors Licensed

When Buying A home, Look For This Seal


Complete Home Inspection (by a Licensed Inspector)


Termite Inspection


1-Year Home Warranty The Seal Means ‘Its Already Been Done”

Home Inspectors have now been licensed in the State of Kentucky for nearly one year, licensing became effective July 1, 2006. With licensing in place it is now illegal and a Class B misdemeanor under KRS 534.040 for a nonlicensed individual to perform a full home inspection in Kentucky. When selecting a home inspector to perform your inspection be certain to check that they are licensed, in the Northern Kentucky area. There is a large influence of inspectors from bordering states that may or may not be licensed. The general public is

encouraged to ask an inspector for their Kentucky home inspector license number. Licensing information can be verified at the Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors web site sing/homeinspection/ phone, 502-573-0364. Unlike many businesses it is the individual that is licensed and not the company, so be sure to confirm that the “inspector” is licensed. Many home inspectors belong to a State or National Association, this alone does not qualify them, licensing is the single requirement. In Kentucky the

By Michael Patton

Kentucky Real Estate Inspectors Association Inc. ( has the largest membership of Kentucky Licensed Home Inspectors, unlike other associations to be a “KREIA Inspector Member” you must hold a Kentucky License. Michael A. Patton is a past president of KREIA and owner/licensed home inspector of AA Home Inspection LLC KY License HI-2005 IN License HI-00500361 (859) 448-0213

We’ll Be At “4th At The Fort” If you haven’t been to Ft. Thomas on the 4th of July you’re missing a lot of fun. It all starts at 11:00 am with the annual parade on Ft. Thomas Avenue and ending up at Tower Park.

for children of all ages, bingo for adults, entertainment all afternoon and evening and the grand finale of fireworks. Last year approximately 5000 people attended the parade and festivities at Tower Park.

We will all be in the parade so look for our convertible with Marley directing the way. Immediately following the parade until 10pm there will be booths, crafters, rides

We will have a booth this year with some surprises in store. So please stop by the Huff Realty—Bob Abner Home Pros Booth at Tower Park and say hello. We are

Money Matters Parents, are you looking for a way to help out your kids and use your money wisely to not only benefit your child, but yourself as well? Consider Investing in a Home for Your Kids!

looking forward to seeing you at the “4th At The Fort”. For additional information, give us a call 859-442-4232.

by Brandon Barlow

can be a win-win financial 4. situation for both of you! Benefits include:

Your son or daughter begins building good credit


Providing a gift for down 5. payment


We have programs that allow use of the parent’s 6. income to qualify

The property serves as future equity for you or your child

Have a son or daughter graduating, heading off to college and moving out on their own? 3. Instead of throwing money away on rent or dorm fees, many parents are investing in real estate for their children. Not only would your child have a nice place to live, but it

Tax benefits (consult with financial advisor)

You get better interest 7. The property may also be rates than you would on purchased as a second investment property home when the occupying borrower (your child) is Contact me today for a free, customized analysis! named on the loan

Brandon Barlow 859.442.4466



Huff Realty 2808 Alexandria Pike Highland Heights, KY 41076


Phone: 859.442.4232 Fax: 513-332-9040 Email:

We’re On The Web

When Do You Change Your Listing Price Should you stick to your listing price? It depends. That’s one of the problems in real estate. There is rarely a “cut and dry” to any question. Answers are more like, if this.. then that.. but…” However, we’ll just talk about prices, rather than condition, location, and all those “other” variables. There are enough variables just dealing with price. So during the first weeks the house was listed, was there plenty of agent/buyer activity, but no offers? If so, there is no immediate need to drop your price unless you have some special motivation to sell quickly. If no one is coming around, though...this may indicate a problem with the price. The first thing you need to consider is whether there is a reason to think you are overpriced.

Some homeowners do mistakenly overprice their home. They occasionally base their price on what they "need" to net from the sale. Others mistakenly base their price on what they have spent improving the property. Neither method works. One method is like trying to sell a $72 stock for $80, "just because" you want $80. The other is like trying to sell the same stock for $80 "just because" that is what you paid for it. The market is the market. A $72 stock is going to sell for $72. Today. Tomorrow might be different. Sometimes it is a seller's market, sometimes a buyer's market, sometimes it is a balanced market, and at other is a changing market. If you analyze how you priced your home initially and determine that you

did not overprice (either purposely or mistakenly), it could be that the market has changed In June 2003 and July 2004, interest rates shot up over one percent in a matter of weeks. Sometimes it happens faster than that with a greater change. When it does happen, sometimes there is a sudden flurry of buying. Buyers want to get their home before rates really go up. Then, the flurry is followed by a equally sudden slowdown while buyers wait to see "what happens." Sudden interest rates aren't the only reason the market turns. The point is that a listing price set 60 days ago may not always be the right listing price for today. Today's listing price may not be right 60 days from now. In the end, this is what you should

do... If you made a "mistake" in your listing price, "fix it" right away. If you did not, then reanalyze your price policy every 30 days...just to be sure.

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Home Pros Outlook  

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