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Getting the Most Out of Your Enhancements! Online And Offline?

What can we Enhance 1. Video Tours. If you have video for your listings you can ad them to It is as simple as using the wizard they provide. 2. Photos. pulls the 12 pictures from Trend automatically. You can have up to 25 Photos on 3. Description Text. no longer pulls MLS text. You must go insert text description. It is as simple as copying and pasting from MLS or other source or entering directly. 4. Edit Headlines. You now have TWO headlines that flash back and forth. You must enter text or you will have no headline. 5. Edit Special Message Box. This is new and replaces scrolling text. This is the location you put your personal message to those viewing your listings. 6. Enter Open House. This allows you to ad or edit Open House information.

Have You Enhanced Yourself on 1. Your contact information. Sounds simple and it is. Make sure the Toll Free number is there, this is the World Wide Web. 2. Neighborhood Information. Make sure the box is NOT checked. The more you give them the longer they stay. 3. Location Information. Enter as many areas as you can fit in 250 characters both in the name section and zip code sections. 4. Professional Designations. These are automatically pulled if your Trend and NRDS #. If they are incorrect there is a tool free number to call. 5. Keywords. 90 Characters to describe the areas you do business and pull buyers to your listings. 6. Photo. Ad or update your photo. 7. Slogan. You can ad a 60 character slogan. 8. Broker Information. Leave checked no. Since enhanced listing bought for us the information is automatically on your listing.

Advertising on

If you are thinking of advertising on I would suggest attending there next local seminar. The explain in detail all programs available and give several tips on technology products (phones, cameras, laptops etc.). Some items available are banner and skyscraper ads, featured listings, community ads. Most of these products can be used to push prospects directly to your personal website.

How Do I Use to Generate Business OFFLINE! 1. Pre-listing package. Always include a sample of one your fully enhanced listing. 2. Listing Presentation. Most of you are pushing internet marketing and the value of So make sure you take a printed example of yours along with the worse example from the best agent you may be competing against. Show them the value of hiring you! 3. FSBO’s. This is a great opportunity as more FSBO’s are paying a fee to be put on Trend they have some of the worse listings. Show the owner the value you ad by truly MARKETING their home as to just listing them by showing them their current listing compared to what you can give them. 4. Expired Listings. Everyday when you find expired listings your are going to target go directly to and check there listing before it falls off. If it is inferior (there is a good chance it will be) print it out. You were just given a free pass

How Do I Use to Generate Business OFFLINE! 4. on showing your value to your new client. 5. Creative ways to use these tools for FSBO and expired listings. You have printed copies of your listings and your competitions, now what do you with them? A simple technique with post-its.

ere is how your listing looked on the #1 visited website H

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith I noticed that your home is no longer listed for sale. There may be many reasons why your home did not sell, from price to marketing. One of the areas I immediately saw that could be enhanced was your internet presentation. is the #1 visited website on the internet and previously your home did not reap the benefits of I’ve included a sample of what your home looked liked and this sample of how I can UPGRADE YOUR INTERNET PRESENCE AND MARKET YOUR HOME TO SELL. Bob Millaway

How Do I Use to Generate Business OFFLINE! 6. Your listing with the large Post-it and the expired with the mini post-it will leave a lasting impression whether you hand deliver it or present it in person. You will actually be showing the owner of your new listing one of the benefits of working with you and not just another letter telling they are no longer listed. Class  

How to get the most out of enhancements.

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