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Bartending For Dummies

The Origin Of Cocktails The origin of cocktail drinks can be traced back to the nineteenth century. This means the drink is quite young when compared to such staples as beer for example. At first a cocktail was one or more liquors with added flavoring to mask the harsh and unrefined taste of the liquor. Today, it's a creative process where some people view bartending as an art. So from where did the name “Cocktail” originate? There is some controversy as to the true origins of the term “cocktail”. Here are some popular beliefs: A bar in New York ran out of stirrers and resorted to using a cock's tail feathers to mix the drinks. It grew into a custom to put a feather from a cock's tail in an alcoholic beverage as a sign that the drink contained booze. Originally cocktails were a morning beverage. Cocktail was a metaphor for the rooster heralding the morning light. Cocktails were thought to be named after a mixed breed horse also known as a cock-tail. The drink was mixed just like the breed of horse, thus inheriting its name. As you can see, there is no shortage of tales as to how this term originated. While no one can say for certain which of the stories is true, it's certainly an intriguing list of stories. Perhaps the next time you're enjoying a night on the town, you'll have a few new tales of your own to tell. Till then, hope you enjoy making your own cocktails!

Index Home Bar Essentials ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4 Types of Cocktail Glasses -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 Absolut Cocktails - Absolut Vodka Martini, Absolut Mandrinoska --------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8 Ballantine’s Cocktails - Ballantine’s Manhattan, Ballantine’s Whiskey Sour ------------------------------------------------------------------9 10 Introduction --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Beefeater Cocktails - Beefeater Collins, Watermelon & Basil Martini -----------------------------------------------------------------------11 12 Introduction --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jamesons Cocktails - Cocktail - J, Irish Blossom -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13 14 6 Introduction --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Havana Club Cocktails - Havana Mojito, Daiquiri ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15 6 Make Your Own Cocktail --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------16 Tips & Techniques ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17 18

Home Bar Essentials Shaker The Boston shaker (with pint glass) is the shaker of choice for professional bartenders. A standard cocktail shaker works just as well for your home bar, plus, it looks stylish.

Jigger or Measuring Glasses Properly measuring the ingredients for your cocktails ensures a balanced taste. Most jiggers have a 30ml measure on one side and a 60ml measure on the other.

Hawthorne Strainer You'll typically use a Hawthorne strainer with a Boston shaker. It keeps ice in the shaker while allowing fruit pulp to pass through.

Bar Spoon For layering or stirring. It's also handy for pulling cherries and olives from jars.

Muddler For mashing fruit or mint leaves into the bottom of a glass.

Ice Bucket 4

Bartending requires mountains of ice, no matter how small the party. The right bucket keeps ice from melting and is especially handy if you're bartending outside.

Types Of Glasses Highball Glass - aka Collins Glass or Slim Jim Used For: Bloody Mary, Harvey Wallbanger.

Lowball Glass - aka Old Fashioned Glass Used For: Cocktails with a high proportion of mixer to alcohol; Whiskey based cocktails.

Margarita Glass Used For: Daiquiris, Margaritas, other rum based cocktails when in doubt!

Martini Glass - aka Cocktail Glass Used For: Martinis, Daiquiris other cocktails when in doubt!

Shot Glass Used For: Shooters, designed to be hit back and swallowed in a single gulp.

Hurricane Glass - Alternative to a High Ball Glass Used For: Tropical Cocktails, but it really can be used for any long drink. 5

In an Absolut world, nothing is black or white. It is young, contemporary, fun, energetic, and vibrant – all in all thinking outside the bottle…oops box! Absolut is superior vodka with a distinct character of grain was made using a revolutionary distilling method called continuous distillation. To ensure consistently high quality, every drop of Absolut is produced in “One Source”. One Source means Åhus in southern Sweden. From the earliest days, Absolut has always put a premium on creativity and imagination. In 1981, Absolut Vodka launched a groundbreaking advertising campaign that paid tribute to contemporary culture. Over the next 27 years, the campaigns focused on individuality and independence associated with the brand, so hundreds of artists, fashion designers, photographers and musicians including legendary artist Andy Warhol contributed their talents to the Absolut campaign. Best with: Anything!


ABSOLUT VODKA MARTINI Ingredients 50ml Absolut Vodka 10ml Dry Vermouth

Method: Stirred Add all the ingredients in a mixing tin, stir well and strain in a well chilled martini glass without ice .

Glassware: Martini Glass Garnish: 3 Olives Can be made into many variations using fruit liquers.

ABSOLUT mandrinoska ( This is a variation of the classic “Caipiroska� ) Ingredients 45ml Absolut Vodka 4 Lemon Wedges

2 Bar Spoon Of Castor Sugar

Method: Muddled In an old fashioned muddled lemon wedges with castor sugar fill the glass with crushed ice and float 45ml of Absolut on top, Stir it well.

Glassware: Old Fashioned Glass Garnish: 3 Lemon Slices 7

Can also be made with pulpy fresh fruits like kiwis, watermelons, etc

One of the world's finest Scotch whiskies, the Ballantine's blend contains malts from the 4 corners of Scotland – Speyside, Highlands, Islay and the Lowlands. The elegant signature style of Ballantine's is balanced, soft and sweet, due to the key malts of Glenburgie and Miltonduff. Ballantine's Finest has often been described as “a major work of art”. Experts define the blend as “a playful balance and counter-balance between grains, lighter malts and a gentle smokiness”. This has lead to Ballantine's whiskies winning many prestigious international awards. The makers of Ballantine's were the first to recognise that maturation in hand-crafted Bourbon casks gives whisky its special character and lets you Leave an Impression. Best with: On The Rocks!


Manhattan INGREDIENTS: 50ml Ballantine’s Whiskey 1 Dash Bitters (Optional) 10ml Sweet Vermouth

METHOD: STIRRED Pour all the ingredients over ice in glass, strain into an old fashioned glass and serve.

GLASSWARE: Cocktail Glass GARNISH: 3 Lemon Slices / Cherry Bitters can be substituted for a twist of lime. Hold the lime twist in a lighted match over the drink and then drop it in. The heat really zips up the lime flavor.

Whiskey Sour INGREDIENTS: 45ml Ballantine’s Whiskey 40ml Lime Juice

20ml Sugar Syrup

METHOD: SHAKEN Fill ¾ shaker with ice add all the ingredients, shake it well and strain it over ice in an old fashioned glass.

GLASSWARE: Old Fashioned Glass 9

GARNISH: 3 Lemon Slices

Beefeater London Dry Gin is the world's leading brand of premium imported gin, made today with the same secret recipe that dates back to 1820. The only premium London Dry Gin still made in London, Beefeater's difference is defined by its complex recipe using high-quality, exotic botanicals from throughout the world, a skilful distilling process and the quality and consistency of production that determines Beefeater's unique, exceptional taste. Beefeater's recipe still involve steeping the peel of lemons and Seville oranges, whole juniper berries, angelica and coriander seed, ground almonds and other natural botanicals for 24 hours prior to distillation - resulting in a bold, refreshing and perfectly balanced flavour. Best with: Tonic and a Dash of Lime


BEEFEATER COLLINS INGREDIENTS: 60ml Beefeater Gin 20ml Sugar Syrup

45ml Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice 45ml Soda

METHOD: STIRRED Pour the gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup into a highball glass and stir well. Fill glass with ice and top with the soda.

GLASSWARE: Collins GARNISH: Lemon Slice Try using different seasonal fruits in this recipe to give it your own twist. Any soft fruit will work well.

WATERMELON & BASIL MARTINI INGREDIENTS: 45ml Beefeater Gin 20ml Sugar Syrup


40ml Lime Juice 4-5 Pieces Of Fresh Watermelon 2/3 Fresh Basil Leaves

METHOD: SHAKEN In a Boston glass keep muddled fresh watermelon, with basil leaves add lime juice, sugar syrup and gin. Shake them all with ice and pour it in a pre-chilled martini glass. GLASSWARE: Martini Glass GARNISH: 1 Water melon Slice

The Jameson distillery was founded in Dublin in 1780 and by 1800 had become the world's most popular whiskey. Jameson is made only with malted and unmalted (“green”) barley. The unmalted barley imparts the traditional Irish characteristics, and the “pure pot still” character, unique to Irish whiskeys, emparts a smooth richness not found in other spirits. Jameson's is triple-distilled, and seasoned in oak casks, a mix of sherry and bourbon casks depending on the specific bottling. The family motto “sine metu,” Latin for “without fear.” is printed on every label. Jameson Irish Whiskey remains one of the fastest growing whiskeys over 220 years after it was first distilled winning many awards. To this day, John Jameson's standards, principles and passions continue to live on in the fine, smooth whiskey that still bears his name. Best with: On The Rocks


COCKTAIL - J INGREDIENTS: 50ml Jameson Whiskey 40ml Water

20ml Sugar Syrup 4 Sprigs Mint

METHOD: STIRRED Muddle three mint sprigs with water and sugar syrup in a highball glass or julep cup. Fill the glass with crushed ice. Add Jameson and stir. GLASSWARE: High Ball

GARNISH: Fresh Berries & Mint

IRISH BLOSSOM INGREDIENTS: 50ml Jameson Whiskey 90ml Orange Juice

90ml Cranberry Juice

METHOD: STIRRED Pour Jameson, cranberry juice and orange juice in a high ball glass filled with ice. Stir well.

GLASSWARE: Collins Glass GARNISH: Orange / Lime Slice


Cuba has become known as the "Isle of Rum" and is home to Havana Club Rum. The lush fertile land, the world famous sugarcane & the climate of Cuba, play accomplice to create this distinct blend of rum. Today Havana Club, the leading Cuban rum in Cuba and in the world, continues to embody the heritage and supremacy of the Cuban rum-making tradition. Relying on the unique know-how of its Maestros Roneros, Havana Club has kept alive the art of a単ejamiento : the art of distilling, ageing and blending premium rums. The name "Havana Club" captures Cuba's rum-making heritage and the unique atmosphere of Havana, the country's capital. Havana Club is closely entwined with Cuban culture, and Cubans take pride in what has become a true national icon. Havana Club has actively encouraged the invention of new cocktails and the serving of them with consummate style. Every two years it organizes the Havana Club International Cocktail Grand Prix was organised in Havana, attracting leading mixologists from around the world. This is one of the most anticipated competition amongst bartenders globally. Distilled to perfection by Rum master Don Jose Navarro, Havana Club retains the unique, vivacious & undying spirit of Cuba. Best with: Cola

14 6

Havana Mojito INGREDIENTS: 45ml Havana Club Rum 4 Lemon Wedges 15ml Sugar Syrup 8/10 Mint Leaves

30ml Soda


METHOD: Muddled In a Collins take 8/10 mint leaves, muddle it with 4 lemon wedges, add 15ml sugar syrup, fill the glass with crushed ice, add Havana Club and top it up with a splash of soda. GLASSWARE: Collins

GARNISH: A Mint Sprig

Daiquiri INGREDIENTS: 60ml Havana Club Rum 45ml Lime Juice

1 Bar Spoon Of Castor Sugar

METHOD: Shaken Fill 他 shaker with ice add all the ingredients, shake it well and strain it over ice in a martini glass.

GLASSWARE: Martini Glass Can be made into many variations using fruit.


Make Your Own Cocktail Name your Cocktail : _______________________________________________________________ Ingredients : Base :

Mixture :





Soft Drink


Sugar Syrup

Lime Juice

Liqueur (If Any) : ____________________________________________________________________ Garnish :


16 6





Glass Type :


Method :

____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

Notes__________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 17

Tips & Techniques

Always use crystal clear glasses for drinks and not the colourful one’s. Never use melting ice while making drink, always use frozen ice cubes. Always use tetra pack juice and not the canned one’s. Always serve the drink in right temperature. Always chill your glass before pouring the mixture. Always pour the mixture over ice and not the other way round. Drink responsibly and be an entertaining yet responsible host.





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Cocktail Booklet  

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