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First Impressions Count - Getting Ready For An Interview You have completed the work, planned your job hunt, handed in applications and now you are counting the days till the big job interview. At this point, put yourself in the job interviewers' shoes. They' have an excellent CV as well as covering letter in front of them coming from a postgraduate having qualifying measures aplenty. They have spotted all their key transferable skills to you and you may have a good feeling that you can be the perfect person for the company. Nonetheless the interview continues to be the only real chance that the interviewer may possess to get to know job applicants and figure out if they are able to back up their talents on paper and deliver the results as they promised when sending an application through job searching sites. As a postgraduate job seeker you need to work hard in order to make a good first impression. A number of recruiters think that postgraduate students may be far too academic and possibly not have the individual capabilities and communication skills which they need to function within an organisation. Making that good first impression will certainly get down to confidence, body gestures and visual appeal, however above all else it would mean you need to be prepared and know the business as well as you possibly can. Feeling well prepared as well as positive will undoubtedly be very clear in your manner on the day. You might wish to check out the following to help perform at your very best. 1. Schedule a mock interview. You could try this with a friend however you can even ask your supervisor to support you with this. Deal with a few common questions such as “why are you making an application”, “why do you think you're suitable for jobs in London” etc. 2. Check, double check and triple check the time as well as venue. Then simply check, double check and triple check your travel arrangements after which have a very good backup plan on hand just in case. 3. Be sure you dress properly. Get the interview outfit completely ready one day before in order to avoid last minute stress and panic. 4. Don’t take loads of stuff with you - travel as light as you can. 5. If you need to have records and documents with you, including personal references and qualifications, get them ready in a decent folder at least one day before the interview however try for a week. In case you have misplaced something it might take some time to get a replacement. 6. Go to the loo just before the interview. Very much like setting up for any viva, take a moment with your resume along with cover letter beforehand and then take notes on yourself. This could be the only data the interviewers have screened hence make certain that you know the things you stated inside and out and can also support it with further examples so you can reveal depth.

One of the most standard queries is usually “tell me about yourself�. Prepare the right answer to this challenge that does not involve a list of successes (most of these are already in your CV) or simply way too much personal details. Stay professional and emphasize the characteristics that match with the organization culture such as hard-working, organised as well as excellent communicator.

First Impressions Count - Getting Ready For An Interview