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Low income households ‘hardest hit’ - report ADVERTISEMENT

Independent research has found low income households have been hardest hit by rising power prices, water prices and accommodation (rent) costs. The research, commissioned by SA-based Family First Party Australia, was undertaken by an independent research organisation conducting interviews in both rural and metropolitan communities. Families, farmers, small business owners, retirees, people on pensions,

and young people trying to get a start in life, were particularly hard-hit by the rise in the cost of living and the cost of doing business in SA, the research found. “For many people, life hasn’t turned out the way they hoped”, said Family First spokesman Bob Day. “Families are under pressure, values are deteriorating, Australia is getting weaker not stronger.” In separate research, one in three Australian households is living ‘pay

cheque to pay cheque’ and would not be able to cover an emergency. The BT Australian Financial Health Index, based on a survey of 5,000 households found 33% struggled to meet monthly expenses and had no savings. They said trying to manage their finances was now so difficult that they simply put it in the “too hard basket”. “In a country as prosperous as Australia this is simply wrong. Rest assured Family First will do something about this,” said Mr Day.

The Federal Government is in damage control following revelations it spent $21,000 on a single dinner and more than $90,000 on top-ofthe-range coffee machines for its staff. A Senate Estimates Committee has heard how the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry spent $21,000 for one dinner at one hotel whilst the Department of Industry and the Department of the Clean Energy Regulator spent over $90,000 on coffee machines installed in each of its staff kitchens. “They find the money for lavish dinners and skinny lattes but turn a blind eye to those doing it tough,” said Family First spokesman Bob Day. “They’ve got their priorities all wrong”.

No-go zone for disabled Disabled commuters still have a long way to go to be able to catch public transport with the same convenience as the rest of the community. Despite government commitments to have all buses wheelchair accessible by 2019, the disabled are doing it very tough. “The greatest respect a person can be shown is to be fully included,’ said Family First spokesperson Bob Day. “At Family First we are committed to supporting practical initiatives that

Furore over govt’s $100,000 splurge on dinner and coffee machines

enable people with disabilities to be included in work, recreation, and community life to the full extent of their ability,” he said. “This means advocating for support where support is needed; seeking systemic change where systems fail to offer the opportunities for growth and development that all of us expect; and most importantly, ensuring that every citizen, regardless of their ability, is able to claim their democratic rights.”

Let’s make Australia ‘The Lucky Country’ again

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Bob Day AO Federal Chairman

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Australian deserve better