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https://ccia.org.au/event/blackmores-sydney -running-festival-2018/?gclid=EAIaIQobCh MI5-ffncv63AIVlQcqCh1OVgA3EAAYA SAAEgKMLvD_BwE 16th sept

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https://www.tcof.com.au/?gclid=EAIaIQobCh MIheHQhsr63AIVWXRgCh3I7gtvEAAYASAAEgJ_ gvD_BwE

2018 Tiffin Allegro Breeze 33IBR Murray Robertson 0416 080 127 murray@tiffinmotorhomes.com.au Alex Rees-Hyde 0411 616 617 alex@tiffinmotorhomes.com.au

P. 07 5563 2559 E. service@tiffinmotorhomes.com.au www.tiffinmotorhomes.com.au

market and since then, has been supplied from our dealership on the Gold Coast.

The birth of the Allegro Breeze in 2011 opened the door for a luxury Class A diesel pusher coach narrow enough for Australian regulations. Sure, Tiffin had been producing beautiful, bigger coaches for several decades at this stage but the narrow size of the Breeze made it a perfect candidate for the Australian

Powering the Breeze is an assertive Cummins ISV5.0 V8, the result of a three-year collaboration between Tiffin and Cummins. Designed, developed, and tested on the Breeze PowerGlide chassis, the ISV5.0 exceeds traditional diesel engines in durability, reliability, and performance. With an all new floor plan featuring 3 slide outs, these coaches are sure to impress! The Allegro Breeze comes in a variety of paint schemes outside opening up to a range

of cabinetry and decor options inside. At Tiffin Motorhomes, we build for quality first and foremost, limiting our production to ensure meticulous craftsmanship. It may not be the most business-savvy way to run a company but it is the best way. By investing the time and effort to do things right, we want you, as a Tiffin owner, to have the utmost confidence in your coach, as well as a peace of mind you won’t find with other manufacturers. You see, not only do we stand proudly behind our product, we stand behind you as well.

explore with

Come, be drawn to your True North. C L I C K H E R E TO S H O P O N A M A ZO N . CO M . AU




Illuminate the Moment - Shed some light on life’s journey with the range of lights from Barebones. Brighten up your outdoor space with warm, ambient light from one of our heritageinspired lanterns, complete with technology and function to match today’s journey.

Made For A Lifetime - Combining sweet herbs, fresh vegetables, and smoky meats in a rich warmth spurs a sense of peace. We deliver lasting cast iron pieces that are as naturally beautiful as they are durable. Your cast iron is pre-seasoned ready for the stove, oven or fire pit. All our cookware is free of harmful chemicals.

Crafted With Intent - Enjoying a meal in the great outdoors is a treasure. With our line of premium, weatherproof coolers, you can keep beverages and food fresh all day long. Featuring 100% waterproof seams and multilayer reflection technology to keep cold in and heat out.





Find your local retailer or purchase online at:


Two mums, four daughters, and one motorhome.

Tina and Kylie, along with their four daughters Elliotte, Nevaeh, Kiahna and Eliana, live a busy life with work and school in the city of Brisbane. Throughout August and September, however, they have packed up their lives and hit the road for a five-week trip from Brisbane to Cairns as part of the Follow the Sun Relay organised by Dometic, Winnebago Australia and Caravan Industry Association of Australia. The family are visiting sights and staying at fantastic holiday parks in Cairns, Townsville, Hughenden, Longreach, Mt Isa, Tennant Creek, Alice Springs and more. The trip offers not only a fantastic adventure, but also plenty of opportunities for learning about our great country. Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s 2017 Real Richness report found that 97% of campers believe it allows children to learn about the environment and even 69% of non-campers surveyed believe it teaches children important life skills. While on the road, the girls are also completing schoolwork and weekly blogs! The family began their journey at 3am on August 1 for an early morning flight from Brisbane to Cairns, complete with 11 bags, three hours of sleep (for the adults) and plenty of excitement. Kicking off the journey in Cairns was particularly exciting for Tina, who grew up in the area and still has family there. “It was really good to catch up with the family; we haven’t caught up with some of them for over 10 years and the kids got to meet all their cousins,” she said. “We also went to their cane farm and the kids got to taste some cane straight from the paddock which is not something they’ve ever done before.” “They are really enjoying meeting all the people along the way as well.” “It has been really relaxed, on quiet nights we have been all huddling in the van together and watching a movie, or playing card games… I think the kids are really enjoying having ‘mum time’ that they don’t normally get because we are so rushed at home.”

For more information or to take a look at their journey, visit www.letsgocaravanandcamping.com.au/blog/follow-the-sun-relay or www.instagram.com/letsgocaravancamping/

from the editor...... Aloha LL&L Legends,

By the time the September edition finds its way into the hands of you all, we will be all but ready to head over Hawaii for some well-deserved R&R.

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We have hung up the keys to the caravan for the September school holidays and we are heading to Hawaii, LA and Vegas. Editor Although this is mainly a family trip (been on a promise for 5 Hayley years with the kids – while the business hasTaylor taken front seat for a while and now it is time to give back to some pretty patient and incredible kids) , and we are interested in Director checking out a few business related subjects while we are Ben Charity over there. As you all know I am always looking for ways to better our Sales Manager platforms and our publication National and ensure the content proves Dan Charity to be highly engaging, informative and original and that it gives you good reason to check out the mag each month and follow us on socials. Design Flourish Studio I have found, to be able to do this I needDesign to educate myself, see first-hand what patterns are forming, what trends are arising and what new products are hitting the market – I just LiquiditLife & Leisure just Headquarters need to be out and amongst and sometimes getting out of the normal and into a fresh new environment is all it takes to get the cogs turning. Phone (07) 5580 4988 This edition - WOW WOW WOW, what an edition do we have for you for September, the next 78 pages is filled with some pretty impressive stuff. Address PO BOX 1076, Sanctuary Cove Q 4212 Check out the adventures of Trekking Downunder, Wander to Island, Gold Coast Wonder, Troopy Trails, Kelly’s Hope Column and Family Gap Year, they all have some pretty cool things to share.

Websites Galways Go Round always impresses us and if you are not www.liquidlifeandleisure.com.au already following be sure to follow their socials, they are one very inspiring family.

Email Shanes impressive drone work is featured and again if you content@liquidlifeandleisure.com.au not following Freelance Aerial Photography, please do. The captures of this great country he gets are stunning.

Advertising We are forever grateful for the support we get from our clients, contributors, andcontent@liquidlifeandleisure.com.au readers, so a MASSIVE thank you again for joining us through this pretty incredible journey we are on. Deadline for Content: 15th of every month As I say goodbye for now, be sure to like our socials as we will be bringing some pretty awesome stuff to you Contributors (INCLUDING GIVEAWAYS) Yasmin & Leigh - Family Gap Year Dan & Fee - Ozzy Wide Ozzy Pride Co-Founder & Blogger Kelly Gudgeon - Destination and Travel

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For the second time in 3 years Red Paddle Co’s Ride range of boards has just been awarded Best Inflatable Board by SUP Connect Gear of the Year Awards. Here’s what they had to say about Red Paddle Co: There is more than meets the eye when it comes to inflatables. For the older folks, inflatables might be that pool dolphin, bobbing around and not really able to be anyone's ride. Today's inflatables have undergone quite a transformation, much like landlines to cell phones. Borrowing from military-grade technology, inflatables now use drop-stitch chambers, reinforced layers, rails and stringers. In fact, they are so stiff that responses are nothing

short of awe. Enters Red Paddle Co. With decades of experience in fabrics and aerodynamics, the company delivers a board with subdued graphics but loads of tech. The materials, pump and accessories stand among the best when it comes to inflatables, delivering a truly premium experience. For the board design, construction, and graphics package in the Red Paddle Co. Ride, the brand takes Inflatable Board of the Year in the Supconnect Awards 2018.

(Source: https://www.supconnect.co m/awards/announcing-2018s-gear-of-the-year-winners) Similarly the Ride 10’6” was also the number one choice of ‘New Gear’ as named by Yachting World magazine. The magazine suggested this board should be "at the top of your hit list of fun gear to help maximise your time afloat and at anchor.” There’s no denying that Red Paddle Co are leading the way in inflatable boards worldwide.

9 REASONS TO CHOOSE RED An Authentic Experience Red have been making inflatable boards since 2008 and have always believed riding an inflatable shouldn’t mean compromise on performance, design or quality. Red Paddle Co boards are stiffer and more durable than the competition, and have been designed so you can paddle anywhere. Quality Always Comes as Standard Red Paddle are obsessive about quality. They are the only inflatable SUP brand to make boards in their own private facility using the most innovative materials, and pioneering manufacturing techniques. They test their kits rigorously (they even ran over one of their boards with a tractor - check out the video on YouTube) to make sure they perform when you need it to most. And they back this up with friendly personal customer service. Go Anywhere, Anytime The liberating thing about an inflatable stand up paddle board is how easy it is to take with you everywhere you go. You don’t need a van or a roof rack to take it on a road trip, and once you’re at the airport, just check in your Red Paddle Co backpack with the rest of your gear. When you get to the water, the board takes just a few minutes to inflate, and then you’re free to explore.

Designed to Perform Being able to take your board with you wherever you go is what inflatables are all about, but that wouldn’t mean much if they didn’t perform. Red uses industry leading MSL Fusion technology, exclusive to Red Paddle Co, to put their boards on a level with hard boards. And they’re not just adding inflatable boards to a range of hard boards – they only make inflatable boards, and they’re fanatical about them. Innovation in Every Board Red have taken the standard inflatable technology and redesigned almost every aspect of it to deliver a superior board. Their patented RSS stiffening system delivers unrivalled stiffness – and it’s unique to Red. Titan - The World’s Best UP Pump Pumping used to put people off inflatables. Red recognised that and engineered the game-changing Titan Pump. It takes half the time and effort out of inflating, so you spend less time pumping and more time paddling. Bags of Ideas The authenticity of the Red

Paddle Co experience doesn’t stop with paddling and pumping. With every board you get a super-tough travel and storage case with wheels and a hidden backpack system they designed to make exploring your world a cinch. 2 Year Warranty All Red Paddle Co products come with a 12 month warranty as standard against any manufacturing defects. By registering your board you get a free upgrade to a 24 month warranty on any 2018 board. Just click on the Register link on the bottom of any page of Red Paddle Co’s website after you receive your board. Exceptional Customer Service Like Red, Galways Go Round like paddling more than anything - but coming in a close second, they like hearing from you. The Galways work closely with Red Paddle Co to ensure seamless customer service and are qualified to assist with helping you select the right board to best suit your needs, to placing your order and they even provide after sales service and advice to get you paddling! They love to keep in touch with their customers long after they purchase their boards - just check out their Instagram feed and you’ll see.


Freelance Aerial Imagery Freelance Aerial Imagery was brought to life through my love of Photography, A passion for drone flying, and the fact that we are travelling this beautiful country of ours fulltime, accessing some very remote and unique locations and seeing them from above is a perspective that not many have access to. Freelance Aerial Imagery works in very closely with Liquid Life and Leisure to provide readers with superb quality images and stories, that are also available to purchase.

Fully Qualified Remote Pilot, access to a wide range of assets for completion of the following operations plus more.

• Photography

• Bridge and Building Inspection

• Videography

• Power Line Inspection

• Asset Inspection

• Stockpile Assessment

• Basic Surveying

• Vegetation Crop Mapping

• Roof and solar inspection

• Wildlife Tracking and Stock Inspection

• Real Estate Photography

• ARN, and, RePL Multi-Rotor upto 25kg

CONTACT US If you would like to contact us to discuss Freelance Aerial Imagery capturing a special image or video for you, either enquire through this fantastic magazine, or email freelanceaerialimagery@gmail.com or keep an eye on us at www.facebook.com/meandmydrone

Aviation Reference Number (ARN) 1046734 Remote Pilots Licence Number (RePL) Multi-Rotor (Upto 25kg) 1046734


BUY A CFX 28, CFX 35W OR CFX 40W Receive a WCI 22 icebox, MCI-150-12 inverter and fridge stand free!* For more information visit dometic.com or freecall 1800 21 21 21




Receive a CI 42 icebox, MCI-150-12 inverter and fridge stand free!* *Terms and Conditions apply.

SUPPORTING BREAST CANCER AWARENESS October is Breast Cancer Awareness month in Australia! It’s scientifically proven that nutrition can assist with the treatment and recovery of cancer and that certain foods in particular have cancer-fighting properties. To show our support for Breast Cancer Awareness month, we wanted to highlight the importance of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Eating well is a life-long commitment, but it’s not always easy to incorporate your “five a day” into set meals containing plenty of vitamins and minerals. Gourmet Meals is passionate about supporting women to live as healthily as possible for a stronger immune system and improved fitness. We cook and deliver 100% gluten free frozen meals with fresh ingredients and no added colours, flavours or preservatives. Our internationally trained chefs continually whip up recipes that are packed full of protein and rich in essential nutrients that keep men and women strong and healthy. That’s why every meal is cooked and, then, immediately blast frozen, a process which retains all of the goodness and flavours that has been keeping customers happy since 1993.

Our diverse menu consists of traditional favourites, specials, hearty soups, sides and desserts that are all portion-controlled and delivered straight to your postcode. We offer different variations including dairy free, low fat, fat reduced, salt reduced, high protein, gluten free and high fibre to suit all dietary requirements and tastes. High protein diets are particularly important for people recovering from illness as they aid the rebuilding of cells, tissues and organs. Anyone wanting to maintain a healthy, tasty diet can benefit from the nutritional value and convenience of Gourmet Meals. If a friend or family member is experiencing health issues and in need of delicious wholesome meals, we can make life easier by delivering food directly to their door. View our mouth-watering menu https://gourmetmeals.com.au/eshop/All-Meals/ and check which days we deliver https://gourmetmeals.com.au/check-your-delivery-day to different suburbs.

46/215 Brisbane Road, Labrador, Qld 4215 | Postal: PO Box 12, Arundel, Qld 4214 Phone: 1300 112 112 / 07 5529 3000 | Fax: 07 5529 0649 | Email: sales@gourmetmeals.com.au www.gourmetmeals.com.au



The best value tours in the Flinders Ranges, Alpana Station offers accredited station tours where the station owner is your driver. And not merely a water run with the owner; Sally has over thirty years of 4WD experience, ten years of tour guiding experience, Cert 3 in Tour Guiding (Geology), Cert 3 in Education, an extensive and ever growing knowledge of the plants, geology and history of the area and a deep love of the area, the station and the lifestyle, and it is all packed into each of the tour options on offer.

Alpana Station Experience Exclusive half or full day guided tours through Alpana's private lands in the heart of the Flinders Ranges. Travel in Alpana’s luxury 4WD vehicle and let the owners show you their big back yard with a true off-road driving adventure across rugged and ancient terrain into the beautiful Blinman Pools and Cascades natural springs. Enjoy the stunning and spectacular scenery and view the local flora and fauna. Learn about the unique and world famous geology of the Flinders Ranges visiting 640 Million year old stromatolite fossils, and hear about the pastoral and mining history of the area. • Fully accredited. Bookings essential. • Full day Adult $165, Child $90 (includes morning tea & lunch) • Half day Adult $100, Child $60 (includes morning tea) • Minimum 2 adults (single person surcharge $100 applies) • Maximum 6 adults

Visit the Blinman Pools There are now two new ways to visit the iconic Blinman Pools on Alpana Station:

1) Guided Drive/Guided Walk

Be driven* close to the Blinman Pools in an accredited luxury Toyota Landcruiser, then be guided on a hike to the Second Pool and the First Pool of the Blinman Pools Walk and back to the vehicle for the drive back. • Start Location: Alpana Station Reception • Start Time: 9:00am (negotiable) • Approximate Walking Distance: 2.6km • Approximate Walking Time: 1.5 hours • Terrain: Rocky creek bed to large boulders • Approximate Driving Time: 2.5 hours • Total Tour Time: 4 hours • Costs: Adults $85, Children $45 • Requirements: Good fitness & mobility, hat, sturdy footwear, water, snacks, camera. * Tag-a-long option available

2) Guided Drive/Self Walk

Be driven close to the Blinman Pools in an accredited luxury Toyota Landcruiser, guided to the Second Pool, then hike yourself on the Blinman Pools Walk to Angorichina Village.

Guided Drive / Self Walk (continued) • Start Location: Angorichina Village Car Park • Start Time: 9:00am (negotiable) • Walking Distance: 6.3km • Approximate Walking Time: 3 hours • Terrain: Rocky creek bed to large boulders • Approximate Driving Time: 1¾ hours • Total Tour Time: 4¾ hours • Costs: Adults $75, Children $35 • Requirements: Very good fitness & mobility, hat, sturdy hiking footwear, water, snacks, camera. Bookings essential: • P: (08) 8648 4626 • E: alpana2[at]bigpond.com

Other fabulous guided tour options: • Mt Chambers Gorge: $195/adult, $110/child • Nucaleena/Artimore: $195/adult, $110/child • Nucaleena Half Day: $115/adult, $60/child • Three Gorges: Bunyeroo/Brachina/Parachilna: $195/adult, $110/child • Other destinations: by negotiation

Thank you Sally for a fantastic experience — stunning panoramas, pristine waterholes and interesting facts and history. Don't change a thing! Chris and Mary M ½-day tour certainly packed a lot in. Very interesting with all the history. Scenery was spectacular, especially the waterfall. Sally has shared lots of info. Very knowledgeable and very easy to get on with. Many thanks for an excellent morning. Chris L We are still talking about the fantastic tour you provided ~ your knowledge and driving skill so very much appreciated and enjoyed. We are remembering all the facts learned ~ questions unanswered previously!! Very interesting family history and of the early pioneers. R Currie

Alpana Station is one of 28 members of the fabulous Station Stays SA group. Alpana Station offers excellent accommodation and camping options. Alpana Station is the only station stay in SA offering powered sites with Ensuite bathrooms. There are two self-drive 4WD tracks to explore. The property has bitumen road to the front gate and only a few hundred metres of good surface gravel driveway. The Henery family are celebrating 140 years and 6 generations direct father to son succession of the one family at Alpana Station. Come and see what everyone is talking about!

www.alpanastation.com www.facebook.com.au/alpanastation alpanastation42@gmail.com Phone 08 8648 4626

Get amongst the Caravan and Camping lifestyle Benefits of hiring an RV

Have you looked on social media lately? Have you stared longingly at all those people who are posting amazing images of travelling in incredible places in caravans, RVs and campers? Do you wonder how you can also have some of those experiences, but you are not really sure if it’s the right lifestyle for you long term? Maybe you just want a short break, you don’t have room to store a caravan or camper and you are not really sure if you would use one enough to warrant buying one?

Have all your friends got caravans or campers and go away together with your only option being in a nearby cabin? It’s not really the same is it? Especially if the destination is a free camp at a secluded beach or on the side of a river somewhere, or in a national park somewhere a bit more remote. Cabins are difficult as well if you have young children and you can’t be with the group when the kids go to bed. Hiring caravans and campers is a great way to get amongst the fun, without having to sell your house, or invest in something

that you only want to use once a year. Hiring a caravan, camper or motorhome is also an excellent option to try particular models or set ups before you buy, or to just have an affordable and memorable mobile holiday without the long term investment. Caravan and Camping Hire are industry trailblazers. They were one of the first companies in Australia to set up as a peer to peer hire company. This enables people who own caravans and

campers, but are not using them, to hire them out to others.

type of set up they might want to invest in down the track.

This means that families, couples or individuals have the opportunity to hire a caravan, camper trailer or motorhome, while also giving the owners the opportunity to make a few extra dollars from their RVs that are just sitting in their drive way or backyard not getting used.

Cassie said, “At the moment we wouldn’t really use a camper trailer enough to justify the expense. Hiring it was convenient and really affordable”.

Damien and Cassie, along with 8-month-old Jackson, from South Australia, recently did just that for their trip from Adelaide to the Finke Desert Race in Alice Springs. They hired a camper trailer and said “It was a fantastic way to try one out”, before they think about whether that would be the

“We had no trouble getting a camper for the dates that we needed, by hiring it we don’t have to worry about storing it at home, where we have a tiny backyard so we don’t have the room for it. We also don’t have to worry about all the other costs, Registration and insurance, on something we wouldn’t use very often”. “With work and family commitments at the moment we

are not ready to buy our own, but we had such a great time and we now know what we would possibly be looking for when we are ready to invest in our own camper trailer or caravan”. As an owner of an RV, by registering your vehicle for hire, there is the potential to earn up to $20,000 in hire income each year. This works out to around a 30% or more return on your RV investment. Caravan and Camping Hire said they have many registered owners who have seen the earning potential and have purchased RVs purely to hire them out, just like having a mobile investment property.

Caravan and Camping Hire can also help you out with advice on hiring a tow vehicle if you don’t have a car that is appropriate for towing an RV. They can ensure you have anything else you might need to make your holiday safe and enjoyable. As an owner, Caravan and Camping Hire take care of everything. They ensure all the security and license checks are

carried out on people hiring the vehicles, they take care of all the bookings and handling of any money. All you have to do is advise when the vehicle is available, make sure it’s to an appropriate standard to be hired out and has everything in the vehicle so that someone else can just hook on and drive away.

Caravan and Camping Hire also take care of the bond that is paid on every hire which covers the insurance excess in the unfortunate event of an accident or if there is some event that damages the vehicle in some way. This provides peace of mind for both the owners and the hirers.

The owners also get the opportunity to meet the hirers when they pick up the vehicle and are able to go through the set-up process and any other intricacies of the vehicle there may be. There are a few companies now in the RV hire game but Caravan and Camping Hire are one of the most experienced.

They have been in operation since 2013 and have grown from a small operation where Wes and his family were just hiring out their own caravans, to what it is today. With over 350 caravans, campers and motorhomes available all over Australia. If you don’t already have your

own RV, it really makes sense both economically and for convenience to look into hiring a caravan, camper trailer or motorhome for your next holiday. And if you have a van gathering dust in the back yard, why would you not try and make that investment work for you?

Caravan and Camping Hire www.caravanandcampinghire.com.au 0409 964 049 | enquiries@caravanandcampinghire.com

Emma George never leaves home without her Engel! “When people ask me why I chose an Engel fridge, I tell them it’s because they are reliable and durable. I bought this Engel fridge 14 years ago and it has served me well. Our family has camped all around Australia, travelled some of the roughest roads, and our Engel fridge has never let us down!”. - Emma George

l is Here’s why Enge : a fridge for life • The unique Sawafuji Swing Motor with only one moving part. • Solid steel construction makes Engel strong, tough and built to last. • Engel has the lowest maximum power draw of any fridge on the market.

• Easy power options – 240volt, 12 volt and 24volt. • Efficient design with tough fixtures and hinges. • Engel fridges are designed to work in the harshest conditions of the Australian outback.

“It’s a fridge for life!”

• Engel have a huge range of accessories for your fridge. • Engel have an Australia wide repair service in case something does go wrong. For more information or your nearest stockist, visit www.engelaustralia.com.au or email info@engelaustralia.com.au



EXCITING NEW PRODUCT FROM Introducing the Engel Cooler/Dry Box - it’s exactly what you never knew you always needed! When you’re travelling, there’s always going to be a need to keep items dry, hot or cold - or all three! The new Engel Cooler/Dry Box achieves exactly this, in the form of a strong, compact unit that is packed with features. The Engel Cooler/Dry Box is an 18 litre (19 quart) size, lightweight, airtight, insulated box; and is a perfect companion on any adventure. The airtight gasket keeps hot air out and cold air in, and the size of the Cooler/Dry Box means it’s completely portable. And because it’s an Engel, you know it’s strong and tough and built to last! Engel Cooler/Dry Boxes are waterproof up to a depth of one metre, meaning they are the perfect boating companion! Not only are they perfect for keeping food fresh, but can also be used for storing important equipment. The fact they are air tight means they float; making the Cooler/Dry Box ideal for storing electrical equipment, cameras, medical supplies or flares, e-pirb and other survival gear.

The perfect cooler for boating and fishing The Engel Cooler/Dry Box has one more exciting feature for the angling enthusiast – yes, it comes with rod holders! Four rod holders form part of the exterior of the box, making it the only cooler you need when heading out fishing – not only will is your bait fresh or your burley dry, but it’ll hold your in place while you take a break.

Video Link: Watch to see how Emma makes the most of the Engel Cooler/Dry Box at the beach.

Doesn’t get much better than that!

For more information, visit the Engel website www.engelaustralia.com.au MA




Heidi Ph: 0487 895 683 E: heidi@goldcoastmarinetraining.com.au www.goldcoastmarinetraining.com.au/contact-us Suite 9, Lvl 1, Runaway Bay Marina Offices

Gold Coast Marine Training is a boat and jet ski licence course training facility located at Runaway Bay Marina on the Gold Coast. The experienced staff at Gold Coast Marine Training understand the importance of safety at sea and provide a unique experience offering high quality training on awesome vessels. The practical component of the boat license course takes place on our 570 BRIG Navigator Inflatable. This vessel has a 90 HP engine on the back and is pleasuring to drive and manoeuvre. BRIG inflatable boats are built in the Ukraine by an experienced team of ex-military aeronautical engineers. These vessels are renowned for their reliability and smooth dry rides, even in rough seas. The inflatable tubing surrounding the hull of the vessel may offer some comfort for inexperienced or not so confident individuals

completing the course when parking and manoeuvring the vessel. The jet ski license practical component is conducted on our 2017 Yamaha Waverunner VX cruiser. This ski is a perfect watercraft to learn on. It is fast, reliable and stable with forward, neutral and reverse control systems. Gold Coast Marine Training also runs boat and jet ski licence courses for groups of friends or colleagues for team building days. Lunchtime is spent over on South Stradbroke Island and the boat and jet ski practicals will show you how to navigate safely from Runaway Bay Marina to Tipplers Passage! The marine trainers at Gold Coast Marine Training are all commercial skippers with a young, fun and exciting vibe. They are full of nautical knowledge and will make your day a memorable one at Gold Coast Marine Training. Heidi van Woerden is the founder, director and head trainer at Gold Coast Marine Training, she has worked as a master class 5 commercial skipper for the past twelve years and has spent her lifetime living and working on the ocean. Heidi’s passion for the ocean doesn’t stop here however, she has a degree in Marine Science and works as an Environmental and Marine Scientist specialising in the assessment and health of marine environments.

Course Information Combined Boat and Jet Ski Licence Course – From $190 pp* (offer ends 31.10.18) If you would like to complete both your Boat Licence (RMDL) and Jetski Licence (PWC) licence course in one day, GCMT offers an intensive course. The Boat and Jet Ski licence course is a full one-day course starting at 8 am and finishing at approximately 4:30/5pm. The day includes an informative theory component, assessments and fun filled practical out on the water driving the boat and jet ski. 1 Person - $210 pp 2 People - $200 pp* 3 + People - $190 pp*

Boat Licence Course - $150 pp (Recreational Marine Driver’s Licence, RMDL) If you would like to just complete a Boat Licence (RMDL) course GCMT offers a one-day course starting at 8 am and finishing at 2 pm. The day includes an informative theory component, assessments and fun filled practical out on the water driving the boat.

Jet Ski Licence Course - $140 pp (Personal Watercraft Licence Course) You MUST already hold a current Recreational Marine Driver’s Licence (RMDL, boat licence) before signing up for this course. If you don’t have your RMDL already, consider our Combined Boat and Jet Ski licence intensive course. The jet ski licence course starts at 1:30 pm and finishes at 5:00 pm approximately. The day includes an informative theory component, assessments and fun filled practical out on the water driving the jet ski. Photo credit: @tyronedenmanproductions

Gold Coast Marine Training runs all the above-mentioned courses on weekends and weekdays! To book in visit www.goldcoastmarinetraining.com.au to get licenced before summer!

We founded Wilkos Marine back in 2003 after I had spent many years working for our local marine dealerships. Initially we were servicing and maintaining client’s vessels up and down the Queensland coast which kept us quite busy. We also had contracts fitting out vessels for a few local boat builders as well. During 2012 We decided to start marketing marine parts & products online. What we quickly noticed was that there was a lot of boaties that preferred to perform their own service and repair work. They were also having trouble sourcing the right parts at reasonable prices, along with a getting a little expert advice along the way. We started marketing SEI products first in 2012 and then visited SEI in the USA and took on a distributorship in early 2015. Not long after we also added API Marine Products to our line

up as well. We were attracted to both SEI & API Products as they were of excellent quality, value for money and backed by an industry leading warranty. We started with marketing their Mercruiser Stern Drive replacements and now offer a full range of alternators and starter motors along with many replacement parts for Sterndrives, Inboards and Outboards. Our product range for SEI & API is constantly expanding every month and we also have fortnightly shipments to maintain our stock levels, offer new product lines and for special orders. Steyr Engines has been one of our favourite brands since early 2006 and we have worked closely with the Steyr team on many different projects across this time. The engines are manufactured in Austria and are designed specifically for the marine

environment. Steyr was the first marine engine to ever offer a “Hybrid” propulsion system for their engine range. Steyr engines are designed to be coupled to Mercruiser & Volvo Drives along with Shaft and Jet Drives. The Australian Navy also use these engines in their ridged inflatable boats, they can also be found in many rescue boats on ships and cruise liners. They are a great option for repowering a vessel that currently have petrol or diesel engine as they have an excellent power to weight ratio, compact engines size and will couple up to most propulsion systems with ease. Not to mention their smooth quiet running and fuel efficiency. At Wilkos Marine we are here to help you get back on the water. Have a browse through our web store or if you can’t find what you need, simply give us a call or send an email.

5% Discount “Web Store” Only during August, Use Code Liquid-Life

Our Brands; SEI (Sterndrive Engineering), Stern Drives, Outboard Gearboxes and replacement parts API Marine, Alternators, Starters, Trim Systems. JML Marine Parts Sierra Parts Victory Parts Vetus Engine & Vessel accessories

Outboard Sterndrives & Inboards Parts, Boat fittings & Accessories

BEP Marine electronics Maxwell Winches Steyr, Marine Engines Hyundai, Marine Engines SeaStar Steering systems NGK Spark Plugs

Phone: 07 54085205 | Monday - Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm | www.wilkos.com.au/

NO JOB TOO BIG OR SMALL At ALL TONES Marine Painting on the Gold Coast we take pride in all our work. We specialise in all aspects of boat spray painting from gel coat repairs to full paint resprays. OUR SERVICES include: • FULL BOAT RESPRAYS • GEL COAT REPAIRS • MARINE PAINT REPAIRS • DETAILING • FIBERGLASS LAMINATION Each job we take on we make sure it is finished to the highest quality to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied. With our experienced team of painters we will always make sure you get what your looking for. All Tones Marine Painting can also perform minor repairs to boats off site. For your convenience we can come to your site and perform your repair or restoration. Contact us to discuss your options.

No job too big or small! We range from jet-skis to super-yachts. Let us help keep your pride and joy looking great.

Tony Eltze 0434 527 409 info@alltonesmarinepainting.com.au | www.alltonesmarinepainting.com.au Horizon Shores Marina, Shed D4 – 6 1 Cabbage Tree Point Road,Woongoolba, Qld 4207


...Rates from only $249 for 2 nights including return ferry transfers

You Asked , We Listened. Following the Success of our 20th Birthday Celebration we were inundated with queries from guests who missed out on accommodation. We sold out within three days. SO As a thank you to our loyal guests we would like to invite you to another special weekend on Friday 26 - Sun 28 October to celebrate Full Moon (family) Style ! Be sure to book asap so you dont miss out.

FRI 26 OCT - SUN 28 OCT Rates starting at just $249 for the weekend including return Ferry transfers for 2 - Ferry tickets for 2 adults return included in every accommodation booking (4 for 2 bedrooms, and 8 for 4 bedrooms) - Massively discounted rates THE FULL MOON FESTIVAL WILL SELL OUT DON'T DELAY

B&B Caravans B&B Caravan Service and

Graham started his career as a

independent Service and

the RV Industry for 31 years, in

Brisbane Camperland, working

in 2001.

Repairs have been involved in these years we have watched the industry grow hugely.

Caravan Service Technician at

his way up to Service Manager, which was a role he fulfilled

At B & B Caravan Service and

from 1995 until he left Brisbane

supporters of the industry

Caravan Repairs.

Repairs we have been strong

Camperland to start-up B & B

and proud to have watched it

Due to Graham’s long

the Industry and the products

he garnered from Jayco

grow. Keeping up to date with available for the caravan and RV community is a key part to our success over the years.

relationship and respect management, B & B Caravan Service & Repairs secured the authorisation to be an


We are a warranty agent for

many Caravan Manufactures

and also appliances, including Thetford – Dometic – Alko – Coast to Coast.

We also specialise in brake

and bearings, general service, internal damage, sheeting,

fridge repairs, air conditioning,

We Service and repair all types of caravans, Pop Tops, Motor Homes & Campers

gas and safety certificates, axle

replacements, wheel alignment, awning, Electrical Analysis and much more.

NEED TO KNOW MORE? GET IN TOUCH! Email: info@caravanrepairsbrisbane.com Phone: (07) 3881-3884.


Have you ever just felt you wanted to take a different path and discover something new?

effort inspire and encourage more travellers and travelling families to embrace the dust and dirt and head for the Outback.

When we first set off on our Australian adventure, we never expected to fall so deeply in love with the Outback. Thinking that we would spend our days on the beaches and taking the coastal route around oz, we were surprised in the lead up months we would book tickets to the worlds most remote music festival in in the Simpson Desert. But it was because of this that begun our love affair with the Outback.

Plan your Trip

We are Trekking Downunder, a family of 5; Ryan, myself and our 3 boys Jake (8), Lucas (7) and Wade (18months) from Blue Mountains NSW. We thought we’d share some great tips that we have been picking up and using along our Outback travels in an

It’s always good to start with a rough Itinerary. This will help you with planning out your day to day travels- including things like; rest stops, camping, water and petrol fill points plus dump points. Invest in a good app that not only shares details on points of interest but also free and paid camping options. Give your rough itinerary to a trusting friend, and keep in touch. This will provide piece of mind when you’re remote. Carry a satellite phone also, they have many features but particularly allow you to reach out in an emergency. In the Outback its not recommended to travel before

dawn or after dusk with all the wild animals around the roads.

Be Prepared It’s important to ensure you are prepared prior to leaving home. In the Outback access to services can be limited, a full van and car service would be a wise. Do some practice runs to have a good understanding of the car and van capabilities and your own. We completed a Tow-Ed course before leaving (so I could learn to tow), the last thing you want would be to

Know your set up weights and limits. Ensure your tow-vehicle is appropriate for your van size and be sure to pack your gear according to your pay load. Outback tracks are often dust and dirt- keep dust proofing in mind. We have an Australian Off Road van and fortunately it is 100% dust proof but many vans have vents for various reason, so create a strategy for these.

Those car upgrades that make off road travel easier, for us some include; bullbar, LED driving lights, snorkel, winch, towing mirrors, Rogue sidesteps, roof racks and spare wheels. Internal and portable extras; UHF radio, in-car tyre pressure monitoring system, Hema navigator (we also carry paper maps), satellite phone, Bushranger air compressor, spare diesel plus water jerry

cans to name a few. Consider; working around limited reception, planning your potable water, food and petrol stops as these can be far apart and have an understanding of the Outback insects and animals- keeping a stocked first aid kit!

The Land and Weather Factor The Outback is a beautiful place, but weather can be confusing. Nights are cold and in reverse days are hot, tip- warm bedding at night and explore early mornings. The winds can be strong due to the barren nature along with the lack of shade and the suns UV, tip have a warm jacket and utilise long sleeves and wide hats. If in the odd event you encounter rainit can cause havoc on the dirt highways, tip- check for road closures and proceed on all open tracks with caution. Lastly due to the heat and dryness the flies are incredibly friendly, tip- invest in a fly net and learn to accept them and if your camping near a water, tip- invest in a good mozzie repellent. Sounds uninviting.... but if you are prepared and don’t let yourself be put off- you will be rewarded with

some of the most unique experiences and photo opportunities; incredible landscapes, sunrises/ sunsets, clear night skies and displays from the animal kingdom.

Travelling with Kids? Throwing kids into the Outback experience adds an extra element of preparation- but speaking from experience kids make our adventures so much fun. Start with the basics- Travel days; stock the car with plenty of healthy easy snacks and lots of water. Ensure good entertainment items and keep in mind the smaller the child the shorter the attention spantake regular breaks. At the camp site get the kids involved in jobs/tasks to encourage a sense of responsibility and teamwork. Pick multi-age appropriate attractions, visit parks, have quiet days, take a

dirt scooter. Best advice; take every chance you get to make lasting memories.... Remember “I regret spending so much time with my children, said NO parent ever�.

Take You Time- Don’t Rush! Drive slowly- with towing it will be better on your fuel economy, you will have wider peripheral vision to see animals near the road and less likely to overtake at the wrong time. Take it slow, you don’t want to miss anything. Give yourself time to explore, you don’t want to get to the end of your Outback adventure and feel disappointed. Take in the incredible landscapes, admire the clear skies, visit the historical aboriginal sites and make your trip to the Outback one that you will remember forever and you too will likely fall head over hills for life beyond the city.


Blockchain technology. You just can’t escape it. It seems that everyone is talking about it, yet no-one seems to understand what it is. The simple fact is this: blockchain technology has the potential to change the way that we conduct financial transactions for the rest of our lives. If that excites you, then come on-board, we’re going for a ride. What is blockchain? Blockchain is the driving force behind cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum. Originally used for transactions involving crypto trading, blockchain has emerged as a new technology capable of impacting many different aspects of our lives, including how we get paid, how we access our money, and even how we vote. Its selling point is decentralisation. Rather than storing your money in a bank, or transferring money between bank-to-bank, blockchain cuts out the middleman, meaning that you have full control of your money and can transfer funds to others instantly. Sounds great. But how does it work? I’m glad you asked. The blockchain acts as a sort of digital record book, of which everyone involved has access to. When Jack transfers funds to Jim, the request is sent to hundreds of other computers in the world, which all automatically verify that the transfer is legitimate before authorising the transaction. If a single computer notices an inconsistency, the transfer will be incomplete. Instead of having a

third-party (a bank) verify your transactions, the combined programming power of hundreds of computers guarantees your money’s safety. Here’s the kicker, it does all of this instantly. Every transaction made via blockchain technology is stored forever. As long as the internet continues to operate, your transaction will be embedded in the blockchain technology. What this means is that it is impossible to forge transactions or change previous payments. The second someone tries to operate dishonestly; the power of hundreds of computers will simultaneously shut down the transaction. Security is one of the premier selling points of blockchain technology. Here at PLAAK, our primary interest is the safety of your finances, but if that doesn’t fully convince you, then perhaps the World Economic Forum might be able to change your mind. Even they are convinced that through “public key infrastructure”, blockchain can ensure your security and privacy. I don’t really use cryptocurrencies. How can blockchain help me? Well here’s the thing. Blockchain is still a toddler. The use of the

www.facebook.com/plaakcommunity Twitter @plaakcommunity


technology might seem a little far-fetched now, I mean, I’ve personally never had a problem with the good old fashioned Australian dollar after all. What we’re dealing with here however, is the way mainstream transactions will be run not next year, probably not even the year after that, but in five to ten years’ time. Don’t believe me? Major companies investing in blockchain technology research include Swiss banking giant UBS, The Bank of Canada, Microsoft, and Bank of America. Let’s think even bigger than cryptocurrency for a minute. Imagine a world where you can anonymously vote for the next Prime Minister using your phone, with no way that your vote could be corrupted. Imagine what that could do in countries with less stable democracies than our own? Imagine a world where an encrypted deal made between two parties would keep everyone accountable. Where the transaction is only made once both parties have completed their end of the bargain. Imagine a world where you can have control over your finances even if you can’t access a bank. Imagine what that could do to stop corruption and theft in third world countries. The PLAAK team wants to help make this world a reality. In the digital age, we are committed to bringing this new technology to you. We hope you will join us on this journey, it’s your world after all.



A True Aussie Predator A new predator has entered the water in the form of the Gator X by JB Caravans. The Off road Gator X is definitely in its natural state camped by a billabong, in a swamp, or in any habitat Australia has to offer. As its name implies it has a tough skin,that is complimented by a soft luxurious interior to unwind in. Featuring a single axle, airbag suspension, modern finishing, high grade appliances, mini washer and exclusive colour ranges the Gator sure packs a bite. The Gator X by JB caravans is a natural born off road thriller.

1800 991 169 | www.jbcaravans.com.au 2040 - 2060 Sydney Rd Campbellfield VIC 3061

Key Features • Supagal Chassis • 2″ Raiser • Single axle with 12″

brakes • Pull out step • 2 x 9kg gas bottles • D035 Hitch Master Coupling • 4 x Ezy lift drop jacks • Airbag Suspension • Enhanced fusion media player • Nudge Bars • Alko -Esc • European Dometic • Windows • Microwave • Fibre Glass Shower

• Storage Hatch Gal

lined • 300W Solar panel • iPod Dock • 2 x 95 Ltr water tanks • Leather Interior • 2 Recovery points • Hot Water Service • Ceramic Toilet • Mini – Wall mounted Washing machine • Truma reverse cycle A/C • Higher checkerplate • 218L Compression Fridge • Dual Toolbox • Gal Sheet Flooring • Red Devil 16″ rims

Specifications JB Caravans manufactures all chassis in its own purpose built facility using 3.2mm thick zinc galvanised Australian tube steel. The finished chassis meet and exceed the highest Australian engineering standards. Warranty 3 Year factory backed structural warranty *

Wander to Wonder Oz

www.wandertowonderoz.com | www.instagram.com/wandertowonderoz www.facebook.com/wandertowonderoz

LAWN HILL The gorgeous Boodjamull (Lawn Hill) National Park should be on everyone’s Aussie bucket list! With beautiful

gorges and crystal clear turquoise waters scattered with water lilies it really is an oasis in the outback. We couldn’t think of a more perfect way to explore the area than on our Red Paddle Co boards! We did a 7km return paddle

through the Middle Gorge to the Upper Gorge stopping for a swim in the lovely Indarri Falls. Canoes are available to hire on site on an hourly basis or you go via foot. There are seven different walks of varying degrees of difficulty to enjoy, but our pick is the ‘Island Stack Walk’. The 4km/2hr return walk takes you up a steep rocky hill climb then

around the tabletop for spectacular panoramic views. Road conditions into the park can vary so make sure you call ahead to stay fully informed.

FRASER ISLAND A trip to the world’s largest sand island is truly an experience like no other! Its strictly

four-wheel-driving only territory and is an adventure from the moment you board the barge across, or in many cases just getting to the barge! Once on the island you’ll be spoilt with pristine coastline, over 100 fresh water lakes such as the stunning Lake McKenzie and 75 miles of beach to cruise along

that is an actual designated highway. Our favourite locations included the Champagne Pools,

commonly referred to as Fraser Island’s “natural Jacuzzi” and Eli Creek with its crystal-clear fast

flowing waters that create the perfect for floating down in. A visit to Fraser Island wouldn’t be

complete without a stop at the majestic wreckage of The Maheno. The ship came to rest on Fraser

Island in 1935 and the slowly deteriorating hull is now a rainbow of red and browns colours set

amongst the white sand and blue waters making for some epic photos.

KAKADU Kakadu is 20,000 square kilometres of Heritage

but the reward of kicking back in those gorgeous

earth! The Bininj/Mungguy people have lived on &

view was priceless.

Listed land that is home to the oldest civilisation on cared for this country for 50,000 years and what a humbling experience it was to get to share it.Â

Ubirr and Nourlangie have some of the world’s best rock art with some paintings being up to 20,000 years old, which makes the artwork one of the

longest historical records of any group of people on

Earth! After enjoying the art at Ubirr be sure to head to the rocky lookout and take in an amazing sunset with 360-degree views.

Kakadu has some truly epic swimming holes too

and our favourites were Gunlom Waterfall Creek

and Maguk. Both involve a fairly steep uphill walk,

crystal clear rock pools while taking in panoramic

AIRLIE BEACH Known as the gateway to the Whitsunday Islands & Great Barrier Reef, Airlie Beach is the perfect

location to set sail or explore the islands! Take a leisurely stroll along the happening esplanade

before hitting the brilliant man made lagoon with

family-friendly beach & park. If you’re after a more

relaxed vibe then be sure to visit nearby Hydeaway Bay - as secluded as its name suggests, this stunning pristine bay is free from the holiday

crowds, shopping precincts or busy traffic. The

beach is postcard perfect, littered with massive

shells & palm trees. We spent the day lounging

about at Cape Gloucester Resort, where you can

swim in their pool, grab a bite to eat, a cold beer &

soak it all in. The small township of Dingo Beach is also well worth a visit. With miles of sandy

beaches, crystal clear waters & a stinger free net, you can swim year round.

Be sure to follow our adventures on Facebook, Instagram and on our website!

Happy Travels, Tegan & Leigh

FREE Safety Inspections for caravans and RVs! Caravan Trade Industry Association of Victoria and Everything Caravan & Camping announce upcoming joint initiative – FREE Safety Inspections for caravans and RVs! The Caravan Trade Industry Association of Victoria and Everything Caravan & Camping have established a joint initiative to provide scheduled ‘FREE safety inspections’ for caravans and RVs along with other stakeholders and industry experts. This initiative is the result of both organisations prioritising the safety of all recreational vehicle users and the broader public. Mr Rob Lucas, CEO, Caravan Industry Association of Victoria (CIA VIC) stated, ‘We are extremely happy to be working with Matt Sutton and the team from Everything Caravan & Camping to address a major concern of ours which is caravan and RV safety in a first for the caravan industry in Victoria. These scheduled FREE safety inspection days will be conducted to check customer’s caravans and RVs to better educate them on their caravan or RV and advise them of potential issues.’

We are excited to announce that our ‘Free safety inspection’ days will be held at our upcoming shows.

Albury Wodonga Date: Friday 24 August 2018 Time: 8:00am - 2:30pm

Melbourne Leisurefest

Bendigo Leisurefest

Date: Friday 5, Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 October 2018 Time: 8:00am – 2:30pm

Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 November 2018 Time: 8:00am – 2:30pm

The decision to hold our first safety days at this show was to maximise the exposure of this initiative and allow us to capture feedback from consumers to assist us with planning future safety days.’

Over the past three years safety inspection days have been conducted by Caravanning Queensland (CIA VIC’s state equivalent) to great success with safety days held at over ten geographic locations throughout the year. The Victorian initiative is based on this successfully implemented program. ‘As part of the Association’s strategy to better educate the industry and consumers through our National Caravan Industry Training College, which is continuing to go from strength to strength within the industry – our next stage of focus is consumer education. We hope that by coordinating these FREE safety inspection days it will be the first step towards clearer and consistent consumer messaging from our industry,’ commented Rob Lucas, CEO, CIA VIC. The day will be structured to inspect one caravan every 30 minutes with our target to inspect 30 caravans and RVs over the two-day period. All inspections need to be pre-booked and confirmed by CIA VIC, any that are unable to be inspected during these two days will go onto a waiting list for the next scheduled safety inspection day.

4) Caravan inspection (Service Safe Accredited Companies) – check dimensions, structural (chassis and body) to ensure correct and educate; and 5) Connection between vehicle and caravan (Hayman Reese) – check connection and demonstrate correct ‘hooking up’.

To register your caravan or RV for a safety inspection go to: https://fs29.formsite.com/trainingciaviccoma u/form38/index.html (to complete the booking form you will require the details of your caravan or RV such as model, towing weight, etc) or for more information contact Ca ravan Industry Association of Victoria on (03) 9372 5388.

There are five (5) stages of inspection, being: 1) Weights (Hayman Reese , VicRoads and Everything Caravan & Camping) – check weights of tow vehicle and caravan to ensure correct and educate; 2) Plumbing and Gas (EnergySafe Victoria and Victorian Building Authority) – check appliances, lines, regulations (ignition sources e.g. caravan movers), vents, combustible materials to close to burners, butane burners to ensure correct and educate; 3) Electrical (EnergySafe Victoria) – check extension leads / cables (e.g. 15amp), electrical equipment, battery systems, solar systems, internal electrical equipment to ensure correct and educate;

More information available at www.everythingcaravanandcamping.com

The Gud Langes CORAL BAY – WA Coral Bay is paradise. The crystal clear water; the coral reef that comes up to the beach; the incredible opportunities to interact with marine life; the ambience of a town that exists only for the beach and its lifestyle.

ULURU – NT That feeling, the first time you spot Uluru from a distance as you are driving towards it is indescribable. It’s the spiritual heart of Australia and there is something truly magical about it. Hot tip: do the 10km trail around the base. I ran around the base at sunrise, I was the only person there and it was one of the best experiences ever. So, run it, walk it, ride your bike - but just do it. The different sides and faces of the rock are so much more than you can ever imagine.

WILPENA POUND AND THE FLINDERS RANGES – SA Technically this hasn’t been part of our travels but it’s a place that we’ve visited many times. Dave and I met in the Flinders Ranges so it holds a very special place in our hearts. Wilpena Pound and the entire landscape of the region are incredible. So many people miss this area when they go to SA but seriously put it at the top of your must do in SA list.

FINCH HATTON GORGE - QLD This tiny little gorge 80km west of Mackay in Qld is quite unexpected. In the rainforest of the Eungella National Park where there are easily accessible waterfalls; incredible natural swimming holes; beautiful bush tracks; one of the most amazing raw/organic cafes in the whole country (make sure you try the mango ice cream); and a fantastic little bush camp on the side of a river where wild platypus swim.

TROOPY TRAIL S Could you imagine quitting your job, leaving the creature comforts of your home to live out of your car? Well we did! Two girls and one dog. We are 2 best friends Kimberley and Kirsty who quit the 9-5 to do the big lap of OZ with Atlas the Labrador, in Kim’s 1990 Landcruiser Troopy named Sunny.

At the age of 24 and 22 we have been travelling for 7 months through 5 states and currently in the Northern Territory. Travelling with Atlas of course it has its limitations but we most definitely could not do this trip without him. When it comes to National Parks we either simply just don’t go or organise someone to look after him for a couple hours. When it comes to the food shop we shop in the mornings so Atlas can stay in the car with the fans on and when it's a hot day we do water activities with Atlas or we make them driving days to escape the heat. Atlas is also a perfect distraction for the both of us, so we don’t bother each other so much

Now you’re all probably looking at the photos and thinking whoa they have a lot of weight on that car they must chew through fuel. Well yes we do have weight on the car but not above the GVM thankfully. Each tank is about 80lt, We drive maximum 2-3 hours and travel at about 90km/h, which gets us over 500km each tank

Now the budget, you cant get anywhere without money. We both worked and each week of our pay check we put $500 into savings, it took 27 weeks for us to both save $13,500 each, which brings a total of $27,000 for the trip. While on this trip we have a weekly allowance of $500 and that covers food, fuel and camp fees and for anything else well that comes out of our savings. We may be girls and we are no mechanics but you’ll be surprised what we have learnt on this trip. Like changing a tire, repairing a popped tyre, changing the engine oil, transmission fluid, battery wiring, idler pulleys, solar panels and much more. A call to dad also happens when something goes wrong or Sunny is making a funny sound.

Now being a female and going bush you will discover that baby wipes are your new best friend. We do have a bucket and a 12v shower but sometimes a wipe or a fresh water creek will do the job. I can just picture our mum cringing while she reads this but we could go days without having a proper shower and when it comes to the toilet well yeah dig a hole and learn to squat and aim.

Feeling safe and secure is very important, if your family is anything like ours then you know that they would worry if your not active on Facebook for 12 hours, so we have a device called the SpotGen. This tracks our every movement, so our friends and family can track us. When we set up camp we send them a "check in" which is a message that sends them our location and telling them that we are safe. There is also a help button so if something is wrong with either the car or we have hurt ourselves, with a click of a button SES is notified and help is on the way. When it comes to feeling safe in our surroundings, lets be honest Atlas isn’t the greatest protector, he does bark but he will most likely lick someone to death then anything, so we usually camp where there are 2 or more campers and if at any point we feel unsafe we leave it's as simple as that.

You don’t have to be in a relationship to do a trip like this you just need someone who can tolerate every mood and who you can be around 24/7 in confined spaces. We do have our moments, but our fighting is usually about the colour of our sheets, where to park and who ate the chocolate. Every fight ends in laughter or you just say sorry because that person your traveling with is the only person you know and trust. We are honestly on a trip of a life time and we hope we can encourage others our age to pause Uni for a moment, pause getting stuck in a full time career and before having any commitments to get out there and discover yourself, explore this amazing country and learn what it's really like to be one with nature. Follow our journey and maybe one day we will see you out there on the road some time.

303 Shute Harbour Road Airlie Beach Qld 4802 07 4948 0088 www.fishdvine.com.au

Fish D'vine and the Rum Bar have been an icon in the Whitsundays for 11 years, it's a favourite amongst locals and visiting tourists love the combination of seafood, fresh produce and our tasty collection of over 500 rums. Simply authentic. We are a true North Queensland experience, rather than a Sydney or Melbourne restaurant transplanted in the North. Local produce with all the natural layback charm that encapsulates our locals and makes the Whitsundays such an iconic part of the Great barrier Reef. We are, quite simply, Queensland on a plate, and complimented by our unique and passionate twist on the drink of sailors and the spirit of the sugar cane fields.

A 'MUST DO' EXPERIENCE Indulge in the region’s finest seasonal produce and a mouth-watering array of succulent seafood prepared fresh every day. Our food is d’vine and our Rum Bar makes the best mojito’s outside of Cuba!

Fish D’vine and Australia’s original Rum Bar are an Airlie Beach institution and a favourite with both locals and visitors alike. Located in Queensland’s stunning Whitsundays, where 74 tropical islands nestle behind the Great Barrier Reef our innovative menu flows with the seasons and you’ll experience surprising and authentic tastes of the Whitsundays. Fish D’vine and the Rum Bar may seem like separate identities under the same roof - but it’s really a marriage of flavours that come together... try our famous chilli mud crab with a Hemmingway daiquiri or barbequed tiger prawns with a Mojito and you’ll quickly fall in love with this drink of the sailors and the spirit of the sugar cane fields.

It’s impossible to keep our chefs away from the rum! If you’re a lover of all things sweet you must try our retro banana fritters drizzled in house spiced rum syrup simply d’vine! You certainly can’t miss our huge rum wall featuring over 450 rums, but you definitely can’t walk past the local seafood on display either. Our venue has several spaces where you can relax in our courtyard and cafe area, have a pre dinner cocktail or wine in the Rum Bar or soak up the air-conditioned comfort and table service in our main dining space. Enjoy a family-friendly, fresh seafood dining experience and don’t worry if you’ve got a guest dining that doesn’t enjoy ocean food, we’ve got beef and vegetarian options as well!

r a e y p a G y l i Fam

Turquoise Bay / Cape Range National Park, WA

Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, TAS

This whole stretch of coastline was fab and should be on the top of everyone's "places to see" list. Having been to the Great Barrier Reef a number of times and endured the long commute out to the reef and back, the biggest plus for the Ningaloo Reef is that it was accessible directly from the beach on the mainland. There were scores of beaches and bays in this region that you could swim from to access the reef, but Turquoise Bay had to be one of the best. Simply step into the water and within a couple of flicks of your flippers, all that Ningaloo reef had to offer was yours to experience. We'll be back for sure.

Climbing Cradle Mountain was something we'll always hold dear. It is a beautiful, unspoilt wilderness area that also offered many challenging walks, with the summit walk being the pinnacle of these challenges. It's not for the faint-hearted, but it is truly worth every ounce of energy you'll exert to achieve it. The fact that we did this with our children, 8 & 9 at the time, made it all the more special and we expect to visit the area again as a family to take on more of what the region has to offer including the Overland track. Tassie, in general, should be on every Australian's must-see list.

Beecroft Weapons Range. NSW Beecroft Weapon's Range is one of the more unique locations that we stayed on our journey, but it's high on our list of must-do locations. South-west of Nowra, NSW, it is literally a munitions testing facility during the week that you can camp at on most weekends. It's a pretty rough road in, but it's totally worth it for a campsite like Honeymoon Bay. Spots are limited and available on a first-come, first served basis, so be prepared to queue in peak periods. There is plenty to do with bike riding, bush-walking, swimming, snorkelling, fishing and even mountain climbing. Watching the sunset across Jervis Bay in the evening is the icing on the cake.



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