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Introducing Galways Go Round - How our Fiftyby50 changed us

In the summer of 2015/2016 the Galway family formerly of Sydney took a 5 week road trip to Emerald Beach on the Coffs Coast via Tasmania. It was a long shot but somewhere along the Hay Plain the trip proved to be life-changing as Adam and Sharon wrote their 'Fifty by 50' list. A list of fifty things that they wanted to achieve by the time they both turned 50. A bucket list of sorts with many goals and aspirations of different kinds that would hopefully be achieved while their 3 children were still young enough to want to hang out with mum & dad. The list sharpened their focus on life and love and they set about working swiftly towards what really matters. Adam and Sharon are high school sweethearts, meeting at the young ages of 17 and 14. Travel and adventure has never been far from their minds and at 16 and 19 they had their first camping holiday and have simply never stopped enjoying the great outdoors since. They married in 2001 and have 3 beautiful children Ella (13), Ava (7) and Noah (4). Adam was a well-known Sydney chef who has worked for some of the most dynamic and

advanced hospitality organisations in Sydney and on the east coast and Sharon was an assistant principal, teaching in the south-western suburbs since 2000. After years of camping in a tent they bought their first caravan in 2009 when Ella was 4 and enjoyed years of annual holidays and long weekends in that and subsequent caravans as the family grew. In 2016 they ticked 11 items off their Fiftyby50 list but little did they realise that during that first 12 months their bucket list was changing them in more ways than just kicking life goals. According to Sharon, more than anything, their list was sharpening their focus on what they really wanted from this phase in their lives and the importance of actively pursuing goals and dreams outside of work, in order to live a fulfilling life. Adam says their list gave them a better balance between working and living and made them think hard about what they would regret in years to come if they didn't spend the quality time to do the things they craved with their children whilst they were still young.

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