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Boat Restoration and Salvage

Quality Installations Result in More Water Time For many boat enthusiasts there is nothing more enjoyable than sailing in a boat that they have personally restored to its former glory. In order to maximize time spent in the boat rather than out, it is necessary to consider the key elements of a restoration project and avoid taking short cuts which may prove costly further down the line. Where to start It is important to establish a budget for the project and cost out the major elements of the restoration. Another major factor in any restoration is building a relationship with a boatyard and boat parts shop that can be trusted to deliver and has a track record of successfully completing similar jobs. Reputation is everything in the boating industry, if a boatyard offers a cheap price then it is vital that references are checked and assurances are sought that they can complete the restoration in accordance with exact instruction. The importance of recycling The use of used boat parts or recycled parts in boating is not a new concept. Recycling has been a core concept in the industry for many years but it is not a green agenda that drives boatyards to source used, salvaged or reconditioned parts. Recycling is an essential part of cost control in any boat restoration project. It is possible that a particular part is either out of stock with dealers or even obsolete if no new products are being manufactured. A good boatyard will have a strong network of parts dealers who can supply the exact parts required for a restoration at a fraction of the cost of a new part. It is often the case that when a boat is broken up there are very few parts that cannot be utilized elsewhere. A good mechanic will have a working knowledge of the market for parts and if one is resident in the local boatyard it will have a number of sources when specific or rare parts are required. This adds value to any restoration project because not only is it a skill to source quality parts which offers great cost reductions for any project which involves the replacement of parts. Value will also be added to the project as the sourcing of original parts will make the restored boat more reliable due to it being closer to the original model rather than being held together by non-standard parts that may or may not be compatible with the original design. The importance of good craftsmanship

If good quality parts are sourced then the next step is to install them correctly. Any quality boatyard will have specialist installers that can work with a number of different manufacturers who will make good use of the original sourced parts. A skilled mechanic with a love for boating is key to delivering the project because an enthusiasm for the end project will provide endless benefits when the work in underway. A mechanic that can feel the connection the owner has with a boat will deliver a restoration that is of the highest quality. Whilst many people attempt to do a lot of the maintenance work alone or with the help of a friend, there are particular tasks that really do require the input of a specialist, particularly if they involve moving parts such as the engine. Good mechanics can seek to become authorized repairers of specific manufactured equipment, this gives the customer recourse should anything be amiss with the work performed but such status does demonstrate a degree of competence and commitment to the industry that should guarantee a high standard of craftsmanship. Quality Counts In order to avoid a frustrating period involving repairs that could have been avoided it is important to consider quality at every stage of the project. A well prepared and executed restoration will lead to many hours of pleasurable boating.

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Boat Restoration and Salvage  

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