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Bo Ashi


Port folio 2012

Childrens books

Illustrations and childrens books a covers for teenage books. nd young adult/

Editorial Illustra tion illustration for

magazines, articl es and advertisment.

the city of ember

i worked with illu novelist Niklas Asstrator and graphic coloring on the g ker and did the “The city of emberraphic novel on american publ � published 2012 isher random hou se.

comics and graph

ic stories

bo ashi Bo Ashi (born 1990) is a illustrator and comics creator living and working in Malmö, Sweden. He studied two years at the school of comics art and then went on to work with Illustrator, painter and graphic novelist Niklas Asker on the graphic novel adaptation of the New York Times bestseller “The City of Ember”. Bo did the coloring for the book that’s set for release in the second half of 2012 by american publisher Random House. Since spring 2011 he’s also part of the C’est Bon Kultur crew and an editor of C’est Bon Anthology.  Bo can offer a wide set of work and styles, including: - Editorial illustrations - Childrens’ book illustrations - Fact/Fiction book illustrations - Magazine/book covers - Storyboarding - comics and cartoons If you have an idea or more questions feel free to contact me!

EMAIL: phone: +46 (0)727334425


Portfolio 2012  

Bo Ashi portfolio 2012