Boar's Head Team-Building Activities

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...let the team building begin!




Find Balance, Build Trust By showing the overall importance of a work-life balance, leaders are able to build upon a trust that allows an organization to flourish. By choosing one of these unique experiences, your staff members will leave with a new desire to work together in a team-driven atmosphere.

Trust-Building Hike Get your heart rate up during a hike through Boar’s Head’s beautiful trail system that includes multiple trail surfaces and a breathtaking climb up Round Top Mountain. Leave your cell phones behind while we embrace nature and the experiences it has to offer! • Throughout the hike, work on team-building exercises with your fellow team members • Go old school with trust exercises from your youth camp days like the trust fall • One-mile, two-mile and four-mile options • Program accommodates large or small groups • Healthy snacks provided after the hike • Maximum of 20 people

Finding Balance Workshop This exciting workshop will help participants understand the importance of work-life balance in a healthy work environment built upon trust. • Work through mental and physical balance exercises guided by our staff at The Sports Club • Exercises include TRX, BOSU ball, balance boards and partner exercises • Dig into mental balance versus physical balance, and discover how the two complement each other • Accommodates group sizes of four to thirty people

Create Your Own Private Session From an exercise session to yoga or a trail run on our Heritage Trails, you can create your own wellness session for as many as 10 people.


Birdwood Golf Course Aside from a beautiful driving range and practice area, Boar’s Head Resort is also home to an 18-hole course, as well as a par-3 and putting course designed by Davis Love III and his Love Golf Design team.

Golf Team-Building Activities Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or someone just looking to get outdoors and take a few swings with some friends or coworkers, Birdwood Golf Course is the place to be. Let one of our PGA or LPGA golf professionals customize an experience that's fit for your group!

Golf Clinics

Fun on the Putting Course

• Accommodates groups of eight to 48 people with pricing per group or per person • Clubs and balls provided and included • Three stations for learning: putting, chipping and full swing • Options available with food & drinks on the driving range or at the clubhouse • Trackman competitions available upon request and can be added to clinics for an additional fee

• Almost an acre large putting green for fun and excitement! • Groups of eight to 72 with per-person or group pricing that includes putters and balls • Individual or team competition formats available or just putt for fun • Options available with music and food as well as drinks on the course or at the clubhouse

Indoor Swing Studio • Accommodates groups of up to 10 people • Fun games and/or play golf courses from around the world • Food and drinks are available in studio from Racquets Restaurant during the session

Night-Light Golf • Accommodates groups of eight to 48 people with pricing per group or per person • Excitement at night with a dynamic, lit-up course


Pickleball is Fun for All! Pickleball combines tennis, badminton and ping-pong into a fun sport for all skill levels. The rules of the game are simple and easy for beginners to learn. A faster, more competitive pace can be customized for experienced players, but all skill levels are welcome. • Includes paddles, balls, non-alcoholic beverages, and a professional pickleball instructor who will offer basic instruction and an introduction to the game • The instructor will provide fun games among fellow team members and cohorts • The program is capped with a friendly round-robin competition • Typical duration is two hours in length • Ideal for four to 36 attendees, inside or outside

Strengthening Teamwork through Squash Team up for some excitement on the court at our state-of-the-art squash facility. • Year-round indoor facilities • Includes racquets, balls, instructor and non-alcoholic beverages • The instructor will provide basic instruction and an introduction to the game • Typical duration is two hours in length

Falconry The art of flying trained birds of prey is alive and well and happens daily at Boar's Head Resort. Imagine the thrill of watching our Boar's Head Outfitters team release our trained bird into the trees just behind our main hotel only to have him soar back and perch on his trainer's arm. Alongside the thrill of watching him soar above the treeline, our staff will also educate participants on the ancient sport of falconry and talk specifics about birds of prey and how species like this survive and function in the wild. Looking for a great photo opportunity or your next awesome social media post? You may be in luck because our trainers often allow our falcon to perch on the arms of some of our thrillseeking spectators.


Boar's Head Outfitters Experiences Paintball 2 hours

Guided Hike Varies by location

Split into teams and battle it out on our wooded paintball course! All of the equipment is provided.

Join us for an off-site hike from a selection of beautiful trails that wind through the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding or Kayaking 3 hours Take in the beautiful scenery of Virginia's waterways as you enjoy a relaxing guided paddling experience just up the road from Boar's Head Resort. You'll start off at the dock of Beaver Creek Reservoir and paddle around a corner offering absolutely spectacular mountain views.

Falconry 1 hour A must do! Get an up-close look at our resident high flyer as he exhibits his skills on the flying grounds. Bring your camera as he loves taking pictures with everyone.

Ancient Weaponry 2 hours Master the art of tomahawk throwing and archery under the instruction of our trained guides.

Spirits of VA Tour 1 to 3 hours Taste and experience some of the best that Virginia has to offer. This unique trip includes a tour and tasting of Pro Re Nata Brewery and either King Family Vineyards or Ragged Branch Distillery. All three locations are available if time allows. We can also be a shuttle service as you explore all the spirits Nelson County offers down the Nelson 151 Highway.

Boar's Head Outfitters Team Building Domestic Demolition

Scavenger Ox


Break into teams, and build your dream home out of foamcore. Homes must be built to exact specifications, and the end goal is to build the strongest residence you can. Once completed, we'll line all of the homes up on the firing line as your neighboring teams take shots using our pneumatic cannon.

A fusion of groupthink & interactive challenges, this race sends groups across, through and around Boar's Head Resort. Participants will be led by a customized cell phone app that encourages teams to complete multiple challenges throughout this unique experience.

Use a GPS to navigate to waypoints and collect materials to build a fire using flint and steel. Teams will race against the clock and each other to complete this challenge.

Bridging the Gap Each subteam will build half of a bridge using our specifications under the challenge of limited communication. Once the halves are complete, they’ll be joined and tested for strength and design.

Geocaching Test your navigation and detective skills with this group orienteering scavenger hunt. Grab a GPS and navigate following a breadcrumb trail around the resort which will ultimately lead you to the final waypoint where you must solve a riddle to find the cache.

Rocket Launch Put your crafting and aeronautical skills to the test as your team tries to build the rocket with the longest glide time. Each team is given the same materials - duct tape, soda bottle, and foam core - so the one with the best design and creativity will be the victors.

Escape Boar's Head As the legends tell, the old house in the woods was a place of occult practices and black magic rituals. Your friend, a journalist, was on a track to solve the mystery of this place. Now, he is in trouble. You and your group of friends will face brain teasers, riddles and clues as you work towards your escape.

Firewalk Challenge your beliefs and become empowered as our expert fire walker guides you across five feet of glowing coals. Nothing accelerates personal empowerment and group bonding faster than this.

Boar’s Head Challenge A navigational race that appeals to the whole crowd. Navigate your way through the woods with a map and compass. Determine the best way to cross a river. Pedal a mountain bike circuit. Overcome obstacles placed in your path. Based on the classic adventure race, this challenge can be custom designed for your group.



Culinary Team-Building Cooking Classes as Team Building You never truly know someone until you have cooked with them. Put your team to the test in the kitchen as you work together to meet deadlines and deliver results. After a short introduction including safety lessons and basic knife skills, the group is formed into teams. Each team chooses a team leader and is presented with a "culinary challenge." For the next 1.5 to 2 hours, the teams must prepare the food while following the given guidelines. The main goal is to work together to find inspiration, creativity and trust in each other. • 200 Ednam Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22903 • Phone: (434) 972-2227 Owned and operated by the University of Virgina Foundation