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The first Infinity Surfboard was shaped in 1970. It is a 7’ balsa single fin with a #1 proudly printed on the tail. It has never been ridden but hangs as a memorial on the wall. Since that time, more than 40,000+ surfboards and SUPs have been carefully created. They on the other hand, have taken the drop and drawn every possible line that perhaps 45,000 or more riders could think of. The surfboard shapers and designers at Infinity consist of master craftsman Steve Boehne and his two sons Dan and Dave. The Boehne family tree takes a lot of pride in the heritage that they bring to each shape. Steve, who taught the rest of the crew the many lessons in sculpting foam, shaped and glassed his first board in 1960 at the age of 13. Boardworks is pround to offer the Infinity line of performance SUPs and Surfboards.

The Phoenix is a mini Simmons style SUP designed by Dave Boehne and Infinity team rider Chris Hill... Fast, stable, and a fun fishy ride. The Phoenix is short, wide, and carries more volume than your typical board. It allows a rider to go much shorter, while maintaining fantastic stability and paddle speed. The parallel outline and wide tail allow the board to have automatic speed from take off, and get the board up and planing on it’s own. We matched that up with a ProBox twin keel fin setup, designed by Larry Allison, for unmatched speed and maneuverability. ADDITONAL COLORWAYS:

Width Deck Thickness Liters Fins -




29” 4” 103 ProBox KeeL

30” 4” 113 ProBox KeeL

32” 4 3/8” 141 ProBox KeeL

The "TL" Team Label was designed and approved by our Infinity team. Dave Boehne, Slater Trout, CD Kinley, Jason Kenworthy and Anthony Vela have tested this board worldwide in every and all conditions. This is our staple performance SUP surfboard. Different from the original carver, this board has a narrower outline and thinner foil. We still maintained the flat "speed" section between the feet for drive, which blends in to a V-bottom positioned in the sweet spot of the rocker. Match that with the fin placement and curvey rocker, it makes up a very fast, and responsive SUP. 5 fin option comes standard for even more versatility. The team prefers this board setup as a quad.

Width Deck Thickness Liters Fins -




28” 4 1/8” 100 4+1

29” 4 1/8” 110 4+1

30” 4 1/4” 125 4+1

“The Carver is a performance board made for larger guys who are experienced SUP surfers looking to “step down” in size/length/width and step up the performance. We thinned the foil overall to maintain a thin nose and tail. The outline enables both performance off the tail and moderate nose ride capabilities. This performance outline is fuller than the Team Label “TL” for stability. The bottom has a flat “speed” section between the feet which rolls into V-bottom positioned in the sweet spot of the rocker which gives the Carver it’s magic ride.” ADDITONAL COLORWAYS:

Width Deck Thickness Liters Fins -



31” 4 7/16” 153 2+1

32" 4 5/16” 163 2+1

Slater wanted an all around SUP surfboard design for the Trout series. This board has a performance competitor style longboard shape with a flatter, fuller nose allowing great stability for walking the board and noseriding. The back half of the board is similar to the Carver with a nice flip in the exit rocker for turning. This board has a very thin nose and tail making it much different from your ordinary longboard shape.


Width Deck Thickness Liters Fins -



28” 3 3/4” 210 2+1

29" 3 7/8” 130 2+1

The “Wide Aquatic” is max volume engineered with max peformance for the talented larger surfer. Master shaper and SUP designer Steve Boehne excels in designing performance boards for the larger 220lbs+ surfer. Timeless design theory and characteristics come together in one board for the “big dogs”. Catch waves with ease, turn on a dime and enjoy the life aquatic! The big size also doubles as a fun cruiser board for the family on flat water.


Width Deck Thickness Liters Fins -



32” 4 3/4” 172 2+1

33” 4 3/4” 199 2+1

The "Cutthroat Trout" is Slater Trout's signature 12'6" racer. Named after the Cutthroat Trout fish, this board is battle tested and approved by the manchild himself. The “Cutthroat” shares most of the characteristics from the "Whiplash" only scaled down. This racer is a great choice for the medium to larger paddlers. Easy to paddle and ready to conquer the elements.


12'6" Width Deck Thickness Liters Fins -

28” 6” 250 SinGLE

The "Whiplash 14" is Slater Trout's signature 14' board and the latest evolution in Steve Boehne's race designs. "I wanted a board that is fast, stable, and very versatile. If the board is easy to paddle, I am able to put 100% energy into every stroke. I worked closely with Steve and I feel we nailed an incredible design. I can't wait for people to give it a go!" Slater wanted a board that is versatile and does everything well - flat water, open ocean, down wind, up wind, chop, riding bumps, etc. No matter the venue or conditions he could whip this board out of the bag and be ready on race day.


14' Width Deck Thickness Liters Fins -

27 1/2� 6� 280 SinGLE

The Rad Noserider has been quoted, “My favorite board ever,” by thousands of surfers. The deep half length nose concave creates incredible noserides and the “sweet spot” rocker with aggressive V-bottom offers smooth zigzag turns. This board has beveled rails around the concave for edge control, “tucked edge” rails for fast response and our famous Cluster Fin set up for projection out of bottom turns. We offer the fins as a "convertible" set up to switch from 2+1 to Cluster to Single fin for ultimate versatility.


9’0 Width Deck Thickness Liters Fins -

23” 3 3/8” 83 L 2+1

9’6 23” 3 1/2” 90 L 2+1

The Secret Weapon is one of infinity's most popular surfboard models. “I developed this model for myself because as I grew older, heavier and busier, I felt that my thin high performance boards were just getting too hard to paddle. I still surfed as good as ever and I wanted to maintain that fast, zippy feel of a shorter board without being forced to ride a long “glide-in” board all the time. I started adding thickness to my 8’ “funboard” shape. I found that I could make the board 3.75” thick and it would still perform fantastically, but it was so much easier to paddle and catch waves on.” – Steve Boehne.

Width Deck Thickness Liters Fins -



23” 3 3/4” 82 2+1

23 1/2” 3 5/8” 88 2+1

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Infinity boards are manufactured and distributed worldwide by Boardworks Surf

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Infinity SUP and Surfboard Catalog 2015  

The 2015 collection of Infinity Stand Up Paddle Boards and Surfboards manufactured and distributed by Boardworks Surf.

Infinity SUP and Surfboard Catalog 2015  

The 2015 collection of Infinity Stand Up Paddle Boards and Surfboards manufactured and distributed by Boardworks Surf.