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Whitewater rivers represent the most challenging environment for stand up paddling. From the whitewater laboratory on Colorado's Arkansas River, Badfish SUP designs unique and innovative stand up boards for all types of water. Taking what we have learned from creating boards that excel in whitewater, we have produced a full line up of boards for rivers, flatwater, travel, fishing and surf. Badfish boards look different because they are uniquely designed by mountain based watermen who don't follow the pack. Cutting edge SUP designs for the source, the sea, and every place in between.

Mike Harvey and Zack Hughes, co-owners of Badfish SUP, bring a high level of expertise to their innovative board shapes. A long time competitive whitewater kayaker for the past 15 years, Mike has been working with Recreation Engineering and Planning, the leading whitewater park design firm in the nation, to design and build whitewater parks and standing waves all over North America. Mike designed and built Badfish's advanced river surfing laboratory in their hometown of Salida, CO. Shaper Zack Hughes is the creative force behind Badfish boards. Born and raised in San Diego, Zack has been surfing and skateboarding his entire life. Drawn to Colorado in the summers and Honduras in the winters for guiding whitewater rafting trips and teaching whitewater kayaking, Zack quickly became one of the top freestyle kayakers in the golden years of the mid-90s. With this unique blend of surfing skills and whitewater expertise, Zack shapes boards that have quickly become the boards of choice for whitewater SUP.

River surfer Badfish River Surfers make it possible to rip even the smallest river waves, making river surfing accessible to you at your home spot.

6'6 Cobra New for 2015, the idea behind Project Cobra was to create a short, higher volume, river surfing SUP that would shred the smallest, tightest river waves out there. Shorter and wider than the 6'11, the Cobra has a reduced chine similar to the MVP series. With a higher volume tail you can put all of your energy into turns without subbing the tail out and falling off the back of the wave. The Cobra is an evolution of the River Surfer series making those smaller days on your home river more fun.

6'11 RS The original river surfing SUP, the 6'11 remains the board of choice for river surfers on all types of standing waves. From big water shredding to small water learning, the 6'11 combines stability with performance into a package short enough to get into tight river waves, but high enough volume to plane out in smaller river waves.

8'0 RS The 8'0 River Surfer is the board of choice for bigger riders or bigger waves. The 8'0 is based on the 6'11 outline with a little more length and speed to get across boiling eddy currents or float a larger rider.

6’6 Width Deck Thickness Rail Height Fins -

33” 6”” 6” FSC Tri Fin

6’11 ”

30” 5.5” 5.5” FCS Tri Fin


30” 5.5” 5.5” FSC Tri Fin

Rivershred New for 2015 9'6 Rivershred this board is the evolution of the proven MCIT platform designed specifically for river running. At 9'6, 40" wide and built on a 6" thick drop stitch platform, the Rivershred was put through extensive testing by the Badfish pro team in Colorado whitewater in order to create the most technically advanced, inflatable river running SUP, ever. The Rivershred takes successful design characteristics from the MCIT, including the innovative side chamber rails, and improves on them for whitewater paddling. The side chambers stop ¾ of the way down the board allowing water to quickly drain off the deck after punching whitewater creating a dry, stable ride. The side chambers allow the board to have superior secondary stability meaning the board is stable on edge crossing currents and coming in and out of eddies. Whitewater rocker was added to the nose and tail and the 6" drop stitch creates a very stiff ride. Tucking behind midstream boulders or making quick moves in the middle of rapids, the Rivershred was designed to allow you to be on line in whitewater. This season don’t be driftwood…shred the river!

9’6 Width Deck Thickness Rail Height Fins -

40” 6”” 7” 2+1




Paddling whitewater rivers is all about dealing with opposing hydraulic forces, and requires a craft that can remain stable in a chaotic environment. The Mountain Valley Paddleboard (MVP) takes the best of whitewater kayak design and combines it with Badfish's years of experience creating river surfing boards into the ultimate whitewater stand up boards. 7'6 MVP-S this design is its own concept all together, either

a River Surfer type of board for people whose waves aren't quite so accessible, or a river runner for smaller paddlers. The 7'6 takes some of the best features of the MVP and puts in a surfy platform. If you don't have an accessible park or surf spot, but still want to surf your river, consider the 7'6 MVP-S. 9'0 MVP this shape is short enough to fit into small eddies and

pivot quickly, but remain stable in rapids. The stability and unique design of the MVP also instills confidence in new paddlers as they progress from flatwater to easy moving water. 9'0 sliMVP a lower volume version for women and smaller paddlers.

Width Deck Thickness Rail Height Fins -

7’6 ”


34”” 5.5” 7.5” 2+1

35” 6.25”” 8.25” 2+1

9’0” 34.5” 5.5”” 6.5” 2+1




10'6 MVP We have talked to so many paddlers that are looking for the one stand up paddleboard that can do it all. Badfish shaper Zack Hughes met that challenge with the 10'6 MVP. The 10'6 incorporates design elements that make the 9' MVP the choice for serious river SUP, in a more traditional package. The chine on the rail and higher volume nose provide stability in rougher water, while maximizing glide in flatwater and keeping a narrower bottom cross section for surfing.

12'6 MVP-X Explore the many of the possibilities of Stand up Paddling with the MVP-X from Badfish. Designed for flatwater touring, racing, cruising and fitness paddling, shaper Zack Hughes took the characteristics that define the MVP (stability and maneuverability), maximized glide, and put them into a 12'6 platform that achieves stability as well as performance. At 32'″ wide, the MVP-X has superior primary and secondary stability. Water parts from the tail cleanly, creating little drag making this board a great choice for recreational racing and touring. Width Deck Thickness Rail Height Fins -

10’6 ”


32” 4” 5” Single Fin

32” 5.5” 6.5” Single Fin




7'2 IRS Unlike the tax man, the Inflatable River Surfer is all about fun. The IRS was developed to make river surfing more accessible to more people. Great for river sports schools and rental programs, the IRS puts what we have learned developing river surfing SUPs into an inflatable package. At 7'2 long, 33" wide and 6" thick, the IRS is stable for beginners, but with progressive rocker in the tail and nose and a shape based on the proven 6'11 River Surfer, the IRS won’t disappoint seasoned river shredders looking for a travel board. With added stability and the durability of an inflatable SUP, the IRS is versatile, making a great surf travel board and kids river running platform.

7’2 ” Width Deck Thickness Rail Height Fins -

33” 6” 6” TRI FIN removable

M C I T MCIT has proven itself as the most stable and versatile inflatable stand up paddleboard on the market. Characteristics in the existing drop stitch technology used in most inflatables limit the ability to incorporate performance enhancing design elements. the drop stitch material has a consistent thickness, therefore design variations have been limited to outline shape and rocker profile. Badfish teamed with Boardworks on new technology that enabled us to make an Inflatable SUP with design elements that were previously only possible in hard boards. With rails that have a larger diameter in the mid section, tapering to smaller diameter in the nose and tail, the MCIT has greater stability and is more responsive than other inflatables. The MCIT also has a stepped down deck lowering the paddler's center of gravity, and a type of stringer system where the chambers connect resulting in a significantly more rigid inflatable. This all makes the MCIT inflatables an excellent choice for all levels of SUP, including entry level, schools, touring flatwater, and Width advanced river running and surfing.

Deck Thickness Rail Height Fins -







33” 4”” 5”

35”” 4”” 5.75”

35” 4”” 5.75”

Badfisher 11' badfisher There's simply nothing like sneaking up on fish on a Stand Up Paddleboard. Fishermen have quickly realized the benefits of fishing from a SUP: height, stealth and pure fun. Standing up tall on a SUP allows you to spot fish earlier and quietly move into position. The Badfisher takes the proven stability and maneuverability of the MCIT and adds custom features that meet the needs of the growing population of SUP based fishermen, including increased width for stability while casting, fighting and landing fish, Scotty Paddlesports attachment plates and a variety of D rings for attaching crates and coolers. Having an inflatable fishing platform means there is no place you can't take this craft: spring break with the family, fishing trips with your friends or an after work escape on a business trip, the Badfisher travels like no other fishing specific SUP. Use the Badfisher as the ultimate adventure fishing platform to explore local waters in a new way, or keep it on your boat for quick excursions into shallow bays and areas that hold fish, but can't be reached with a larger craft. Hooking up and fighting a fish from a paddleboard is about as much fun as fishing can be.

11’ Width Deck Thickness Rail Height Fins -

39” 4” 6” 2+1

Re-Leash The Re-Leash is an elastic surf leash that connects the paddler to the board and terminates at a quickdraw. The link between leash and quickdraw is a snap shackle release device that is activated with a tug on a small canopy ball. The Re-Leash can be attached to a pfd strap, or anything near either of your hands by the carabineer, allowing for quick detachment of the leash when under load. No more long reaches to your ankle strap when you need to get away from your board quickly. Release and Re-Leash. The Re-Lease was originally designed for river running and river surfing, but is also an excellent lowdrag leash for all types of stand up paddleboarding.

11' - Coiled 6' - Straight

Badfish Stand Up Paddle boards are manufactured and distributed worldwide by Boardworks Surf

Badfish Stand Up Paddle Brochure 2015  

The 2015 collection of Badfish Stand Up Paddle Boards

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