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Sustainable and Responsible

Asset Allocation December 2011

We begin with a commitment to understanding your: • • • •

A full range of investment choices to meet your financial and social objectives

Financial goals, short and long term Personal values, causes and “hot buttons” Attitudes toward volatility Need for current income, capital appreciation, liquidity and tax benefits

We create an investment mix that brings the best of sustainable and responsible solutions. A plan that: • • •

Meets your financial objectives Stays within your risk tolerance Is true to your values

Meet your goals. Understand your investments. Stay true to your values. Feel proud of what you accomplish.

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Diversification of investment types helps to protect and grow your capital. Sustainable equity and fixed income are investments that often serve as the core of any investment portfolio. Unlike other investment approaches, sustainable equities are chosen for their financial strength, environmental policies and performance, social impact and governance standards… Companies you’ll be proud to work for and to own in your portfolio. “Mission” fixed income seeks high-quality bonds that finance critical functions – like water systems, green space, pollution control, schools and hospitals... Bonds that enhance the local quality of life. This is just the beginning, so flip the page to explore how each of the asset classes shown above can play a role in a customized, sustainable and personal investment program.

Sustainable Asset Allocation

Asset Types for Sustainable Investors Large Cap Global Equity Boardwalk Capital’s flagship sustainable equity strategy is the Global ESG Titans portfolio. This individually-managed equity account utilizes the industry-leading research of Sustainalytics to focus on the world’s sustainability leaders. Globally-diversified across at least ten countries, and all major industries, this portfolio is customizable to reflect your personal values. Other Sustainable Equity Through the Envestnet platform, you have access to dozens of third-party managers who specialize in Sustainable and Responsible investing. Mutual funds or exchange traded funds (ETFs) are also utilized to meet specific portfolio needs. Targeted Green Equity You may have interest in enhancing the environmental element of your portfolio. We achieve this though targeted investments in clean or green tech, alternative energy, and other smaller company strategies and funds. “Mission” Municipal Bonds Within the investment grade portion of the municipal bond market, we target bonds for “quality of life” projects. Specifically, we seek bonds that finance education, water, pollution control, hospitals, and green space initiatives. Community Lending To encourage economic growth, the US Government guarantees principal repayment on loans made to certain small businesses, farms and rural entities. These SBA and USDA loans help to support communities while giving investors a reasonable return. Commodities, Energy and Metals Basic commodities can play a role in an investment portfolio. They may provide some hedge against inflation. Precious metals are often seen as a safe haven in times of uncertainty. We incorporate these into each investment plan. “Triple Bottom Line” Private Equity In recent years, a number of partnerships have been formed to target “Triple Bottom Line” opportunities. These investments are so called because of their goal of supporting “People, Planet and Profit”. Such partnerships require a long-term commitment, but the rewards can be multi-faceted. Other illiquid strategies Within this catch-all category, we place sustainable real estate, “responsible” hedge funds, clean energy partnerships and other means of meeting societal needs while providing the opportunity for investor profit.

Bringing it all together, in concert with your values Your investment plan balances your financial goals with your tolerance for volatility… your need for liquidity with your interest in long term projects… your income requirements with your desire for growth… We analyze these disparate issues, designing a strategy to meet your unique needs. We implement your strategy with sustainable investment solutions; we review your progress regularly; and we adjust the plan to incorporate new information and new goals and to seize new opportunities. 1275 East Rock Springs Road, Suite 200 • Atlanta, Georgia 30306 (404) 343-2026 • •

Sustainable Asset Allocation Sheet 12-2011  

We begin with a commitment to understanding your: We create an investment mix that brings the best of sustainable and responsible solutions....