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well-known activities: in the beginning


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HISTORY OF MARGROUP From the idea of creating a developing environment for students who loved marketing, Margroup was established in the period of 19941995. From then on, Margroup has experienced 17 terms and faced with many challenges, but also made many outstanding achievements. Recently, Margroup has become the most successful academic group in The University of Economics HCMC. And specially, CMO Council consented to be a Knowledge Partner of Margroup.

MARGROUP’S MISSIONS From joining Margroup, members can be equipped with not only theories but also practical skills such as teamwork, management, creativity, working under pressure and responsibility. Margroup has been acting as a bridge to connect students with the industry through many activities.



functions & brands



HR Dept .

ER Dept.



SMAG Dept.


CMO forum


FUNCTIONS OF DEPARTMENTS After latest innovation, today, Margroup has 4 departments taking on the different functions.

Event Department The main function of this department is to cooperate with other departments to organize Margroup’s program such as: seminars, conferences, contests,… in order to improve logical thoughts, communication skill and event skill for the collaborators.

HR Department With the function of recruiting, training and managing the members and collaborators of Margroup, HR Department plays an important role in the quality and efficiency of Margroup activities.

ER Department This Department sets and maintains the relationships between Margroup and media, entrepreneurs, business organizations… The main function of ER Department is to build up a good image of Margroup.

Team Multi-Media The main task of this team involves in designing, such as design posters for Margroup’s events, MarPro magazine….

BRANDS Margroup also has 3 brands utilized to public.

MarPro Publishing MarPro magazines which bring knowledge and information of Marketing for students as well as Margroup’s members and collaborators. SMAG SMAG stands for Student Marketing Action Group. The main function of SMAG is to execute the Marketing projects such as: provide human, market research, execute projects for entrepreneurs. Besides, SMAG provides students with knowledge and skills in market research and part-time jobs. Moreover, SMAG also organizes events of business particularly for students.

CMO Forum The forum founded by Margroup with various activities for the community of students and experts in Marketing, provides a wide range of Marketing knowledge and updated information for students to get the accurate thinking of Marketing issues. The forum includes CMO Conference, CMO Workshop, CMO Think & Actions, CMO Career and CMO Award.


WELL-KNOWN ACTIVITIES in the beginning

DYNAMIC contest, In 1996, was first organized by Margroup members, who were the 18th Generation of University of Economics HCMC.


Travel into the world of Advertising (2003) had more than 5000 contestants, which was the highest record of number of students joining an academic contest at University of Economics HCMC.


Visiting enterprises program This program has been started since 2000 to provide opportunities for students to know more about business such as Coca – Cola, Nielsen, Leo Burnett, Samsung,‌




CMO FORUM CMO Forum aims as leading thoughts of Marketing and connecting students who love Marketing with experts, businesses. The first event of CMO Forum, introducing a new trend in Marketing: Emotional Marketing to provide definitions with lively and realistic examples, related matters and applications.


CMO Conference 2009 Speed up Innovation



CMO Career 2010 –Marketing Eyes CMO Conference 2010 – Digital Marketing

2011 CMO Career 2011 – Marketing from your heart CMO Workshop 2011 – Qualitative Research

Thank to this program, students had opportunity to conduct a project of qualitative research. And more importantly, they could present their project’s result at Nielsen Vietnam, which is one of the leading companies in market research industry. CMO Workshop 2011 – How to plan your Social Media? CMO Conference 2011 Truly Service Marketing


MarPro MarPro is published to give students practical knowledge in Marketing through a youthful view. The magazine is written, edited and designed by Margroup’s member with the assistance of professional lecturers, experts in the field of Marketing.


MarPro – the latest edition published by Margroup “Qualitative Research”

SMAG The members and collaborators of SMAG carry out projects in the field of marketing with enterprises and other organizations such as market research, event, media ... and provide part-time jobs for students to learn knowledge and practical skills in Marketing. Marketing Research, Sampling, Distributing flyers, brochures and Providing Assistants, Promotion Girls, Promotion Boys are some main projects between SMAG and enterprises.



exploring the DYNAMIC

This is an annual event of Margoup started in 2001 for the fresh students to help them getting a right view and attitude about studying in university. Besides, event Exploring the Dynamic also supports students to define their orientation of life effectively.

Margroup has just held a chain of event Activate Your Success, including 4 sessions on the occasion of Anniversary 10th year of Exploring the Dynamic.



It is Margroup’s honor to introduce the respected advisors, who play an important role in the stages of development. Their valuable inputs ensure the quality and practicality of Margroup’s programs.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Triet CEO of Strategy Asia Group

He worked for Shell Company from 1996 to 2005 as different positions, as Strategic Planning Manager, Marketing Manager and Region Sales Manager. Then, he has been Chief Executive Officer at Strategy Asia Group, leading strategic consulting corporation in Asia. Besides, he has taught several courses on making strategy and branding.

Mr. Nguyen Dang Duy Nhat

President of CMO Council Worldwide, Vietnam; CEO of Global Elite Consulting Corporation.

Mr. Nhat held management positions in multinational corporations in the world, such as Prudential, Dutch Lady, URC, Tradewind Asia, Heinz,.... Currently, he is serving as President of CMO Council Vietnam and CEO of Global Elite Consulting. Moreover, he is a speaker, consultant in Business Strategy Building. He speaks at domestic and oversea seminars, especially, in the areas of marketing, management and strategy. Besides, he is also a lecturer of many programs as CEO, CMO, CFO, Sales and Marketing Managers.


Mr. Lam Viet Hung

Deputy Director of KOTO Saigon

Mr. Hung was Deputy Director at MOCO Communications for 2 years. From 2004 to 2009, he was Senior Consultant at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide. Currently, he is working as Deputy Director at KOTO Saigon, providing empowerment, a safe environment, professional skills, knowledge and protection for street and disadvantaged youth.

Mr. Huynh Phuoc Nghia

Director, Real-estate at GIBC; Lecturer at University of Economic Hochiminh city Mr. Nghia worked for VietnamMarcom as Chief Operating Officer more than 9 years and contributed many outstanding education projects and international co-operation programs. He not only leaded all project in Marketing Communication, but also created more than 9 world-class courses in Marketing for marketer in Vietnam. He also developed Real-estate Marketing and Sales for Realtor Vietnam. Moreover, he has been actively involved in teaching Executive Education, Open Enrollment programs, Executive MBA, MBA, in universities in Vietnam. Currently, he is in-house trainer for many companies, and working as consultant in marketing, branding and advertising.



Over the past 10 years, Margroup has obtained many awards, such as:

Merit of the Vietnam National Union of Students in the period of 2002-2003, 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008 and 2010-2011

Merit of the HCMC Students Associate. Ho Hao Hon Award. The Award was established in 2001 by the HCMC Youth Union for units and individuals contributed positively to Young Generation HCMC.


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