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The Business Case FoR Social MediA

The New Media Atlanta Conference is a product of REtechSouth, LLC. 9-22-09 REV1

What is Social Media? It’s truly a new world. The way people communicate has forever changed. The nature of both personal & business relationships now has a powerful online component. Leveraging this seachange is, without a doubt, essential to maximizing your reach. The masses are connecting, sharing opinions and living life online – deciding as a group, socially, what’s good vs. what’s not; what’s in and what’s out.

What’s so powerful about it? As you read this (if you read this) we’re sure that you’ll do so with a critical eye toward its source. You’re likely to question it’s validity. You’ll probably evaluate the message and choose to accept or reject it – depending on your own analysis coupled with the often powerful “social” opinions of those around you. We ask our friends what they think. What comes back from them (and from their friends) has a huge impact on what we think. It’s inherently human to consider the opinions of others. Today’s technology takes that simple human need and makes it really amazing.

About #NMAtl New Media Atlanta is a business partnership between Matt Fagioli & Brad Nix. We are both local technology geeks who have a strong passion for giving back & helping others by sharing information, training, events & consulting. We like to help people expand the use of technology in their businesses.

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Welcome to New Media Atlanta - 2009! Firsts are always special in life. First time events are no exception. When nobody knows the history because there is not one. It is more difficult to explain the reasons why someone should invest their time and money to attend, sponsor, or risk the chance that it might be a wasted day. We thank you for investing your time with us to explore together the groundswell of change in communications that is New Media. To say that technology is important to business is like saying that oxygen is useful to humans. Yet most businesses are Matt Fagioli

quite slow to embrace technology as a tool for enhancing business processes & daily activities. New Media Atlanta has a mission to change the pace of innovation by showcasing new ideas, sharing valuable tools, and bringing together the brightest minds and strongest voices in an open collaboration. We firmly believe that if the right people bring their voice to the conversation, then together we can enhance the future of business and consumer communications. It all starts with you. The power of the individual has never been greater. Innovation has been decentralized. The newly amplified voices of the masses have nearly limitless range. You are now armed with incredible tools to connect with others. The power and ubiquity of computing devices and cell phones combined with the now common speed of internet access has created opportunities just waiting for innovators to seize them. The ability to reach thousands and then millions of people within seconds of creating a message is no longer a business dream – it’s our reality. The goal at New Media Atlanta is to push each other forward, challenge the status quo, prepare each other to be leaders for changing the nature of business through social media and other technologies. We encourage you to learn, question, and collaborate together. Find new methods for efficiency, discover how transparency and authenticity can change public perception, and uncover valuable resources that will make everyone better. We are very excited to jump into the content of this conference beside you. So don’t be surprised if you see us questioning speakers or challenging your comments – we’re here to make a difference with you.

Matt & Brad

The New Media Atlanta Conference is a product of REtechSouth, LLC. 9-22-09 REV2

Brad Nix


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Welcome to the Future

Q. A.

What do Sprint, Google, Intel, Motorola and Cisco have in common?

The answer is


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Location Georgia Tech Research Institute 250 14th St NW • Atlanta, GA 30318

404.894.5671 FREE PARKING!

For driving directions, click below: The GTRI Conference Center is next door to Georgia Public Broadcasting. When you arrive at GTRI you will drive through the courtyard (between GTRI and Georgia Public Broadcasting).The parking deck entrance is at the back of the courtyard. Parking is free!

Please Note: The 14th Street bridge is NOW OPEN! (The bridge is over the highway, but hopefully not UNDER water...)

The New Media Atlanta Conference is a product of REtechSouth, LLC. 9-22-09 REV2

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Conference Schedule - Morning 8:30a | Registration & Chris Brogan ‘Trust Agents’ book signing 9:30a | Opening Comments • Matt Fagioli & Brad Nix 10:00a | Introduction: Social Media Is Here To Stay • Jeff Turner Organic reasons why Social Media is not a fad, but the logical result of how complex adaptive systems work. Social Media is not going to go away. It will continue to grow and change and move more deeply into areas like sales, marketing, customer service, product development and human resources (recruiting).

10:30a | Engagement Is The New Marketing Metric • Brent Leary Engaging others translates to creating opportunities. Push programs are out. SM is not driven by just user-generated content. It begins with user-generated agendas. What is engagement? Examples.

11:05a | Social Media From The Audience’s Perspective • Reggie & Nicole Nicolay What is the audience looking for and how do they respond when they get it. Case studies and example of messages that have achieved measurable results.

11:40a | How a Traditional Media Company uses New Media Tactics • Seth Miller Seth Miller is Director of Digital Marketing for Turner Entertainment Networks (TBS, TCM, TNT) and has been with Turner Broadcasting for the past 10 years. @tbsveryfunny @tntweknowdrama

12:00p | Let’s Make Mondays Less Terrible • Jonathan Baker Mondays = Bad Beer + Social Media = Good

The New Media Atlanta Conference is a product of REtechSouth, LLC. 9-22-09 REV2

Conference Schedule - Afternoon 12:10p | Lunch Break Chick-fil-a will sell concessions for lunch or you can go to nearby restaurants. Attendees who purchased Rockstar Passes will have a catered private lunch with speakers. Rockstar pass holders can wait to get their Trust Agent book signed during the private lunch.

1:20p | Reputation Management – Case Study • Carol Flammer How do you build a reputation online? Once you have one what do you do with it? A case study and examples of businesses who do it right (or wrong).

1:40p | Social Media As a Cornerstone of Brand Building • Toby Bloomberg Creating contexts for user generated content; building brand awareness and endorsement through customers experiential “stories”; creating and using customer polls; and much more.

2:10p | Are You Ready for Social Media? Preparing Your Teams to Listen, Engage, Measure & Adapt • Bert DuMars, Peter Fasano, Seth Miller & Jeff Turner (Moderator) Managing an effective social networking campaign is both an art and a science. This panel will give you insight into the tools and techniques used by several large companies in their efforts to engage their customers using Social Media.

2:40p | Cultural Changes Required To Embrace Social Media • Chris Brogan The death of “push” messages and the birth of consumer participation requires a new set of behaviors around the creation and spread of content. Getting comfortable with the loss of control; how to guide the uncontrollable. The need for the breakdown of traditional silos within the organization. Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Product Development must become a unified whole.

3:35p | EventSourced • Desiree Scales, Brad Nix & Matt Fagioli We’ve all heard of Crowdsourcing, let’s give real-time EventSourcing a try!

4:00p | Speaker Panel: Answering Your Questions 5:00p | After Party – Ten Pin Alley

Live Stream! Live video streaming of this event compliments of Dakno Marketing. We love our sponsors... we hope you will too!

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the sky was the limit.

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We help you connect — with assisted and self-service solutions that deliver the convenience and customization today’s consumers demand. Never before has the world of customer interactions changed so rapidly. NCR is helping organizations around the world harness the power of that change and transform the way they do business. We can help you, too. Learn more at

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Lunch Concessions Available From Chick-fil-A® Lunch options include: Chick-fil-A Sandwich ($3.50) Chargrilled Chicken Salad ($6.50) Fudge Nut Brownie ($1.50) Sun Chips ($1.50) 20oz. Drinks (Coke, DC, Sprite or bottled water) ($1.50) We love our sponsors... we hope you will too!

Combo – Chick-fil-A Sandwich, side item and drink ($6.00)

Conference Speakers

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is President of New Marketing Labs, a new media marketing agency, and home of the Inbound Marketing Summit conferences and Inbound Marketing Bootcamp educational events. He works with large and mid-sized companies to improve online business communications like marketing and PR through the use of social software, community platforms, and other emerging web and mobile technologies. Chris is co-author of the book Trust Agents, with Julien Smith. Chris Brogan is a ten year veteran of using social media and both web and mobile technologies to build digital relationships for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Chris speaks, blogs, writes articles, and makes media of all kinds at, a blog in the top 10 of the Advertising Age Power150, and in the top 100 on Technorati. He is co-author of the book Trust Agents. Chris is also the cofounder of the PodCamp new media conference series, exploring the use of new media community tools to extend and build value. He recently became president of New Marketing Labs, a social media agency. He runs the Inbound Marketing Summit events with CrossTech Media. Chris frequently speaks at and attends marketing and social media events, sharing his passion for all things social media. Chris won the Mass High Tech All Stars award for thought leaders for 2008. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, The Montreal Gazette, Newsweek, and some other places.

Jeff Turner Jeff has over twenty years experience as both a successful entrepreneur and a senior executive in a large corporation. As company founder and CEO he led J.J. Grace, Inc. (dba AdOut,, TSA Design Group) to the Inc. Magazine list of the 500 fastest growing companies in America and the following year won Cisco’s Growing With Technology Award recognizing innovative companies networked for growth. As a senior executive and Group President of Vertis, Mr. Turner brought the needed vision and leadership to a highly diversified corporate Group and integrated the operations, the focus and the spirit of that Group back into the organizational mainstream. Throughout his career, Jeff has excelled at bringing extraordinary vision, creativity and innovative solutions to challenging situations. In his experience, he has recognized and applied the science and creativity of communication to his organization. It has been instrumental in achieving uncommon successes. His insights and knowledge, both practical and academic are integral to how Real Estate Shows designs and delivers breakthrough sales communication.

The New Media Atlanta Conference is a product of REtechSouth, LLC. 9-22-09 REV2

Toby Bloomberg Toby Bloomberg is a widely recognized for her expertise in combining social media with traditional marketing values (strategy, customer insights, segmentation, etc.) while maintaining the authenticity of digital conversations. She speaks regularly on the topic to organizations and at industry events. Combining 20-years of traditional strategic marketing and with the lessons learned from her adventures in over 5 years with social media, Toby’s company, Bloomberg Marketing/Diva Marketing, works with (the people in) organizations to join-in on the new conversation, from blogs, to social networking to widgets to blogger relations and beyond...without getting blown-up. One of her passions is helping marketers “get” the benefits of social media. So it’s not a surprise that you can find Toby speaking and consulting on the topic at conferences and for organizations such as 3M, M/A/R/C, GourmetStation, American Marketing Association, PRSA, New Communications Forum, Blog World, Theraplex, Cox Communications, Purina, Mayfield Dairy, Pennsylvania Downtown Center, Chick-Fil-A and BlogHer. Toby’s blog Diva Marketing is one of the highest ranked marketing blogs in the world according to the Ad Age Power 150. Launched in 2004, Diva Marketing was one of the first “blog brands” and Toby is frequently referred to as the “social media marketing diva.” Toby serves on the boards of the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association, International Blogger and New Media Association; the social media communities Savvy Auntie and Divine Caroline; as well as, the non profit organization Children’s Advocacy Centers of Georgia.

Nicole Nicolay Nicole Nicolay “@nik_nik” is Co-Founder of Effektive Solutions, a marketing and technology solutions company for real estate professionals and title insurance companies. She has created products and services which have assisted over 30 title company county operations and growing! As an industry consultant and innovator, Nicole has equipped real estate professionals and brokerages with progressive marketing techniques and best practices for generating business. In fact, Nicole has trained thousands of agents nationwide via the Cyberhomes Webinar Series and speaks regularly at industry leading events including: Inman Connect, REtechSouth, REBarCamps, C.A.R.- Tech Tuesday, BizTechDay, REBlogWorld, and the BlogWorld/New Media Expo. Nicole’s passion for writing how-to articles is evident in her blogging. Nicole is co-author and editor at, the premier blog for real estate technology. There, she shares her expertise by providing readers with a comprehensive technology base for the real estate industry. Moreover, Nicole authored “Twitter for Real Estate Twits”, the only Twitter how-to guide created specifically for teaching real estate professionals how to use Twitter. Nicole is also the originator the “Tweet Plan” which outlines how to maximize your Twitter efforts by becoming your network’s trusted advisor. Nicole was named one of the 25 Most Influential Bloggers in Real Estate for 2008 by Inman News and one of the Top 12 Women Real Estate Bloggers by Sellsius. Her articles are syndicated by top real estate news sources such as Inman News,, Chicago Agent Magazine and Miami Agent Magazine. Currently, MyTechOpinion is an Inman Innovator Finalist for Most Innovative Blog 2009.

Conference Speakers

Reggie Nicolay

Reggie Nicolay is the Director of Social Media for, and is responsible for providing expertise and direction related to social media strategies, promotion & brand monitoring. Also top of his list is discovering, educating and motivating internal advocates. Prior to that, he helped to build the technology that drives Effektive Solutions, a marketing and technology company for real estate professionals and title insurance companies. Reggie is also the co-author and mastermind behind, a fresh and insightful real estate technology blog. Through MTO, he shares cutting-edge products, strategies and interviews for today’s savvy real estate agent looking to distance themselves from competitors.

Desiree Scales Desiree Scales is CEO of Bella Web Design, Inc. a boutique web design firm which provides all the services needed for a successful website in one place. One of the oldest and most successful web design firms in Atlanta, Bella Web Design’s outstanding reputation comes from their raving customer reviews and their #1 ranking as a service provider on After three years as an Analyst for Delta Air Lines in Airport Customer Service Communications, Desiree knew her web design and marketing experience was something valuable she could offer to other businesses. She decided to launch her own company in October of 1998, and is proud to say that her company has been profitable every year since the day she designed their first website! Originally from Chicago, Desiree graduated from Northern Illinois University with a B.A. inPublic Relations Journalism. She attributes this background in PR and writing to helping her business’ success. Bella Web Design has helped over 300 companies realize their success in Atlanta and more than 35 states nationwide for more than 11 years. Her company provides web design, web hosting, search engine submission and optimization, print design, email marketing, social media coaching, blogging and general web marketing consultation. Desiree’s expertise and experience has evolved into a passion to educate both businesses and organizations on internet technology that ignites their success. She has been a featured speaker at companies, conferences and seminars across Atlanta and regularly provides classes on blogging, web design, branding, Internet marketing, Web 2.0 strategies and social media. She additionally offers personal Social Media Coaching to business owners who want to apply the online buzz to their customer relationships and bottom line. Desiree’s popular TheBellaBuzz podcast covers all aspects of online marketing and is recorded every week.

The New Media Atlanta Conference is a product of REtechSouth, LLC. 9-22-09 REV2

Carol Flammer Carol Flammer is a public relations and social media marketing expert, strategist and consultant. With 20 years of experience, Carol has established herself as the “go to” for real estate and construction products public relations and social media. Carol is president of Flammer Relations, Inc., and managing partner of mRELEVANCE, LLC, an Internet Marketing, Social Media and Public Relations firm with offices in Atlanta and Chicago. Carol is the creator of the nationally-ranked and award-winning, Atlanta’s most popular real estate blog. Her launch of the site in 2006 was truly visionary and led the movement to new media – the precursor to social media. In other words, she was blogging long before blogging was cool. Carol has spoken at a number of tradeshows including the International Builders Show and the Southern Building Show. She speaks frequently to Sales and Marketing Councils and PR groups and teaches social media seminars at home builders associations around the country. Carol likes to challenge audiences with the question, “When you Google your name, do you like what you see?” Carol holds a BA in Business and Behavioral Science from Oglethorpe University. A member of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association, Carol was honored in 2008 as the HBA Associate of the Year. She is a member of the Georgia Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America and is a recipient of PRSA’s prestigious George Goodwin Award. Other recognitions include the Oglethorpe University 2008 Spirit of Oglethorpe Award, as well as OBIE, Phoenix, APEX, Hermes and Communicator Awards for blogs and client projects. She holds the MIRM (Member of the Institute of Residential Marketing), CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist) and CSP (Certified Sales Professional) designations from NAHB.

Brent Leary Brent Leary is a CRM industry analyst, advisor, author, speaker and award winning blogger. He is Co-Founder and Partner of CRM Essentials LLC, an Atlanta based CRM advisory firm covering tools and strategies for improving business relationships. His client list includes Research In Motion, Sage, Microsoft, Intuit, Cisco and the state of Georgia’s Depart of Economic Development. Recognized by InsideCRM as one of 2007’s 25 most influential industry leaders, Leary also is a past recipient of CRM Magazine’s Most Influential Leader Award. He serves on the national board of the CRM Association, and as a subject matter expert for the Small Business Technology Task Force. He’s been quoted in several national business publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and Entrepreneur magazine. In 2009 Leary co-authored Barack 2.0: Social Media Lessons for Small Business. He has written regular online columns for Inc. and Black Enterprise magazines, as well as for popular business sites including American Express OPEN Forum. Leary also hosts and produces the popular “Technology For Business $ake” Internet radio program. His popular blog can be found at You can find him on Twitter at

Conference Speakers

Bert DuMars

Bert DuMars is Vice President E-Business and Interactive Marketing for Newell Rubbermaid (NYSE: NWL) a global marketer of consumer and commercial products that touch the lives of people where they work, live and play. Mr. DuMars joined Newell Rubbermaid in 2007 and is responsible for directing and coordinating eMarketing, eCommerce and Social Media Marketing initiatives for Newell Rubbermaid’s externally-facing online efforts. Overseeing the eBusiness shared services that include a global, enterprise web platform, and standard processes, technologies and metrics across the company’s brand sites. He also coordinates and integrates eBusiness efforts between business units, Corporate IT and strategic outsource partners.

Seth Miller Seth Miller is director of digital marketing for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies (TCM). In this role, Miller is responsible for social media strategy and tactical implementation. His duties include maintaining Twitter presences for the networks and serving as administrator of several Facebook and MySpace pages. He also handles mobile, email and video distribution. Miller joined Turner Broadcasting in 1999. He previously served as an interactive producer/project manager for He also worked in corporate communications. Miller earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University in Georgia. He was the first Web editor for the college’s independent newspaper, The Red & Black. @tbsveryfunny @tntweknowdrama

Jonathan Baker Jonathan is the Marketing Guy and Master of Mind Control for Atlanta’s brewery-in-planning Monday Night Brewing. He graduated from Emory’s Goizueta Business School with BBA and a minor in Religion. Jonathan currently works as a marketing consultant for a number of Fortune 500 brands. He resides in Smyrna, GA, but he would like every one to know that he is inside of the Perimeter.

Peter Fasano Peter Fasano is the principal of mass+logic, a consultancy focused on digital marketing and social computing. Peter is a social media thought leader contributing to, national conferences and supporting social media marketing strategy with global brands.

The New Media Atlanta Conference is a product of REtechSouth, LLC. 9-22-09 REV2

Does your brand need some



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Conference Sponsors

The New Media Atlanta Conference is a product of REtechSouth, LLC. 9-22-09 REV2

We love our sponsors... we hope you will too!

Working With Us We thank you again for joining us for the very first New Media Atlanta Conference. It’s our hope that your time with us today leaves you with the clear sense that we’re all about creating relationships based on helping others and collaboration. These core values transition naturally into the kind of consulting & event development that your organization is likely seeking. The New Media Atlanta Conference is a product of REtechSouth, LLC. We’re here to help you with your next corporate event or your ‘still-in-development’ New Media strategy.

Matt Fagioli

Custom Conference – Done Right Just like social media, our idea of “conference” is quickly changing. If you want to really make an impact, then old school doesn’t get it anymore. REtechSouth builds custom events for small businesses, local governments, organizations, corporate brands, as well as specific vertical markets. We look forward to helping you shape a conference or event that exceeds your goals.

Business & Social Media Consulting It’s nice to be connected, but even better to form relationships. We want to help make the perfect match for your next consulting partnership. REtechSouth has developed a deep understanding of what’s really needed - and what’s really effective – with business consulting. We have strategically positioned ourselves to be connected with the best of the best – the leaders in the space. While REtechSouth has been known to do some business consulting in specific vertical markets, it is generally our practice to meet with potential clients to assess needs and then reach out to our many high calibre associates and business partners in order to help you exceed your goals. Let us know how we can help. For more information: Matt Fagioli: 678.694.7001 Brad Nix: 678.683.9290

The New Media Atlanta Conference is a product of REtechSouth, LLC. 9-22-09 REV2

Brad Nix

And then There’s the

After PartY! The After Party Bash is just a few blocks from here at Ten Pin Alley in Atlantic Station. We’ve got the whole place to ourselves until 7pm, but we can stay as long as we want! Print out out the next page for directions and more details....

Get your pin on!

The New Media Atlanta Conference is a product of REtechSouth, LLC. 9-22-09 REV2

Ten Pin ALley - Atlantic Station 261 19th St., NW Atlanta, GA 30363 (404) 872-3364 The New Media Atlanta After Party is immediately following the conference at Ten Pin Alley @ Atlantic Station (next to Dolce). It’s just a few blocks away from GTR i – but probably further than you’d want to walk.

Here are the driving directions: •E  xit LEFT from the GTRI building courtyard (away from 75/85). • Then turn RIGHT onto State Street (just a few short blocks ahead). • Follow State St. until it dead ends (again just a block or two) • Turn right and then immediately LEFT (through the townhomes). • That brings you out directly in front of Atlantic Station’s main entrance. • Go through the light at 17th street and proceed all the way to the end. • Take the very last parking entrance at the rear of Atlantic Station.

Navigating the parking deck: Ten Pin Alley is in the LEFT rear corner of Atlantic Station (as viewed from above). We suggest parking in the right rear corner of the parking deck so you will be very close by!

See You at the Party!



Special Thanks to... As with all of our events, New Media Atlanta wouldn’t happen without a great group of partners, supporters and volunteers. There are hundreds who deserve their names here (most are in attendance – just thank your neighbor), but we wanted to say a few special thanks to following contributors:

We love our sponsors... we hope you will too!

Desiree Scales, Taryn Pisaneschi, Patty Keller, Rebekah Lovell, Dina Gundersen, and Carol Flammer

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New Media Atlanta Conference Event Program

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