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Ruben Grigorian Date of birth 09:05:1986 e-mail web

Education: 1997-2002 Children’s school of arts “START“ 2004-2008 Moscow Architecture Institute (Bachelor) 2008-2010 Moscow Architecture Institute (Master)

Professional skills Software:

AutoCAD (Architecture), Revit, 3Ds MAX, vRay, Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Alias Studio Tools, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Quark Xpress, Sketchbook Pro.

Languages: Russian (native) English

Narrow angle house What to do when you have a triangle-shaped site with narrow angle? Solution is not simple, but it can be found. The design of that house is trying to answer to such situation.

1 # r

le p m


sample floor #2

o o fl

Building Section

Additional 3d images

Multifunctional Residential House Multifunctional residential house is where living, working at office, selling and other functions of a building are combined together. For that project i tried separate as much as possible people from different part of the structure. Higher part — apartments and flats — pulled away from huge transportation of Moscow city — 3rd Transport Ring, which produce huge amount of pollution and noise.

Ground floor plan

Theatre Main idea was to develop new look of old Smolenskaya square, which is located in the center of Moscow near famous Arbat pedestrian street. Site is surrounded with buildings from different ages of Moscow architecture: from old communist style to awful skyscrapers of new Russian style and new-build classic. Theatre design should work as new center of that square and aye-attractor for passers by.

Urban analysis

Building Section Ground floor plan

Residential House Top project of the year award

Other projects 2005-2008

Chapel 2nd year project

Mini Museum 4th year project

School 4th year project

Parking/Garage 3rd year project


Benetton international competition Teheran 2009

TU Delft international competition 2009

Beirut – House of Arts and Culture architectural competition 2009 As part of PROJECT MEGANOM Team. Third prize

Day-night transformation as reaction to solar situation.

Architectural festival “Towns� Twice in a year architectural bureau Asadov Architects organize festivals for architects and students where everyone (people manage to make teams) is able to design and build his own project as part of big concept, like green housing etc.

As part of «Hot&Sexy»Team. Dream Bad installation 2008. Krim, Ukraine

As part of «Hot&Sexy»Team. Hot’N’Cool 2009. Kargopol, Russia

Interior View of Igloo

Me :)

Some sketches...

3d visualization

Office Building




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