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Now that The Berlage has moved from Rotterdam to BKCity, we have the opportunity to enjoy the lectures they organize between the walls of our own city. We are able to attend lectures by prominent international speakers in the series ‘The Berlage Keynotes’. The first speaker in this series was the well-known Chinese-American architect Yung Ho Chang, who gave his lecture called ‘Material-ism’ on the 13th of December.

Yung Ho Chang on Material-ism

by manon schotman Material-ism Yung Ho Chang is a renowned architect and educator who has established one of China’s first private architecture firms, called Atelier FCJZ. In his lecture, he spoke about the friction between the Marxist materialist ideology that was omnipresent in the China he grew up in, and the contemporary ‘materialism’ in the sense of consumerism experienced in today’s China. Ism and material The first part of the lecture was dedicated to materialism in the Marxist sense of the word. Yung Ho Chang showed several examples of communist architecture, both in Russia and in

China. In the second part of the lecture he dwelled more on the topic of materials, showing projects created by his own firm, like a museum on a bridge made of concrete and a house made with the experimental material fiberglass. The architect furthermore showed his interest in cross-disciplinarity by showing two projects that have to do with materials, but lay outside the field of architecture: clothing design and a play for which Chang wrote the script as well as designed the stage setting. Berlage Keynotes This year about six to eight keynote lectures will take place on Thursday evenings in BKCity’s orange hall. The idea

behind these lectures is that renowned, high profile speakers from the international design world are invited to speak about a topic of their own interest. Berlage sessions & berlage conferences In addition to The Berlage Keynotes, The Berlage Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Design will organize two other types of public events. The first is called “The Berlage Sessions”. These sessions consist of thematic lectures that take place on Friday afternoons. The second, called “The Berlage Conferences”, is a series of specialized academic conferences that will be organized in collaboration with departments or chairs of

the faculty of Architecture. All students and staff, as well as the general public, are invited to join the these three public programs of The Berlage, which will certainly generate another kind of dialogue and discussion between the walls of BKCity.

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