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September 27 , 2013

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Administration overhaul: positions change at Bishop Noll

New “dynamic duo” steps in as Noll gets a new principal and former Assistant Director of Development becomes Dean of Students



Bishop Noll welcomes Craig Stafford as he joins the Bishop Noll family with 16 years of education in his resume and becomes the new principal. With a Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degree under his belt, Mr. Stafford has said he chose Noll because of its status as a “premiere educational school.” The 2013-2014 school year has started off with several new changes, the most prominent of which feature a huge change in administration. Mr. Stafford is accompanied by our former Assistant Director of Development, and now Dean of Students, Mr. Chico. Mr. Stafford is a graduate of Andrean high school and has Position at BNI since been educated at Ball State, Indiana University Northwest, Principal and now Lewis University. He has worked for 16 years in the What was your previous experience? field of education as a teacher, assistant principal, and princi16 years--I taught U.S. History and Governpal. Obviously, those years have been beneficial because they ment at Andrean High School, and I taught have taught him a thing or two about being an educator. In his U.S. History, Government, and Geography at words, “education is about more than academics - it is the act of Merrillville High School. I was also an assistant forming actual people. Education gives a person identification principal at Krueger Middle School in Michigan within a community.” City, IN., an assistant principal and principal This opportunity to help young people become educated is at Chesterton Middle School, and an assistant what inspired him to step up. “I chose to join the administraprincipal at Chesterton High School. tion to impact students on a larger scale and give the optimal educational experience,” Stafford explains. This enthusiasm is Why did you pick Noll? what will bring Bishop Noll to the next level and keep us on Bishop Noll Institute is a premier educational track as an outstanding place of education in Indiana. institution in this area. The school has a storied Our educational excellence is actually a huge factor in what past and a keen eye on the future. I couldn’t be drew Mr. Stafford to Bishop Noll. “Noll is special because it ofmore excited to be principal of such a wonderfers a college prep experience grounded in religion and family,” ful school. he states. Stafford hopes to keep this trend alive and has many What college did you go to? High school? ideas on how to do so. When asked how he intended to keep I attended Andrean High School. I have a B.S. bettering Noll, he replied saying that he wants “to keep a clear from Ball State University, an M.S. from Indiana eye on the future with the understanding that the needs of stuUniversity Northwest, and I am almost done dents as well as the needs of schools change on a regular basis.” with my doctorate from Lewis University.

Favorite tv shows?

Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives, Mexico One Plate at a Time (Chef Rick Bayless), any cooking show, Gator Boys, Call of the Wildman, and anything involving animals or animal behavior. Big fan of Shark Week!


I grew up in Hobart, IN.

Weird hobbies?

I don’t know if this is weird, but I have a keen interest in architecture. I like to see buildings, bridges, etc. and try to find out who built, it’s age, etc. It is probably more boring than weird.

Favorite movie? Gladiator

What do you want to get out of this year?

I want to work with all of our students, parents, teachers, and staff to continue to improve who we are as a top notch Catholic high school.

Pet peeves?

I don’t enjoy the company of people who are not genuine. A person should be of high character to your face and behind your back. I also don’t like when people park in handicapped spots when they are not supposed to do so.

Mr. Matt Chico, a Bishop Noll alum from class of 2002, has moved to a higher position from Advancement Assistant to Dean of Students. With higher responsibilities, Mr. Chico has big shoes to fill this year. As dean, he plans to make certain the high integrity and the rich tradition at Bishop Noll is upheld on a daily basis. “It's not about making changes--it’s making certain that we are on the same page as a school community by following the rules which are in place for student success and making improvements for the Noll community,” he says. Chico says he’s extremely confident in the new staff and principal. “Mr. Stafford will lead the school in making improvements to make BNI the school of choice,” he says. “I have complete confidence in Mr. Stafford; he is great fit for Noll.” Chico has his bachelors from Indiana State University and his Masters from Roosevelt University. With a great education background, Mr. Chico hopes to lead the school with great success. “I have a passion for this school and I want our school to continue to succeed and in this position I can work with our stakeholders in ensuring the continued successes of BNI. I want to be part of the team that moves Noll from good to great.”

Noll implements Kairos method for junior retreats JULIE WHITEHAIR STAFF REPORTER

In a departure from retreats of years past, the highly-regarded Kairos retreat method has been implemented at Noll. It will take place on three separate occasions, each lasting three days; November 19-22, January 21-24, and March 11-14. This year’s juniors will be the first class of Bishop Noll to embark on this different style of spiritual journey. “‘Kairos’ means God’s time,” said new campus minister Mr. Dan Masterton. The Kairos retreat method first started in 1965 and earned its name in 1979. It was designed to allow attendees to fully experience closeness with God. It lasts for four days and three nights in which the attendees do not have any outside contact and are left to focus on their relationship with God. Many feel the experience is a life-changing event. “It is an extended opportunity to find God,” continued Mr. Masterton. Noll is not the only school in the area to embark on

the changed style of retreat. Since Bishop Melczek asked Father Kevin to start the retreat in the diocese of Gary, three Catholic schools in the area have sent leaders to be trained. Over the 2013 summer, students from Bishop Noll, Andrean, and Marquette Catholic joined to attend one retreat under the guidance of student leaders from Chicago schools St. Viator and St. Ignatius. “I look forward to the change I hope to see in them after, and the bond I hope to form with them,” said senior Carissa Jones on leading the juniors on future retreats. She was one of the attendees of the joint Kairos retreat in June. Many are curious as to why the juniors are the only current class to be given the privilege of Kairos. “They are older and ready for it and they can come back and share what they learned from the experience,” explained Mr. Masterton. The Kairos will be paid for via a special retreat fee that will be included in students’ tuitions.

2 News

September 27, 2013

NCYC gives students a unique opportunity to advance their faith KATY BREMNER STAFF REPORTER

Bishop Noll student and others from all over the United States are going on a field trip on November 21-23 to Indianapolis. Students are invited to attend National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC), a conference which encourages students to live their faith by showing others how fun it can be to be Catholicw. At NCYC, students can go to concerts, talks, prayer, mass, presentations, and a multitude of other events. Students were invited last spring to attend NCYC, and final registrations are in early September. Announcements have been made to the whole student body, and any grade level can attend. The conference is designed for high school students, and about 20,000-30,000 high schoolers come from all over the United States. "The National Catholic Youth Conference is an exciting, biennial threeday experience of prayer, community, and empowerment for Catholic teenagers and their adult chaperones,” claims the NCYC website. For those students that have never been before the experience is far more than what you would expect from a Catholic function. You not only learn about God, but you learn to get close to your peers. Religion can be boring sometimes, but going to this conference will cause students to look at their religion differently, because they take out the hard work and make it fun. “Teens and their group leaders enjoy speakers, workshops, live music, rousing large sessions, a huge closing liturgy, exploring faith in a supportive environment,” says the website.

Student council has new approach JALAYA BRYANT STAFF REPORTER

BNI will conduct student council as a student-led club this year. For the school year of 2013-2014, Mr. Kevin Burgun will be the advisor for the student council, but wants student activities to be based off of the students and their ideas. “My expectations for the students involved in student council are that they take ownership of the events,” Burgun said. “They show their ownership by giving 100%, because we, the faculty advisors, are here to support the students, their drive and their vision. It is their council.” Because student council is being led by the students, this school year may have some enjoyable and unexpected activities, according to Burgun. “In mid-October, we are asking students to do things differently because we are behind the ball on

homecoming,” he said. For the time being, 100% of their effort and focus will be going toward homecoming. “After homecoming, things will be more orderly, and student council will be ran how student council is supposed to be run.” In previous years, many students joined the club but few turned volunteered extra time to help with activities, especially on weekends. However, with a student-led council this year, students must volunteer their time to see their activities flourish. “Student council is about the students stepping forward and saying, ‘we want these things to be apart of our high school experience, and we want these things for other students, as well as charities.’ It’s about teaching them how to be leaders, doers, and innovators. It’s about being active not passive.”

Despite 40-ft fall, Anglin perseveres as top athlete for fall season KATIE ZLAJIC STAFF REPORTER

Nick Anglin is not your typical high school senior with a strong intellectual talent and passion for sports. Over the summer, while attending a Boy Scout summer camp, Nick experienced a very tragic accident. While zip lining at camp he plummeted down 40 feet to the ground. Anglin was rushed to an Indianapolis hospital where he received open heart surgery to correct his fractured aorta. Although, extremely thankful that he was in well health, Anglin was still disappointed that he would not be able to participate in activities as regularly as he had done in the past. This did not stop Anglin from still wanting to be a part of the 2013 Bishop Noll cross country team. “There’s a practical and sentimental reason for why I chose to run cross country this year. The practical reason is that I have been running for the past

three years(lettering each year), so I wanted to finish strong. The sentimental reason is I have not only made a lot of great friends through cross country, but also simply because I just flat out love to run,” said Anglin regarding his return to cross country. Anglin ran his first meet on Saturday, September 14th at the Lowell invite. This was his first returning meet back to cross country after his fall. He expected to run a time around 27:00 minutes, but to his surprise he ran the meet in 21:57. “He is one of the great leaders on the team. We are all glad he is just able to run period. Nick is working hard but it is just going to take some time to get back to where he was before he got hurt, he is working toward getting there soon though,” said head coach Karl Repay. Source: Lifetouch


With a new year comes change. Mr. Fred Reynolds, Director of Technology, has has upgraded our gradebook system from Edline to PlusPortals. According to Reynolds, Edline and GradeQuick, haven’t made any advanced developments in many years. “This program will make it easier for parents to check grades,” Reynolds said. Reynolds said that many parents had trouble checking grades because the many reports that teachers had to send in caused confusion. Throughout PlusPortals’ implementation, there have been some minor bugs in the process. “It’s brand new so it’s been a little more rough adding than I would have liked,” says Reynolds. Reynolds is hoping this program will make grade communication less of a hassle for teachers, parents, and students. “With this program, everything is in one place and that keeps everything simple for us here,” says Reynolds. Mr. Reynolds has sent everyone their username and password through the Bishop Noll email system.

BNI drama club performs John Hughes’ The Breakfast Club MADDY SMITH EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

This fall, the BNI Drama Club will be performing the 1980s movie classic “The Breakfast Club” on November 1, 2, 8, 9, 15 and 16 at 7 pm. The cast list is up and rehearsals and set construction are underway. The show is about five completely different teenagers who find themselves in detention together, being forced to deal with each other. Complete with a brain named Brian (played by senior Emmanuel Roldan and sophomore Anthony Paytes), a basketcase named Allison (played by sophomore Amanda Biro and sophomore Bianca Sala-

Source: Maddy Smith

zar), a preppy girl named Claire (played by junior Celia Seiser and senior Sienna Gonzalez), a jock (played by senior Victor Perez and junior Israel Rivera) and a rebel (played by sophomore Jacob Herr and senior Eddie Medina), the students find out why they are all in detention being watched

by Vice Principal Vernon (played by senior Darryl Ray and junior Caitlan Pawlowski), and how they actually are not as different as they previously thought. The original movie, directed by John Hughes (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Sixteen Candles) is recognized

as a classic “teen movie.” It touches on real life issues such as drug use, bullying, abuse and the stresses of school and the social ladder. The show, directed by Mrs. Elizabeth Conley, will have a few tweaks and changes to make it more appropriate and modernized. “It’s really a Greek tragedy with the problems of a modern high schooler,” states Conley. She plans on making a few changes to have the play take place in 2013, not 1985. Performances will be held in Mrs. Conley’s room (D114) during the first three weekends of November at 7pm.

September 27, 2013

Syria: Should we get involved? During the weeks that followed the August 21st Syrian chemical war attacks in and around Damascus, I have never heard so many people question our responsibility as a country to step in on a cause that is this severe . Moreover, the place that, surprisingly, I heard people question why we should help the Syrian citizens most was here at Bishop Noll. Bishop Noll, a Catholic school. Catholic literally means universal. Everyone knows Christ’s New Commandment, “...that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another". So is there even really a question as to whether or not we have a responsibility to Syria? What exactly that responsibility is, is not definite. What is definite, though, is that the Assad regime had planned and carried out 14 separate chemical weapons attacks, that 1,429 people were killed and countless others suffering through horrific symptoms, and that the Assad regime broke an international law that day. Now some may say that it is the United Nation’s job to handle this conflict, which is true. The UN usually does have the responsibility of enforcing international law, but the point of uniting as country against the Assad regime’s actions is to show that we are not okay with what is happening. President Obama


said it perfectly: “ When dictators commit atrocities, they depend upon the world to look the other way until those horrifying pictures fade from memory.” Way too many atrocities happen all over the world. Genocide is all too common. And no, one country cannot be there for every single civil war. It’s wishful thinking to imagine America solving everyone else’s problems, especially when we as a country suffer from a 46 and a half million poverty rate. But because our nation is in bad shape in some ways is not an excuse to turn a blind eye to a dictator who gassed almost 15 hundred of his own citizens. Chemical weaponry was used in World War II, and imagine how different history would be if someone had stepped in when Hitler was given dictatorial powers in Germany. What would America be, if not for our heroic spirit? For our reputation of pick-


Even though the intention was to encourage appropriate dress code, when it was announced that we would no longer have actual Jeans Days because of fellow students who did not comply to the Bishop Noll Jeans Day regulations, the rule will end up hurting classes or clubs in the long run. I guess some students just forgot that this was a probationary Jeans Day, and that if they didn’t follow the rules, we would get the privilege taken away. I agree that this was idiotic on the students’ part, but I question how the administration thought that it was possible for an entire school to go without several out-of-uniform incidents on a Jeans Day. There are numerous things about the new Jeans Day regulations -which I am just going to refer to from now on as Fancy Warrior Wear Days- that do not make sense and prove that it will be a complete failure. First of all, the biggest issue I have with this new rule is two words: Collective Punishment. For those of you who are not familiar with this term, it means the punishment of all for the actions of one or a few. If you type that into a search engine, you’ll likely get many essays and articles about the ineffectiveness of collective punishment. One does not need to read an essay, though, to see the flaws in this system. Firstly, it is simply not fair. There are some of us who have never once gotten in trouble for any uniform related mishap- or have never gotten in trouble in general. So why make us responsible for the actions of others? It is not our fault our peers don’t know how to follow little rules. It is also not our responsibility to make sure that they do follow those rules. Saying that we are responsible for each other’s actions is suggesting that we should threaten, or maybe force others to comply. This simply does not work, and does not teach us any lessons or morals. If anything, it makes us much more annoyed with each other and the school in general. My suggested alternative to the collective punishment theory that the administration is using is pretty basic: make the punishments for those who do not conform to the Jeans Day rules more strict. Prohibit them from dressing down ever again, or at least for a few months. Fine them $20 dollars and a two-hour detention. Give them

Opinion 3

the highest punishment below suspension. Anything but making the rest of us responsible for a few students who purposely or forgetfully made the wrong decisions to dress out of code on the last Jeans Day. Another obvious flaw in the Fancy Warrior Wear Day rules is in the name; it’s a Warrior Wear Day that we get to pay $2 for…what? It does not make any sense. Why would we pay for a free dress down day that we have been given for most of our high school careers? Sure, there are some athletes who own a billion different Warrior Wear items and will have no problem with the Fancy Warrior Wear Days. And there are those whose closets consist solely of basketball shorts or jeans and Warrior Wear shirts. But where does that leave us unathletic, stylish people, who own about two articles of Warrior Wear and actually take pride in the way we dress? I hope that I speak for other students when I say that I, for one, am most definitely not going to wear the same two shirts and pair of jeans for six more Fancy Warrior Wear Days plus actual Plain Warrior Wear Days that we don’t have to pay for. This brings me to my final point; loss of revenue. The profit of each Jeans Day goes to a specific class fund. This fund partially finances Prom, Homecoming, Snowball, and various other things that contribute to the high school experience. Even if some kids do dress down for the Fancy Warrior Wear Days, the turnout will be drastically lower than old Jeans Days. The loss in money will affect a lot of things that we, as students, look forward to. The drop in profit that will affect so much is the biggest punishment that we as a whole have to bear the brunt of because of the group of kids that decided not to follow the rules. All in all, this whole Fancy Warrior Wear Day is incredibly unfair, and is a very outdated form of punishment. I hope that my arguments can be seen as logical facts that disprove the idea that the new regulations will be a success. Not to sound too much like a grandparent, but obviously life isn’t fair. That does not mean, though, that if there is a much more fair solution to an issue we should purposely avoid it, especially if that alternative is simply more sensical.

ing up falling countries around the world? Yes, we need some personal work done. America is patchy, with flaws in our economy and politics. But we are not dealing with a dictatorship who inflicts extreme warfare on us. Sometimes it is okay to put others before ourselves. Jesus lived for other people. I’m not suggesting that America is Christ-like, and I’m also not saying that we should use Christ as our mascot. But I am saying that if you are any denomination of Christianity, the thought of giving the cold shoulder to Syria really should not cross your mind. In a perfect world, the UN would sit down at a long table in a conference room with the Assad regime and talk things out. That is simply not how things work. I am personally against war, and I do not believe

that war is the answer for the problem that Syria poses. However, I do believe in the plan of action that President Obama has laid out. In case you didn’t already know, the President plans to take a more diplomatic approach at first and basically convince Syria to let someone else destroy their chemical weapon stock. If that doesn’t work, then we will send a targeted military air strike on the chemical weapons to discourage the regime’s use of them and basically threaten their government to let us actually destroy the supply. The President openly assures us that American boots will not hit Syrian soil. We will not go to war with Syria. This I agree with. As of right now, with the things that have happened/are happening in Syria, I do not believe in a war. My reasoning for not believing in war with them, though, is not that I don’t think it’s our responsibility, so please do not think that. I believe the exact opposite. I believe that not only as Americans, not as Christians, but as PEOPLE, we have a responsibility to helping the people of Syria. How we help them is not up to me, and I would never be so foolish as to think that I am intellectually equipped to decide exactly what path is best to take. I do know that we should take some kind of path, and down that path, avoid any type of violent, casualty-causing steps.

GTA 5 is a must-have for gamers CESAR MONTEMAYOR STAFF REPORTER

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) came out on September 17 and within 24 hours, it sold 800 million copies. The game has new features compared to all of the others ever made. In GTA 5, there are now sports and activities to play along the way of the story mode itself. Tennis, golf and swimming are options for players to delve into when the they need a break from the story mode. The game also now features three main characters, instead of just one. Compared to all of the other Grand Theft Auto games ever made, this game is leaps ahead in features and in graphics. You can tell that Rockstar took a lot of time creating this game. It’s rumored that they are going to

The JourNoll Editor-in-Chief Madelon Smith Managing Editor Kirsten Markusic Photography Chloe Burton Joey Virus Staff Alyssa Anglin Katy Bremner Jalaya Bryant Michael Cavazos Nick Dafnis Danielle Flores Hera Ford

make $1 billion in the first month. GTA 5 is one of the best games of this decade and a must-have for gamers playing on the platforms Playstation 3 or XBox 360. 10/10

Source: Rockstar Games

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4 Feature

New faces in famiiiar piaces September 27, 2013

2013-2014 brings new faces to faculty and staff

Joshua Belluomini PreCal and Algebra 2; Boys basketball coach Hometown Westchester, IL High School St. Joseph High School College Benedictine University, Northeastern Illinois University Position before BNI 5th year teaching. I taught the previous 4 years at St. Joseph High School in Westchester, IL. Why Noll? It was closer to home and it reminds me a lot of my alma mater. Favorite movies/TV Shows Ray Donovan, Dexter, The League, The Following Weird hobbies Collecting comic books Pet peeve Using pen to do Math work, chewing gum in class. What do you want out of this year at Noll? Hopefully have a successful basketball season and enjoy working with my students in the classroom



MONDAY Mix-Match Day Hey. Remember when it was in style to those fuzzy boots with jeans? Actually, it never was in style, so you can just wear that outfit on Mix-Match Day. Seriously, though. This one requires little thinking. Clear out your closet and put together your loudest outfits. Tease your hair, smear your makeup, give yourself a home perm (if you’re a guy), and you’re ready to go.

Rebecca Bugajski Theology Teacher Hometown Hegewisch in Chicago High School Marian Catholic High School College Masters in Teaching degree at Calumet College of St. Joseph; undergraduate at Loyola University Chicago in Theology and Classical Civilizations. Position before BNI Taught Theology and Social Studies at St. Francis de Sales High School for 4 years Why Noll? I chose Noll because of all the positive, welcoming energy I felt here when I first walked through the doors. Favorite movies/TV shows My favorite tv shows are the Biggest Loser, the Voice, MasterChef, and Hell’s Kitchen. Movies: A League of Their Own, Zoolander, Starsky & Hutch, Super Troopers, and Dodgeball. Weird hobbies I don’t know about weird hobbies, but I love to run, golf, and read. Pet Peeves When book covers have nothing to do with the content of the book. What do you want out of this year at Noll? Meeting new people

Father Kevin Scalf Chaplain and Part-time Theology faculty Hometown Cincinnati, OH High School Archbishop Elder High School, Cincinnati College College of Mount St. Joseph, Xavier University, Mount St. Mary’s Seminary, Catholic Theological Union Position before BNI Teacher and administrator in Catholic high schools and colleges since 1997 Why Noll? Bishop Noll was close to St. John the Baptist Parish, where I am Associate Pastor, plus BNI is an exceptional community. Pet Peeves Pet peeves. What do you want out of this year at Noll? To help the BNI family to come to know, love and serve God better, especially through the Kairos retreat program. And for the BNI family to help me do the same.

Photography: Chloe Burton

It’s about to get HOT on the football field, in the fieldhouse for the pep rally and on the dance floor. This year’s Homecoming theme, “The Great Gatsby”, will see the cafeteria transform into a glitzy and glamorous 1920s party and the football field turn into a heated battle as the Warriors take on the Wheeler Bearcats. While you’re out finalizing the last details of your Homecoming outfit, ordering flowers and making preparations for Saturday’s dance, don’t forget to celebrate the one week when everybody in the school can show their Warrior pride: Spirit Week. Read on for details for each day of the week.

TUESDAY WEDNESDAY Color Day Disney Day Wanna go back to the fun times of your childhood? Come to school dressed up as your favorite Disney character this day. All students are able to dress up like whomever they wanted to when they were younger. Let’s see who can get the best costume!

Freshmen--Brown It’s easier than it sounds. Brown could mean leather jackets (or pleather), girl scout uniforms or a Cleveland Browns jersey. Sophomores--Blue Smurfs costumes are probably on sale now. Start reppin’ the color of royalty! Juniors--Green The color of money, springtime and Kermit the Frog. Get creative with your Seniors--Yellow Whip out your overalls and yellow shirts because you’re all dressing like Minions!

THURSDAY 1920s Day The Great Gatsby! Bring back the styles. Students get to dress up like the people from the Roaring Twenties, which could mean flappers, men with Zoot suits, Charlie Chaplin or the RCA dog. Do some research, get creative with this one.

FRIDAY Extreme Warrior Wear Day It’s Homecoming. And it’s the pep rally. So you need to make a statement whether you’re an athlete being recognized or a great supporter cheering them on. Go EXTREME and get crazy. Wear your warrior wear clothes with a little oomph!

September 27, 2013

Jessica Ramos College Counselor and Career Exploration course instructor Hometown East Chicago, IN High School East Chicago Central High School College Purdue University Calumet for graduate school. Indiana University- Bloomington for Undergraduate Position before BNI Career Advisor at Highland High School where I also doubled as a school counselor intern. Prior to that position I was an AVID tutor at EC Central where I tutored all core academic subjects. I also have about 2 years experience working in corporate retail for Bon Ton Stores Inc. ( parent company of Carson Pirie Scott). Why Noll? I picked Noll because there is a strong tradition of excellence here. I also enjoy working with students around the area because the population is near and dear to my heart. Favorite Movies/TV Shows Movies: Legally Blonde; TV shows: The Voice, Criminal Minds Weird hobbies Shopaholic (not weird, just literally addicted to shopping. I buy at least one new piece a clothing a week.) Pet Peeve People who give responses before they have even heard the question. What do you want to get out of this year at Noll? I really hope to help students with providing future planning guidance and ensuring that all of their student needs are met to prepare them for college and future careers

Dan Masterton Campus Minister Hometown Arlington Heights, IL High School St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights, IL College University of Notre Dame Positions before BNI Third year in ministry. I spent one year in Ireland as a volunteer working with primary school children, choirs at Mass, and parish ministries, and one year in California as a theology teacher and campus minister at a Catholic high school. Why Noll? It is a smaller school, has a great reputation for being a family, and is a committed Catholic school. Favorite Movies/TV shows Parks and Recreation and The Simpsons. I also love Seinfeld, even though it’s been in reruns only for 15 years. Movies: Anchorman. duh. Weird Hobbies I moonlight as a trapeze artist. Just kidding. Nothing too weird - I like to write, play guitar, and run. Pet Peeves It bothers me when people are late, don’t do good work, or don’t hold up their commitments. Live up to your name and be faithful with your best effort when you commit. What do you want out of this year at BNI? As the raccoon meme in my office that I made says, “We’ll require everyone goes on a retreat, then they’ll realize that it’s actually awesome.”

Carolyn McGuire English Teacher Hometown Orland Park, IL High School Carl Sandburg High School in Orland Park, IL College Masters from Aurora University in Educational Leadership; bachelors from Illinois State University in English Education. Position before BNI 8th grade Language Arts and Advanced Language Arts at Yorkville Middle School in Yorkville, IL Why Noll? I think the principles Noll operates on are strong; it is a unique and lively environment and I feel blessed to be a part of it. Favorite Movies/TV Shows Movies: Shawshank Redemption, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Stranger than Fiction. TV shows: Madmen, Duck Dynasty Weird hobbies Reading and writing...super strange for the English teacher, right? It may be considered odd that I like to paint even though I severely lack in skill and ability. Pet Peeve A self-pet-peeve is when I’m late -- I can’t stand it. Coincidentally, I find myself obnoxiously early to most everything. What do you want to get out of this year at Noll? What I want, always translates to what I want for my students...and I want them to know that their words and ideas can change the world.

Unrest in Syria: what students need to know ALYSSA ANGLIN STAFF REPORTER On August 21, a flood of horrific videos hit youtube, some of them just hours after an alleged chemical attack on several suburbs of Damascus, in Syria. Before most videos, viewers are warned of “disturbing images”; people convulse on camera, rows of body bags are shown, and doctors and volunteers are seen, trying to comfort the victims of the attack. In one video, a doctor takes a moment to record what he’s experiencing. “The size of this tragedy is immense,” he says. “The number of fatalities and casualties is immense. We’ve run out of supplies here in Jobar.” But what exactly happened in those early-morning hours that caused so many terrible deaths? For many, that is still unclear. For some time after the attack, the only available information was the mass of videos posted by Syrian opposition activists and some social media posts. While raw footage such as this might seem beneficial, the loads of propaganda being produced by both sides of the conflict must be taken into consideration. Rebels blame the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad and his cabinet, for the attack, and Assad blames terrorists. At this point though, the question on many minds is not “Who?” but, “Why?” It all started back in 2011, when a build-up of antiAssad regime sentiments broke in a wave of protests that were quickly and brutally put to an end by the government. Beyond that, responsibility for the attacks within the country becomes confusing. Rebels claimed al-Qaeda was just a front, and that the government was planting the bombs in order to discredit protesters. While this may be a very astute look into what’s really going on in Syria, many terrorist groups have already claimed responsibility for the bombings. At the same time, while

the Syrian government may not be directly responsible for such occurrences, unconnected loyalist groups throughout the country are more than willing to retaliate against civilian protesters on behalf of a government that may or may not know of their eager loyalty. Within days of the attack, countries from around the world were choosing sides in the conflict. Countries such as France, Turkey, the U.K., and the United States all called for military action against Assad, believing the Syrian president to be responsible. Other countries, namely Russia, insisted that the Syrian government would never use such terrible weapons on its own people. After a tense meeting on September 14 however, Russia and the U.S. reached an agreement that allowed Syria until the first half of 2014 to destroy all chemical weapons. Inspection of the chemical weapons and their sites are expected to be completed by November. Syria submitted a comprehensive listing of all their chemical weapons and paraphernalia on September 21, and a final U.N investigation took place on September 25. However, some suspect this agreement to be a political maneuver on the part of the Syrians to buy themselves more time before other nations get involved. While this is certainly possible, the sketchy information from the attack leaves little evidence with which to find the culprits. In the meantime, the fighting in Syria continues and rifts between rebel groups grow larger, contributing to the overall conflict within the country. As neither side seems willing to compromise, only a decisive victory for the government or its opposition will end the roll of casualties now. It may be many years before Syria sees peace.

Reina Ramirez Spanish Teacher Hometown Hammond, IN High School Bishop Noll College Purdue Calumet Positions before BNI Teacher at E.C. Public Alternative school Why Noll? To me, it was like coming back home. Favorite Movies/TV shows Devious Maids, Gold Rush, How It’s Made Pet Peeves Having my hair out of place What do you want out of this year at BNI? To implement a strong Spanish foundation


Tina Trevino Biology Teacher Hometown Hammond, IN High School Hammond High School College St. Joseph’s CC Positions before BNI I taught 27 years in the Gary Diocese, 25 of those years have been at BNI. Why Noll? Noll picked me. I came out of a five year retirement. They called and asked if I would take a part-time position teaching Biology I. Favorite Movies/TV shows Movies: The Parent Trap; TV shows: Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife and Doc Martin Pet Peeves People that don’t use turn signals while driving. What do you want out of this year at BNI? I would like all of my students to do well on the ECA test.

Laura Blaser Science Teacher Hometown St. Louis, MO College University of Missouri--Rolla Positions before BNI Research chemist, research engineer and process engineer; 5 years at the college level teaching chemistry Why Noll? BNI’s mission statement attracted me. Favorite Movies/TV shows Downton Abbey, NOVA, shows about nature Pet Peeves Someone chewing gum while they’re speaking to me. Pet Peeves Rock collecting What do you want out of this year at BNI? I want to help students become better critical thinkgers and to become more self-motivated.

September 27, 2013

Sports 6 of

Pride Warrior nation Vernard Whitfield #23 Q: What your A:

other activities do you play besides sport? Track Q: Do you have any pre game rituals? A: Think about my loved ones and pray.


What college do you want to go to? A: Oregon

Compiled by Ahmad Rucker, Cesar Montemayor, Michael Cavazos Photography by Joey Virus Edited by Chloe Burton

Elijah Golumbeck #9

Brad Hurtig #64

Q: What other activities or clubs do you participate in? A: Student Council, NHS, Baseball, Wrestling

Q: What other sports or activities do you do besides your sport? A: Track

Ahmad Rucker #66

Offensive and

Q: Do you have any pregame rituals? A: listening to music go to grado

Q: Do you have any pregame rituals? A: I like to focus in on what will be happening during the game. I always listen to music as well.

Q: What other activities or clubs do you participate in? A: Track & Field, Weight Training

Q: What college you want to attend? A: Northwestern

Q: Do you have any pregame rituals? A: I pray, listen to music, and try to find something that will make me mad.

Q: Who’s your favorite professional athlete? A: Honey Badger and Tavon Austin

Q: Goals for this season? A: Conference Championship and Sectional Championship

Q: What college you want to attend? A: NIU or Marquette

Q: Who’s your favorite professional athlete? A: RGIII

Q: How long have you played your sport? A: Since five years old

Q: Favorite professional athlete? A: Julius Peppers (Chicago Bears)

Q: How long have you played your sport? A: 4 years, since freshman year

Q: Who’s your role model? A: My parents

Q: Goals for this season? A: To get All-Area, All-Conference, & All-State (Commit Somewhere), Win Sectionals and Conference

Q: How long you’ve been playing this sport? A: Only since freshmen year

Q: Something people don’t know about you? A: I love to eat

Q: Who’s your role model? A: My parents

Q: What are your goals for the season? A: Win conference

Q: Something people don’t know about you? A: I listen to a wide variety of music.

Q: How long you’ve been playing the sport? A: Since freshman year. I played a year when I was younger but nothing major. Q: Who’s your role model? A: My momand dad Q: Something people don’t know about you? A: I used to play the trumpet .

Bianca Balcazar Q: What other clubs or activities do you participate in? A: Softball for two years and Cheer for one year.

Q: What other activities or clubs do you participate in? A: None

Q: What other activities or clubs do you participate in? A: None

Q: Do you have any pre-game rituals? A: Helping each other stretch and talking.

Q: Do you have any pre-game rituals? A: Listening to music and praying

Q: What college do you want to go to? A: Howard

Q: What college do you want to go to? A: Ohio State Q: What are your goals for the season? A: A winning season, progress from last season

Q: Do you have any pre-game rituals? A: I listen to The Weekend Q: What college do you want to go to? A:Purdue Q: What are your goals for the season? A: Place top 5 in state

Q: What are your goals for the season? A: Go to competition

Q: Who’s your favorite professional athlete? A: Anthony Rizzo

Q: Who’s your favorite professional athlete? A: Derrick Rose

Q: Who’s your favorite professional athlete? A: Derrick Rose

Q: How long have you played your sport? A: For seven years.

Q: How long have you played your sport? A: 10 years

Q: Who’s your role model? A: My aunt December.

Q: Who’s your role model? A: My mother

Q: Something people don’t know about you? A: I did ballet.

Q: What are your goals for the season? A: Do better than last year as a team

Q: Who’s your role model? A: Grandma

Q: Favorite professional athlete? A: Cam Newton, RGIII, & Ndamukong Suh

Bre’Ana Moore Jahari Davis #4

Q: What college do you want to go to? A: NIU

Q: How long have you played your sport? A: Three years Q: Who’s your role model? A: My mom and grandma Q: Something people don’t know about you? A: I’m very outgoing and nice.

Q: Something people don’t know about you? A: I’m extremely lazy.

Sectional round-up: volleyball and boys soccer remain in top rankings going into sectionals NICK ROKER STAFF REPORTER

After losing the key seniors from last year and losing the second round of sectionals, the Lady Warriors are looking to gain new players and have another strong season this year. Standing at 6-ft. in front of the net is freshman Brittany Anderson, #13. In a Sept. 8 game against Whiting, setter Anderson helped her team sweep the Oilers in three games. But for Anderson,


the game meant something more--a chance to play against her sister, who is a senior at Whiting. “It was really exciting to play my sister and I knew that I wanted to play,” Anderson said. Following a loss to Hanover Central in the conference game, the Warriors came back to rout the Andrean 59-ers on Tuesday.

A team full of newbies--two varsity freshmen and two junior transfers-have kept the boys soccer team at a steady ranking of #5 in the region. Tieing with Munster, but losing to #1-ranked Crown Point, both gave and dashed the hopes of the team. But a little discouragement at first didn’t get in the way. “We have plans on winning section-

als and advancing from there,” said junior Alex Avalos. ¨We have high expectations to go far and make a run this year.” The boys head into sectionals the second week of October.

Belluomini makes big plans for boys basketball team LANCE JACKSON STAFF REPORTER

Coach Josh Belluomini started from the bottom and now he’s Bishop Noll. When Belluomini first joined at coaching basketball for Bishop Noll, he was a freshmen coach. The following year he was the JV coach, and now he’s head varsity coach. Coach Belluomini, who will replace former head coach Drew Trost, brings a lot of different things to the table. A good thing about Coach Belluomini is that he isn’t new to the Noll basketball system. Although he wasn’t head varsity coach, he’s been around the program and is familiar with all of the players. Since he isn’t new, this won’t be a learning experience for him or the team. Coach Belluomini has a very diverse background playing in the Chicago Catholic League and coaching in the Chicago Public School League. Coach Belluomini plans on taking both of these experiences and incorporat-

ing them into what the team has already done under Coach Trost. “I had several guys come up to me and tell me they wanted to get Bowman on the schedule this year because we wanted to take a major step as a team and beat them,” Belluomini said. With this year Bowman not being in our sectional to the students may seem like a good thing. It makes Noll’s sectionals a little easier to play in, but to the team and coach, it’s a different story. Belluomini really liked this idea because it showed how competitive the team is and how they want to beat a good team instead of running away from a challenge. Unfortunately though, Noll won’t be playing Bowman, but they will be playing some other really good teams. Belluomini has big expectations this year’s season. His expectations are to win conference and be ranked in the area by the end of the year. The biggest goal Bel-

luomini and the team have is a big State run and championship. “We have a senior-heavy team and these guys have worked very hard over the last four years to be in a position to make a serious run at State,” he said. With only one senior graduating last year, SG Matt Sandoval, the team still has a several strong varsity players. “To win a state championship it’s going to take a lot of people stepping their game up,” Belluomini said In other words, it’s going to take a team effort if they want to accomplish their goals. Noll’s loss in the sectional final hurt them from making a serious run in the State tournament. The hunger is there. Fans can expect a lot more out of the team with the large number of seniors, and this is their last year. Go big or go home.

Wirtz steps down as head baseball coach, Ramker fills spot DYLAN RHODES STAFF REPORTER

Source: Lifetouch

Paul Wirtz, the head baseball coach who just finished his seventh season at Bishop Noll Institute, has formally announced that he is stepping down from his position as the varsity head coach. On September 19, the Bishop Noll athletic department announced that Mr. Ramker, computer apps and freshman seminar teacher, will replace Wirtz this season as head coach. “I love baseball and coaching has always been something that I have been getting more into,” said Ramker, who had previously been coaching as an assistant under Wirtz’s tutelage. “The timing here at Noll had fit perfectly.” But for players, parents and students wondering if Wirtz will return to the program in any other capacity, there could be hope in the future, but not quite yet. “I know at least in the next year I won’t be coaching at all,” said Wirtz. Wirtz’s announcement was a real shocker and completely unexpected to the team. His final decision didn’t come out of nowhere,

but nothing majorly influenced Wirtz decision. Wirtz made his decision to stop coaching at the very end of July. Varsity second baseman Tony Cobb, junior, stated “it was kind of random and unexpected.” Wirtz had been debating for a couple of years now whether or not he was going to coach at Noll any longer. He spent a lot of time over this past summer thinking about the decision at hand and knew by the end of July that it was crunch time for his decision. “I think Mr. Ramker will do a great job,” Wirtz said. “He played here as a starter and captain. He graduated from Bishop Noll in 2009. Even as a player I knew he had the potential to be a really good coach one day.” Returning players are also satisfied with the new replacement. “Mr. Ramker was the person I wanted to be our head coach since Wirtz’s decision,” said Cobb. “I know he will continue the success that our program has had in the past.”

Senior CC runners gear up for their last year JUAN NUNEZ STAFF REPORTER

Source: Lifetouch

Senior Sal Cordova a veteran four-year runner, and senior Kate Richardson a new runner, are leading the Bishop Noll Cross Country team with the best times. Cordova has clocked in a record this season of 17 minutes, 4 seconds for the boys team, while Richardson’s time of 26 minutes leads the girls team. “I want my personal record to be 23 minutes for the whole team to improve., says Richardson. “I want to make it to semistate and then

see what happens from there,” says Cordova. Cordova readies himself before each race by getting physically and mentally prepared. “I do warm ups and I try to believe that I can do whatever I want because if I do that then I’m unstoppable and I like to think about my faith and the reasons why I run,” he said. Kate is a new runner who joined during her senior year. “I wanted to get in shape for softball sea-

son and its not as bad as I thought it would be and I now know that I can do things that I didn’t think I could do before,” she said. During Cordova’s freshman year, the team was sort of resurrected, drawing more and more runners. Now, as one of the only four-year runners on the team, Cordova is feeling the nostalgia set in. “I’m going to miss the team atmosphere, hot lava, my teammates, Coach Repay and basically everything about the team, it won’t be the same,” he said.

Girls varsity soccer team works towards a good season ERIC KLOCEK STAFF REPORTER

Through the years, the Lady Warriors from Bishop Noll have always had a JV and varsity squad for girls soccer. In the case of the 2013 season, they are playing with just a varsity squad because of numbers that came out for the team, the amount of seniors they had graduate from the former year, and the injured players they have on the team. The Lady Warriors are looking forward to having a great, strong season and are looking for possibly bringing back home a conference plaque to Bishop Noll. Senior Julia Kusiak, captain and leader for the Bishop Noll Lady Warriors was quite excited to get the season started. “I understood the amount of pressure that I would be having on my shoulders this upcoming season, becoming the team captain and also being seen as a key player through many coaches’ eyes,” Kusiak said. Kusiak accepted the challenge and was very proud to be wearing that captain badge on her arm. She sees a bright future in the 2013 girls soccer season. “The season might have started off on the wrong foot for the Lady Warriors, losing to their rivals, the 59ers of Andrean on their home field, but they kept their heads high and keep pushing every day on the field during practices and games,” said Bishop Noll alum and head coach of the girls varsity soccer squad, Aaron Payonk.

The girls have something special to do this season by bringing home a conference plaque. “My expectations on the girls soccer team this season is to improve as a whole. Everyone needs to be making steps forward for us to grow together,” Kusiak said. Kusiak is looking forward to playing all the teams on her schedule this year, but the games that stick out the most for her are the teams that are in the Lady Warriors conference. Kusiak has all the belief in the world that the her teammates can bring home a conference plaque by the end of the season this year. “I expect great things from my team this season, winning conference would give us just a little extra confidence going into sectionals,” she said. With their only being a varsity squad this year for the Lady Warriors, this meant there would be fresh young talented freshman entering the varsity roster for the lady warriors. One young player that is a talented starter for the Lady Warriors and has a lot of heart and is dedicated to the game and improving daily is freshman Brianna Camacho. Brianna’s expectations for going into the season was to win games, grow with the team as a whole, and improve on her game. “The young freshman and sophomores are living up to their expectations. I want to see everyone play as a team and work hard daily,” she said.

Setember 27, 2013


COLUMN: Manziel will return to glory


God threw out Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden after they ate the apple from the Tree of Knowledge. Now the Football Gods and the NCAA are trying to throw out Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel after signing autographs for money and for earning an unsportsmanlike conduct flag in Texas A&M’s game versus Rice on August 31st. Manziel was benched after that flag by Head Coach Kevin Sumlin. Prior to that, Manziel was suspended for the first half of the Rice game for gaining money for his John Hancock on footballs and helmets. The former Heisman Trophy winner has had a shaky off-season and the drama is continuing to follow him into the season and is bringing more than needed attention to his team. Manziel has had the off-season to forget, ever since he received the Heisman he has had the spotlight on him in a bad way. Manziel was asked to leave the Peyton Manning Quarterbacks camp. He said it as due to being sick, but this was just the start of Manziel’s nightmare off-season. He was questioned for having courtside seats and a Miami Heat basketball game, which his parents bought for him as a gift. During the SEC (Southeastern Conference) Media Day Manziel was drilled with different questions about his party life, his different suspicions by the NCAA, and why he left the Manning Quarterbacks camp. Manziel answered the media but as different criticism began to pour in on Twitter from around the country, Manziel responded to these tweets in an arrogant way. Just when Manziel thought this would be over, videos began to surface of Manziel signing hundreds of memorabilia. When the NCAA found out they sought to suspend Manziel, but they were not able to find enough evidence to suspend for a long time, they suspended him for the first half of the Rice game. This finally seemed to be the end for Manziel and everything would just go away and he could just focus on football. As soon as Manziel stepped on the field, he showed us who he really was--a very electrifying player that can change the game in an instant with his dual threat attributes. Manziel showed us plays and put up stats that a person could only do in a videogame. Manziel also showed us why he has been under so much scrutiny with his unsportsmanlike conduct in the Rice game which benched him for the rest of the game. Many thought that this would affect him and his whole team going into what seemed to be the National Championship in the middle of September. This game was at home against the two-time defending National Champs the Crimson Tide of Alabama who Manziel beat last year to put himself on the map. Manziel showed a lot of Heisman Trophy candidate plays like a pass that was the second longest pass in school history for 95 yards to Evans for a touchdown. He also showed a lot of head scratching plays, two of those being interceptions which one was returned for a touchdown. Overall, Manziel did his part to help his team with by completing 28 of 39 passes, 464 passing yards, five touchdowns and two interceptions. After the 49-42 loss Manziel said, "Our season is not over. It is not over by a long shot. Alabama lost to us a year ago and they still won the national championship. Two years ago they lost to LSU and they still found a way to win the national championship. If we win the rest of our games then we have to believe we can get to the big game." Manziel showed everyone that even with the NCAA keeping a close eye on him he continues to put up Heisman Trophy numbers no matter the opponent. No matter how many times the NCAA tries to throw out Manziel from the Garden of Heisman, he will always come back.

8 Entertainment

September 27, 2013

summer movies in review The summer of 2013 has left us with a lot in the realm of entertainment. Movies (both good and bad seemed to pop up out of nowhere. Here’s some of the more memorable entertainment from this summer. MADDY SMITH EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

Iron Man 3 (PG-13) The long awaited third establishment in the Iron Man trilogy where Iron Man finds himself faced with the Mandarin, his toughest opponent yet. It seems like trilogies die a little once they hit the third movie, but this one is just as intense as the first two Iron Man installments. JourNoll Rating: 8.5/10 12 years after Monsters, Inc., we take a look at the relationship between Mike and Sully during their college days. Ironically enough, the kids that saw this when it came out in theatres are going into college pretty soon, so Pixar executes great timing on this one. JourNoll Rating: 8/10 Pacific Rim (PG-13) The fight between robots and aliens is led by

Elysium (R) Matt Damon stars in a movie about a world divided between the wealthy and the poor. Damon finds himself desperate to find medical care after a work related accident, and his only hope is reaching Elysium, a ship that holds all wealthy citizens and the medical technology to save his life. Intense action, but not over the top. However, it’s pretty graphic, so it isn’t something to bring a 4-year-old to (this is made by the same guy that made District 9, and for some reason, he likes to make bodies explode in the most graphic way possible). JourNoll Rating: 9/10 Monsters University (G) new female spy counterpart. No worries, the minions are still in the movie and are adorable as always. JourNoll Rating: 7.5/10 This is the End (R) While at a party at James Franco’s house, him and several other celebrities (Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride and more) are suddenly trapped when the apocalypse happens. Definitely not a movie to take your

and protecting his family. Very heavy in CGI and pretty close-ups of Brad Pitt’s hair flowing in the wind. Strangely enough, there isn’t much blood...even though it’s a zombie film. Rather disappointing for those who enjoy good horror films. JourNoll Rating: 5/10 Despicable Me 2 (PG) Villain and father figure Gru (voiced by Steve Carell) is recruited by the Anti-Villain League in order to defeat a new supervillain and falls for his little sister or grandma to see, but if you like crude humor, I would highly recommend this. JourNoll Rating: 7/10

a former pilot and a trainee in an attempt to put the apocalypse on hold. A fantastic movie if you love to overdose on CGI and insane special effects. JourNoll Rating: 7/10 World War Z (PG-13) U.N. Employee Gerry Lane has to balance stopping the impending zombie apocalypse

J.K. Rowling makes a comeback with a Harry Potter spinoff DANIELLE FLORES STAFF REPORTER

It has recently been announced and confirmed by JK Rowling that the well know book series, Harry Potter, will have a spin-off movie based on a fictitious textbook within the series called Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them which will take place 70 years before Harry’s well known story even began. Although not much information was released the fandom was excited to say the least. The textbook, which is frequently mentioned in the series, is written by by the made-up author Newt Scamander. Rowling warns that this is by no means a sequel to Harry’s story, rather a closer look into the wizarding world, which many of the hardcore fans are already familiar with. Rowling will be adding director to her long resume as this movie will be scripted completely by her.


What to watch: Fall 2013 TV lineup NICK DAFNIS Staff Reporter

The Walking Dead The Walking Dead is a show about surviving a zombie apocalypse. This action-packed thriller is an entertaining show. The characters in the show play their roles very well, with main characters like Daryl (played by Norman Reedus) and Rick (played by Andrew Lincoln) as the shows most popular characters. With the coming of season four, the Walking Dead will have action packed episodes of people invading their current safe house, which happens to be a prison. The show starts up Sunday, October 13 at 9/8c on AMC. Sleepy Hollow


Television show remakes of old folk’s tales have been all the rage for the past few years, with ABC being the ones to start the trend. But this fall, Fox will take on a new show called Sleepy Hollow based on the Washington Irving story. The story begins during the Revolutionary War. Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison), the main character, falls as he tries to kill a British soldier. The soldier survives a beheading, and so we have the headless horseman. The show then takes us to present day Sleepy Hollow, where we meet Ichabod again, after he has just woken up for the first time since his battle in the war. The show gives us the idea that the plot will follow the direction of detective Abbie Mills Nicole Beharie as she investigates a rash of beheadings in the gloomy town. The pilot of this muchanticipated series did not disappoint, and it will, hopefully, continue to impress and scare its viewers BLAIR HOCHSTETLER Staff Reporter every Monday night at 9:00 on Fox.

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Andy Samberg stars in the new show Brooklyn Nine-Nine as a police detective. This tv show is a comedy about cops in Brooklyn, New York solving crimes. Jack, played by Samberg is a goofy, childish detective that also happens to be very good at his job and is the best in his department. The shows premieres on Fox at 7:30/8:30 central time.


Where the games are made up and the points don’t matter. This show is all improvisation, and the actors and guest stars come up with situations and ideas off of the top of their heads. Whose Line was cancelled for a few years, but has made a huge comeback. It stars Wayne Brady, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, and is hosted by the lovely Aisha Tyler (instead of former host Drew Carrey). It airs Tuesdays at 7pm on the CW Network. MADDY SMITH Editor-in-Chief




Kicking off season 5 with a Beatles tribute, Glee will be returning with the biggest performance in Glee history! With the death of famous cast member Cory Monteith also known as “Finn”, critics and fans are curious on how the tragedy will be played out in the show. Also, new cast members will be promoted to series regulars, such as the characters Marley, Jake, Kitty,Ryder and Unique. However, some veterans of the show are taking secondary roles including Brittany,Puck, Mercedes, and Mike. The new season will be premiered Thursday, September 26 on FOX 9/8 central time. HERA FORD Staff Reporter


Dracula Dracula is a new British-American television show drama and is based on the classic novel Dracula by Bram Stoker. Dracula goes to London as an entrepreneur who wants to bring modern day science into that society. His real reason for being there is of course is to get revenge on everyone who betrayed him in earlier years. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the main character as Dracula. Another lead role in the show will be Jessica De Gouw starring as Dracula’s love interest. Dracula will premiere on October 25, 2013 at 10/9c on NBC. LOREN PACHECO Staff Reporter


Awkward is about a girl going through high school, break ups, and other modern teen stresses. Jenna, a junior, is now is trying to decide whether she should date Matty or Collon, two of the cutest guys in her school. Jenna is a nobody in her high school, until her accidental suicide, when she falls in love with a guy named Matty, who is anything but perfect. He treats her badly, which is why she needs Jake, and ends up cheating on Matty with him. Her two friends, Ming and Tomar, go through all of the crazy things with her along the way. Then, she meets someone named Collon who changes everything for her. Awkward’s season three premieres on October 22, and airs every Tuesday at 9:30. KATY BREMNER Staff Reporter

The Originals The Originals is a new tv show about vampires and witches. It takes place in New Orleans, and is a fight over who should be king over the vampires/witches. The main character is Joseph Morgan who plays as Niklaus Mikaelson, and he is a vampire who wants to take take over New Orleans. Mikaelsen’s protege named Marcel acted by Charles Michael Davis is the new leader of New Orleans, and this creates some conflict between the two. The show airs on Tuesdays from 8pm Eastern to 9pm Eastern time. LANCE JACKSON Staff Reporter The Goldbergs The Goldbergs is a comedy show set in the 1980’s, based on the creator Adam Goldberg’s family. The show is documented by the youngest child, Adam, who records all of the family events that go on inside and outside the house. Wendie McLendonCovey will be starring in the show as the mother and stand-up comedian Jeff Garlin will star as the father. The Goldbergs can be seen on ABC on Tuesday nights at 8pm central time. MICHAEL CAVAZOS Staff Reporter

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