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May 25th, 2011

Remember When... We all went as a family and took over Conseco Field for state. Vince Vela

Varsity soccer bus rides. Eric Rodriguez

Look A Likes

The votes are in! You picked which class mate had a celebrity look a like.

Leah Martinez and Lea Michele Senior retreat and basketball/football games. Angie Garcia

“My junior year homecoming pep rally when the dance team and I performed. I had so much energy and excitement and I know we beasted it.” JV bus rides for football Yessenia Rafael Rodriguez Villanueva

“Super Fanning the last Andrean game.” Julio Casares At basketball practice when Lauren Ritchie wiped out running to the bathroom. Chelsea Christopher

Ivan the Terrible presentation in Mr. T’s class. Our group did improve and it was hilarious. My beard fell off and I declared, “My beard is not Russian enough.” Mary Bucki

Freshman year when a light fell on Richard Todd’s head. Zyrone Sims

Senior retreat, state Mr. Trost had me sing “I’m a game in Indy, Adonis had a joke going little teapot song”, in front of Homecoming 2010, the class before he let me go to around that he was the water Turnabout 2008, all boy for basketball. the restroom. basketball and Jessica bird Kim Castillo football games. Nisa Torres In econ class, Charlotte and I were throwing my “Me, Michelle, and Kellie highlighter over the light would lay on a mattress and she got it stuck in the and talk about planning light. Mr. T started yelling a camping senior year (not at her), but she got during The Diary of scared and turned so red. Anne Frank.” Anna Irizarry

When the door fell on me during Cinderella. Michelle Kasper

Cathy Delgado and Miranda Cosgrove

Eric Rivera and Zack from “School of Rock”

Katie Markovich and Macualey Culkin

Nisa Torres and Mulan

Paul Szymkowski and Mark Wahlberg

Zec Gaspar and Angus Jones Bruce Lee and Jay Lee Jessica Bird andMeg Griffin

Brandon Torres


Best Eyes: Brandon Torres, Paul Szymkowski, and Gaby Baez Troublemaker: Mike Sanchez and Sabrina Hall Best Personality: Alec Rodriguez and Lizzy Lira Most Musical: Eric Rivera and Alyce Jakubielski Class Snoozer: Elena Delnicki and Mike Sanchez Biggest Eater: Wally Kasprzycki and Lauren Ritchie Most Attractive: Chuy Martinez and Jessica Garza Couple That Should Have Been: Raymonte Tucker and Rose Mullaney Biggest Facebook Addict: Adonis Filer and Sabrina Hall Most Athletic: Wally Kasprzycki and Rose Mullaney Best Dressed: Jay Lee and Michelle Kasper Loudest: Wally Kasprzycki and Chloe Jackson Most Likely to Return as a Teacher or Coach: Herbert Cruz and Rose Mullaney Most Likely to Live in Another Country: Jay Lee and Aneta & Kat Krzycka Class Sweethearts: Michelle Kasper and Brandon Torres Comedian: Eric Rivera and Lizzy Lira

Most Likely to Host a Talk Show: Julio Casares and Lizzy Lira Most Absent: Nick Castillo and Aly Trevino Biggest Ego: Adonis Filer and Lauren Ritchie Teacher’s Pet: Zach Scriff and Sophie Hernandez Most Accident Prone: Mandy Murillo and Ray Walsh Best Car: Brian Herrera and Kelsey Heintz Most Changed: Brian Herrera and Nisa Torres Best Smile: AJ Cardenas and Alyce Jakubielski Party Animal: Chuy Martinez and Katie Markovich Most School Spirit: Wally Kasprzycki and Rose Mullaney Quietest: Armando Hernandez and Briah Sanders Most Quotable: Herbert Cruz and Chelsea Christopher Biggest Whiner: Kyle Brown and Sabrina Hall, Chelsea Christopher Most Likely to Succeed: Paul Szymkowski and Michelle Kasper Most Likely to Cure a Disease: Paul Szymkowski and Mary Bucki Drama King and Queen: Adonis Filer and Sabrina Hall Best Hair: Roman Alvarado and Nisa Torres Best Friends for Four Years: Ray Tucker & Mike Sanchez and Anna Irizarry & Yessenia Villanueva


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