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8 Feature Oct. 27th, 2010

Costumes through the decades prove to be both good and bad Halloween attire in the first ten years of the new millenium filled with sugar, spice BETH MAIO STAFF REPORTER

Halloween is the time of year that people get to be the exact opposite of what they are in reality. For the past decade, they have been doing just that, proving from little children to adults everyone can dress up in a crazy costumes. In the year 2000, Halloween costumes were quite into the future. The most popular were Star Wars. For Adults it was either Jar-Jar Binks or a Disco Diva. Teens and kids dressed as a Jedi or Princess Leia. Even little babies got to be part of the fun by being the old and wise Yoda. Those that did not enjoy the years of the Jedi got something a bit worse. Kids and teens dressed as Santa Clause and Vending Machines. Adults were Raggedy Anne and popcorn boxes. Babies got the raw end of the stick, with their attire being car air fresheners. After Halloween in the first year

of the new millennium critics stated that these were some of the worst in stock. Twenty-oh-one took the effect of originality. Girls and their BFFLs dressed as the Spice Girls while boys dressed as Frankenstein and the Wolfman. Parents dressed their babies as Pokémon balls and other young children as cheerleaders. The worst costumes were those of aquariums, dice, and one case of a gumball. Unique isn’t it? In 2002 we began to lose our originality and began to use costumes from characters we would find on the television. Kids insisted on dressing up as your friendly neighborhood Spiderman or the Power Puff Girls. Teenagers took favor to the wonderful Scooby Doo gang, and dressed up as Daphne or Shaggy. Even in the TV age, there were terrible costumes. When you send you kid out wearing “the morning look” or a 3month-old child wearing a Mr. Magee outfit, you can only won-

der what is going through these parents heads as they send their kids out. Flash forward to 2005 and there was a quite different perspective on outfits. The take was more historical, with most costumes being Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Teens went allout hippie by wearing peace signs and radical colors. 2006 then began to bug out—literally; babies were dressed as ladybugs and butterflies. Some students may remember 2007 when kids dressed up as Jack Sparrow, Harry Potter, and Hannah Montana, which were considered “cool” in 2007. Randomness became the central theme of 2008, with some of the best costumes being the Pillsbury Dough boy, Minnie Mouse, Transformers, and your Trophy Wife. The worst of the random is between Hitler, Sharpay from High School Mu-

sical and the Burger King Storm Trooper. Last year, almost every girl was dressed as a fairy—more or less, a Disney fairy—or the late Michael Jackson, whose attire was certainly popular. On the outrageous side in ’09, the Rubik’s Cube, and a lobster in a pot. Mostly, the one question that people are asking now is what will be the best and worst of 2010? Sales have shown that the number one best sellers are Iron Man and Hannah Montana. Babies will be mostly seen as peasin-a-pod or butterflies. Adults will most likely be seen as Lady Gaga, the Situation from Jersey Shore, or Jake Sulley from James Cameron’s acclaimed Avatar. As for teens, they will be dressed as Alice in Wonderland or the Wolf Man. Halloween is the time of year that we get to be everything that we are not. Years have shown that we do exactly that. But the real question going through the minds of millions is: what will you be this year?

Top Halloween Costumes 2010 1. The Mad Hatter 2. Vampire 3. Avatar 4. Iron Man 5. Harry Potter 6. Jack Skellington 7. Buzz Lightyear 8. Lady Gaga 9. Jersey Shore 10. Alice in Wonderland Source: Yahoo News

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JourNoll Halloween Issue page 8  

JourNoll Halloween issue page 8

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