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2 News Oct. 27th, 2010

Rosetta Stone benefits students, teachers, parents Computer program offers 31 languages to Noll community HANNAH DOMINIAK EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

This year, the Rosetta Stone language-learning software has become a distinct part of the foreign language department at Bishop Noll. “This is one program I see popping up around the country that has few drawbacks and so many benefits for all members of the school community,” said Mrs. McCoy-Cejka, principal. “Rosetta offers flexibility, choice, and credit/non-credit options for students, and is available not only to students but also to faculty, staff, parents, and other members of the Noll community. As Bishop Noll moves toward being an educational hub in the greater community, serving local elementary schools and working toward the goal of bringing more learning opportunities to adults in the school community as well, Rosetta is an option that affects everyone in a positive way.” All Prep Academy students use Rosetta Stone for Chinese. Although it is not an actual class in the high school, there are about sixty or so high school stu-

dents, as well as a number of teachers, parents, and school board members who are studying a language through the program. There are 31 languages offered, and so far people here are signed up for Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, and Polish. Some of the other languages that can be learned are English (British), Irish, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Greek, Spanish, and German. This program is becoming a great asset to the community, and a great fun and learning experience. “Any program we can offer that expands the knowledge basis of our students, our teachers, and our parents is a worthwhile investment,” said McCoyCejka. “Students interested in doubling up on languages, fitting in an extra language credit to work toward the academic honors diploma, or students planning to travel or study abroad in the future can take advantage of learning through this program.” There is no deadline to sign

up for this program. All you need to do is sign up with Mr. Reynolds, Technology Director, to set up your account. You can access the program from any Internet-connected computer anywhere. However, you do need to have a headset with a microp h o n e . Reynolds recommends the Logitech COMPUTER LANGUAGE. The prep academy Chinese class is just one use of headphones, Noll’s purchase of Rosetta Stone. High school students, parents, and teachers use which run at the school’s access to the computer program, as well. Photo: Paul Szymkowski about $30. “Bishop Noll hopes to con- lifelong learning,” McCoy- tunity to anyone connected with tinue to provide programs to the Cejka also added. “While a Noll to continue the learning members of our community that credit option for our students, process through the study of a encourage personal growth and Rosetta Stone offers an oppor- foreign language just for personal enrichment."

Journalism, broadcast teams to go to WGN


Sometime in the winter the Journalism class and Broadcast team will be taking an exciting field trip to the WGN studio in downtown Chicago. The students, who take these classes, along with Mrs. Fredi Conley, Ms Marisa Renwald, Mr. Fred Reynolds, and Mrs. Colleen McCoy-Cejka will depart the school at 5 a.m. The purpose of this excursion is to see a live news broadcast and see what the people do at the studio for a living. The students and teachers will get the opportunity to meet with Robin Baumgarten, a WGN news anchor who has helped McCoy-Cejka organize the trip. It is still undecided whether or not the participants will return to school immediately after the broadcast or remain downtown to eat breakfast and sight see. “It’s going to be a very exciting trip,” said McCoyCejka. -Angie and Samantha Garcia

Service Club back in action

Tutoring now added to Noll activities

The Bishop Noll Service Club is revamping their system into a more active and involved program under the new leadership of English teacher Ms. Natalie Murphy and Theology teacher Mrs. Susan Bates. The service club is taking on new programs like “Trick-ortreat for UNICEF” and becoming involved with local parishes including St. Thomas Moore. There are also many exciting upcoming events in the spring such as Habitat for Humanity. The Service club is also making service hi-tech with “”. This website helps you find service projects from all around Northwest Indiana. Not only does the website help you find volunteer work, but it also keeps track of all the service hours donated, which is very helpful when it comes to applying for colleges in the future. According to Bates, the Service Club is “reorganizing itself to become more involved outside of Bishop Noll.” -Eric Rivera and Julio Casares

According to English teacher Ms. Christen Murphy, Noll will be offering tutoring services to any student who needs help studying this year. There are several peer tutors already signed up to help their classmates. If you have strength in any one subject, you are encouraged to sign up. If you are a student who wishes to benefit from these services, see Ms.Murphy. “A person may sign up with me in B314 or with Mrs. Bates in B310,” Murphy said. “Mrs. Abbasy also has a sign in sheet in the Media Center.” More details on when and where tutoring will take place will be coming soon, so stay tuned and keep an ear out for it during the announcements. -Hannah Dominiak, Editor-in-Chief and Rachel Hurtig, Managing Editor

Christian service by NHS

‘Harvey’ to run in November

Ms. Lindsey Abbasy has recently taken over duties as the new National Honors Society leader. “This year I want the National Honors Society and Student Council to be the most visible activities,” Ms. Abbasy said during her interview. The new National Honors Society leader will have the help of Wally Kasprzycki as president, Kelsey Heintz as vice president, Rose Mullaney as secretary, and Alec Rodriguez as treasurer. The new National Honors Society will be continuing the blood drives, but also adding many new humanitarian fundraisers. Ms. Abbasy was quoted saying, “I want the student’s hearts to be engaged in the process of these fundraisers.” -Chun Sha and David Flores

The drama club will be performing the play, Harvey, from November 12-14, and again from the 19th to the 21st of November. The slapstick comedy that tells the story of a mentally ill, yet loveable man and his imaginary six-foot pookah, Harvey, will be shown in the theatre room, D114. Sophomore Jimmy Mullaney portrays the lead role of Elwood P. Dowd, junior Chase McDermott plays Doctor Chumley, and junior Nick Sanchez takes the role of Lyman Anderson. Tickets for the play are $5 for Bishop Noll students, children, and seniors; $6 for regular adults. -Gabriela Romo and Velvet Springer

AV club to broadcast during advisory The new audio-visual club, sponsored by principal Colleen McCoy-Cejka, theater teacher Mrs. Fredi Conley, and computer technician Mr. Fred Reynolds, is preparing for their first broadcast this month. The club now consists of three teams whose jobs are to film and broadcast shows on the SmartBoards during advisory. Each crewmember has a specific task: news anchor, reporter, or film editor. The club’s objective is to start out with two broadcasts a week, and eventually make it everyday. The videos will be put on Youtube for people to view in case they missed it. Mrs. McCoy-Cejka hopes for this new addition to be “a communication medium that brings relevant information to students, by students.” -Lizzy Lira and Elena Delnicki

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