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2 News May 25th, 2011

Next year, class rank eliminated, new final exam format implemented HANNAH DOMINIAK EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

Along with the addition of new classes for the upcoming school year, class rank will be eliminated and the format for final exams will be changed. “Many higher performing schools have dropped rank,” said Mrs. McCoy-Cejka, principal. “It’s not a terribly important factor—except for numbers one and two—when it comes to college acceptance and scholarships. GPA is more important. The focus for students and parents needs to be on choosing the most challenging courses of study and doing everything they can to get the highest GPA possible without worrying about where anyone

else ‘ranks’ compared to them or what courses someone else is taking.” McCoy-Cejka went on to say that the top ten doesn’t mean much if the top ten people have underachieved and taken the path of least resistance just to stay in the top ten. “By raising the bar on who will be honored for the top spots in the class, the focus becomes achieving a higher goal—4.0—which means straight A’s and earning the highest grades in AP/ACP and honors classes.” Now, it will not be about staying a step ahead of someone else in order to be a member of

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New emblem on pants next year to enforce uniform policy GABRIELLA ROMO FEATURE EDITOR

The past two years have been filled with lots of changes for Bishop Noll such as changes in the handbook and uniform. There will now be another change for the Bishop Noll school uniform in the 20112012 school year. The new change consists of new uniform pants. The new pants will still be khaki but they will have the Bishop Noll emblem like the summer uniform shorts. The pants will not be too different, but it’s a small change. This change is due to the fact that many students are not complying with the uniform policy; they are not wearing Dennis pants. Rather, they are wearing Dickies and other brands other than Dennis. These new pants will emphasize the uni-

form policy and help Mrs. McCoy-Cejka B and Mr. McGrone to N make sure students are in compliance with the uniforms. “The pants will just make it easier to make sure people are purchasing there pants at Dennis stores like they are suppose to,” said McGrone. However, if students have already purchased pants for next year from Dennis without the new emblem, they will not be forced to return them. These students will not be held accountable as long as the pants are from Dennis. “They’re not too different [from the old pants] and I understand that they are to make sure people are following rules, so I don’t mind.” said sophomore Miranda Rivera.


With a new music teacher joining the staff next year, Bishop Noll will be instituting a new music class alongside the current course of music appreciation. The new Pep Band class next year will include a special percussion section and jazz band as well. “The Pep Band is not a class yet. It is a serious musical band for serious musicians” remarked Mrs. Colleen McCoy-Cejka, principal of Bishop Noll Institute. In the 1980s and 1990s, Bishop Noll had a competitive band program, including both a Marching Band and Concert Band. “We actually have a lot of musically talented kids who do not have the opportunity and we want to bring that back. We have the tools and the instruments that students can use to tend to their needs for the band,” Mrs. McCoy-Cejka said. According to the numbers, we have 20 kids signing up for the Pep Band who is all incoming freshman and current Juniors who will become seniors next year.

“We have scheduled half of our student body, as more are scheduling. I hope that we will have a high chance of students joining.” Mrs. McCoy-Cejka said. “We have a ridiculous amount of percussion and wind instruments that are in good condition that we need to utilize.” What she said is true; the music room has a wide variety of percussion and wind instruments for students to use. Mrs. McCoy-Cejka is currently searching for a new band director at the moment. “The band director is to be hired with a band background. This band director will look at the students’ talents and abilities and will determine what process they will go through. “We have a very extensive music library, and that it will suit any student level of music. I would like to see the band perform in many classical musical pieces. In any music genre, I want them to do more then just the school song.”

the Top Ten. It will be about getting the greatest number of people in a particular class to earn a 4.0 or higher. It is going to be a challenge that will provide more opportunitites for students in their future by earning the higher GPA and force stronger work and study habits for those who want the honor. A 3.9 GPA is ‘not going to cut it to be in the top honorary group anymore.’ According to McCoy-Cejka, when Noll students are given a real challenge, those who are most capable and driven will kick it up a notch and meet that challenge. “I actually expect to see more

and more students earning a 4.0 and higher each year. My goal is to see a class with MORE than ten students who have earned the top class honor,” she said. This change will take place with the current sophomores (the class of 2013). The class of 2012 will still have a straight top ten. Another change that will be implemented next year is the different format for final exams. Instead of having a final in each of the seven classes, exams will only be given in the four core subject areas—English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. In other courses,

speeches, papers, presentations, etc. will be given in place of a final objective exam. “The change was made with college in mind,” said McCoyCejka. “In college, it is unlikely that any student would ever take seven major final exams in one semester. Seven cumulative exams in objective format is a huge task. By allowing multiple assesment types and focusing the major exams on the core areas, we expect students to be less stressed and more successful on the major core tests.”

Is Big Brother watching you? Students need to be aware of Facebook stalkers JULIO CASARES OPINION EDITOR

We've all been there at one point in time. You get a friend request and you think to yourself, “I have never seen or even heard this person ever in my life.” Then you look and they have a good amount of mutual friends with you, so you add them. Mistake! One can not be too leery of the dreaded Facebook fakes--imposters attempting to be someone they are not. In the most common form, people make up a completely false person and pretend to be them for reasons that are still unclear to me. Perhaps it could be an every-day case of identity theft. Someone may be looking for a phone number, an address, a status update that blasts that where you are, anything on your profile that could give a stranger an “in” to your personal life. Or—a more practical reason for high schoolaged students—it could just be someone that wants to spy on your profile. Look at your photos. Read every status update you’ve had since you started your account. Either way, the outcome is scary. There are voyeurs out there and who knows what they sort of transgressions they could commit just by looking at your profile. Some BNI students may have

been friends with or gotten a friend request from a “Skylar Evans” who had an alarmingly high percentage of Bishop Noll friends. She was eventually reported as a fake and

her profile no longer exists. When venturing upon Facebook to research for this editorial, I could not help but remember a friend request I got a while back, one which I ignored due to much suspicion of the realness of the person. His name is “Danny Justice” and I have learned that many at Noll have gotten the same friend request. As a matter a fact, most of his friends are from Noll, but what is scary is that 43 of his 45 friends either graduated from Noll last year or are still attending BNI.

2011-12 New Classes This fall there will be some changes here at BNI. One change will be the new classes that will be offered to the students. The curriculum council came together and talked about what classes would be good to benefit the students. They include Dance Choreography, Current Events, Digital Arts, Computer

When you look closer at his info, it gets scarier. He supposedly graduated from the University of Illinois in 2010, but I looked through all the names of graduates from U of I in 2010 and Justice is nowhere to be found. You may think, “if he is fake then how can there be pictures?” But is a vast and wondrous place where you can right-click and save any picture you want. Also, looking at his wall, it seems to be that his profile was started around the first of April-- very peculiar for a twenty-two year old. How many people do you know that go through all of college without ever making a Facebook Profile? Then to make one and only add people who went or go to a high school which you have no affiliation with. One of his recent posts is what really bothers me. He posed the question to a friend list that is 95% BNI affiliated, “Hmm, any parties tonight?” BNI students, please be cautious of who you add. I know many people accept friend requests unconsciously, but you never know who is actually behind that unfamiliar face and what agenda they actually have.


Programming, Web Design, ACP Speech, Dual Credit Spanish, DC Environmental Science, and Chinese Literature. Ms. Arnold and Mrs. Abbasy have worked hard in putting all these classes together and have helped the students pick their classes for next year. The students

are very excited for the new classes; they are more interested for the new music class that will be basically a glee club. “I am very excited for the new classes, I can’t wait and I hope the students enjoy them,” said Arnold.

O’Connor, Szymkowski recieve drama club’s Lifetime Achievement award JOURNOLL STAFF REPORT The BNI drama club awarded seniors Paul Szymkowski and Eileen O’Connor the Drama Club Lifetime Achievement Award at Friday’s annual drama awards banquet in Mrs. Conley’s room. This

award, which is only awarded to seniors, is the most prestigious of the drama awards. The trophies are awarded to the seniors that have worked for four years in drama, spanning over 1600 hours of work.

Paul and Eileen were nominated by their fellow drama club members for outstanding work as actors, crew members, and supportive members of the club.

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