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Chapter Plan 2009-2010 Columbia College Chicago School of Media Arts

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C H A P T E R E VA L U AT I O N CCMA Mission The Columbia College Marketing Association is a collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association. CCMA seeks to facilitate opportunities to establish and enhance relationships between members and their future colleagues in the marketing industry. We promote and heighten the awareness and understanding of marketing studies within and beyond the Columbia College communities.

2009-2010 Overview The CCMA Executive Board envisions the 2009-2010 collegiate year as an opportunity to develop a chapter structure that will promote growth and longevity for many, many years into the future.



+ The 2009-2010 Executive Board brings a diverse range of talents, experience, and knowledge to CCMA.

+ CCMA has the chance to rebuild and restructure.

+ CCMA’s Advisor brings several years of experience and a vast network of opportunities.

+ The Executive brings various talents that will allow us to rebrand, reposition, and restructure CCMA as an enriching, engaging, and exciting association through out Columbia College Chicago.

+ The Executive Board is comprised of individuals ready to share their personal professional networks with the entire association. + CCMA has developed a good relationship with Chicago’s marketing industry so they are very tresponsive to chapter requests.

+ There is an obvious CCMA target for students within the Marketing Communications Department; especially new students and transfers who are looking to get more involved at Columbia.

+ CCMA has taken an initiative to collaborate with the Columbia chapters of PRSSA and Ad Club.



+ CCMA has had trouble in the past maintaining active members.

+ Students may be interested in CCMA, but are not able to attend weekly meetings due to class schedules.

+ The CCMA fundraising account does not offer a lot of room for spending money on events and activities.

+ In the past CCMA has had trouble sustain CCMA’s visibility on campus due to the lack of participation from members.

+ Due to recent budget cuts, there is a lack of funding available on Campus for sponsorships.

+ Scheduling too many events and involvement opportunities may overwhelm members and decrease pro gramming assistance and attendance.


O P E R AT I O N S As an entity, the Executive Board will dedicate itself to maintain an organized, resourceful, prepared structure throughout the year.

E-Board Retreat

Executive Board Meetings



+ Establish CCMA’s immediate and long-term goals.

+ Conduct 33 Executive Board Meetings to provide-up dates, and organize and prepare for upcoming events, activities and meetings.

+ Re-brand and reposition the CCMA on campus. Determine goals for events, activities, professional development, and member involvement.


+ Create a new logo, promotional material, and it’s overall presence for CCMA within the Columbia College Community. It is important these elements exemplify Columbia College Chicago. + Collaborate ideas and personal goals to come up with overall objectives for CCMA, and the events, activities, professional development, and member involve element that will reposition CCMA as the top professional student organization on campus.

General Member Orientation Objective + To get an estimate on the number of active members CCMA will have to participate and advance it’s CCMA plans throughout each semester.

Strategy + Hand out membership welcome packets, begin collecting membership dues. + Determine what expectations for CCMA. + Discover what personal professional connections general members bring to CCMA. + Assess what committees are needed based on member’s personal strengths, talents, and goals.


+ Secure meeting space for entire year and emphasize the importance of consistent attendance, implement methods of checks and balances between members during non meeting days.

General Member Meetings Objective + Conduct 21 General Member meetings a semester to prompt member participation.


+ Secure meeting space for the entire year; emphasize the importance of consistent attendance

Guest Speaker/Fundraising Evaluations


+ Collect and analyze general members reactions to guest speakers and their participation in fundraisers to determine if change is necessary; speaker choices, presentation methods, etc.


+ Provide a survey to general members to get quantitative data of how the presentation went.


The CCMA Handbook Objective + Develop a CCMA Handbook that will be handed down to each future executive board.

Strategy + Include an example of each promotional material, CCMA’s brand image. + Provide documentation of all Student Organization policies and procedures, and past examples of execution.


+ Compile all meeting outlines, announcements, exter nal event invitations, activity evaluations and special opportunity descriptions in document and digital form. + Insert AMA descriptions of Executive Board member roles, detailed weekly roles, and other AMA resources and promotional materials.

MEMBERSHIP The organization and participation of our general members in CCMA meetings, activities, and events is essential for the overall growth and long-term success of CCMA.


+ To increase the participation and sense of belonging amongst the active members and engage non-active members. CCMA would also like to venture outside of the marketing department and attract students from different majors, ie. Arts, Entertainment, Media

+ Provide a monthly award to recognize a general mem ber for outstanding participation within CCMA. The award will offer the member the opportunity to shadow a professional, the“ Rent-an-Intern” program.

+ Goal: Gain and maintain 20 active, due paying members into the 2010-2011 school year.

+ Conduct a membership drive at Student Convocation, featuring CCMA branded goodies, an attention-getting spinning wheel for a Columbia Trivia game, and information sheets.


+ Conduct classroom visits at the beginning of each semester in the Marketing Communication Department.

+ Present new members with membership packets introducing them to CCMA and the AMA. + Maintain and add the contact information collected at each CCMA endeavor to the CCMA contact’s database.


C O M M U N I C AT I O N S CCMA will maintain strong connections with both general members and executive board members through various Internet and print efforts.

Internal Communications

External Communications



+ To keep all CCMA members connected and able to day via Facebook, The CCMA Blog, and via email. + Goal: Facebook (60 Fans), Blog Analytics (50% Page View Increase)

Strategy + Provide all members with an agenda at the beginning of each meeting. + Constantly update the CCMA blog,, with internship and volunteer opportunities, calendar of upcoming events, professional develop ment tips, AMA resources, and general inquiry contact information. + Utilize the CCMA Facebook Fan Page real-time sta tus updates to keep the people interested in CCMA and current members informed on current CCMA actions. + Maintain and add contact information collected at each CCMA endeavor to the CCMA contacts’ data

+ Heighten visibility of CCMA throughout the Marketing Communication Department’s main building as well as across campus.

Strategy + Promote all meetings, events and activities by posting tion Department’s building and the Arts, Entertainment, Media Management building. + Promote CCMA via the Internet through social media sharing and on campus using print advertising. + Send a monthly update to Marketing Communication Department club presidents, club advisers and faculty. + Add all CCMA events and activities to the Campuswide calendar. These events will be posted throughout the school daily. + Begin developing a new CCMA website for the Co lumbia Community as well as the local and Internation al AMA community’s resource.

+ Email reminder-invites for all meetings, events, and activities to members of CCMA as well as students that have shown interest in CCMA. All Executive board members will have access to the CCMA email so they can follow up with their committees and the entire gen eral member database if necessary.


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CCMA skill building workshops, presentations by practicing marketing professionals, visits to top industry agencies, offer members valuable professional development opportunities beyond the classroom.

Objective + To Schedule 30 professional development opportunities. Members will be considered active if they attend 10 per semester.

+ As a chapter attend 5 Columbia sponsored, CCMA relevant presentations, 3 CAMA activities, and 1 International AMA Conference.


+ Compete in 2 International AMA competitions.

+ Present 6 skill-building workshops to give members solid insight into new marketing methods, resume & portfolio development, marketing yourself how-to, networking practices, and graphic design basics.

+ Visit 3 agencies and/or large corporations. + Discuss emerging marketing practices, and personal marketing challenges at multiple meetings in a hot seat format.

+ Host 8 professional guest speakers utilizing the networks of CCMA members, Columbia faculty, Columbia Alumni, and CAMA (Chicago American Marketing Association). + Host 1 school-wide event that encourages students to network with professionals; “Speed Networking.”

COMMUNITY SERVICE CCMA plans to reach out locally, and provide member’s time and efforts to help non-profit organizations in the Chicago-land area.

Greater Chicago Food Depository Objective + Serve and provide food to individuals in need in our close community. + 50% member participation

Strategy + Provide CCMA member’s time and efforts to one select Chicago Food Depository 2 times in the 2009_2010 school year. + Develop a relationship with this organization so CCMA can possibly create potential professional development opportunities, i.e. develop marketing plan for a volunteer or food drive.


DCFS/Chicago Bulls Holiday Events Objective


+ To take advantage of an Executive Board member’s professional network to get connected and volunteer for the Department of Children and Family Services.

+ Volunteer CCMA member’s time and effort at two DCFS events.

+ To provide assistance to The Chicago Bulls organiza tion, players, sponsors, and other volunteers to host 2 holiday parties for DCFS. Food and gifts will be dis persed to the children and families in need.

FUNDRAISING CCMA aims to provide funding for both current and future member participation in Local and International AMA chapter activities, as well as maintain an adequate account balance through yearly fundraising. The fundraising goal for the 2009-2010 year is to raise

$6,900 .

MAP Grant Fundraiser

Snack Sales



+ To create a large voice for Columbia students that will lose funding with the Illinois MAP Grant cuts. CCMA will ask students to sign letters to their state senators and representatives. This is a fundraiser offered to Columbia’s student organizations by the Student Government Association.

+ To sell popular food items throughout the school year to build up the amount of money in CCMA’s account participation will be open to general members.

Goal: + Raise $300

Strategy + The Student Government Association is offering $150 per day for CCMA to collect signatures at a designated campus location. CCMA has arranged to execute the SGA efforts for two full days with 4 Executive Board and 8 General Member’s participation.

+ Goal: Raise $300.

Strategy + CCMA will sell popular, student friendly snacks on a month looking to capitalize on the limited availabil ity of certain food products both on campus at lunch time and in the general vicinity of Chicago; i.e. Krispy Kreme donuts, Cup of Noodle soups, and grilled cheese sandwiches + CCMA will sell products campus before and after classes in the morning and early afternoon hours look ing to target students that did not have time to eat break fast, or are looking to grab a quick snack before their next class.


Speed Networking Objective

+ To have a notable presence at consistently high attended events on campus. + Goal: Raise $100

Strategy +

already established and high- attendance events on Columbia’s campus. The Student Organizations Council representative will interface with some of the most prominent student organizations that put on the largest on-campus events.

+ CCMA’s logo will be featured on all marketing materials to increase visibility throughout the Columbia community. + CCMA will help event hosts create buzz for each event to heighten fundraising potential.

Sponsorship Objective + Proposals will be written and presented to all parties allowing us to “pitch” our brand to gain extra funds for our trip to New Orleans.


+ To host a marketing communications departmentwide event. The event concept is new to Columbia and has potential to become a future school-wide event that CCMA could maintain a primary host position. This will increase visibility for CCMA within the department and position our club as a strong networking resource. + Goal: Raise $200

Strategy + Promotional efforts for this speed-networking event will target all marketing communication concentrations. + Attendees will be charged a fee; CCMA members will get a discount. + CCMA members will also have access to a minglinghour prior to the start of speed networking, giving them a longer period of time to develop a relationship with the various professionals. + At the event, business professionals will come in looking for intern candidates and/or full time position candidates and students will be able to pitch themselves in a quick, relaxed environment. At the end of the event, professionals can select individual’s information to set up follow up interviews.

+ Goal: Raise $6000

Strategy +

college’s Student Organization Council, The Student Government Association and the Marketing Commnications Department and external sponsors by pre senting them with proposals.



Calendar of Events + CCMA Activity/Event + Professional Development + Fundraising + Community Service + External Events

2009 June + Executive Board Meeting

2010 January + Executive Board Retreat

July + Executive Board Meetings

August + Executive Board Meetings

September + Executive Board Meetings + New Student Convocation + Executive Board Retreat + Kick-Off/Informational Meeting + Promotional Classroom Visits

October + Executive Board Meetings + General Member Meetings + General Member Orientation + Member of the Month, Rent-an-Intern TBA + Midterm Relaxer Social + Adobe Illustrator Workshop + Guest Speaker, CAMA + Guest Speaker, Leo Burnett + MAP Grant Fundraiser + Columbia-Sponsored: Guest Speaker, Twitter

November + Executive Board Meetings + General Member Meetings + Member of the Month, Rent-an-Intern TBA + Social Media Workshop + Resume Critique Workshop 1 + Agency Visit + Snack Sale + CAMA Event + Columbia-Sponsored Workshops

December + Executive Board Meetings + General Member Meetings + Guest Speaker, Google + DCFS Service Efforts

February + Executive Board Meetings + General Member Meetings + Member of the Month, Rent-an-Intern + CAMA Event + Marketing Yourself Workshop + Guest Speaker +5DIテ? + Snack Sale + Food Depository Service Effort + Columbia-Sponsored Event

March + Executive Board Meetings + General Member Meetings + Member of the Month, Rent-an-Intern + Portfolio Show Off & Critique Workshop + Guest Speakers, Alumni Panel + Agency Visit + Food Depository Service Effort + Columbia-Sponsored Event

April + Executive Board Meetings + General Member Meetings + Member of the Month, Rent-an-Intern + Executive Board Elections + Guest Speaker + Speed Networking + Resume Critique Workshop 2 +5DIテ? + International AMA Conference

May + Executive Board Meetings, Training + General Member Wrap- Up Meeting + Agency Visit

June + CAMA Brand-Smart Event



Opening Cash Balance:------> $ 4,080 Revenues

Membership Dues CCMA (30 Members)--------------------------------------------- $1,200 National AMA----------------------------------------------------- $900 Snack Sale Fundraisers----------------------------------------- $300 MAP Grant Fundraiser------------------------------------------- $300 9HMĂ…L-\UKYHPZLY  Speed Networking Event---------------------------------------- $200 Columbia Department Sponsorships--------------------------- $6,000

Total Revenue: $10,500 Expenses

National AMA Dues (20 General Members)-------------------- $900 Snack Sales------------------------------------------------------- $150 Weekly Meeting Snack Expenses (23 Meetings)--------------- $570 Recruitment Promotional Materials----------------------------- $200 9HMĂ…L  Speed Networking Materials------------------------------------ $30 CAMA Event (Price Est. $25 for 15 Members)----------------- $375 CCMA Banner---------------------------------------------------- $150 AMA International Conference T-Shirts------------------------------------------------------------ $300 Registration (8 ppl.)---------------- ------------------------------ $560 Transportation/Lodging (8 ppl.)--- ------------------------------ $8,000

Total Expenses: $11,245

Net Cash Flow 09-10: Ending Balance ------> $3,335 *This budget is based off of educated estimates using past account data and current pricing of items needed.


CCMA Chapter Plan  

Columbia College Marketing Association