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June 2015

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MEMBER MESSENGER “Driven to Promote and Protect Small Business”

JUNE 2015 Association newsletter

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144 tee off at 20th Annual BNCW Golf Classic at Highlander Golf Club wear it with pride! The Twentieth Annual BNCW Golf Classic was held Friday, May 8, at the beautiful Highlander Golf Club, and it was enjoyed by a full field of 144 golfers. The weather was gorgeous and the players enjoyed camaraderie, great golf, food, drink, games and events throughout the entire afternoon of play. Our event planning committee — led by Jake Holt, Central Washington Concrete, and Nathan Roberts, Noble Truss & Lumber — worked tirelessly over the last several weeks to ensure that this year’s tournament was the most enjoyable one yet — and that it certainly was. It truly would be impossible to produce this event at the level that our players have come to expect without the dedication of member leaders like Jake, Nathan and the other volunteers listed below. TOURNAMENT WINNERS: n 1st Place Team - Peterson Excavation n 2nd Place Team – Central Washington Asphalt n 3rd Place Team – Cashmere Valley Mortgage n Worst Score - JDSA Law Firm n KP Hole #3 - Brian Beckstead n KP Hole #7 - Edwin Eaton n KP Hole #9 – Joe Gluzinski n KP Hole #18 - Tyson Morris n Men’s Longest Drive - Ed Gardner n Women’s Longest Drive Cori Yeager We would like to recognize and thank our committee members and volunteers for their efforts in the planning and execution of this year’s event!

PLANNING COMMITTEE: n Co-Chair - Jake Holt, Central Washington Concrete n Co-Chair - Nathan Roberts, Noble Truss & Lumber, Inc. n Shane Johnson, Johnson Electric NW LLC n Cindy Smith, Western Ranch Buildings


Team Photos Sponsored by:

H&H Construction North West LLC

General and Framing Contractor

General Contractor Central Washington Concrete – Presenting Sponsor

Wenatchee Sand & Gravel – Presenting Sponsor

Noble Truss & Lumber Inc. – Dinner Sponsor

BNCW 20th Annual Golf Classic • May 8th, 2015 • Highlander Golf Club 1st Place Team - Peterson Excavation; Mike Hackenmiller, Dustin Hackenmiller, Pat Peterson, Darin Bobysud Team Photos Sponsored by:

Team Photos Sponsored by:

H&H Construction

H&H Construction North West LLC

North West LLC

General and Framing Contractor

General and Framing Contractor General General Contractor Contractor

General Contractor

BNCW 20th Annual Golf Classic • May 8th, 2015 • Highlander Golf Club 2nd Place Team - Central WA Asphalt; Pamp Maiers, Justin Fullbright, Mike Walker & Tyson Morris

n Steve Sadler, Sadler Construction n Dave Shoults, Nationwide Insurance n Craig Field, Mitchell, Reed & Schmitten Insurance

VOLUNTEERS: n Amanda Pearcy, Washington Federal n Ann George, Peoples Bank

n April Wiggins, Washington Federal n Becky Gallaher, Sadler Construction n Cindy Smith, Western Ranch Buildings n Donna Cassidy, The Good Life n Elisabeth Holt, Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce

BNCW 20th Annual Golf Classic • May 8th, 2015 • Highlander Golf Club

3rd Place Team - Cashmere Valley Mortgage; Craig Field, Amy Moubray, Brent Schmitten & Kyle Lewis (not pictured)

n Gina Degean n Jodi Bobysud, Miniblinds & More n Kathy Bendtsen n Karma Meuret, Peoples Bank n Lisa Carnes, CornerStone Lending n Marina Covey, Custom Construction & Cabinetry n Mary Lewis, R Digital Design

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n Stasha Reed, Washington Federal A huge thank you goes out to our many sponsors of this year’s tournament! Their support is crucial and without it, we would not have this incredible event that golfers look forward to year after year.


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June 2015

JUNE 2015 Association newsletter

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Still struggling with the state’s Growth Management Act Back in the early ’90s, the state of Washington passed the Growth Management Act. It is a monstrosity that has achieved none of its goals, but is the darling of liberal central planners, and it is a struggle for cities and counties (especially rural ones). The idea was to herd people into cities and stop urban “sprawl” through regulatory control. Unfortunately, for the central planners, people and the markets don’t necessarily behave as planners would like. Again and again, the act refers to stopping “low-density sprawl” and goes on to encourage larger and larger

mandated lot sizes as the distance from the city increases. That’s sort of a non-sequitur, wouldn’t you say? Cities and counties are mandated to adopt “urban growth areas” (UGA) around cities that are supposed to accommodate the planned growth for a 20-year horizon, based on projected population increases forecast by the state. Unfortunately, most of those projections are wildly inaccurate and even if they were accurate, there is no plan by most cities to provide the necessary backbone infrastructure (water, sewer, roads) to accommodate the planned growth.

Take a couple of our local cities, for instance: The city of East Wenatchee tries to force density by regulation, mandating minimum densities and such, but completely fails in figuring out how that can be done without the necessary infrastructure — fantasizing that “developers” will pay for it. It hasn’t happened, can’t happen, and won’t happen that way. This kind of policy most often fails miserably. The city’s northern limit has been 19th Street practically forever – so much for the 20-year plan. The city of Chelan takes another approach. Rather than providing in-

frastructure, they have passed a new ordinance mandating that unless infrastructure is available in the Urban Growth Area, the minimum lot size must be 5 acres in most cases, thereby admitting the land doesn’t belong in the UGA. Another failed policy. So, here you have one city trying to get urban density in the UGA by regulation, and another by prohibiting growth and density in the UGA by regulation – both attempting to meet the goals of the GMA. This is not necessarily the fault of the city fathers. What does this tell you about that fine piece of legislation known as the Growth Management Act?

Chelan County Planning Commission genuinely engages citizens While local planning commissions are sometimes simply window dressing for planning staff, the Chelan County Planning Commission is populated by a panel of very engaged citizens truly interested in making land-use decisions that are in the best interest of the county citizens. They do not confuse the needs of county government with the needs of the populace. The county commissioners are to be congratulated for being very thoughtful about who they appoint to the commission. BNCW was recently engaged in a code-amendment process that was sponsored by the county commissioners, and was surprisingly opposed by

staff. The issue is pretty arcane and one that one of our lawyer friends would describe as, “down in the weeds.” What it boils down to is whether a landowner can rearrange his property lines using a relatively simple boundary adjustment process, or go through a difficult and expensive short plat process to accomplish the same thing. To keep it in perspective, the simple process might cost $1,500 and take a couple of weeks, whereas the more complicated process might cost 10 times that amount and with quite an uncertain outcome, and take 6 to 9 months.

It’s not uncommon, when dealing with complex procedural issues as this, for planning commissions to rely completely on staff, and understandably so, given the complexity of the issues and the general presumption that staff has properly analyzed the issue. But the Chelan County Planning Commission is not a typical one. The members dive in and digest the materials and truly want to understand the issue to make their best recommendation to the county commissioners. And that is as it should be. These folks are definitely not bobble-heads. They carefully listen to testimony from staff and interested citizens and

are not a bit afraid to ask questions, even at the risk of appearing to be confused or unclear about the issue, which is certainly no shame given the complexity of these sorts of issues. On this particular issue, the planning commission, in our opinion, did an excellent job of hearing testimony and making the right recommendation regardless of staff preference. It’s refreshing to participate in a process where public testimony is given careful consideration, and we applaud the commission and its members and hope the county commissioners will adopt their recommendation.


From a different perspective


n the plus side, job growth continues to look very strong and inflation rates appear to be no longer falling. But business investment has been declining for six months and retail sales have been slumping for three. This suggests a resilient and strengthening economy but one that is temporarily slowing with low productivity growth. Added together, it means Q1 GDP will disappoint and come in around 1percent.”    Elliot F. Eisenberg, Ph.D. GraphsandLaughs LLC

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BNCW member highlights

Attention BNCW Member Contractors:

PUD starts collecting city occupation tax on water services/fees The Chelan County Public Utility District provided BNCW with the following heads-up notice: Starting May 1, Chelan County PUD will collect a 16.47-percent city tax on water fees and charges and remit it to the city of Wenatchee. Recent court decisions confirmed that the city occupation tax also applies to water system development charges, meter fees, facility modifications, line extension charges and other similar fees, in addition to domestic water services. Under state law and by city ordinance, the city of Wenatchee has the legal authority to impose this occupation tax on the gross

income of businesses that sell or supply domestic water services within the city limits. That means that Chelan County PUD is required to pay the tax on all water services and fees we charge to customers. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Accounting Department at 509-661-8002. Sincerely, John Stoll, Managing Director, Customer Utilities, Chelan County PUD NOTE: For specific information about the new charges and fees, you can visit the BNCW website at www.

Welcome new BNCW members To view each of our valued member company’s complete profile, we invite you to visit and click on the membership directory tab.

n Weyerhauser Arlyn Anderson (206) 369-7667 For information about becoming a BNCW member, contact Membership and Events Director Lindsay Everhart, at (509) 293-5840.

Find BNCW on Facebook! Look for our Facebook link at, or look for BuildingNCW on Facebook!

BNCW is a professional trade organization that is driven to promote and protect small business in North Central Washington. LOCATED AT: 2201 N. Wenatchee Ave. Wenatchee, WA 98801 PHONE: (509) 293-5840 FAX: (509) 665-6669 Email us for more information: Visit us online at:


June 2015

Wenatchee Business Journal


JUNE 2015 Association newsletter

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Wenatchee Valley Technical Skills Center

Fike gives students construction fundamentals For several years now, BNCW has had the good fortune to enjoy a great relationship with the Wenatchee Valley Technical Skills Center, and most specifically, the school’s Construction Trades Program. Terry Fike, instructor for the Construction Trades Program, continues to build an impressive program — that provides high school juniors and seniors with a fantastic learning opportunity that is somewhat unique. Perhaps the most common complaint that I hear from our member contractors is the ongoing challenge associated with finding entry-level

employees who not only have some rudimentary skills (for example, how to read a tape measure or cut a piece of lumber), but possess some real-life exposure to construction, too. Let’s face it, learning about construction from a textbook while sitting in a classroom just isn’t the same as getting out in the field and learning by doing. This is where Terry’s program is

somewhat unique. As a longtime contractor, Terry Fike combines his experience with a very evident and tangible passion for teaching young people, not only the fundamentals of the various trades, but perhaps even more important, how to be responsible and productive employees after graduation. While his students practice many of the fundamentals in the school’s shop, be it framing, reading a set of plans or gaining familiarity with hand tools, they spend a good amount of time out in the field, too. Not many schools around the state offer a program like that of WVTSC’s, which provides

that very important hands-on learning element. As the saying goes, it’s only theory until it’s put into practice. Each year, several of Terry’s graduating students are hired by contractors looking for dependable, hardworking young people seeking a career in the trades. If you’re an employer looking to fill an entry-level position, I strongly encourage you to consider a WVTSC graduate. To learn more, you may contact Terry Fike at (509) 699-0023, or via email at fike.t@wenatcheeschools. org . To learn more about the WVTSC, visit their website at www.edlinesites. net/pages/WVTSC.

BNCW strives to make our members’ lives easier One of BNCW’s objectives is to make life easier for our valued member companies. We recognize that small businesses are doing far more with less than ever before. Your association is working to bring together information and resources conveniently available to you in the “members-only” area of the BNCW website. Rather than spending hours searching out important documents, information and critical resources,

we’re working to make them available to you — all when it’s convenient for you and your schedule. We want you to know, too, that your BNCW staff is equally committed to being only a phone call away from providing you with assistance anytime we can make your life a little easier. For example, did you know that all employers in Washington state are required to create a written Accident Prevention Program (APP)? Getting a surprise visit by a Labor & Industries

inspector is not the way in which we want our member companies discovering that they’re out of compliance. In the members-only section of the BNCW website, you’ll find sample written programs that can be easily adapted to your business and workplace. Furthermore, as a valued BNCW member company, your BNCW staff will provide assistance in customizing these templates to make the APP your own — simply give Kim Fenner a call

at (509) 293-5840. As another example, did you know that there are a number of state and federal posters that all employers are required to post on their jobsites or workplaces? Again, you don’t have to spend your valuable time searching out what you need and where you may find them; they’re all available for you on the BNCW website, or simply give us a call and we will happily get them to you!


Golf sponsors earn a big ‘thank you’ Continued from page B5

n Pam Cooke Windermere Real Estate n Peoples Bank n Peterson Excavation n Pool to Spa Services n PrimeSource n ProBuild n Riverway Contractors Inc. n Sadler Construction Inc. n Sangster Motors n Sligar Excavation n The Home Depot n The John’s Real Estate Corp. n The Wash Station n The Windmill Restaurant n Trinity Inflatables n Turner Restoration n Village-Life n Wenatchee Body & Fender n Willies Sports Bar & Grill  

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MEMBER MESSENGER “Driven to Promote and Protect Small Business”

JUNE 2015 Association newsletter



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Moonlight Tile & Stone sponsors June networking event You will want to be sure to note June 18 on your calendars! BNCW’s June Nothing But Networking event will be hosted by Moonlight Tile & Stone. This will be a great opportunity to see their new showroom location in the Baker Flat industrial park. Joe and Stacy Carlile have been in business now for 15 years and have grown steadily throughout those 15 years. They just recently moved their operation into a new 10,000-square-foot facility, where they house the latest cutting-edge


Ready Mixed Concrete Sand & Gravel Crushed Rock Concrete Supplies & Blocks 3 Locations to Serve You

“We are creating a team of highly skilled people working safely to build long-term relationships with our customers and communities. Integrity, superior quality, and exceptional service will continue to be the foundation of our future.”

886-4853 5515 Enterprise Drive GRAVEL


TILE & STONE Specializing in Custom

technology to template, fabricate and Stone Counter Tops install precise and beautifully polished GRANITE • TRAVERTINE countertops from a wide variety of materials. MARBLE • SOAPSTONE If you have attended one of our QUARTZevents in the Nothing But Networking past, you know these events are (509)that 782-2464

5970 Sunburst Ln #3 Cashmere, WA 98815

fun, informative and great opportunities to network with other business leaders throughout the Valley! There will be good food, drink and more! This is a totally free event and one that you won’t want to miss! For more information, please go to www., or call BNCW’s Membership & Events Director Lindsay Everhart at (509) 293-5840.

Nothing But Networking n WHEN: 5-7 p.m. June 18, 2015 n WHERE: Moonlight Tile & Stone, 4932

Contractors Drive #B, East Wenatchee n CALL (509) 293-5840


BNCW’s June Board of Directors Meeting

BNCW’s June CPR & First Aid Training

n 7-9 a.m. June 17, 2015 n Building North Central

n 4-6 p.m. June 17, 2015 n Building North Central

n 5-7 p.m. June 18, 2015 n Moonlight Tile & Stone,

Washington, 2201 N. Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee n Chairman: Travis Hofstetter n For information call (509) 293-5840

Washington, 2201 N. Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee n $40/person, includes continuing education credits, good for new and recertification. n Call BNCW at (509) 293-5840 to register. Preregistration required.

4932 Contractors Drive #B, East Wenatchee n For information call BNCW at (509) 293-5840.

The BNCW Board of Directors is the policy-making body of the association and is responsible for the business affairs of the corporation, according to BNCW’s bylaws. Our directors meet the third Wednesday of each month in the boardroom of the BNCW offices. These meetings begin at 7 a.m. and are open to any BNCW member to attend. If you wish to contact any of the officers or directors, please visit the BNCW website for their contact information.

E. Wenatchee

886-1070 400 Parkway Drive Rock Island

Were you aware that as an em ployer, unless you are able to get an injured employee to medical care within 3-4 minutes, you are required to have trained and equipped employees? This two-hour class will provide attendees with their certification. Our instructor, George Templeton, puts on a great class that is enjoyable and informative, too. Seats are limited to 15 and fill up quickly, so reserve your spots early. You may also register online at

BNCW’s June Nothing But Networking

BNCW’s EPA Certified Lead-Safety Training

BNCW’s June Nothing But Networking event will be hosted by Moonlight Tile & Stone owners Joe and Stacy Carlile who recently moved their operation into a new 10,000-square-foot facility where they use cutting-edge technology to template and fabricate beautifully polished countertops. Nothing But Networking events are fun, informative and an opportunity to network with other business leaders throughout the Valley. There will be good food, drink and more. This is a totally free event. For information, go to, or call BNCW’s Membership & Events Director Lindsay Everhart at (509) 293-5840.

n 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. June 25, 2015 (Check-in at 7:45 a.m.) n Building North Central Washington, 2201 N. Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee n $235/member student or $285/non-member student. n Pre-registration required (Class size is limited to six students). n Call (509) 293-5840.

This certification training course is required for any contractor that is involved in any activity that will — or has the potential to — disturb 6 square feet of lead-based paint in a room, or 20 square feet on the exterior. Our instructor, Dale Yerabek, puts on an excellent class and implements a an important perspective as a former contractor. Seats are limited to six students and fill up quickly. Reserve your seat early. You may also register online at

Join BNCW Today! • • • • •

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June 2015

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