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Watershed of Words

A collection of writing and artwork by Clark County Students (Grades K-12) Presented by Clark County Environmental Services Clean Water Program



of Words

Cover art by Elani Phillips Illahee Elementary School 4th Grade Mrs. Hansen

This year’s Watershed of Words contest shows once again that our students have a concern for and interest in our waters. More than 1,000 students submitted their creations for the 2012 Watershed of Words. We received poems, stories, drawings, paintings, cutouts, and computer generated art. This year, we selected 138 authors for publication and 55 artists. Stories tell of waters so polluted that the lives of the creatures that live there are endangered; stories share experiences that students have had with their families; and poems relate concerns about garbage in our waters. Artwork show fish, ducks, otter, frogs (lots of frogs), birds, streams, rivers, and lakes. Through their entries, students continue to remind us to make a commitment to keep our waterways clean for people, fish, and wildlife. This booklet celebrates students’ achievements. Congratulations to all of our student authors and artists.

Table of Contents Grades K-2 Grades 3-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12

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Acknowledgements Published in 2012 by the Clark County Environmental Services Clean Water Program, Clark County, Washington. Editing and layout by Shirley Morgan and Cindy Stienbarger. Transcription by Shirley Morgan. Assistance was provided by Sabra Hall-Nelson. Planning and selection team: Shirley Morgan, Sally Fisher, Matt Grimley, and Cindy Stienbarger. Students’ writing and art may not be reproduced without permission.

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Keeping Our Water Clean Clean water is one of our most precious resources. As residents of the rainy Pacific Northwest, we might assume that clean, fresh water will always be ours for the asking. However, pollution from our everyday actions, such as driving our cars or caring for our yards, threatens the health of our local streams and groundwater. As stormwater runs across roads, parking lots, and lawns it picks up chemicals, oil, pesticides, and sediment that can harm fish and cloud streams. The good news is we can all help keep our streams clean. We can use less chemicals on our yards, garden with native plants that need less fertilizer, pick up pet waste, cover manure piles, keep our cars well maintained, and think about walking or biking instead of driving. Even small actions can add up to a big impact! Our kids care about clean water. Let’s all do our part to protect clean rivers and streams for future generations to enjoy.

Clark County Clean Water Program The Clark County Department of Environmental Services administers the Clean Water Program to safeguard the quality of our water and comply with the federal Clean Water Act. The program’s primary activities include stormwater construction projects, water quality monitoring of local streams, public education and outreach, regulations and enforcement, and maintenance of the county’s stormwater system. As the county’s population continues to increase, Clark County is committed to responsible planning to keep our waterways free of pollution and as clean as possible.

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Thanks to the teachers who participated with their students in this year’s Watershed of Words creative writing and art contest. CAM Rachel Karlsen Camas High School Matt Loop

Cape Horn -Skye Elementary School Chelsea Meats Captain Strong Primary School Susan Crill Chief Umtuch Middle School Linda Peterson

Daybreak Primary School Christine Abel Dena Cearly Sarah Campbell Julie Drimmel Rockwell Fransen Carla Gish Nikole Graves Sharon Foster David Harding Jan Highley Jennifer Johnson Sandy Klavano Gina Lemberg Jean Openshaw Debora Ortner Laura Purdy Karen Reynolds Melanie Riley Laura Schroeder Lorri Sibley Tricia Voeller Paula Young

Firm Foundation Christian School Marci Day Lynne Hyde Katie Lewis Erica Tortora Sandi Wright Gause Elementary School Heidi Kleser Connie Vernon

Illahee Elementary School Donna Hansen King’s Way Christian School Gretchen Kipp Sarah Murphy Kim O’Neal La Center Elementary School Julie Smith Lakeshore Elementary School Mary Jo Cannard Debbie Mitts McLoughlin Middle School Leigh Thomas Pleasant Valley Middle School Amy Pace Marsha Taylor Chris Thompson

Grass Valley Elementary School Jackie Graue

River Homelink Lisa Hergert Susan Remmen Kerri Stewart

Harney Elementary School Holly Sprague

Sacajawea Elementary School Meredith Gannon

Hockinson Intermediate School Carrie Maloney Nancy O’Neil

Tukes Valley Middle School Becky Brewmer Julie Koch

Homelink Battle Ground Beth Boyle Cara Cross Doug Githens Jean Markuson Christa Mellin Karen Roach Sylvie Wirkkala

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Congratulations to the students who were selected for publication in this year’s Watershed of Words booklet. We appreciate your writing and artistic efforts focusing on the importance of water and protecting water resources in Clark County. Authors Jethro Abatayo Nicolas Acosta Julia Baiar & Lilly Alexander Robert J. Andrews Lisa Barnes Kendal Beauvais Kylee Bell Sarah Berg Erin Besteman Kristen Bivens Julianna Blanton Rebekah Boone Amelia Brabec Ellie Bradford Luke Brewer Hailey Bufford Katie Campbell Savannah Clausen Ian Coatney Alexa Davidson Hunter Davis Aidan Del Moral Brenna Dewey Erik Dillman Gabriel Dinnel Orion Dittler-Marion Emily Dodge & Amy Eells Jonathan Durand Camille Durbec Crystal Edmonds Brooklynn Elizondo Olivia Elizondo Mackenzie Ellertson

Dylan Fallstone Jade Farmer Logan Femling Natalie Foster Mitch France Meliah Franklin Joey Gaylor Katie Gilroy Charlie Glover Stephanie Gray Livingston Gruenberg Noah Guyette Hailey Hamilton Alyssa Hanes Lauren Hapgood August Helmes Kaiya Holguin Samuel Hornsveld Tyler Huck Lorelei Hunsaker Angel Jack Jenae Johnson Katelyn Josephson Nick Kaski Katee Kennedy Katie Kogler Dennis Kokhanovskiy Nicole Kreger Marshall Ledbetter Isabella Lewis Ty Linster Sydney Little Faith Livsey Leah Locatis Ethan Long

Ryan Lynch Meagan Luisi Jordan Martin Kelvin Matson Adam McBroom Finn McClone Corinne Metcalf Calley Mihaiuc Chiaki Mills Ian Moehnke Brady Moore Jacqueline Muri Harrison Nabors Emma Nokelby & Katelyn Quan Kaitlyn Nguyen Emma Pearce Nickela Pendergast Eleni Phillips Renee Przybylek Lauren Puyleart Bailey Rager Colten Phoenix RedThunder Orion Rentz Jacob Rice Autumn Richardson Kelsie Roach Kimberly Roach Rebecca Roach Eden Rodriguez Kate Roseburrough Xochitl Sanchez William Schaefer Piper Schafte

Coleman Selby Anna Seppala Samantha Sidwell Jazmine Simmerson & Morgan Bonebrake Sophia Skimas Bobby Smith Miley Smith Sydney Staley Thomas Stimson Rebecca Strizver Sydney Strong Katherine Styskel Nolan G. Suiliawna Kailiyah Tamayo Alec Thornburg Trenton Tikka Sarah Turcic Georgia Tytler Ethan Valtierra Kiley Vorderstrasse Allie Walters Zachary Wannamaker Lauren Wegner Jack Westby Eli Wheeler Natalie Williams Saffron Williams Elise Wilson Janessa Wilson Gabe Wonnacott Xiansheng Yan Ethan Zeller Vera Zherebnenko

Artists Xena Ault Kierstin Carver Jasmine Conjugacion Cooper Curtis Camille Durbec Kayla Dixon Ally Errico Roman Fabyanchuk Malia Fishler Addison Friesen Alex Gelever Payton Gillingham Katie Gilroy Lily Graham

Stephanie Gray Mallory Greer Alexis Heinzman Joseph Henderson Mackenzie Hoffman Aaron Hsu Isaiah Jackson Maia Kawamura Cassidy Kendall Justin Krieger Faith Livsey Tess Majerns Shelby McArthur Todd Mendenhall

Calley Mihaiuc Chiaki Mills Sebastian MiranadaGivens Ian Moehnke Megan Nellor Emma Nokelby & Katelyn Quan Eleni Phillips Lauren Puyleart Jasper Rank Malia Renfroe & Elvira Suyarkova Kelsie Roach

Kimberly Roach DJ Rule Anna Seppala Maddie Statham Abbie Stockman Takumi Veley Zachary Wannamaker Julia Watson Spencer Weathers Lauren Wegner Saffron Williams Janessa Wilson Margot Wilson Tim Zherebnenko

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Grades K-2

Winning Author: K-2nd Grade Katee Kennedy Sacajawea Elementary School 2nd Grade Mrs. Gannon

At the Creek Down where the grass, where the grass was green, Where the sky was blue, Where the water was clean. Now I sit in this sad place When I look in the water, I see no face. I wish I could run and play, But I have to sit on this sad day. My memory is so clear, I used to play right here.

Winning Artist: K-2nd Grade Lauren Wegner Firm Foundation Christian School 2nd Grade Miss Lewis

Green Frog

Page 5

Frog Haiku Frogs lead pad to pad Frogs snatch insects for dinner The pond is peaceful. Lauren Wegner 2nd Grade Firm Foundation Christian School Miss Lewis


I have a stream in my back yard in Yacolt, WA. I build dams in the stream. The mud sticks good. The tadpoles have a pool to swim around and around. I take a stick. I put it in the stream. The stick reaches the dam. The stick goes through a hole. I patch the hole with mud and put another stick in the stream. It goes through the hole. I patch all the holes. The little water beetle fits through the littlest and last hole. Oh No! Frogs are taking over the place. Ribbit, Ribbit! I see a big tadpole. It’s chasing all of the other tadpoles. I see a big bird come to the stream and I wonder what it will do. I like playing in the stream in my back yard. Kelvin Matson Firm Foundation Christian School 2nd Grade Miss Lewis

Rain drops in the water. I am in the water with the fish. Very cold in the water Everything is clean in the water. Rainbow fish in streams. Miley Smith Daybreak Primary School 2nd Grade Ms. Reynolds

Pond Play in the water On a hot day Now you know to keep it clean for the Ducks Isabella Lewis Daybreak Primary School 1st Grade Mrs. Foster

I have a pond. There are frogs in it. I like to catch the frogs. I names them. My favorite is Greenie. Ethan Long Daybreak Primary School 1st Grade Ms. Johnson

Artwork by Jasmine Conjugacion River HomeLink 1st Grade Mrs. Stewart

I went fishing at a clean and cool lake. I went with my mom and dad. I caught the smallest brown fish. I liked going fishing. I liked being in the fast boat. I saw a black and white fish in the water. I liked going fishing with my mom and dad. Hunter Davis River HomeLink 1st Grade Mrs. Stewart

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I like to go swimming with my family. It is fun. I go swimming at the rivers. Sometimes I dive in and even splash with my family. One time I was to go into the river and I thought I saw a shark. I was only four years old. Savannah Clausen Daybreak Primary School 2nd Grade Mrs. Sibley

Water, water, Keep it clean. Recycle, Renew, Keep it clean. Don’t you litter! Keep our world healthy. Don’t wash your car in the parking lot. Empty your water bottle and recycle it. Gabe Wonnacott Daybreak Primary School 2nd Grade Ms. Purdy

If you keep the water clean You can see a shining gleam You know when the water is clean Because you can see a fish coming Just like right now Livingston Gruenbeg Daybreak Primary School 2nd Grade Mrs. Campbell


Artwork by Madie Stathem Daybreak Primary School 1st Grade Mrs. Ortner

I want to keep the water clean. I learned about water; it was fun. Fish will die without clean water. I want to keep it clean. I don’t want people to go into water that is dirty. And, I want to keep it clean with no garbage in there. Ethan Valtierra Daybreak Primary School 1st Grade Ms. Young

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Water is something we use each day and night but When we pollute the waters of the world The scene is quite a fright So don’t pollute Please oh please Then we can save the earth’s waterways with ease Lorelei Hunsaker Daybreak Primary School 2nd Grade Mrs. Klavano

Keeping water clean So the fish don’t die So the frogs don’t die Orion Rentz Daybreak Primary School 1st Grade Mrs. Abel

Some water we drink. Some water we play in. There are so many times we use water. People, plants, and animals like deer, birds, fish, and more. We use water to water our plants. We use water to drink, cook, wash, and more. Animals use water to drink. It is also a habitat for animals. Fish can die of dirty water, so remember to help water.

I went camping one day. The water was so clear I could see a lot of fish in the water. Then it was sunrise. I woke up and didn’t see my dad. I went out of the tent and he was fishing. I said, “Dad did you catch anything?” He said, “Yes, a big one was caught.”

Dennis Kokhanovshiy Daybreak Primary School 2nd Grade Mrs. Riley

Ty Linster Daybreak Primary School 1st Grade Mr. Harding

Frogs need clean water to survive. It is nature to me. I like frogs. They need wet skin. Frogs are cute when they’re baby frogs. They are really cute. I like tree frogs so much. We caught one; it was fun.

Artwork by Payton Gillingham Sacajawea Elementary School 2nd Grade Mrs. Gannon

Alexa Davidson Daybreak Primary School 1st Grade Mrs. Ortner

The Blue Heron There is a pond by my house. It has frogs, ducks, and sometimes there is a blue heron. The blue heron looks blue and white. The blue heron looks peaceful. Eden Rodriquez Firm Foundation Christian School 2nd Grade Miss Lewis

There once was a little pond so calm and sweet. There once was a little pond who was splashing to the beat! Fishes were jumping high in the air, Frogs were leaping from here to there, Ducks were ducking for food, Frogs weren’t quite in the mood. The crickets did make quite a racket! Sydney Staley Firm Foundation Christian School 2nd Grade Miss Lewis

Page 8

Burnt Bridge Creek We get up on Saturday; get dressed right away, Grab Jett’s leash; it’s time to play, He goes crazy barking and barking some more, Jumping and running he heads for the door, We open the car and he hops right in, I look at his face and swear he can grin, It doesn’t take long and running we go, To the stream through the meadow that’s hidden below, Jett and I play forever it seems, “You got me all wet, Jett!” Dylan screams, We see all the animals that call this place home, The wonderful life cycle so none are alone, If we do our part and help keep it clean, They’ll lie happy and healthy along with the stream, Burnt Bridge Creek is the name of this place, If we all work together to give nature some space, She will thank us each day, Just try it and see, If the trees, flowers, animals and bees, Don’t make you smile and bring joy to your face, Well, we’ve said our “Good Day” to Burnt Bridge Creek, Take care, all of you, “Come Jett,” We’ll see you next week!

Grades 3-5

Winning Author: 3rd-5th Grades Dylan Fallstone River HomeLink 5th Grade Mrs. Hergert

Winning Artist: 3rd-5th Grades Eleni Phillips Illahee Elemenatary School 4th Grade Mrs. Hansen

Great Blue Heron Page 9

The Worst Part of Pollution Clean Camas Here in Camas and across the nation We play in the sun and enjoy our vacation Fish and camp at our favorite lake Our area is clean for goodness sake I make smores and swim all day Then clean up, it’s the Camas way I dive from my rope, swing into the water Drink plenty of fluids as the day gets hotter Later that night we pitch our tent The earth undisturbed; the way that was meant. Brady Moore Grass Valley Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Graue

In a pond or stream, you can have lots of fun, But keep it clean, or it will become none. Run or walk or take a hike, To get there even use a bike! If you have to use a car, Do a carpool, it’s better by far. Pick up and throw away trash, Make the decision, don’t be rash! Inside a clean pond, fish swim all day. With pollution they go away. Plants and animals are hurt by pollution, I hope somebody finds a solution! Frogs give birth in fresh water, Polluting the aqua kills their sons and daughters. Think of poor animals destroyed homes, That was affected by poisoned foams. Near a clean pond, birds nest in the trees, When close to a polluted pond, they go away with the bees. Where does rain go when it falls down? Into a watershed, or the ground! So next time you are at Battle Ground Lake, Give the water a big break. Watersheds are good, not a pain, It is natural, it holds rain! So who can help save the watersheds? Artwork by Ally Errico Me and you, enemies and friends. Illahee Elementary School Piper Schafte Captain Strong Primary School 4th Grade Mrs. Crill

Artwork by Addison Friesen Daybreak Primary School 3rd Grade Mrs. Gish

Fish are big Fish are small Fish are fun for all! Some are blue Some are green They’re fun to swim with me! Anna Seppala Daybreak Primary School 3rd Grade Mrs. Schroeder

Page 10

5th Grade Mrs. Hansen

The Great Blue Heron I am as still as the lake. I watch a great blue heron silently. The tall bird wades in the cold water. The sun is setting and I should go home, but I can’t. The heron has me mesmerized. All I want to do is stare at the tall bird. The tall trees tremble in the wind and still water shivers. The great blue heron slowly wades in the lake in search for a fish. All of a sudden the heron stabs a passing trout. The huge bird flips the scaly fish in the air and catches it in his mouth. I cringe but I know the heron had waited a long time to catch the trout. A hoot owl calls and a gust of wind tickles the leaves. The beautiful heron lifts its long, strong wings in the air, bends its long neck and takes off into the sunset with another fish in its long beak. I watch the amazing bird fly into the distance. The hoot owl calls again and this time I can see the owl’s silhouette sitting on a branch on one of the lower trees. The sky is now darker and the moon reflects on the water. I breathe in the fresh air. The beauty of the lake is amazing. Eleni Phillips Illahee Elementary School 4th Grade Mrs. Hansen

Ways Kids Can Help Local Watersheds

What can we do to protect our watershed? Avoid pesticides for your garden, instead compost! Tidy up after our dogs! Encourage our neighbors to plan a rain garden! Redwood, Douglas Fir, Maple, Cedar – Plant a tree, not a parking lot! Storm drains are for water NOT for pollutants! Help neighbors learn about local watershed! Excite your parents about building a rain barrel! Dull Oregon Grape, Rush, Fern, Larkspur, Sedge, and Bleeding Hearts = Rain garden! Orion Dittler-Marion Illahee Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Hansen

River’s Majesty Boats at sea, boats on the shore, Eagles in the trees, ready to soar. The water is clean, There is a beautiful sight to be seen. It is the River, The wonderful River. The home of wildlife, It’s Nature’s creation. Fish splash, Bunnies dash, Frogs croak their midday songs. There’s no pollution in the water, It’s even clean enough for a river otter. Boats at the dock, newts slowly walk. All of this happens at home of wildlife, Nature’s creation, The River. Writing and artwork by Chiaki Mills Illahee Elementary School 4th Grade Mrs. Hansen

Page 11

The River Flow When I hear the river flow it makes me feel like I am flowing with it. Everything is just in place. It makes a beautiful melody. My heart pounds in the flow of the river side, with the trickling water in my heart.

Artwork by Sebastian Miranda-Givens Illahee Elementary School 4th Grade Mrs. Hansen

When I hear the river flow, it makes me feel like I am in the flow and I drift away, drift away. On the river side I fall in the melody. With my heart in the water, in the water. When I hear the river flow, it makes me feel like I am flowing with IT. Jack Westby Firm Foundation Christian School 5th Grade Mrs. Day

Water crisp cool water trickling, rippling keep on going never cease flowing never slowing always going holding life within

Artwork by Roman Fabyanchuk Daybreak Primary School 3rd Grade Mrs. Graves

rushing, crushing out to sea Burnt Bridge Creek Lisa Barnes King’s Way Christian School 5th Grade Mrs. O’Neal

Clean Water Forever Rolling, rushing, down so fast. Wild, winding, waters crash. Clear, curious, and clever. Please keep this water clean forever. Brenna Dewey 5th Grade Grass Valley Elementary School Mrs. Graue

Trail Pond Black Tadpoles scurry all around the water plants. Reptiles crawl slowly into the calm blue water. A snake smoothly glides in the still water. Insects fly quickly over the pond. Green Lilypads float on top of the cool water. Brown Plants are dying. On the ground are croaking frogs. No ripples in the water as a red dragonfly passes. A Duck swims quietly in the pond. Katie Kogler Firm Foundation Christian School 3rd Grade Mrs. Wright

Page 12

Going To the Frog Pond I awoke to sunlight shining through the curtains on my sleepy face. I burst out of bed and grab my boots and coat. I slid my toes into my boots and tied them up real tight. I said to myself, “I know exactly where I’m going to spend my day.” As I pulled open the wooden door, a rush of freezing wind blew around me. I yelled to my mom, “I’m going to my favorite place for adventure!” I slammed the door and ran as fast as I could. As I got closer, I could hear the light whispering croaks of the little green creatures. I turned the corner to see them bobbing up and down on the cool-watered pond. I saw one on the edge and went to grab it. I lost my step and stumbled down into cold, dirty water. As I pulled my feet from the mud, I felt a little creature leap on my head! I said to the critter, “It’s a good thing I love frogs.” I slowly reached up and grabbed the slimy, polka-dotted frog from my hair. I reached the bank and took off my muddy boots and wet socks. I laid back onto the beautiful green grass. As I lay playing with my new friend, I thought to myself, “I’m the luckiest kid to be able to come here so often.” This is a fantastic place to be. I wish a frog would jump on my head everyday. Olivia Elizondo River HomeLink 3rd Grade Mrs. Remmen

Keep It Clean Its rushing water screams out loud, while it’s being followed by a cloud. Its passengers tossed and turned, almost like butter being churned. Its job doesn’t stop, as it flows into a rock. We need this thing that we call a stream. So please be good and keep it clean. Jacqueline Muri Grass Valley Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Graue

Artwork by Tess Majerus Illahee Elementary School 4th Grade Mrs. Hansen

Water Cold and Fast Water rushing cold and fast All my troubles seem to pass It goes through my hands as cold as ice Boy, the water feels so nice. Luke Brewer Grass Valley Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Graue

Page 13

Water Near Me Artwork by Lily Graham Daybreak Primary School 3rd Grade Mrs. Gish

Swimming in Battle Ground Lake, Cannonball! Playing in the water at Esther Short Park, Splash! Boats go down the Columbia River, Honk Honk! Frogs croak at the La Center Wetlands, Ribbit! Rain falling down on me, Plip Plop! Ducks in the pond, Quack! I like Clark County water, Because it’s water near me! Lauren Puyleart La Center Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Bussler

Dear Humans, My name is Jumpy Longlegs, and I am a frog. I live in Klineline Pond. My friends and I were going to the surface to catch some lunch, when I found a coke can floating in the water. Then from the corner of my eye a ziplock bag flew into the water and caught me! It must have been hours until my friends got me out. Besides me getting trapped, I am familiar with trash in the water. My stepbrother, Floppy, was attacked by an evil can of soup. So humans, it would really help us frogs if you didn’t pollute our home. Love, Jumpy Longlegs P.S. If you stop polluting our water, kids can have more pool parties. MacKenzie Ellertson King’s Way Christian School 5th Grade Mrs. O’Neal

Writing and artwork by Jenessa Wilson Grass Valley Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Graue

Page 14

Creek Poem As I see a bottle float by, I sigh. Didn’t this used to be my favorite place to be? I would just stay here and see, Artwork by Aaron Hsu See all the world had to offer me, Illahee Elementary School Just to see the clear blue sky, 4th Grade Mrs. Hansen And watch as a butterfly flutters by To stay so late you see the stars, To be there when the owl first calls, I’d stay to see the fireflys sparkling brightly in the sky, If I could I’d stay all night, To see the moon shining bright, But now it looks just like a dump, I can’t believe what we’ve done, Clean up now don’t test your luck, Don’t pollute, it’s best for you! Sarah Turcic King’s Way Christian School 5th Grade Ms. Kipp

Don’t Pollute This is a story of Darwin the fish. One day Darwin was swimming in the Columbia River when he saw a tiny little fish pinned down by a soda can. “What happened?” asked Darwin. “Somebody dropped a soda can on me!” responded the little fish. “You have to help me before the Great White Sturgeon com..” But before he could finish, a giant shadow came over them. It was the Great White Sturgeon! The little fish slithered under the soda can and Darwin buried himself in the sand. The sturgeon passed by safely and nobody was hurt. Meanwhile, Darwin dug a tunnel and came out under the little fish. Next, they swam out the other end. Darwin then called all the fish and they formed a plan. The following day they swam in a formation on the surface of the water that formed a message. Right as they finished, a plane flew overhead. A man looked at the river from the plane and read the message. It said, “Don’t pollute.” He then started a program to stop pollution. He did as we all should do to stop pollution. And that man’s name was Darwin, too. Coleman Selby King’s Way Christian School 5th Grade Miss O’Neal

Page 15

Sometimes when my family drives past a small pond we see a special guest that comes when it can. The creature is a beautiful blue heron! The dazzling birds lives in some brush on the far side of the pond, where it perches itself on a floating log as if it was a role-model waiting for someone to catch a glimpse. The bird’s long beak would be perfect for catching prey like frogs or crayfish. These animals probably live in the pond as well. The water is coated with a layer of algae, which is probably food for many animals that inhabit the small pond. The beautiful sight made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. The place is a small ecosystem that I will not forget. Gabriel Dinnel Cape Horn-Skye Elementary School 5th Grade Miss Meats

Rapping Water Water is cool Water is great Water doesn’t taste like paste Water is the only one you don’t taste Water can save your life Water loves you Water links you to life

Writing and artwork by Faith Livsey HomeLink Battle Ground 5th Grade Mrs. Boyle

Natalie Williams HomeLink Battle Ground 5th Grade Mrs. Boyle

Artwork by Todd Mendenhall Daybreak Primary School 4th Grade Ms. Voeller

Lewis River

Let’s clean the river Every kid should help Wash your car in the yard It’s time to clean the environment So put your trash in the garbage Recycle until it’s clean If you see garbage, pick it up Varieties of fish live in the river Everyone should have clean water Rivers should be clean! Samuel Hornsveld Daybreak Primary School 4th Grade Mrs. Openshaw

Page 16

Summer time, Hot sun shining bright, Dash to the huge river. Cannonball… SPLASH!!! Blue dazzling water everywhere!! No trash, No oil, Let’s keep it that way!!!!

Artwork by Maia Kawamura Grass Valley Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Graue

Interview with a Creek “Now for the weather!” the announcer’s voice crackled from the radio. “Wait. Our systems have a detected a very interesting interview with a creek! Now imagine that!” The system changed… “Hi ya! Just so you know, truly I’m a brook that runs through vegetation. Some kids, four to be exact (two boys and two girls) will visit me. They play games, name new parts they find, and explore me. I for one am pretty dirty, but the kids, by the names of Jared, Rebecca, Ethan and Sophia, help that by picking up bottles, containers, and broken buckets. The areas they’ve named are: Tigger’s Hut, Mermaid’s Diamond, and The Clubhouse. There’s also a mine attached to Mermaid’s Diamond.

Noah Guyette Lake Shore Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Cannard

Water Clear, blue, moving fast Over falls roaring loudly A sound to cherish. Jonathon Durand Lake Shore Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Cannard

You know drainage pipes? Well my beginning starts at a drainage pipe. That’s why I’m muddy and dirty. Plus a house used to be built around my place so lots of dirty trash lies around me. The kids, however, pick a lot of it up, which benefits me. If everybody did something like this then the earth would be a better place. Please help keep our waters clean. Well, that’s what it’s like being a creek! Over and out!” “Now back to your ordinary news forecast. Tomorrow will be a sunny, cloudless day!” The next day was, very oddly, raining in Battle Ground, WA. Odd the way things work, huh? Rebecca Strizver Captain Strong Primary School 4th Grade Mrs. Crill

Page 17

Artwork by Emma Nokelby and Katelyn Quan Daybreak Primary School 4th Grade Mrs. Voeller

Water Animals Water animals, water animals Please protect them From fish to turtles They all deserve to live, don’t they? Water animals, water animals Don’t pollute Reduce, reuse, recycle They all say Water animals, water animals Use compost and For bugs on your flowers Use ladybugs Water animals, water animals. Emma Pearce Daybreak Primary School 3rd Grade Mrs. Drimmel

Water Chapter 1: Input Date: January 21, 3042 Dear Diary, I still wonder what that black, white, and hint of green planet is, or what its true name is. Evan has told me it’s called “Earth”, and is black, due to the cause of pollution in the water. I don’t believe him, considering the fact that the water on the “Meta-Rise” has been perfectly fine for years. Kera closed her diary and stared at the wide open mass known as space. Wanting more information on this, she decided to talk to her oldest brother, Navi.

Dear Diary, Navi says that the water is from Earth.

Kera now decided to consult Dr. Scotchfield, the scientist onboard the ship she was on, the Meta-Rise. Dear Diary, Dr. Scotchfield’s input not only confirms Navi’s information, but also says that an invisible beam collects water from Earth, and that there is limited supply of clean water available. He also says that it is concentrated on rivers, creeks, and lakes.

Kera went to talk to the ship’s captain, Oliver.

Dear Diary, Oliver says that he controls the beam, and allowed me to turn it on and off. Strange thing is that at one point instead of water being beamed up, this black ooze came out of the spout. Oliver said it was “oil.”

Artwork by Cassidy Kendall Grass Valley Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Graue

Splash, Water Splash! Splashing in the Water It’s so fun! My friends and I love to swim! Sarah Berg Daybreak Primary School 3rd Grade Mrs. Sibley

Kera, once again, set off to find Dr. Scotchfield.

Dear Diary, the doctor tells me that oil pollution is in the water.

Kera looked up into space. “I just wish the humans before us didn’t pollute”, said Kera with a sigh. Chapter 2: The Message The bottom line is not to pollute the water. Not only does it harm fish and other sea life, it affects humans, too. No clean water to drink or bathe in.’

So do us all a favor, and “Keep Water Safe.”

Thomas Stimson Captain Strong Primary 4th Grade Mrs. Crill

Page 18

Christine Is Helpful To Salmon Creek Christine was in third grade and she loves all fish. Tomorrow is show and tell and it is Christine’s turn. So she went home and thought for a long time. In the morning she asked her mom, “What should I bring for show and tell?” “You should bring a fish and I’ll come with you and help you,” said mom. “OK”, Christine said joyfully. Later that night when the fish are out, she went down to the creek to see the fish. All she could see was trash. She wanted to help but she did not know what to do. She thought that it would be a good idea to ask her mom in the morning just to make sure. Christine went home and thought about the fish all night long. When morning came Christine went straight to her mom and asked her how she could help. Her mom said that if she was really serious about making a difference, she should try to get some friends from school to help clean up the trash for a couple of months. She thought that was a great idea that she came up with. It will be easy! I’ll just go to school and tell all my friends what the plan is. When Christine got to school she told everyone that she knew. She was so excited to get to the creek to help clean up all the trash they could. That next morning it was a bright sunny; it was Saturday, the day she was going to meet her friends from school to start the cleanup at Salmon Creek. She ran down the stairs to the kitchen where her mom had made her famous bacon waffles, Christine’s favorite! But she had no time to spare so she grabbed on and ran out the door to meet here friends. Christine ran as fast as she could to get to the creek. She was amazed at how many people were already there working. Not only were her friends from school, but some of them had their families too. They worked all through the day. They could see the water clearing up. Christine wished she could do more to help. She found out she could. She could make the habitat feel more like home to the fish. Christen put some little stones and some little sticks in the water. She could tell the fish were feeling more playful and joyful about their habitat right away. When she picked up a bigger stone to put into the creek she found a big fat bull frog. She didn’t know if was its home so she put the stone back just the way she found it. When she got home she decided to plan a day once a month that they would go to different places in the area that needed to be cleaned up. Hailey Hamilton Captain Strong Primary School 4th Grade Mrs. Crill

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Did you know…? That when you throw trash out of your car window, it can go into the storm drains that lead to streams, lakes, ponds and animals like ducks, fish and frogs. It can damage their territory and the animals. Bailey Rager Daybreak Primary School 3rd Grade Mrs. Graves

Artwork by Malia Fishler Grass Valley Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Graue

One day I went to a forest on a trip. I loved to go down to the river and look at three otters. One was always going very slow. I thought it was because the river was polluted. So I went and got my net. I got on a big rock. I caught as much garbage as I could. The river otters were happy. Eli Wheeler Daybreak Primary School 3rd Grade Mrs. Highley

Pollution Hello, I’m Kermit the frog. And, I live in a local stream. Me and my friend, Carrie, are playing on a rock. Then I saw this mysterious object and I hopped to it.

How the Salmon Was Saved Once upon a time there was a little salmon who was swimming in the river and all of a sudden a girl threw in a plastic bag that was full of an oily black liquid. The poor little salmon’s tail got stuck in a small hole in the plastic bag and now he couldn’t move. Because of the black liquid he couldn’t breath and started to suffocate. Out of nowhere a girl scout hovered over the river and a hand gently picked up the little salmon and put it in a clean bowl of water. Then she lightly took the bag off the salmon’s tail and put the bag in a bucket. Then she pulled out an empty water bottle and scooped all the black oily liquid from the river into a bottle and put the lid back on the bottle. Then the girl carefully poured the little salmon out of the bowl and the little salmon stuck his head out of the new fresh water and cocked his head twice as a “thank you.” That is how the salmon was saved.

Once I took a closer look, I realized it was a pop holder. And, it was too late. I slipped and got the pop holder around my neck. I was suffocating and thinking it was over. Then a brown-haired boy picked me up and tugged off the pop holder. I was blessed, but most frogs don’t get so lucky. I think we all learned a valuable lesson – NEVER POLLUTE!!! Joey Gaylor King’s Way Christian School 5th Grade Ms. Kipp

School Pond

Slugs leaving a trail of slime. Green and brown, tall Cattails Hot water on a summer day. Green moss On a rock. Brown dirt On a rock. Leaves floating in the pond.

Plants growing in the water. One squirrel on a rock. Nuts squirrels love to eat them. The Ducks trying to find food.

Calley Mihaiuc River HomeLink 4th Grade Mrs. Remmen

Katie Gilroy Firm Foundation Christian School 3rd Grade Mrs. Sandra Wright

Water Why should you take care of water? Always stop pollution. Today start helping your community! Everyone should join. Ready for the challenge? Let’s go!

Emma Nokelby and Katelyn Quan Daybreak Primary School 4th Grade Mrs. Voeller Artwork by Shelby McArthur Daybreak Primary School 4th Grade Mrs. Cearley

Emily Dodge and Amy Eells Daybreak Primary School 4th Grade Mrs. Lemberg

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An otter swam up to the surface of polluted water. He looked up at his wife and said, “The pollution is killing all the fish, Rose.” Rose nodded and agreed. She looked at her husband and said, “Ben, we’ll have to move away from these polluted waters.” Ben gritted his teeth and nodded. They swam along the river until they found no more human trash. Right then, they found a perfect cave, half in the water and half out. They lived happily ever after. Crystal Edmonds Daybreak Primary School 4th Grade Mr. Fransen

Artwork by Jasper Rank King’s Way Christian School 5th Grade Ms. Kipp

Lakes need to be clean Everybody should recycle We should keep our lakes not polluted I will keep rivers clean’ Set out batteries and paint separately

We were all going to Lewisville Park for a church picnic. I brought my swimming trunks to swim. When I arrived, my friends were waiting for me. We ran around trying to escape the bees. Finally we decided to go swimming. We had a lot of fun swimming up and down the stream. Sometimes the current was so strong we got swept away. We had to go back to our church picnic. It was over, all of my friends had to leave and so did I. When we were in the care, I told my parents the water was clean and sparkly. So, we had a lot of fun.

Reuse plastic bottles In the water, fish need to be healthy Visit rivers and pick up trash Even put up signs that say, “Recycle” Reduce the amount of plastic bottles we use. Julia Baiar and Lilly Alexander Daybreak Primary School 4th Grade Mrs. Openshaw

Artwork by Julia Watson Grass Valley Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Graue

August Helmes Firm Foundation Christian School 5th Grade Mrs. Tortora

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Columbia River

Communities need to stay clean Our fish and animals need clean water and land. Living things need help to stay alive. Using less water to brush our teeth can help. More recycling, less garbage Bad pollution can hurt our community. In our neighborhoods, we can help. Acid rain can pollute our communities.

A Day Rafting on the Lewisville River One day I went to Lewisville River. We brought our raft. When I got in the river I was a little scared. Then when I got in the raft, I wasn’t so scared. Then I saw some rocks. I thought it would be hard, but it was really fun. It was smooth for a little bit then the current got faster and it started to get bumpy. Then I saw a tree in the water. We had no choice. We had to abandon the raft. I yelled look out and everybody jumped out. We all were struggling. Everybody lost their shoes. Then when we caught up with the others, the rest of the ride was peaceful. Mitch France Firm Foundation Christian School 3rd Grade Mrs. Hyde

Reduce, reuse, recycle Interesting things can happen. Very clean waters are possible. Everybody can help. Rivers, lakes, and ponds will stay clean if we help. Jazmine Simmerson and Morgan Bonebrake Daybreak Primary School 4th Grade Mrs. Openshaw

Artwork by Anna Seppala Daybreak Primary School 3rd Grade Mrs. Schreoder

The Plunge I walk down to the brook and sit on a log. The air is frigid. What do you expect? It’s November. A noise like a minute pebble being thrown into rushing water catches my attention. As I look up I see movement. As I sneak to the edge of the river to get a better look, I see flashes of blue and silver. There was a group of Chinook salmon swimming upstream. I imagine how cool it would be to swim with them. As I think of the risk I’m taking, I plunge into the icy water. Every pore of my body screams out in pain. I bob up to the surface writhing in the bone-chilling creek. And then I see them. Fifty or so of them. They are gracefully gliding across the surface of the water like angels. I follow them as far as the stream goes. Harrison Nabors Firm Foundation Christian School 5th Grade Mrs. Day

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Swimming in Lewisville Salmon Creek

We were on our way to Lewisville Park. When we got there the first activity we wanted to go swimming, but Dad said we had to wait for our cousins Jayna and Rocky.

Salamanders crawl around. Amphibians rest on shore. Lilypads lay on the calm water. Mammals roam on land. Owls are cradled in the tree tops. Nest lay on tall trees.

When our cousins got to Lewisville we went to the new playground. Then we went to the river. We took off all our clothes and then everyone saw me and Jayna’s beautiful bathing suits.

Koi swim around in the water. Rabbits hop about on land. Eggs rest in the sand. Echoes move across the air. King Salmon roam about in the cool water.

But then we discovered that there was trash everywhere. Then we saw the tide come in. Then all of the trash got sweeped up and got thrown into the lake. We decided we could pick up the trash and throw it into the nearest trash can…which was a mile away.

Sydney Litle Firm Foundation Christian School 3rd Grade Mrs. Wright

Artwork by Kierstin Carver King’s Way Christian School 5th Grade Mrs. Murphy

So we picked up the trash two by two, but then we saw more people coming to the river. So then we decided that we should play and wait till everyone left. So we played on the rocks and searched for crawdads and fish while Ethan and Rocky played “Battleship” and shot rocks.

School Pond Creepy Spiders crawl on the wet grass. Cattails that are in the water. The pond Has a gate around it. Slimy moss in On the rocks. Nice green Lilypads are around the pond.

Then after everyone left we were all alone with more trash. We called the “Lewisville Sanitary.” They had a truck go down and pick up all of the trash.

The Pond is really marshy. On the grass I see slimy slugs. Slithery Newts live in the water. Kindly Ducks swim in the water.

Once we were done we played all we wanted. I had a fun time. Alyssa Hanes Firm Foundation Christian School 3rd Grade Mrs. Hyde

Leah Locatis Firm Foundation Christian School 3rd Grade Mrs. Wright

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Fishing Trip One day me and my Dad were going on a fishing trip. It was the first for me to go fishing. After a while I felt something nibble on my fishing pole and I finally caught a fish. So did my dad but I caught two fish and my dad caught only one. That is the story of my first time going fishing. Renee Przybylek Harney Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Sprague

Dear Stream, Every time I try to go swimming, you carry me away in your strong current. I can’t stand it anymore; by the time your long water ride ends, I’m pruned! Every single time I just get weaker and weaker. I mean I’m not getting any younger here. If you don’t slow down a bit, I’m going to have to move to that swamp next door and I know you wouldn’t want that. Who else would keep those pesky flies and spiders away? (Sorry Steve and Charlotte, but it’s true.) So PLEASE slow down!!! Even streams need to take a breather. Dying of exhaustion, Frog Autumn Richardson Firm Foundation Christian School 5th Grade Mrs. Day

Artwork by Kelsie Roach HomeLink Battle Ground 4th Grade Mrs. Roach

Lewis River

Leaves follow the river. Eggs are hiding in trees. Wet rocks are slippery. Insects buzz quickly over the river. Slimy algae is at the river bottom. Redwinged blackbirds make nests. Into the river, amphibians jump. Vines are on the other side of the river. Estuary is where the salmon swim to. Rocky creek has plants in it. Julianna Blanton Firm Foundation Christian School 3rd Grade Mrs. Wright

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My Lake

Frogs in a Pond Once upon a time there was a frog family. They lived in a pond. The frog family was happy in their pond. The pond had a clean water and grass on the outside of the pond. It also had flowers and trees that shadowed the pond. In the frog family lived Hoppy, Fatboy and Jumpy. Hoppy the wife likes to jump from lily pad to lily pad. Her husband, Fatboy like to relax and catch flies to eat. Jumpy likes to be with her mom, Hoppy. The frogs build a house on the beautiful land next to the pond. Their house is made of grass. Their friends are other frogs, fish and beavers. They like to swim with their friends. The people that visit the pond don’t litter garbage because they like the pond. It is their favorite pond. The frogs lived happily ever after in their beautiful pond. Rebecca Roach HomeLink Battle Ground 3rd Grade Mrs. Roach

The Way of the Water

Water glistens in the creek, the moon shines on its surface. All the birds everywhere open up their beaks to speak.

All the geese from up above come flying down to get food from the water. I see the animals one by one – a mother and her daughter.

The water ripples now because the rain has started to fall. The birds fly over back to their nest; I hear them scream their call.

Everywhere I hear the sounds – I need to go back now. The world is such a lovely place I always wonder how.

Rivers, streams and creeks – them all – they’re very musical. These water places – all of them, they’re all so magical. Ellie Bradford Illahee Elementary School 4th Grade Mrs. Hansen

Artwork by Spencer Weathers River HomeLink 3rd Grade Mrs. Remmen

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My lake reminds me of a beach. I go swimming and camping with my grandpa and grandma. I go fishing sometimes to catch fish, then I let go of the fish and think of the world. Katherine Styskel Hockinson Intermediate School 4th Grade Ms. Maloney

Pollution: Bad, bad, bad I am a little lizard looking at a pond. All I see is pollution which is bad, bad, bad for all the animals, including me. Please turn my frown upside down by not littering in the water. Come on people, it’s up to you! Nicole Kreger Sacajawea Elementary School 3rd Grade Mrs. Gannon

Dear People,

Water blue as blue as the sky Fish in the water splash splash In the dark blue water fishing. Robert J. Andrews Lake Shore Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Cannard

Salmon Creek Salmon Creek looks peaceful and is quiet, With its rushing rapids and trees in different colors, Rocks that are perfect for skipping and fish that suck on your toes. It should stay that way, so put garbage in a trash can and put glass, plastic, and cans in recycling bin.

Yuck. I hate all of this garbage! I was just minding my own business, trying to bet a tasty fish, or a squirrel (if I get lucky), or something. Oh, excuse me, I forgot my manners. I’m Teddy. Teddy the bear. Can you help me and my bear buddies out? We live on the Columbia River and the water is so dirty! I see hikers coming up and leaving their lunches, or people throw wrappers in the water. We can’t even take a decent shower! Just please help us and the fishies in the water (they taste better clean). There is too much pollution. We know we can count on you to help! Thank you! Sincerely, Teddy and the other animals. Meliah Franklin King’s Way Christian School 5th Grade Mrs. Murphy

Artwork by Mackenzie Hoffman King’s Way Christian School 5th Grade Mrs. Murphy

Aidan Del Moral Lake Shore Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Cannard

Lewis River Green Lilypads float on top of the calm river. Salmon Eggs lay in the pond. Wild animals drink from the river. Slimy Salamanders slither.

Artwork by Alexis Heinzman Daybreak Primary School 3rd Grade Mrs. Sibley

Chirping Redwinged blackbirds rest on cattails. Incredible squirrels scamper up trees. Vines of blackberry cover the fence. Empty snail shells lay still by the river. Mossy Rocks rock. Elise Wilson Firm Foundation Christian School 3rd Grade Mrs. Wright

Page 26

Wondrous River Columbia River

River runs swiftly through the sand, slicing gently through dry land. The river runs so clear and cool, like an expensive precious jewel. It twists and turns along the way, moving forward another day. Curious river with its water flowing it’s a mystery where it’s going.

I can hear the waves crash as I listen to the music of nature. I see people on their boats enjoying the sun, as I do too. As I think, I think of the happiness it will bring others when they visit. Kendal Beauvais Lake Shore Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Mitts

Marshall Ledbetter HomeLink Battle Ground 5th Grade Mrs. Boyle

My Pond

River and Lakes

Rumbling water It washes and sloshes Very clear Eagles fly in the sky Ripples on the water Salmon swim

Artwork by Katie Gilroy Firm Foundation Christian School 3rd Grade Mrs. Wright

A heron lands New fish are born Developing baby fish Lakes provide homes for many animals Abundant are those plants around the lake Kayakers paddle past Everybody should help Save the lakes and rivers

My pond is a great place to have fun. I enjoy sitting by my pond while listening to the peaceful sounds of the birds chirping, the bees buzzing, and the frogs splashing in the water. It’s fun to go on my small paddle boat and look in the water for fish. Sometimes you can even see frogs, if you are too loud they will quickly go under the water. It’s cool to look at the lily pads. They have beautiful yellow flowers coming out of them. I like to go on my paddle boat and look for a nice shady spot by a tree to relax. My favorite part about my pond is ice skating on it in the winter because I love the feeling of the cold wind gently blowing against my cheeks while I skate. Ponds, lakes, and rivers are all great and nobody should pollute them. Calley Mihaiuc River HomeLink 4th Grade Mrs. Remmen

Logan Femling Captain Strong Primary School 4th Grade Ms. Crill

Page 27

Fresh Water

Ducks in a Pond Small duck, big ducks No ducks, some ducks Skinny ducks, fat ducks Floating in my pond Sit there, sat there Float there, boat there

Families gather around the river hoping to catch a fish.’ Rushing water pushes my bare feet. Each of us taking a sip of the cold blue water. Sparkling, glittering water rushes in my mouth. Herds of animals gather to take a sip. We all need the fresh water to live. Animals need this place to live. Think about it – if we didn’t have any. Each of us have a smile on our face when the water is clean and fresh. Reach out and help out water.

Happy ducks, sad ducks

Xiansheng Yan Grass Valley Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Graue

Floating in my pond!

A Fish’s Life in a Pond

Dead ducks, sad ducks Polluting doesn’t help! No pollute, some pollute

Once upon a time there were two fish that lived together in a pond called the Fish Pond. The one fist was a girl named Flower, the other was a boy and his name was Rocky. The pond was the most beautiful place. The pink lily pads glowed in the morning sun and tall green trees shaded the pond.

Happy ducks, sad ducks!! Meagan Luisi Lake Shore Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Mitts

Everybody who saw the pond loved the pond. People decided to build houses near the pond. The excavating of dirt and pouring of concrete ruined the pond. It made the pond so ugly! The flowers wilted and the water was brown instead of clear. Flower got really sick from all of the stuff that got into the water from the builders. Since Rocky really loved Flower, he traveled to find help for her. A boy named AJ went outside to investigate the new place that he had moved to. He saw how ugly the pond was and saw Rocky swimming through the dirty water. AJ thought what it might feel like to swim in that kind of water. He decided to get some of his friends to help him clean up and pretty up the pond and the area around it. His friends helped him clean up the garbage like paint containers, pop cans and boards. They planted flowers like daisies, foxglove and some trees.

Artwork by DJ Rule King’s Way Christian School 5th Grade Ms. Kipp

The water finally cleared up because of the kids’ caring hearts and their hard work. Flower got better and Rocky and Flower lived happily ever after. Kelsie Roach HomeLink Battle Ground 4th Grade Mrs. Roach

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Dear Friends, Wow! There is so much pollution in my house! My name is Marco. I am a salmon that lives in the Columbia River. There is so much pollution in the river, I can hardly swim! I can hear the bubbles coming out of the water bottles that are sinking. It is a mess. That is not all I have to say about pollution. One day me and my friend Lon were swimming. Lon said, “This place is a disaster!” Then when he was not looking, his head got stuck in a water bottle. Lon could not get free. I could do nothing about what I was watching. It was terrible. We had a funeral for him. Lon was my best friend. As you can see, trash hurts the creatures of the water. So please keep our river clean. Help the pollution to stop. Thank you Marco

My Biggest Fish Once, I went fishing at a lake and I caught a fish as big as a goldfish. It was a fun day fishing with my Dad, Mom, and friends. The lake was as blue as the sky. The lake was clear as a diamond. I saw lots of fish and salmon. In the lake, I saw a fish as big as a head. Charlie Glover Sacajawea Elementary School 3rd Grade Mrs. Gannon

Kate Roseburrough King’s Way Christian School 5th Grade Ms. Kipp

Artwork by Isiah Jackson Grass Valley Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Graue

School Pond Big flowing Streams Redwing blackbirds rest on Cattails Herons fly about the sky Open water moves gracefully. Puffy seeds Of cattails float in the air. Frogs jump Lilypad to lilypad.

Splash Play Love the water At Summer How fun!

Children and animals Play in the pond. Colorful dragonflies fly Over the pond. In the trees above are Nest. Ducks quack over the food.

Jenae Johnson Hockinson Intermediate School 4th Grade Ms. O’Neal

Natalie Foster Firm Foundation Christian School 3rd Grade Mrs. Wright

Page 29

Our Streams Shining, glowing, the wind is blowing, it’s swishing side to side, I watch and see a piece of trash, bobbing up, down and by, I am disappointed and pick it up, then put it where it should have been, in the garbage can. It’s mine, it’s yours, let’s keep it clean. Corinne Metcalf King’s Way Christian School 5th Grade Ms. Kipp

“Hey, mama can we go for a swim?” said the little girl ducklings, excitedly splashing about. “Yes, of course,” the mother duck, trying to calm down the girls. “Hello, I didn’t see you there! We’re going for a swim. Do you want to come?” mama duck asked. “Ok,” said the duck who had moved in across the pond the other week. “Who’s that, mama?” said Jenny. Jenny was the oldest and the shy one. Mother duck answered saying, “She’s our new neighbor. Mkealah was the other girl. She was very adventurous. Then they all headed off together. Mother duck said to the new neighbor, whose name was Heather, “We have been seeing lots of pollution lately.” While mama duck was talking to Heather, Jenny and Mkealah slowly swam ahead until mother duck couldn’t see them. Mother duck went to ask the girls a question and they weren’t there. She turned to Heather in case she had an idea of where they went. But Heather said she had no idea. Meanwhile, the girls were wondering where their mamas were and they were scared. They started heading back when they got stuck in a piece of garbage. They cried for help and tried to get out, but they couldn’t. They said to each other, “What can we do to get out?” Mkealah was the youngest and the scardest of the two. Jenny had to calm down Mkealah. When mother duck and Heather got closer, they heard their cries for help. “Help us! Any one!” the girls squeaked. They finally got out and were ok. Mother duck asked them many questions. On their way home, they saw more trash and made it back safe. “Those humans leave behind so much trash!” mama duck said. “I can’t believe there’s so much!” Heather exclaimed. Let’s go ask the humans to pick up the pond. They all asked them to pick up the trash and the people did. Throw your trash in the garbage or recycling away from the animals of the pond. Thank you humans! I’ll see you later. Katelyn Josephson King’s Way Christian School 5th Grade Ms. Kipp

Abbie Stockman King’s Way Christian School 5th Grade Mrs. Murphy

Page 30

Salmon Creek Trail Salmon Creek Trail is one of my favorite places to go to in the summer can occasionally in the winter. It is so warm and sunny in the summer, that is. I’ve gone there ever since I was about 3 ½ years old. My grandpa used to take me for a walk down on the trail almost every day. We used to skip super smooth stone that we found on the banks. When I was really little we had found a big rock that jutted out of the water and we would pile rocks and water on top of it.’ Some day I would really like to ride my horse with one of my friends on the pretty unpolluted trail. On the trail, if you walk down closer to Klineline Pond, you will see a pond that is usually filled with turtles and there is always some garbage on the surface of the water and make me mad because turtles and the fish that live in the water deserve to live in a clean environment. I hope that people will work to help clean up Salmon Creek Trail and in the future, not pollute the trail so much. Erin Besteman Lake Shore Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Cannard Artwork by Margot Wilson Sacajawea Elementary School 3rd Grade Mrs. Gannon

Rushing Water At Salmon Creek the otters play their games. And the rushing water flows. There in the reeds the crickets chirp their songs. And the rushing water flows. In the creek the fishes swim. And the rushing water flows. Then there’s us, the humans, watching nature’s beauty. And the rushing water flows. Tyler Huck Lake Shore Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Mitts

Klineline Park Klineline Park is the most fun place ever! Kline Line Park has so many things to do, like playing on the play ground, having a BBQ, feeding the ducks. But most of all, I like picnicking at the park. Every summer my Red Robin goes to Klineline Park. We play for about an hour or two and then we have a BBQ, We have hot dogs, cheetos, watermelon and my favorite treat, ice cream. My Red Robin daycare always brings bread for the ducks. One year when we went to go feed the ducks, there was a piece of plastic stuck to a duck’s neck. So we called animal control and said there is a duck with a piece of plastic around its neck. They said they would be there in a minute. We stayed until they came, to make sure the duck was okay. I have so much fun at Klineline Park, I cannot wait to go next summer, which will be my last. This why I think Klineline Park is the most fun place ever. Allie Walters Lake Shore Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Mitts

Page 31

Frogs Attack One day I was minding my own business, walking by the pond, when I saw a rustle in the tall grass. I decided to see what there is to see. I looked and saw frogs protesting. That’s right, frogs. I heard some yelling things like, “CLEAN THE PONDS!” and others, “DESTROY THE HUMANS!”

Artwork by Takumi Veley Hockinson Intermediate School 4th Grade Ms. Maloney

Imagine Imagine crystal clear rivers and ponds. Imagine fish swimming in nice clean rivers. The lakes, rivers, and ponds want to be clean and the fish want to be happy. Imagine going to the lake and you want to catch a fish. Leaves from the trees above are falling down into the nice clean pond. Going down the edge I imagine frogs, ducks, fish and little bugs having a nice, crystal clear lake to live in. All this could happen with clear lakes, rivers, and ponds. Fish don’t want to die, so help the water be crystal clear! Thank you!

As you can probably tell I was freaking out. “F-F-F-F-FROGS CAN’T TALK,” I said in horror. Then one frog came out and said, “Of course we can. Now you will hear me say one more work, ATTACK!” Before I knew it, I was covered in frogs from head to toe. They took me to their home, which was under water, in a huge air bubble. I thought it would be something that did not resemble human civilization at all, but a matter of fact, it looked like a Tlingit village. Without thinking I said, “I thought you guys hated humans. So why did you copy them?” One looked at me like it was ready to kill me. “We did not. They copied us. No more questions.” Meanwhile I still did not know where they were taking me or why. So I said, like an idiot, “wh-,” but before I could finish the first word, the machine they were carrying me on stopped and slowly started to tip upright until I was completely vertical. I saw a frog that looked like it was at least three hundred years old. “You must be a human,” the old frog croaked. “And you are?” I replied. “The tribe elder,” he said with a smirk. He waved his hand and I started to tip back down and they started to push me out of the bubble for me to drown. I was screaming, AAAAAAAAHHHHHH.” I woke up. It was all a dream. Although, I never littered again. Angel Jack River HomeLink 4th Grade Ms. Remmen

Sydney Strong Sacajawea Elementary School 3rd Grade Mrs. Gannon

Page 32

Lucious the Salmon Hi. My name is Lucious. I got my name from a waterfall just upstream. Lucia Falls is its name. I’m a steelhead. I’ve barely hatched. I don’t know much, but my egg sac is still on, so mostly all I’m doing is swimming around. I stay behind these rocks because over there is where all the big fish are and they are scary. A few weeks later my egg sac is gone and I’m getting hungry. “Hey that bug over there looks tasty,” I said to myself. And I came in real quick and ate it. It was tasty. “I’m going to look for more of those bugs,” I said to myself. And I swam around eating all the bugs I could find (that weren’t too big). A leaf fell down today and it seemed as if I was about half a leaf long. Days are flying by it seems and you know those bugs I ate? Well, I found a bigger version that I found when I was swimming around looking for bugs I could eat when I was small. But these bugs seem smaller than I remember. They also seem slower. I’m still staying behind the rocks because of the fist, but they have shrunk a bit. For a little while the big fish were gone, so I tried swimming out of the rocks but it was hot and I began to feel yucky. So I got out of there right away and back into the rocks, and I began to feel better. Happy Birthday to me! I just turned a year old! I once saw some snow but its melted. And the stream is moving. I feel like I want to move with the stream…maybe my water is moving and I need to chase it! I’ve just moved out of my home for the first time! I am moving fast. And making good progress. So I found a can today. And I looked in and I must have been swimming faster than I thought, because just then I got stuck in the can. It was scary, but I got out. Then the water widened and got bigger and right then I entered the Columbia River. I knew that this was going to be the biggest trip of life. Ian Coatney Captain Strong Primary School 4th Grade Mrs. Crill

Artwork by Malia Renfroe and Elivra Suyarkova Daybreak Primary School 4th Grade Mrs. Voeller

Page 33

Once I went to the Lewisville River with my family. I went rafting with my dad and brother. My mom stayed on shore. Where we started, there was no rocks and the water was kind of smooth, but when we got farther into the river, it got very rocky and wavey!!! Then the water got very smooth and warm and we saw a rope swing and a huge rock that people could jump off of. My brother, Kyle, was going to jump off the rock, but he decided not to. We all went on the rope swing. It was awesome. Next we got back into the rocky parts of the river and finally we saw my mom on shore. We got in the truck and drove to our house. Amelia Brabec Firm Foundation Christian School 3rd Grade Mrs. Hyde

Pollution Prevention “Look at the fish! exclaimed little Tina. “Look how fast it swims. “Yeah. Fast,” said her older brother Nick with a bored look. “Can we go home now? There’s nothing interesting about this lake. There isn’t even a trash can here.” Nick tossed a plastic water bottle in the lake. The fish Tina was looking at swam away, frightened. “Stop, Nick!!!” shouted Tina. “The fish swam away!” “Whatever,” said Nick, leaning against a tree. The next day, Mrs. Baker told Nick to bring Tina back to the lake. “But MOM!” Nick whined. “Nicholas, your sister ENJOYED spending time with you there. Just go there for a couple of hours. Here, I made you guys lunch when you go there.” “Fine,” said Nick, taking the picnic basket. “I’ll take her.” When Tina and Nick arrived at the lake, Nick spread out a blanket and took the food Mrs. Baker gave them and set it on the picnic basket. While Tina and Nick were enjoying the PB and J sandwiches by the lake, Tina asked, “Nick, do you know where the garbage can is?” “There ISN’T any,” Nick replied. “Just toss it in the lake. The park ranger can take care of it.” “I don’t think that should go in the lake, Nick,” said Tina, shaking her head. “Is there anywhere else?” “Tina, just throw it in the lake. Who does it hurt, any ways?” “It hurts US, Nick,” said a strange voice. Nick glanced over at the water. It was a salmon. “Did you say that?” asked Nick to the fish. “Or am I just losing my marbles?” “You’re not, Nick,” said the fish. “Sure, it may not seem like a big deal to throw one little piece of garbage in this lake, but this lake is home to dozens of fish. What you would have done is made this an even more dangerous habitat.” “What?” asked Nick. “MORE dangerous???” “Yes,” said the salmon. “Many people have already polluted this lake, and much of my family has been sick and hurt. I’m already beginning to feel queasy. Yesterday, my Uncle was nearly hit by a bottle!” Nick hoped that hadn’t been his bottle. “Gee, I never thought it could have been so bad!” said Nick. “I’m SO sorry. What can I do to make it up to you???” “Well,” thought the salmon. “You can stop littering in the lakes, and maybe tell your friends to help! Our homes could be cleaner, and then I don’t have to live near a bunch of dirty socks anymore. Or, at least LESS dirty socks. But Nick, you could make a HUGE difference in our lives. One step at a time.” “Alright, I’ll try,” said Nick. “Thanks.” Three years later, Nick came back to that lake. Nick remembered the day he talked to that fish. Nick stared at the lake. It was so much cleaner than three years before, and he couldn’t believe that all happened “ONE STEP AT A TIME.” Lauren Hapgood CAM 5th Grade Mrs. Karlsen

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Water I glisten, I gleam, I shine and rhyme. I flow, I go, I grow and I glow. I guide yet I am guided, As I go and flow. Moving and moving, As I have done again and again. I am cherished, I am devoured. I give what they need, Yet some try to hurt me. But when I am clean I taste a good taste. I smell of nothing, Yet smell so sweet. I feel so soft, But sometimes rough. But as I go and flow, And move without stop, I stay on my route, Never to stop.

Grades 6-8

Winning Author: 6th-8th Grades Jacob Rice HomeLink Battle Ground 8th Grade Mrs. Wirkkala


Winning Artist: 6th-8th Grades Mallory Greer River HomeLink 5th Grade Mrs. Hergert

Columbia River Page 35

Girl’s Play

Watershed Green frogs. Brown frogs. Red-eye frogs. Happy frogs. Sad frogs Nice frogs. Toads Kaiya Holguin Pleasant Valley Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Taylor

Sitting in the shallow, frigid water Legs out in front of us Going for a ride Rushing Sliding Never quite able to avoid bumping down On the slimy moss-covered rocks Laughing Giggling Holding on to rocks along the way To try and slow the swift-running river current Attempting not to let it carry us too far down the

Lewisville River Artwork by Xena Ault McLoughlin Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Thomas

Standing up in the shallow water Trying to make it back where We started Which, between the laughing, slippery rocks and the Current Was quite difficult Actually… Rebekah Boone HomeLink Battle Ground 8th Grade Mrs. Wirkkala

Battle Ground was such a blast That’s why I would like to see it last That day the lake was so clean And the next time I hope I can jump with glee But now times are tough Every day presents a challenge And I hope the next time I go I won’t be sitting full of woe Nicolas Acosta McLoughlin Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Thomas

My Trip To the Washougal River Have you ever been to the Washougal River? I have with my mom, my sister, and 5 other friends. We looked for minnows and small fish in the shallow areas near the shore. We also looked for larger fish and crawdads in the deeper areas. At the spot we were at, the deepest it got was about three feet deep, so we could see all the way down! My friends and I found a crawdad and he crawled right on to a stick next to me, so I picked him up for about a minute then put him back and let him go. The Washougal River is perfect for salmon. It has a rocky bottom, shallow areas, and the water is clear and clean. There are also rapids which keep the water moving so it stays clean. It’s really fun and I suggest you go there! Eric Dillman McLoughlin Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Thomas

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Battle Ground Lake It was Saturday morning; I was getting ready for my trip to the lake with Uncle Frank. “Backpack, fishing tools, waterproof boots, and bait,” I said as I was checking my list. When Uncle Frank arrived, we left for his house.” “I hope you enjoy the lake as much as I do,”Uncle Frank said while driving. I looked out the window, we were at his house. I ran out, got my things set up and left to the lake. When I got there, I was disappointed when I saw the water. “It’s all mucky, green and there’s dead fish!” At that moment we went home. In my room I kept thinking about that lake, I had to do something… At School When I got to school, I went straight to my principle to tell my idea. The principle loved my story and said he will get the whole school to clean the lake. The next day we all left to the lake; it took weeks to clean up but finally it was beautiful. A week later, I and Uncle Frank went to the new improved Battle Ground Lake. Xochitl Sanchez 6th Grade Pleasant Valley Middle School Mrs. Taylor

Lake Merwin The scene seems to appear alright. For it feels like you want to stay all night. The children are playing. Oak trees are swaying. Swimming and diving. Water skiing and kite flying. The didn’t realize a thing throughout the day. Under the water lie trout fish and cray. Left to swim and live in the pollution. Be a part of the solution. Keep Lake Merwin clean. So that it wants to be seen. Fish deserve it too. Think about what you do. Kailiyah Tamayo McLoughlin Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Thomas

Page 37

Writing and artwork by Ian Moehnke HomeLink Battle Ground 6th Grade Mrs. Boyle

When You Hurt Me

Dougan Falls

When you hurt me, not only will I be suffering, but you will too. When you pollute me, not only am I suffering, but the rest of your world will suffer as well. Whenever you are so careless towards me, not only do I get sick, but it is easier for you to get sick as well. When you find or see trash in me, it shows that you do not care about me. Please care because I do matter. I am your creeks and lakes, your rivers and streams. I am your Burnt Bridge Creek, and I am your Vancouver Lake. I am your watersheds that make every day life possible. Please care because if I die you can too. If I ever die you can too. If I ever die, life will be harder for you. I may be a watershed with no emotions, but there are creatures in me that can feel the horrible things you do to me. The intolerant macros deserve a clean and healthy home. The salmon in me deserve a clean and healthy home. They are alive just like you, and they also have needs just like you. So remember what can and will happen when you hurt me.

Any minute now. As the truck stops, I climb out and start to head down the trail. As I come around the bend, my breath is whisked away on a cool breeze. As always, no matter how many times I see it, my breath is taken away from me. I take in the tall, towering trees, the blue water and the light pine-scented breeze. I climb on the rocks to the one in the middle. I look down into the rushing water. I can see the sides and the rocky bottom. I spot a shiny flash out of the corner of my eye. I get up and walk over. I spot a tiny can but it was too far down for me to reach. So I went and got a long fallen branch. I speared the can. When I got it, I stuffed it in my coat pocket. Then I take a long final look and I turn and head back up the trail.

Samantha Sidwell McLoughlin Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Thomas

Nolan Suiliawna McLoughlin Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Thomas

Always pick up stray trash. Be eco-friendly. Compost leftovers. Do the right thing. Encourage others to recycle. Find a home for an abandoned animal. Grow a garden. Help the elderly. Install a solar panel. Junk your old light bulbs, batteries, and car oil responsible. Kindle innovative ideas. Lecture others in water conservation. Make sure all faucets are turned off. Notice wildlife. Quit smoking. Ride your bike to the store. Search for inner peace. Teach the basics of going green. Utilize your resources. Visit your local library. While brushing your teeth, turn the water off. Xenobiotics shouldn’t be used on living organisms. Yield to open wetlands. Zoos are awesome! Support them. Writing and artwork by Zachary Wannamaker Chief Umtuch Middle School 6th Grade Ms. Peterson

Page 38

Journey at Sake The fish swim high and low, Searching for a path to go. Over sharp bottles and under the rocks, Around the rock and through smelly black loops.

My Lake Story


My family and I went to Battle Ground Lake for a memorable experience, since we were hungry for excitement. We headed down the path to the lake; the sight was astonishing. The view was absolutely breathtaking. We saw little fish swimming beneath the ducks. The lake was gorgeous, with its clear sparkling water, which was not the slightest bit murky. At the bottom of the lake there were four salamanders lounging about. Over on the side of the lake, by the wooden dock I saw crawdads marching around like ants on an anthill. I felt like reaching under the dock and picking one up, but I knew my mom would not like it.

Nutria swims across the marsh Toward his lodge in the tall, green grass. Herons soar through the sky, Blocking the sun momentarily. Blackberry brushes scratch and feed, Cattails sway to and fro. Whitetail deer prance and play Hawks stand watch overhead. Mallards plunge into the water Feet in the air. The toads’ lovely chorus Conveys all is well.

Birds were flying gracefully in a V-shape overhead, because they were going south for the winter. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky; the sun was shining bright like a burning bulb. The pine trees were exquisite with their large bananashaped cones hanging overhead. I can’t wait to return to Battle Ground Lake; maybe next time I’ll bring my fishing pole and worms, giving me a new lake story to tell about.

High and low past litter they go, It’s hard to find which path to flow. Further fish go, to the birthplace they know, The path getting narrow and the waters now low. It’s quite impossible to dive in this trash, Sharp objects keep hurting and scratching us. The water tastes awful, not what we used to recall, When we were wee little Alvin’s swimming and all. Please save the waters, this we need, Don’t litter, pollute, or drop trash we plead. So we won’t suffer from garbage beneath here, Help keep our waters protected, and crystal clear. So salmon can swim with ease, Make Earth Day everyday for our sake, Pretty please. Vera Zherebnenko HomeLink Battle Ground 7th Grade Mrs. Wirkkala

Artwork by Justin Krieger Grass Valley Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Graue

William Schaefer HomeLink Battle Ground 7th Grade Mrs. Wirkkala

Page 39

Jordan Martin HomeLink Battle Ground 7th Grade Mrs. Wirkkala

Bob and Pollution

Problems in Our Watersheds

Once upon a time at Hop Top Lake, there was a microinvertabrate named Bob. Bob said that he remembers the time Hop Top Lake got polluted. Hop Top Lake got polluted because nobody would take care of the lake and people did not know that the things they were doing polluted Hop Top Lake. Bob also remembers when two kids came to swim and have a picnic. When they saw the water they dropped everything and ran home crying. When they got home, they told their parents and the parents told other people and soon enough a whole bunch of people came and cleaned up Hop Top Lake.

Imagine that you are a fish living in a polluted lake, pond, stream, or river. What do you think it would feel like? Would you be angry at the people who dump THEIR trash in YOUR river? Would you be trying to defend your body of water knowing that it isn’t going to work? This happens all of the time in our community lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds. More than 50% of the water in Clark County, WA, is polluted. If you want to save some, or a lot of the water, here are some things that you can do.

Now Hop Top Lake is the most clean and visited lake in the world and the people that live near Hop Top Lake started doing things differently and started helping the environment! The end! Please keep our water clean. Help the water and you!!!!! Kylee Bell McLoughlin Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Thomas

Artwork by Lauren Puyleart La Center Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Bussler

First, you can use eco-friendly car soap because some storm drains in your neighborhood might lead straight to a nearby pond or lake. Also, when you wash your car on a really hot day, some of the particles in the asphalt get carried off to a storm drain and could poison a lake, stream, or pond. Some examples are Burnt Bridge Creek, Vancouver Lake or the Columbia River. Another thing that you could do is go to a car wash that recycles its soapy water. Just by doing that, you could save one more fish’s life. Yet another thing you could do is try to use eco-friendly laundry detergents and other soaps. Or, if you have a dog, you could try to pick up their messes right after they do it. Whenever it rains, some of the particles in your dog’s mess gets carried to a storm drain nearby and can poison the fish in a stream, pond, lake, or river. If you do all these things, or even just one, you might save one of my friend’s life, and we thank you for that. Katie Campbell McLoughlin Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Thomas

Don’t Pollute and/or Litter Walk, walk, I walk about, out to seek my local watershed. Down, down down the trail walking down to the river. A little time later, I have reached my checkpoint. But then, dead fish in the water? Up and down the river? More, and more dead fish? I have organized a group to help clean up upon this disaster. To help all the little fish and other animals and creatures that live in this river. A few months later…the river is clean and now all of the fish are back and there’s children splashing about in the river with their friends having fun. Who know that an ordinary person like me had the power to clean up a river and make it more healthy. Bobby Smith 6th Grade Pleasant Valley Middle School Mrs. Pace

Page 40

Water Water. More than a substance, a liquid, a solid. More than just something you see everyday. It’s something alive, vibrant, beautiful. It’s moving, rushing, twirling. Think of the macros, so tiny and weak, Think of the crawdads, so strong and aware. Think of yourself. So able, yet so naïve. If you pollute, then you can think of yourself a failure. If you look through the lens of water, you’ll see homes, shelters and havens. Yet by littering, you kill innocent creatures down below. Do them a favor and keep their homes clean.

Artwork by Kailiyah Tamayo McLoughlin Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Thomas

Yanna Golubev 6th Grade Pleasant Valley Middle School Mrs. Thompson

The Black Hole There is one place where all fear goes away for someone. My place is called the black hole. This place is in Clark County mountains. It’s about 15 miles away once you hit the one-lane road. Well, this place is very peaceful. Hardly anyone walks the trail. You have to walk about 5 miles over two log bridges. The landscape is mostly uphill. Well, you know when you’re there when you see the old sign that says, “black hole.” At the sign you will come to a choice to go forward or left. To find the camp site, go left, and maybe 30 feet up the trail on your right, there will be a campsite. You have to walk maybe ten feet off the trail to see the fire pit. To go to the black hole, go back to the sign and go to the left trail and follow it all the way down to the waterfall. It is so peaceful at the waterfall and even though it is loud, it’s a sight. The water under the waterfall is really dark. That’s why they call it the black hole. You can fish and swim in peace and on a hot summer day the mist of the water feels excellent. The view is breathtaking. The water is dark because the water is so deep, and on the other side of the crick, there is an overhanging cliff with a cave. Now I know where I’m going December 21! The stream is very clean, it’s fresh from Mount Hood (glacier runoff). The water is very clear and when the water goes down the rapids, the water is white. In the spring, you can see the fish advancing down the waterfall. It’s so gorgeous, the area is so amazing. Watch out for the wildlife like bears and cougars; they might eat you. Ethan Zeller Tukes Valley Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Bremer

Page 41

Artwork by Stephanie Gray HomeLink Battle Ground 6th Grade Mrs. Boyle

Crystal, Clean and Clear Clear water, sparkling with pride Showing off, glistening and glorified Shimmering and glowing under the sun Capturing and savoring all the fun

The Stream Running through forests lush and green There was a stream, glistening clean Touched not by men, by hill and fen Its clear, cold waters rushed unseen. Between the trees animals played While running through the dappled shade They lived there long, in numbers strong It seemed forever they would stay.

Dancing in the cool misty air Gentle zephyr brushing through your hair

And O! The tall, green, ancient trees! Whispering softly in the breeze! Many a year had seen them here Since the stream’s banks they came to seize.

Swish, swoosh, as it flows Rushing to the lake with the boats Splish, splash, as it roars Joining the amazing waterfalls

And then the men came, one by one Smoke from machines blocked out the sun. The life here dreads the ash it sheds Kills plants and makes animals run.

Fragrant flowers and scarlet berries Meandering brook down the valleys Chirping birds gliding through the air Fascinating nature everywhere

So now the stream runs low and brown. Its poor population is down. Only dead trees and brackish things Cover the barren, dirty ground.

Nature is our wonderful world Beautiful, Bountiful, Powerful Keep our water crystal clean and clear Everyone would be filled with cheers Stephanie Gray Battle Ground HomeLink 6th Grade Mrs. Boyle

We can all join together now And we can show the world how To clean the stream so we can deem Its waters fit to use somehow. Running through forests lush and green There WILL be a stream, shining clean! It’s good as new, was helped by YOU! The cold, clear water will rush free! Adam McBroom McLoughlin Middle School 6th Grade Leigh Thomas

Artwork by Tim Zherebnenko Chief Umtuch Middle School 6th Grade Ms. Peterson

Page 42

The Water Dancers Have you ever heard of the Water Dancers? Well, I’ll tell you about them! Each night, as the silver, bright moon comes up, and stars start to twinkle, the Water Dancers peek their little heads out from trees, from hidden in the grass, and untangle themselves from the creek wee and begin their dance that they do each night. With great, beautiful leaps, turns, and twirls, they glide across the water, their little toes hardly touching the top of it. The Water Dancers do something amazing while they dance under the moonlight. As their graceful feet glide over the water, the water starts to sparkle and shine! The plants start to become nice and healthy, the flowers become even brighter, and the water starts to sparkle like diamonds under the bright stars, and become clear as glass. That’s right! The Water Dancers make the creek more beautiful each night just for us to admire! But, there is one thing that is very unfortunate about the Water Dancers. Whenever someone throws a pop can down into the water, or dumps a bag of garbage on rocks where the dancers sleep, the dancers start to get sick, and just like you and I, when we get sick, we can’t dance. Actually, we can’t do much at all when we are sick! So as the Water Dancer’s noses start to run, and their heads start to ache, they can’t dance. And when they can’t dance, well of course the water starts to turn murkier and murkier. The plants start to wilt, and all of us start to see one thing in particular – the water is becoming unhealthy, like the Water Dancers! But for every problem, there is a solution, and everybody can help! Next time when you are about to throw a candy wrapper on the ground, think of the Water Dancers, and how it will affect the creek. Also, start thinking where the next garbage can is, os you can do the right thing and throw that candy wrapper away in the proper place! Also, if the water is really taken care of, and there is no trash near or in the creek, they say you can see the Water Dancers at night if you look real carefully! Writing and artwork by Saffron Williams McLoughlin Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Thomas

Page 43

Fresh Water

Foggy Mornings oh, so Crisp Rich Soil near the Banks Eager to see the Hidden Fish Swaying Branches in the Creek How Does the Living Survive in This Polluted Water? Wishing That the Long Gone Would Come Back All of us Children Will Help Clean Together we’ll make a Miracle Happen Each of us will Try, Try, Try Returning Next Time, we find New Friends to Play With Kaitlyn Nguyen McLoughlin Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Thomas

River Cold, River Running River cold River running Never stopping It moves It shakes It quakes It is alive Like a wolf hunting a deer It never stops Until it reaches its destination River cold River running Always flowing Never stopping But beneath roaring waves where darkness swallows up light There is light There is life An abundance From the smallest mitochondria To the salmon To the algae on the river floor To the muscles galore River cold River running The river is alive River dead River dead There is death on the river bed Pollution death River cold River no longer running River dead River cold River no longer running River wait – what’s this It’s people! There cleaning up the trash River cold River running Always flowing Never stopping The river is alive And thriving Alec Thornburg 6th Grade Pleasant Valley Middle School Mrs. Thompson

Clean Up Time Splash! I jump off my boat right into the Columbia River. The water is freezing and makes me shiver. We decide to go out on the water and enjoy a day of waterskiing. I’m in the water with my skis on and the rope in my hands. My dad starts the engine and I feel a sudden tug and then off I go across the top of the water. It feels like I’m sliding on glass until suddenly I hit something in the water and fall head over heels into the water. I find myself gasping for breath under the water. I swim up to the surface and look around me. That’s when I see garbage everywhere. Plastic bags, bottle caps, old tires, and much more. To my surprise, I see an otter beside me. It’s stuck in a tire and can’t get out. I swim over to help it. When it first sees me it panics and struggles to get free but when I take out its foot it calms down. The otter is bleeding quite a lot. The boat pulls up and I hop into it. Quickly, I get out the first aid kit and gently wrap the otter’s foot. I put it down slowly into the river and it starts to swim. After that I turn to my dad. “I can’t water ski in all of this junk,” I say. We need to clean it up. But how? My dad knew the mayor and told me that he would talk to him. The next day my dad came home with a big smile on his face. “I talked to the mayor and he said that tomorrow there would be a national clean up day and that one of the places that was going to be cleaned up is the Columbia River,” said my dad. I jump for joy and the next day I was at the river. The problem was that hardly any people were there. Something had to be done fast. But what? The news people were there and I suddenly got an idea! I ask the news reporters if I could say something on the television and they say that would be fine. While I was on TV, I told people about trying to water ski and my experience with the otter the other day. I beg people to help come and clean up with me. Suddenly large crowds of people came to help. It took a while but we finally got the job done. At the end of the day there were otters, beavers, and all sorts of animals playing in the river. “Now all we have to do is keep it this way and not just use it as a dump,” I said. Everybody agreed and understood that if we keep our rivers, lakes, ponds, and more clean, then we will all live in a better, more happy and clean place. Sophia Skimas 6th Grade River HomeLink Mrs. Hergert

Page 44

Time To Leave Watch the flowers bloom. Watch the pretty moon. The Sun’s going down. We’ll have to go back to town soon. But don’t leave yet. Just one more glance at the pretty scene: The waterfall, the meadow. The butterflies and bees. The pretty birds and the warm breeze. The beautiful sunset with the Moon above. I’ll soon come back to the place I love. Kiley Vorderstrasse 6th Grade Pleasant Valley Middle School Mrs. Taylor

Going fishing Otters in the water Other people playing See the fish jumping Everybody having a good time Laughing and playing in the water A fire at night Keep fishing, don’t quit Eating hotdogs Steaming down the mountain Trout swimming fast Rushing water Everybody loves it A crayfish in the water Mother nature.

Artwork by Alex Gelever McLoughlin Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Thomas

Nick Kaski Tukes Valley Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Bremer

Page 45

My Creek A Lake of Its Shadow The water, the water So polluted Used to be clean and clear for all to drink Trash floats Toys, bags, and cans Animals used to come, Now it’s just a dirty lake A lake of its shadow The lake, the lake can be saved If people work together, The lake would be saved But right now, It’s a shadow A shadow of that nobody knows Jethro Abatayo Pleasant Valley Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Taylor

Battle Ground Lake From tiny bees to bigger trees The water is here, up to our knees! Everyone sees that if we just clean up Look at the fun there could be! Look at the lake, lots of fish that are silver! Or look at the trees, climbing is as Fun as fun can be! So do something Good; clean up as you usually would please!

My creek is healthy – you can see clear to the bottom. My creek (also known as Salmon Creek) is on my grandmother’s property! It runs under the bridge and I don’t know where it ends. There are a lot of animals like dragon flies, ducks, frogs, fish as big as 6 inches, crawdads, deer, large bullfrogs. The plants around my creek are cattails, grass, flowers, with lots of bugs, and night crawlers in the rich soil. I like to spend time down by the creek. We built a sweat lodge by the creek. My family is Native American and we enjoy spending time together by the creek. I have learned a lot about the life around the creek from my grandmother. She has taught us how to take care of the creek by making sure no garbage gets in it. My brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins like to spend time at the creek. My favorite thing is when we built a rope swing. We put it at the deepest part where there are no big rocks. It hangs out over the water and we spend hours playing at the creek. We walk down one side of the creek as far as we can go and then back up the other side exploring. We skip rocks across the water. We catch crawdads to study them and see what they do on land. They move really slowly on land, but in the water they go really fast. We see raccoons fish in the creek. They caught a big fish and then ran off into the woods. The deer come down to drink and like us to bring them treats like apples. I think everyone would like to spend time at my creek, because it is fun at my creek. I think you would like to bring a raft to the creek. I can float on my raft back to where the deer hide and give them an apple. Then I let go of the rock and float over the big fish. It is so peaceful at my creek. Colten Phoenix RedThunder Tukes Valley Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Koch

Ryan Lynch Tukes Valley Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Bremer Artwork by Joseph Henderson Tukes Valley Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Bremer

Page 46

Artwork by Cooper Curtis Grass Valley Elementary School 5th Grade Mrs. Graue

The bonny blue river Flows softly by to my right I fish there by morning I rest there by night I learn by its beaches I inhabit its space I breathe in its magic This beautiful place By season it changes From flora to ice I love its great lessons Its beauty is nice My heart is at peace The bank that I stand My God built it special Every detail by hand

Salmon Life I am nothing. I am just like a pebble on the river floor. A bubble gone unnoticed. No one notices me. Or my brothers. Or my sisters. I am a small salmon egg. Soon, I wake up. I am so young. I do not notice how clean the water is. Almost a year later, and I have survived. I survived the car oil. The soap suds. The dog poop. The soda cans. The grass clippings. The plastics. And finally, the unrecognizable things! Now, I realize that my young will have a harder chance of surviving. They will probably die. Then I realize that it hurts to breathe. I cannot see anything. My world is covered with black. I then realize that I have been covered From head to tail in car oil. It is the devastating result of a human. Then slowly, the world gets blurry. Then I die. Jade Farmer Pleasant Valley Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Taylor

Kristen Bivens River HomeLink 6th Grade Mrs. Hergert

The Wetland This land was wet, This land was marsh, The grass grew tall, The water was high, The rain came hard, The fish swam fast, The frogs jumped high, The snakes slithered, And the hawks soared, This was a regular wetland day. Finn McClone River HomeLink 6th Grade Mrs. Hergert

Page 47


Tromping through the woods Running to the lake Outstanding lake Ultra zone for fishing Tents getting set up. Large trout Awesome landscape Keep fishing Everybody loves it. Trenton Tikka Tukes Valley Middle School 6th Grade Mrs.Bremer

Once upon a time there was a fish named Fishella. Fishella was against pollution. She was covered in dirt and pieces of litter. She looked like the dirtiest fish in all of Salmon Creek. Soon the annual Fishes Ball came. Fishella had an evil stepmother and two evil stepsisters. They wouldn’t let her go! They said she was too dirty and ugly. Oh, how she wished she could go! Suddenly there was a beautiful fish in front of her. “Who are you?” Fishella asked bravely. “I’m your fairy god fish!” she said. “Yeah, well I bet you can’t get me to the ball,” Fishella said sadly. “Why can’t you go?” “I’m too dirty because of that stupid pollution!” Fishella said ruefully. “Well I can fix your appearance if you promise to dedicate your life to cleaning rivers!” said the fairy god fish. “I promise!” said Fishella. Then Fishella turned into a beautiful sparkling fish. “I-I’m beautiful!” Fishella exclaimed happily. “Now swim to the ball! Be back by midnight because then the spell vanishes!” When Fishella got there the host, Scott, fell in love. They danced all night. Suddenly it was 12:00. Ella rushed out losing a scale on the way. When Scott found the scale he vowed to find her. The next day Scott was looking EVERYWHERE for Fishella! When he saw her with a single scale missing, he knew it was her. They lived happily ever after, cleaning rivers.

River Beauty Blue Fast Rushing Surge Cold Calming Stream Pond Gentle and peaceful Fish, duck, and birds, everywhere Quiet, blue, and clear Hailey Bufford Tukes Valley Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Bremer

Georgia Tytler Tukes Valley Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Bremer

Artwork by Megan Nellor McLoughlin Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Thomas

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Artwork by Kayla Dixon Daybreak Primary School 3rd Grade Mrs. Gish

Thanks to Sophie and Amber Amber Queeny is a normal everyday girl. She lives by a lake in Vancouver, Washington. She’s not sure which lake but, she for sure knows it’s a lake. When Amber was little she would go to the brook and jump into it using a rope swing that was tied to a tree branch next to the brook. A month before Amber turned six, her parents had another baby, a girl named Sophie. Amber was very eager to get a little sister, “I’m looking forward to going to the brook with Sophie and swimming for hours! We can play Marco Polo or Pool Catch and lots of other games too!” little Amber was saying to her father in hospital waiting room. “Well honey you’re going to have to wait till your little sister is your age to do all that stuff,” her father said with a weak smile. “Why do I have to wait?” “Well because Sophie is too young to go to the lake.” “But I was three the first time I went to there, I was three.” “Yes, but you went with me. Sophie will just be with you not a grown up.” “Ohhh!” Then the nurse called them back. When Amber saw her new baby sister, she promised her baby sister, “I will not step one foot near the lake till you are six!” And she did, on that day the now six year old Sophie and eleven year old Amber raced home to put on swim suits. Then they went to the brook where Amber just ran to the swing and jumped in, excited to feel the great feeling of warm water of the lake and being surrounded by the all of the crystal blue water. But, when she was in the water she was in freezing water with dirty trash surrounding her instead! As she swam back to the bank she could hear Sophie cheering for her. “Go Amber!” she yelled. When Amber was out of the water she took Sophie’s hand and started walking. “What about the lake?” Sophie asked. “The water is sick right now,” Amber answered her little sister as she started conjuring up a plan to clean up the lake. The next day was a Saturday so when Amber got up, she got dressed, woke up Sophie, got her dressed, packed a lunch, got cleaning supplies, and took Sophie to the lake. “I thought the lake was sick?” Sophie asked. “We are going to make the lake feel better,” Amber answered, and the two sisters set off to work. At the end of the day the lake was clean and the girls were happy. And it was all thanks to Sophie and Amber.

Hot summer days, We put on our big muddy boots and grab our old containers. We trample through the mosquitoinfested trees, running along with the birds and the bees. To the murky rushing waters we go, I see a spotted green frog among a large rock toward the end of the pond, its water a flow. I dodge for the slippery little frog, falling in the gross, mossy piles of rock. Then, carefully I remove my boots and my socks. Covered in filth and fresh mud I am, Lying in the grass, beneath the warm sun. I think to myself, the fun has just begun. Yes, nature is my friend; I can’t imagine these summer days ever coming to an end. Brooklynn Elizondo River HomeLink 6th Grade Mrs. Hergert

Nickela Pendergast McLoughlin Middle School 6th Grade Mrs. Thomas

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Grades 9 - 12

Writing and artwork by Camille Durbec Camas High School 12th Grade Mr. Loop

Cute Ducklings in a Gorgeous Pond Once upon a time there was a gorgeous little pond. The pond had pretty pink lily pads and tall, green pond grass. Among the pond grass sat a mother duck on two perfectly round eggs. The devoted mother sat on her eggs for three weeks, waiting for them to hatch. Finally, on the third day of the third week, the eggs began to hatch. Out popped one head then another. At the bottom of the eggs popped out little duck feet. The ducklings pushed their tiny wings out of the shell. Mother duck had to help them get out of the shell the rest of the way. The mother named the girl duckling Lilly, and the boy duckling PJ. They went out on the pond for a swim. It was a beautiful day. The water was warm and the sun was shining brightly. Every things was perfect until PJ got his foot caught in a fishing net.! Luckily, with the help of his mother, he got out and they swam on. PJ saw something shiny at the bottom of the pond and went to investigate. PJ picked it up in his mouth and went to the surface. PJ’s mother told him not to eat the shiny object, but PJ did anyway. The shiny object got stuck in his throat and PJ choked. Unfortunately PJ’s mother couldn’t help him. A kind stranger saw what happened and pulled the shiny object out of PJ’s throat. The object was a bottle cap. The kind stranger picked up the net and some garbage. If people had picked up their garbage, PJ wouldn’t have gotten stuck in the net or eaten a piece of garbage. The mother, Lilly, and PJ were all very grateful to the kind stranger. Kimberly Roach HomeLink Battle Ground 9th Grade Mrs. Markuson

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Watershed of Words! The Watershed of Words contest began in 2008, and has grown from 40 student participants in its first year to 1,124 this year. This contest provides Clark County students an opportunity to creatively express their interests, knowledge, and experiences related to water. It also encourages students and teachers to make the link between a healthy environment and the role that we all play in maintaining clean water throughout Clark County. Plus, students have fun writing and creating artwork for the Watershed of Words! While reading through this collection of stories and enjoying the artwork, you will recognize the concern and sense of responsibility present in these students, and be inspired to join them in support of their watershed stewardship goals. Clark County Environmental Services Clean Water Program PO Box 9810 Vancouver, WA 98666-9810 (360) 397-2121 ext. 4345