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Strengthening Family and Community albertina Kerr report to tHe community 2011–12



Hours dedicated by volunteers committed to our mission

Generous donors and community supporters

1,014 cHildren, adults and families served by albertina Kerr

91 cents of every dollar, on averaGe, Goes directly to proGrams & services

Where families are supported For more than 105 years, Albertina Kerr has been strengthening families and communities in Oregon. This past year, we have added to our own Kerr family with new programs, new group homes and reimagined volunteer endeavors. While finding a fiscal balance with fewer resources, Albertina Kerr has managed to take advantage of exciting opportunities that presented themselves – opportunities that hold great promise for empowering those we serve to live richer lives. our mission Albertina Kerr partners with families and the community to support people with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges to lead self-determined lives and realize their full potential. our vision All children and adults with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges will thrive in nurturing homes and inclusive communities.

In this report, you’ll read about our new additions and the long-term commitment of Albertina Kerr to serve the most vulnerable. None of that would be possible without you – our donors, volunteers, employees, families, partners and the community. The Albertina Kerr family is stronger than ever. By joining our Army of Angels, you ensure that we will fulfill that promise for generations to come.

Priscilla Lewis, RN, MBA

Christopher J. Krenk, MSW

2011-12 Chair, Board of Directors

President & CEO

proGrams & services for youtH i

Where children have reason to smile Albertina Kerr provides a wide range of services for children with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges as well as support for their families. Kerr’s programs are unique in Oregon, providing intensive intervention and psychiatric treatment for toddlers, young children and teenagers from 3 years to 17. Many of these children are struggling to function at home, at school or in the community. Kerr provides treatment and skills training geared toward reuniting children with their families when possible and creating new potential for a healthy, productive life for each child. Hope for tHe future A small town boy from the Oregon Coast, Conner* attempted to commit suicide at age 17. After a frightening trip to the emergency room, he was admitted to the Crisis Psychiatric Care program.

“Providing foster care has changed me as a human being. It has taught me what it means to really love.” – Renee, FoSteR CARe PRovIDeR



His father Frank was concerned that he needed help and hopeful that Albertina Kerr could provide it. “The staff are smart, they are caring, they really make an effort to connect with the kids,” said Frank. “They go out of their way to help children and it goes beyond being just a job for them.” *All names have been changed to protect privacy.

community-based mental HealtH services Outpatient, early childhood and intensive community-based mental health services for children and their families provided in the child’s home, school and community. early Childhood

48 children received early-childhood services

88% of families felt their quality of life has improved

Community-Based outpatient Care

192 children ages 5-17 received care 73% showed improvement in high-risk behaviors

Group Homes for youtH

family resource center

Round-the-clock support and life skills training in a safe, community-based setting.

Family support including assistance developing skills that promote a child’s strengths and safety.

15 group homes for youth 108 youth received care 54% met their personal goals 38% more are making progress

foster care

intensive treatment proGram

Safe and caring homes for foster children with special needs or behavioral challenges.

Secure intensive residential treatment program for children with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges that need the highest level of care.

27 children received care

42 families or caregivers received assistance 77% showed improvement in family caregiver skills and strengths

79 children with behavioral challenges received care

15 children with special needs received the care and support they needed

Intensive Community-Based outpatient Care

114 children received intensive, wraparound care

72% showed improvement in high-risk behaviors

crisis psycHiatric care (subacute) Short-term residential program with 24-hour access to intensive psychiatric treatment for children with urgent mental health crises in need of stabilization.

222 children in crisis received care 94% showed improvement in high-risk behaviors such as self-harm and aggression


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proGrams & services for adults i

Where people are included & empowered Albertina Kerr provides a wide range of services designed to support people with developmental disabilities. The people Kerr serves have mental and physical disabilities resulting in impairments to daily functioning and include diagnoses such as Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy. They receive care, skills training and support for community involvement in their homes, in the community and in group homes. enricHinG lives In 2012, Albertina Kerr added to its community inclusion offerings with the acquisition of three new programs that offer opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to participate in the workforce. Art from the Heart art studio and gallery where 40 to 50 artists work, Cans for Kids recycling program which serves nearly 100 companies in Portland and Salem, and The Snack Squad which stocks treat boxes for more than 300 local businesses.

“I’ve learned coping skills and I can solve problems. I’m listening to people and not ignoring them. That’s what I used to do.” – SARAh, lIveS In A GRouP hoMe FoR younG ADultS woRKInG towARD InCReASeD InDePenDenCe



Rebecca, who has been coming to the studio for more than seven years, enjoys weaving, pottery and painting, especially in the style of her favorite artist, Thomas Kinkade. She’s also a fan of the theater program where her great sense of humor shines. Most of all, she enjoys her work because “we do a lot of cool stuff, it’s fun. And, I get paid when something sells.”

community inclusion Support for people who want to participate in the workforce, volunteer, join in community activities and pursue hobbies that enrich their lives, leading to increased independence and community involvement.

170 people participated in community inclusion programs

70% met their personal goals Group Homes for adults Neighborhood group homes in the Portland, Salem and Eugene areas that offer 24-hour support and individual growth opportunities.

30 group homes for adults 124 adults received care in group homes 72% met their personal goals 22% more are making progress

supported livinG Support system for adults that provides opportunities to create their own living situation based on their needs and goals.

3 adults received support to live independent lives


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Albertina Kerr strengthens Oregon families and communities by helping children and adults with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges – empowering them to live richer lives. 6


improvinG tHe lives of oreGonians in need for more tHan 100 years Established in Portland in 1907, Albertina Kerr has long supported children and families from a nursery and adoption center to supported living, employment and life skills training for people with developmental disabilities. Over the decades, our services have evolved to meet community needs. Today, we serve children and adults with mental health challenges and developmental disabilities.


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2011—2012 HiGHliGHts i

Evolving to meet community needs In 2011-12, Albertina Kerr continued to evolve to meet community needs – improving and expanding services and facilities for Oregon’s most vulnerable. Here are some highlights: • Albertina Kerr was named Oregon’s 2nd most admired non-profit in a survey by the Portland Business Journal of more than 1,800 CEOs and business leaders. • Kerr acquired three new community inclusion programs that provide workforce opportunities for people with developmental disabilities: Art from the Heart, Cans for Kids and The Snack Squad. • Albertina Kerr entered into a partnership with several other non-profits to expand the Project SEARCH employment program for adults with developmental disabilities into Oregon with a target launch of 2013. • To improve efficiencies, Kerr partnered with Trillium Family Services to share technology staff and consolidated our Eugene offices.



• Two new youth group homes were purchased and renovated. In addition, the Intensive Treatment Program received a much needed renovation and an adult group home in Silverton transitioned from state management to Albertina Kerr. • And to lead Albertina Kerr into the future, the board of directors and foundation trustees developed the long-term strategic plan for 2012-2016 based on the key pillars of a thriving workforce, operational viability and leadership and agility.

private sources of support




Volunteer-managed businesses





foundation & orGanization audited financial statements

consolidated statement of activities

Year ending June 30, 2012

consolidated statement of financial position

Oregon’s Investment in Kerr



2011 $5,079,051 2,162,175 7,924,022 9,501,836 457,121

Government Contracts Contributions and Grants Events Volunteer-Managed Businesses, Net Sales Income & Net Appreciation of Investments

$34,222,892 1,733,429 410,665 381,148 (94,347)

Cash $3,690,211 Contract & Contributions Receivable 2,493,885 Investments 8,741,177 Property & Equipment 9,799,938 Other Assets 499,223

Total Revenue


Total Assets




Kerr’s Investment in Oregon Program Services Management Fundraising Volunteer-Managed Businesses

$32,334,052 3,010,639 426,413 382,833

Payables & Accrued Liabilities Deferred Revenue Long Term Debt

$2,828,773 73,845 1,393,502

$3,347,799 48,689 1,299,255

Total Liabilities



Total Expenses


Net Assets




Despite a year of reduced government funding and investment losses, Albertina Kerr increased net assets by 2.4% through strong fiscal management.


Albertina Kerr has continued to invest, on average, 91 cents of every dollar toward program services.


Recent audit results produced no management letter findings and no audit adjustments. ALBERTINA KERR

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Earn your wings When everyday people reach out to the most vulnerable and give back to their community, they become part of Albertina Kerr’s Army of Angels. It’s easy to earn your wings, visit to find out more.

visit Kerr Bikes Fun bike rentals for the whole family. Portland Waterfront at Salmon Street Springs Fountain, 503-808-9955, Mar–Oct Art from the Heart 3505 NE Broadway, Portland, 503-528-0744 Gallery: Mon–Fri, 9AM to 3PM Albertina’s Restaurant & Shops Enjoy lunch, brunch and shopping at Portland’s historic Old Kerr Nursery. 424 NE 22nd Avenue, 503-231-3909, Year-round, Mon–Sat Cans for Kids Workplace recycling service. 971-998-4221 The Snack Squad Workplace “snack” boxes. 503-577-6707 10


volunteer directly with people we serve or at Albertina’s Restaurant and Shops

donate your used vehicle or bring gently used items to the Kerr Thrift Shop

run or WalK at Race for the Roses half marathon, 10K and 5K races

eXperience Albertina Kerr when you attend a Snapshot series event or the Annual Meeting

Give by joining the Champion Angels Gift Society

Give by donating goods or services

eat and sHop at Albertina’s Restaurant and Shops

consiGn estate jewelry or antiques and collectibles at Albertina’s Restaurant and Shops

foster a child with behavioral issues or special needs

taKe a spin on a fun Kerr Bikes rental at Waterfront Park

Give by designating Albertina Kerr as a beneficiary of your estate

Join the Albertina Kerr team as a staff member

Golf at the Kerr Golf Classic dinner, auction and tournament dance at the Spotlight on Kerr gala Give by setting up a recurring gift

donate your cans for recycling at your workplace through Cans for Kids snacK at your workplace by ordering a “honor box” of treats from The Snack Squad

Guardian anGels society

army of anGels i

Thank you for reaching out to the most vulnerable and giving back as donors and volunteers last year, July 2011—June 2012. Your generosity has helped change the lives of the people who receive services from Albertina Kerr.

Guardian anGels society Each member of the Guardian Angels Society has made Albertina Kerr part of their estate plans or created a life income gift, helping us build a solid foundation for the future. Virginia Ammons Anonymous Donors Fritz and Lynn Bartsch Darlene Benjamin Lee Carson Dion Cole Jean Cory Patricia L. Cudahy Patrick and Andy F. Dignan Kevin and Genevieve Director Marcia J. Director Dorothy Emig Gwen Foley Edson C. and Jeanne B. Gaylord Helen R. Harris Miki Herman Barbara Hood Conner Kathleen and Louis Jaffe Gordon Janney Curtis Jantze Charmaine Jensen Alison Jones Helen M. Kelly Georgia Koehler Chris Krenk and Nell Babcock Mary and Daniel Lago James and Joan Leigh Ardath Lilleland Helen Lindgren Jodi Lippert and Timothy L. Barr Jerry L. Martin Merry M. Meek

Joan R. Morton Greg and Sandra Mottau Marjorie E. Mottau Renee Nevegold Clarice L. Norman Frances S. Palk Jackie Panner Carl Pearson Marty and Dick Phillippi Robert and Dorothy Poznanski Dawn Pratt Peter Thompson and Suzanne Spitler Thompson Marta and Kenneth Thrasher William and Lila Ulrich Caroline J. Wann B. Joanne Weaver David and Karole Wilson Muriel Woolley

cHampion anGels Gift society Comprised of our closest individual donors who contribute $1,000 or more annually, we thank them for their essential support. *Represents gift total for multi-year commitment founders $500,000+ Dennis Panichello Estate* founders $100,000+ Gwendolyn Margaret Burgy Trust Hattie Kielhorn Estate* founders $20,000+ Anonymous

Joyce E. Coats Estate Anna Jamison Estate Helen Lindgren* David and Lori Manougian Louise Chapitel Smith Estate James and Christina Trolinger David and Karole Wilson

founders $10,000+ Christopher and Heather Adamek Roger Cooke and Joan Cirillo Bill Furman Gerda Gallus Estate Edson C. and Jeanne B. Gaylord Jan Kooning

Kris Irwin Jodi Lippert and Timothy L. Barr Celia and Jerry Murphey Claudine and Craig Payne Tom Rocca Cathy Rudd Don Rutherford Rich and Denise Smith Ken and Marta Thasher Dave and Barbara Underriner Bruce Ward Bill and Diane Wilt

president’s circle $1,500 + Kay and Roy Abramowitz Robert Ackerman, Jr. Shelley and Gary Barnes Kim and Nick Borton founders $5,000+ Chris and Tina Bradshaw Jerry and Donna Baysinger Gavin and Canoise Brown Keren Brown Wilson, PhD Tom and Mary Carney and Michael DeShane, PhD Colin Cave, MD Richard and Maggie Drake Jean Cory Dr. and Mrs. John C. Jim and Tina Criswell English, MD Larry and Joan Ellis David and Phi Ford Maureen and Mike Fisher Yoshiaki Hasebe Lois Gibson Miki Herman Jim Gustafson Angela and Nathan Hult Kathleen and Louis Jaffe Richard Olazaba Sandra and Arthur James Vic and Chris Stibolt Mary and Daniel Lago Charles and Darci Sal and Laura Maglietta Swindells Steven Naito Verne and Jean Newcomb benefactors $2,500+ Dan and Heather O’Leary Robin and Janine Carilyn and Richard Richardson Alexander Traci and Bob Richardson Fritz and Lynn Bartsch William and Susan Ruecker Jim and Darlene Cain Anthony and Kim Seashore Mariel Combs, JD and Loren J. Stolin Jason Yamamoto Jerry and Terri Thale Lance and Cristi Dayton John and Randi Thoma Susan and Ian Ford Deanne Foster Jack and Ginny Wilborn

cHampions $1,000+ Thelma Adkisson Virginia L. Ammons Anonymous Jonathan and Deanne Ater Ken Barker and Jeff Stookey Sam Bars and Bobbi Jo Shrum Doug and Terri Bogen Gina and Karl Brimner Geoffrey Bruce and Susan Parke Marsha and Richard Buono Bruce and Jan Burmeister Don and Patricia Cassady Chia Pei Chang Richard Codanti Anthony and Terri Cracchiolo Patrick and Monica Criteser Patricia L. Cudahy Larry Davis and Linda Locker Ed and Carole Dayoob Mike and Heidi Dayoob Patrick and Andy F. Dignan Jeanne and Brian Farr Patricia Gazeley Flora Geiger Debbie Greene Mike and Robin Hageman Jerry and Sharyn Hoffert Jane Hyatt Art and Terri Johnstone Joyce and Kevin Kerstiens Jean Kircher Dean and Kenneth Kirn Georgia A. Koehler Chris Krenk and Nell Babcock David and Janet Leatherwood Carol Ledford Priscilla Lewis, RN, MBA Gary Maffei and Marc Lintner

Each member has made Albertina Kerr part of their estate plans or created a life income gift, helping us build a solid foundation for the future. In 2011-12, Kerr received the following legacy gifts from Guardian Angels who have passed away. Their gifts are invested in Kerr’s endowment where proceeds will fund future community needs. Charles Beek, Eleanor Boxx, Beulah V. Dennis

cHampion anGels Gift society In 2011-12, a total of 106 Champion Angels gave or pledged a total of $332,849. Established in 2004 to recognize individuals who have made an annual contribution of $1,000 or more and to encourage others to join. Chair: A.F. (Fritz) Bartsch Committee: Larry Davis, Chris Krenk, MSW, Merry Meek, Celia Murphey, Margaret Rowland, MD, Rich Smith, Tony J. Seashore, David Wilson, DMD (chair-elect)

Holiday GivinG The Holiday Giving committee and generous donors ensure that every child and adult receiving services from Albertina Kerr receives a holiday gift. In 2011-12, a total of 971 gifts with a total value of $39,330 were donated and delivered. Committee: Angelina Garcia, Rose Livengood, Karin Wandtke ALBERTINA KERR

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tHe old Kerr nursery association Volunteer-run Albertina’s Restaurant and Shops continued to evolve with planning for the October 2012 launch of the reimagined gift shop as Albertina’s Jewel Box, featuring vintage, fine and costume jewelry, designer bags, scarves, greeting cards and seasonal home décor. With all proceeds and tips going to support Albertina Kerr services, the 392 volunteers of The Old Kerr Nursery Association gave an impressive 41,471 hours of service. Chair: David Widmark Leadership Committee: Marsha Buono, Mary Ann “Miki” Herman, Anne Jackson, Kathy Jaffe, Kathy Kennerly, Merry Meek, Carolyn Pleasant, Ann Uphoff, Connie West, Jackie Willhite, Alison Wood



Phillip Margolin Jerry L. Martin Linda and David McCammon J. Bart McMullan, Jr., MD & Patricia Dunahugh Merry M. Meek Keith and Debi Meyers Greg and Diane Morgan Doug Morris JD and Miranda Carney-Morris Joan R. Morton Ron and Judy Mundt Dave and Ruth Murray Gus Nadelhoffer Patricia Nichols Anton and Angie Oehlert Gary and Bette Lou Parks Chip and Christianna Pierce David and Char Reinhart Barbara Robbins Michael and Judy Rompa Margaret Rowland, MD and Art LaFrance Alan and Anita Ruderman Margaret Shoemaker Susan J. and Duane D. Stanley Tom and Mary Jane Stern John and Gwen Stirek Daniel Striplin Serilda Summers-McGee, MBA and Charles McGee June and William Tagmyer Craig M. Thompson Peter Thompson and Suzanne Spitler Thompson Jay Tinker Karin Wandtke John Ward and Amy Hill B. Joanne Weaver Margaret Welsh Connie West Kingsley and Kelly Wick Adam Willis David Zier

individual, corporate, Group and foundation donors *Represents gift total for multi-year commitment Gifts $100,000+ Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund*

Gifts $50,000+ Frontier FiOS - Viamedia TV Greenlayer Sports JFR Foundation Gifts $20,000+ CareOregon Comcast SportsNet Kaiser Permanente Microsoft Corporation The Oregon Community Foundation Providence Health & Services - Oregon Region Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon Tournament Golf Foundation, Inc. Gifts $10,000+ ACME Business Consulting, LLC Anonymous Cal Weld Oregon Charitable Checkoff Google Henry Lea Hillman, Jr. Foundation Juan Young Trust Oregon Convention Center PacificSource Health Plans PGE Foundation Portland Trail Blazers Precision Castparts Corp. The Robert D. & Marcia H. Randall Charitable Trust Safeway Foundation Swagelok Northwest TechSoup United Way of the Columbia-Willamette Gifts 5,000 + Albertina Kerr Center Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation Andersen Construction Angelos Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation The Autzen Foundation Bank of America Baysinger Partners Architecture Employees Community Fund of Boeing Portland, Inc Comcast Fit Right Northwest Garvey Schubert Barer Georgia-Pacific

Gozzer Ranch Golf & Lake Club Hoover Family Foundation Oregon Les Schwab Tire Centers Charlotte Y. Martin Foundation OCF Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation The ODS Companies Pacific Continental Bank Painted Hills Natural Beef Margaret Thiele Petti Foundation Nike, Inc. PGA TOUR The Rite Aid Foundation Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation Charlie Swindells Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation TaylorMade Golf The TJX Foundation TS Construction Management U.S. Bank/U.S. Bancorp Foundation UnitedHealthcare Wilfs Restaurant & Bar Winderlea Vineyard and Winery

Gifts 2,500+ Alaska Airlines Anonymous Ater Wynne LLP Bella Casa BNC Printing and Graphics Bob’s Red Mill BridgePort Brewing Company Carr Auto Group CMD Compli Dry Soda Co. Felton Properties, Inc. Ferguson Wellman Capital Management Finish Line Youth Foundation Gary McGee & Co. Geffen Mesher & Co. Hart Wagner LLP Ned and Sis Hayes Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation Heffernan Foundation Hillsboro Law Group Howard Wallis Irwin & Dorise Carlyon Hinton Irwin Foundation Jeff Sanders Promotions

Juan Young Fund VII of the Oregon Community Foundation Jubitz Corporation Justa Pasta Arthur H. Klug Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation Mercer Health & Benefits Merrill Lynch Odom Southern Distributors Oregon Turfgrass Foundation Pacific Power Foundation Papa Murphy’s Perkins & Company, P.C. R&H Construction Company Sunshine Dairy Foods Sysco Food Services of Portland, Inc Team in Training Oregon Chapter Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust Union Bank Union Pacific Foundation United Salad Walters Family Foundation Willamette Week

Gifts 1,500+ Beighley & Associates, Inc. Bradshaw Advertising Broadmoor Woman’s Club Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation Dave’s Killer Bread El Gaucho Jackson Foundation Arthur M. James Family Foundation Movement Therapy Clinic, LLC Newcomb Foundation Oregon Screen Impressions Oregon Sports Authority Foundation Portland General Electric Employee Giving Campaign Resource Connections of Oregon The Rose Quarter The Standard Wessinger Foundation Gifts $1,000+ Aleda Fitness Alexander & Baldwin Foundation Annuncio Agency

Ater Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation Concordia University Coordinated Resources Group Durham and Bates Agencies, Inc. Entercom Portland H. William and Patricia J. Gazeley Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation Harrington Family Foundation Bernice Heffernan Family Foundation Nancy Horstkotte Memorial Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation Dan and Irene Hunter Fund at the Seattle Foundation Integra Telecom, Inc. Kraft Foods Global Inc. Langley Investment Properties Leatherwood Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation Merta J. Mason Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation Mortgage Trust, Inc. Northwest School of Survival NW Office Interiors Ocean Beauty Seafood The Ozlund Group Ruderman Philanthropic Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation Sunrise Bagels and More, Inc. Tagmyer Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

Gifts $500+ Mimi Aherne The Alliance, First Unitarian Church The Allison Inn & Spa Anonymous Ted and Kathi Austin Brad and Michelle Bartick Walter and Diane Basden Rivah and Brandon Beaty Beaverton Florists Darlene Benjamin Vera Bennett The Benson Hotel Peter Bhatia and Liz Dahl

The Frank and Margaret Bitar Foundation Black Butte Ranch Ethelwyn Bowler Bradshaw Frame and Gallery Braley & Graham Verna Branch Jessica Brandes Kay S. Bristow Gwen Burns Darron and Tina Campbell Stephanie and Chris Campbell Car2Go Suzanne and Charles Carlbom Lee Carson and Jeremy Hyatt Courtney Clouatre Maribeth Collins Columbia Edgewater Country Club Jason and Alyssa Dalton Rene Deras and Joshua Burns Diageo Chateau & Estate Wines Linda and David Diteman Dr. Will Bar Shawn and Jen DuBurg Edward Wadsworth For Hair Dave Evans Flowers by Dorcas, Inc. Hank and Linda Fore Kathy Francis Roseann Freitag Chip and Melody Gabriel Daniel and Cheri Gilbert Daniel Gilden and Alison Fulmer Jeffrey and Christy Gladheim Goose Ridge Estate Vineyard & Winery Byron and Cynthia Grant Jim Hajek William and Linda Hammersley Wendy Heckelman Heffernan Insurance Brokers Patsy Heinlein Mike and Sue Henningsen JD and Dee Hill Debra Hirsh Barbara Hood Conner Edward and Teresa Hostmann House Spirits Distillery Anne Jackson Johnson Air Products David Kamens Helen M. Kelly

Paul and Lynn Kelly Knuckle Lights/Roadnoise Cynara Ko KPD Insurance, Inc. Christiane and Tom Kraemer Linda and Thomas Krippaehne Ronni Lacroute Marcy and David Lantz Thomas and Marcy Lasley Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Christine and Norbert Leupold Lucille and Gerard McAleese Ann Mehlum Robert and Robin Mesher Sylvia Montero Jason Moore and Manami Yaguchi Taylor Morehead Douglas Morris JD and Miranda Carney-Morris Timothy Morris Motorola Greg and Sandra Mottau Summer Newhouse Matt Newstrom Next Adventure Heidi Nielsen and David Combe OnPoint Community Credit Union The Oregon Golf Club Organon Professional Services Alyssa Pace and John Olson Peter Jacobsen Sports Donna Philbrick and Duncan Kretovich Portland Spirit Portland Timbers Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club Fritz and David Rankin Jeffery Robanske Joan L. Samsel Darrin and Tiffany Schmeirer Elizabeth Schuler John and Daphne Settle David and Xuan Sibell Betty and Forrest Simmons Wayne Simons Julia and Michael Sims Cate and Jeff Soulages Sur La Table - Lake Oswego Casey and Darci Waage Jim and Cindy Walker Walsh Trucking William Walsh Family Willamette Writers - Books for Kids Jackie Willhite

Gifts $100 + Colleen and Chuck Aaker Ronald and Elaine Aase Jerry and Cindy Adamek Bruce and Susan Adams Ron and Marilyn Adams Virginia Adelsheim Jani P. Aden Ivy Akui Carole Alexander Sharon Alexander Barbara Allen Milly Allen and Family Richard and Liz Allen Gayle and Bob Aman American Medical Response Shirley Andersen Shirley M. Anderson Kip and Kimberly Andress Adelaide Andrews Brian and Dim Annand Anonymous Donors Gene Arata and Jeff Reynolds Aries Apparel Jeanne and Ed Armstrong Artists Repertory Theatre Rachel and Bruce Aschim Jean Askew Steve and Vickie Athay Atiyeh Bros., Inc. Nelson and Susan Atkin Carrie Austin Susan Avalos Marian J. Avena Rachelle and Clyde Bagley David and Lynne Bangsund Paul and Trish Bansen Barbur Storage Jan Barrett Dick Bartholomew Sacha and Nic Basho John and Joanne Bastian Joan Baucus Larry and Jan Beaudoin Doris Beck Bert and Mary Lou Becker Neil and Marcia Bednarczyk Felice Belfiore and Paul Litwinczuk Jacqueline Bell Travis and Jen Bell Vanora and Joseph Bender Carole Bentley and Michael Asmussen Benz Spring Co. Axel Bergman Justin Beswick Christina Betnar Mary and Bill Blake Owen and Lynn Blank Stan and Judy Blauer Richard Blickle

Ann Blume Kathy and Jeff Boeckel Edward Bondurant Dorothy Boothe Thomas Winckler Borden and Barbara Seal Borden Family Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Comunity Foundation Fidelia and Gary Boshears Kathy and John Bowman Chip and Amy Bradshaw Nancy Bradshaw Yvonne Branchflower Marilyn Brannon Nancy and Creed Brattain Judith Breen Amanda Briggs The Brinks Marni Brinkley Michelle and Eric Brosterhous Cynthia Brown Shirley Brown Barb and Tom Buchholz Shirley Burles James and Lorraine Bushek Erlene Butler Greg and Britta Cabanos Carleton Hart Architecture Tom and Linda Carson Dana Carter Jerome Casey Jonathan Caver Kirsten and Chad Chambers Charles Schwab Corporate Foundation Chiarello Family Vineyards Christopher Smith Golf June Clarke Elyse Clawson Louise and Peter Clement Clyde Common Barbara Coates Lee and Nora Coe Mr. and Mrs. Allen Cohen Ralph and Patti Cole Combined Federal Campaign Megan Combs and Craig Little Matt and Amy Compton Susie Conley Consumer Cellular Lou Conway Duane and Sherry Cook Lois and William Costine Penny Cotten Courtyard Marriott San Francisco Downtown Earl and Joanne Cramer Brown Brenda and James Crouser John and Margaret Crowell

Marvin and Dorothy Cuddeford Bruce and Kathryn Cunningham Chris Dalengas Daughters of Penelope Lori Davis Theressa Davis and Robert Volz Beulah Dennis Brenda and William Derville Adrienne Devecka-Palaske Kurt and Bonney Dietrich Angie Dobrowski Carmen Doerge Domaine Margelle Vineyards Domaine Serene Sandy and Jim Donahue Maggie Doud Richard Dowsett and Elizabeth Reis Harry and Kathleen Dozier Michelle Druce Michelle Duncan Shirley Dunkel Richard and Rebecca Dusa Jr. Dan Dziuba Eastmoreland Golf Course Bob and Kaye Eberhard Barrett Ebright Karnes and Thomas Karnes Don Edwards Keith and Antoinette Edwards Julie Edwards Levy Family Scott and Marie Edwards Thomas A. Edwards Family Elk Cove Vineyards Ellen Elliff Glenn Elliott Mark and Jerry Ellis Donna and William Elsasser James Elting Robert and Rosemary Emmerich Sheila and Aaron Engstrom Ensequence Carol Evans Mary Jane Everist Exxon Mobil Foundation F. H. Steinbart Company Sally Jo Farnes Marc and Tonna Farrar Mary Faulkner Brent Fawcett Lorreen Fedje Jordan and Christina Fell Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Joanna and Steven Fief Patricia Flitcroft

annual meetinG & community aWards Albertina Kerr’s 105th Annual Meeting and Community Awards were held at The Governor Hotel on October 17, 2012 with 240 guests in attendance. Author Buzz Bissinger shared the story of his travels with his adult son with an intellectual disability, and community members were honored for their contributions. Silver Circle Award: Kathy Jaffe and the team at Albertina’s Restaurant Outstanding Community Support, Individual: Maggie and Richard Drake Outstanding Community Support, Business: U.S. Bank Outstanding Community Support, Foundation: Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust Community Service Award: Janeen McAninch Emeritus Board Member: Jim Trolinger


| 13

Kerr Golf classic The 171 dinner attendees and 100 golfers of the 20th annual Kerr Golf Classic dinner, auction and tournament raised more than $189,000 over the two day event at The Benson Hotel and Columbia Edgewater Country Club. Chair: Dave Manougian Committee: Chris Adamek, Sam Bars, Jerry Baysinger, Ron Gladney, Angela Hult, David Kamens, Clarke Leaverton, Greg Mottau, Adele’ Nofield, David Reinhart, Mike Rompa, John Thoma, Jim Trolinger, Casey Waage Tournament Sponsor: CalWeld Driving Range Sponsor: Regence BlueCross BlueShield Cart Sponsors: Les Schwab Tires Awards Sponsors: Swagelok NW (US) Dinner Sponsors: The Benson Hotel, E. & J. Gallo Winery, Northwest Distillery, Sysco



Elaine D. Flowerree Mark Fontana Rebecca Fortuine Marc Fovinci and Ulrike Devoto Milton Fox Matthew Franklin Fred Meyer, Inc. Nicole Frisch Angelina Garcia and Chad Atherton Doris Gardiner Bill Gascoigne Carolyn and Tom Gavin Yvon Gay E. Lois and Robert Gebhart Bob and Nancy Gebo Patricia Gentry and Leo Gentry II Get Bold Events Gilkey International Middle School Janette and Robert Gill Roberta Gilley Jennifer Gilstrap Lisa Gitelson, DMD Emily Gleason Robert Grafe Jenni and Brian Gray Barry and Lori Greenberg Kevin Grillo David Grindy Victoria and Luke Groser Mark Haggard and Brenda Grootendorst Lars and Dayle Haggstrom William and Martha Hall Arlene and John Halvorson William and Barbara Harris Ken and Ginger Harrison Arley and Mira Hartley Jane Hatch Josephine Hatfield Amelia Heath Travis Heath Chris Hefty Gary and Beverly Heitz Greg and Tina Held Dan and Debbie Hempy Kathy Hemrich Caitlin Hendel Norman Henderson Kathleen Hessel Zilda Heusinkveld Higgins Restaurant and Bar Emily Higham Jacqueline and Art Hillsbery Michelle Hofmann Nancy and Doug Holden Ryan and Amy Holman Junhi and Haesoon Hong Diane Hoobler and Jeffrey Curtis

Hood River Hotel Hotel Modera Joel and Debra Huffman Julie and Sam Hughes Karleen Hulbert William C. Hutchins Kathleen Hutchinson, MD Connie and Tom Hutson Gerald Hynes Integration/Independence, Inc. Isis David Jacob Elisabeth and Jean Pierre Jacqmotte Meg and Stephen James Joyce and Bradly Jensen Kirk and Judith Johansen John Apostolos Painiting Jason and Kaitlin Johnson Jennifer and Jeff Johnson Joan and Nick Johnson Sarena Johnson Terry Johnson and Nancy Pastor-Johnson Kristin Johnson-Shadley and Michael Shadley Elsie Jones and Ron Allen Chris Jury Karen Justice F. Jane Kaady-Miller Steve and Elaine Kantor Gregory Keller and Elizabeth HatfieldKeller, MD Kells Irish Retaurant & Pub Wilma Kempton Kathy Kennerly Kettle Foods, Inc. Kimberli Ransom Photography Elizabeth and Robert King Marguerite E. Kleger Kelly and Michael Klein Pamela Knight Mel Kosher Kraemer Farms Deborah and Robert Kross Sloan Krueger Stephen R. Krug Tom Kuhn La Rambla Laborers’ Union Local No. 121 Ladies Social Club Grieg Lodge 2-15 Louise Lague Lambert Family Dina Lang Lange Winery Bre Lantz Kendel Larsen Jessica Lawrence LCEA

Ermalouise and John Leeper Julie and Keith Leffler Thomas and Arlene Lemieux Jill Leonetti Harriet Lesher Damonn Levine Esther Lewis Han-Chun Liang, MD and Alicia Liang, MD Ardath Lilleland Amy Lindeman Elaine Linne Bill and Maria Lisac Lithia Motors Support Services, Inc. Suzanne Litviak Scott and Suzy Loftins Robert Lokting Donald Lombard Shawn and David Looney Jeanine Lopez Chris and Linda Loughran Betty Lovett Diane and Richard Lowensohn Penny Luening Jacqueline Lung Cathy Lyon Dolores Lyons Virginia Mackin Gwen Macpherson Michelle and Chris Madsen Tracy Madsen Donna Mafle Cindy Magers Ashley Maginnis Nichole Maher, MPH Lois Manley D. Martinez Thomas and Julie Mathews Barbara and Bill Mathey Lora and Jim Mattsen Sue Mautz Rachel Mayhugh Rachel McAdam Norma J. McAfee Brenda and Brian McCool William C. and Jani E. McCormick Jeanne McCulloch Joyce McCulloch Loeta McElwee Jim and Betty McFarland Dan and Nancy McGrath McLaren Auction Services Larry McLaughlin Martin and Catherine McLendon Ellen E. McMillan Jack and Carolyn McMurchie Ruth McNamara

Linda McNulty and Matthew Simpson Don Meadows Victor and Toinette Menashe Courtney Mersereau Geri Miller Tammy and Brad Miller Danielle and Jacob Mills Earl and Karen Ming Milton and Phyllis Mittelstedt Don and Janice Moar Jason and Angela Mocca Regina Mockmore Roger Molatore Edward and Marilyn Montecucco Charles Moore, MD Adele Morley Marilyn Morrison William Morton Marjorie Mottau Sonja Muchen Tiffini Mueller Tom and Tamara Muldoon Hester Nau Vanessa Nelson and Jacob Becker Nichols Garden Nursery Peter and Robin Nielsen Joanne Nofield Ronald and Arlene Normansen Northwest Children’s Theater & School Northwest Distillery Nostrana Michael and Gloria Olin Larry and Sue Olson Oma’s Bakery OMSI Grae Orchard and Tina Cameli Oregon Air Reps Oregon Auto Spring Service, Inc. Oregon Ballet Theatre Oregon International Air Show Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association Oregon Shakespeare Festival Oregon Sports Network Chris Ostlund Owen Roe Winery Herb Ozer and Sandra Taylor Pacific Machinery & Tool Steel Co. Raymond Packouz Lila Palmiter Jackie Panner

Gene and Amanda Panter Parallel Nancy Park Judy Parks Ann Parks Satina Pasillas Joe Patton Patton Valley Vineyard Kristin Paul Frankie and James Paulson Carl Pearson Julie Pekkanen Mark Perry Persimmon Country Club J. Peterson Sherry Peterson June Petticord The Phoenician Resort Spa Midge and James Pierce Jan Pinkava John W. S. Platt Janet Plog Maureen and Rick Pointer Jennifer Politsch and Philip Tavernier Joe Pollock Por Que No Taqueria Portland Center for the Performing Arts Portland Team Fitness Joni Portmann Power Heavy Duty Brad and Caroline Preble Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Preble Precision 1 Coatings Karol and Richard Price Rose Prihar Providence Festival of Trees Provvista Speciality Foods Kristine Pruyn Joseph and Evelyn Pudwill Brian Puziss Mary Lou Raffety Dr. Kaz Rafia, DDS Linda Ramey Nancy and Steve Randleman Linda Rasmussen Gayle Ray and Family Tillie Rea Ken Rector Red Lion Hotels Kathie Reed Teresa Regan David and Char Reinhart Susan and Dick Reinhart Renaissance Wines Debra and William Richard Bill Richardson Rae and Forrest Richen Jim Richrod Ronald Rider Elaine Rinde Nelson and William Nelson

Patricia Roberts Christina Rose Gail Rosebrook and George Cheney Rena Rossi Rotary Club of Forest Grove Amy and Kevin Rueda Fern Russak and Sean Schafer Barry and Penny Russman Marian P. Ryan Matthew Ryan Matt Ryer San Francisco Giants Nick Santangelo Linda Scheidel Kathy Scheradella Joe and Lucy Schneid Herb Schroeder Mrs. Robert Schulstad Paul Schulz Robin and Lorinda Schutjer Jane and Bill Scott Kim Scott Dawn Sedgwick Tom Semke Tammie Serean and Timothy Serean II Kelly Sestero Clara Settle Rose Sharma Don Sharpe Robert Shirley David and Penny Short Dick and Shellie Silliman Norm and Norma Silver Karen Sincavage Rachel and Fred Siri Guy Skeele and Jessica Hale John Skourtes Beverlee S. Smith Jeffrey A. Smith Nancy Smith Laura Smoyer Sokol Blosser Winery Adam and Carol Solomonson Georgia and John Solomonson Lorraine Solomonson Southpark Seafood Grill & Wine Bar Bart Sowa Amber Spady Sports Authority Mary Jo Staehely Dion and Diane Stagl Steven Stanich Tracy Steckmann Judy and Edward Steele Barry Stein Cynthia Stenger and David Macemon

Sterling Savings Bank Nathan Stevens Mark and Mary Stevenson Eloise and Rees Stevenson Marilyn and Alan Stewart George Stockinger Sue and Neel Stoneking Storefronts and Entrances Inc. Linda and Fred Stovel Robert Streicher Mark Stromme Ernest and Marianne Swanson Bill Sweat and Donna Morris Sweet Spot Skirts William and Corinne Swift Marilyn Sykes Sylvan Steakhouse Wade and Jami Symons Synopsys Anne Taggard John and Ruth Talbott Barry Tarzaban Jen and Kevin Tate Jennifer Taylor Melvin Taylor Patricia and Brian Taylor Virginia Taylor Eugene and Anna Belle Thomas Donald and Beverly Thomen Rev. James and Eloise Thompson Keith and Julie Thomson April and Jonathan Tillman Jerry and Sharon Titus Sandra T. Trainer Trattoria Sbandati Niall Travers and Shelby Galvin Travers Triangle Suspension Systems - Fontana, CA Triangle Suspension Systems, Inc. Frances Trumbull Jessie Tucker Turkish Cultural Foundation Lois Turner Sandra Tyner Ann and Richard Uphoff Uptown Hardware Marcella and Graham Vail Elizabeth Venes Vista Hills Winery Pamela Vohnson & David Streigh Ralph T. Voltz Edward and Mary Vranizan Don and Eunice Waggoner Arlan and Caroline Walker

The Walker Family Debra Wallace and Charlie Graham George and Janice Wallace Zandra Walton Erinn and Daniel Warner Kirby and Beverly Warner Matthew Warner and Jerry Bennett Jan Warren Jennifer Watson Helen F. Weber Jill and Michael Weier Harold Weight/MultiPlan Financial Services Richard L. Weil Verle and Stewart Weitzman Johnna Wells Denise and Doug White Barbara Whiteley Karen Whitman and Brad Shiley Jeffrey and Deborah Wihtol Karen Wiley Bob and Barbara Williams Alan Willis Steven L. and Mary Lynn Wintermantel Diana Wise Scott Witscher Aaron Wofford-Miles Carl and Carol Wojciechowski Don and JoAnne Wold Beverly and John Wong Elizabeth Woodcock Bernadette Worrall Yakuza Lounge & DOC Restaurant Brad Yanko Barbara and Charles Yarbrough Yolo Colorhouse Stephen Young Anna M. Youngren Mary C. Zehrung Marilyn Zwald

Gifts in Honor

Gifts in appreciation

Ann Kramer’ 80th birthday Julanne Weller

Kay and Roy Abramowitz Northwest Planned Giving Roundtable

Lorraine Allen Virginia L. Ammons Sandra and David Allworth Joyce and William Padgham Lora Amos’ 100th birthday Phyllis and Larry McIntyre Alexis Blank Owen and Lynn Blank Kay Bristow Donna Tewsbury Shirley Buxton Stephanie Laws Diane Campbell Anonymous Beulah Dennis’ 100th birthday Barbara Keller Andy Dignan’s birthday Kay S. Bristow John & Jean Dutton Neil and Marcia Bednarczyk Holly Eberhard Bob and Kaye Eberhard Ruthann Eyer E. Lois and Robert Gebhart Jacqueline Fitzgerald’s birthday Molly Hall Mr. and Mrs. David Grilley for Christmas 2011 Kathleen Hessel Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hardesty Virginia L. Ammons Patricia Herder’ 80th birthday Bill and Dottie Schonely Margie Howard Mattei Walkers

Edna McLean Celia Walker

Katrina Martin Ron and Terese Martin

Richard Meeker and Ellen Rosenblum Lee Carson and Jeremy Hyatt

Merry Meek Gary and Lynne Hartshorn

Ramey Katy Newell Suzanne Ramey

Connie West Joan Baucus

Gerald Percell for Christmas Rosemary Percell The Ramey Family K. Ramey Newell Elaine Nelson Rachel and Bruce Aschim Adam Scott for Christmas 2011 Jane and Bill Scott Alex Scott for Christmas 2011 Jane and Bill Scott Andrew Scott for Christmas 2011 Jane and Bill Scott Travis Scott for Christmas 2011 Jane and Bill Scott Mary, Alistair, Ian, Lizzie, Emma Scriven for Christmas 2011 Caitlin Hendel Rich Smith Wendy Heckelman

spotliGHt on Kerr

Michelle Stillwell Eric Padilla

The 280 guests at the Studio 54-themed gala on February 17 raised $217,069 for Albertina Kerr.

Irma Wauchope for Christmas 2011 Norine Reres Drs. David and Karole Wilson Jim and Darlene Cain

Leadership Committee: Kim Borton, Kirsten Chambers, Mariel Combs, Traci Richardson

Jody Wolfe Don, Hillary, Emma and Cody Carter

Volunteer Committee: Keren Brown Wilson, Colin Cave, Angela Hult, Doug Morris, Alan Ruderman, Michael Thale

Mary Zehrung on her birthday Julanne Weller

Platinum Sponsors: Precision Castparts Corp., Providence Health and Services Gold Sponsors: Concepts in Community Living & JFR Foundation, CareOregon, Kaiser Permanente

Kerr biKes In the fourth season of operation (March-October 2012), Kerr Bikes continued steady growth and generated a net profit of $44,105 and 499 hours of job experience by teens in Albertina Kerr programs. ALBERTINA KERR

| 15

Gifts in memory Marlene Adkins Nancy and Creed Brattain Pat and Robert Fox Mark and Helga Saitowitz Harold Weight/MultiPlan Financial Services Betty Allen William and Roberta Vrooman Douglas Anderson Mary C. Zehrung John Becker Diane Saban Robert Borghorst Donald Lombard Marilyn Zwald Gary Borter Donald and Deborah Boland The Brinks Dennis Boshears Fidelia and Gary Boshears LeClair Bowe Walter and Diane Basden

race for tHe roses The annual half-marathon, 10K and 5K races were held on April 1, 2012. A total of 4,397 racers and volunteers took part and raised $235,136. Chair: Jason Yamamoto Committee: Carilyn Alexander, Rivah Beaty, Jessica Brandes, Nicole Frisch, Allison Gourley, Alli Graham, Bob Gravely, Jeremy Hyatt, Kyle Liljegren, Amanda Meyer, Dan McGrath, Erinn Warner Title Sponsor: Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield Presenting Sponsor: United Healthcare Platinum Sponsors: Charlie 97.1, 94.7 Alternative Portland, Fit Right NW, Fox 12, GreenLayer Gold Sponsors: AA Sports, BNC Printing and Graphics, Bob’s Red Mill, Boyd Coffee Company, Bridgeport BrewPub, Oregon Convention Center, Papa Murphy’s, Sunshine Dairy Foods, Swagelok NW (US), Willamette Week

Gene Bradshaw Milly Allen and Family Rosalie Goodman Lithia Motors Support Services, Inc. Roger Molatore Edward and Marilyn Montecucco Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Preble Matilda Carpenter Brian and Elizabeth DeBrie Joyce Carroll Barbara Hood Ella Noel Clarke Walsh Trucking Co., Ltd. William Walsh Family Charlotte Close Roberta Dunham Donald Lombard Betty Lovett Mary Lou Raffety John and Ruth Talbott Dorothy Cornwell Janet, John and Barbara Cornwell Donald Lombard Betty Lovett Sally Lovett Merry M. Meek Marian P. Ryan Pat and Gerry Wilson Edith Yerke Merlene and Peter York Jean Cotterell Betty Lovett Jane Coverstone Fidelia and Gary Boshears Mary Jane Covill-Gifford Don and JoAnne Wold



Timothy Thomas Donald and Beverly Thomen Don and Eunice Waggoner

Richard Donnelly Fidelia and Gary Boshears

Dorothy Hackett Marlene and Gerry Knechtel Ron and Judy Mundt Dennis Olson Larry and Sue Olson Mr. and Mrs. Morris Wirth

Claire Dube Nathan Stevens

Anne Hefty Chris Hefty

Stephanie Dusa Carleton Hart Architecture Johnson Air Products Oregon Air Reps

Bland Herring Patricia Flitcroft

Sandra Egbers Donald Lombard

Dora Lea Hilton Helen Henderson-West

James and Susan Imbrie Gayle Kauffman and John Frewing Helen M. Kelly G. Kinersly Mary Lou Leahy Walter and Jean Meihoff Ruben and Elizabeth Menashe Richard and Nancy Mitchell Marcia Paige Gayle Ray and Family Johnnie and Carol Rice Arlene and Richard Rumble Vivienne and Spencer Snow Patricia and Brian Taylor Eugene and Anna Belle Thomas Verle and Stewart Weitzman Ann Wellman Denise and Doug White Barbara Whiteley Mary C. Zehrung

Donna Hokkanen Sally Jo Farnes

Ed Meyersick Mary C. Zehrung

Jane Hyatt Virginia Burns Jacob and Marcia Egger Betty Lovett Virginia Mackin

Judy Mooser Barbara Coates

Peggy Kernan Penny Cotton Donald Lombard

Richard “Dick” Olsen Bill Crampton

Erin Cunningham Judy and Edward Steele Nancy Dalengas Chris Dalengas Lucille Dement Marlene and Gerry Knechtel Beulah Dennis Lois Dennis Gloria Languedoc Tabitha Leah Densmore Robert McHugh

Lois Elliott Jeanne and Ed Armstrong Rachel and Bruce Aschim Sheila Benson Linda Buergel Merlene Delgado Kay Dow Glenn Elliott Roberta Gilley Joan and Nick Johnson Margaret Newton Arthur and Ada Bell Phillips Maureen and Rick Pointer Tillie Rea Marianne Roberts Ardus Stevens Jackie Willhite Ruthann Eyer Anonymous Lorraine Allen Virginia L. Ammons Ed and Diane Bolin Marilyn Brannon Patsy and David Britton Diane Evans Lynne and David Gary Roberta Gilley Claire Hawk Alan and Patricia Hoffer Joyce Jakes Terry and Grace Larsen Ted and Joyce Liljeholm Dolores Mikkelson The Step-Sisters: Mary G. Miller, Sandra Jackson, Gay Hendrex, Sharon Slaybaugh, Fran Pearson, Sylvia Anderson, Cathy Good, and Dorie Russell Dorothy Moore Karen Nelson Anne Olson Susan Pisha Linda Rasmussen Lily Root Gail Rosebrook and George Cheney

Greg Foster Rachel and Bruce Aschim Henrietta Gavin Lee and Nora Coe Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Karr

Patricia Leveque Ron and Marilyn Adams Cal and Rhoda Auvil Paul and Lorena Middendorp Carolyn and Jerald Shonk Lucy Van Kirk Bernadette Worrall The two sisters of Wilma Loeks Patricia Flitcroft Keith Lucas Jacqueline Lung John Q. Lynch and Harold W. Rebarich Ken Barker and Jeff Stookey Paul N. McCracken, Jr. Julanne Weller The sister of Shirley Wells Patricia Flitcroft Ann McDowell Susan and John Bates Betty and Robert Bauer Shirley and E. Freeman Cockram George Doolittle Don Edwards Julie Edwards Levy Family Thomas A. Edwards Family Sally Jo Farnes Lavern Farrell Dick and Joyce Gustafson Patricia Hemingway

Jane Moshofsky Patricia Flitcroft

Ann Parks Anonymous Leigh Ann Peterson Co-workers and friends at LCEA Larry Pfau Elizabeth Venes Helene Piro Brent Fawcett Nancy Potter Reta Davis Amelia Puustinen Bristow Don and Patricia Cassady Susan Schiebel Patricia Flitcroft Henry and Victoria Schmit Marita Schmit Herb Sears Fidelia and Gary Boshears Ted Sherwood Grace Reich Caroline J. Wann Joyce and James Ward Doyle Souders Virginia Millar Cathy Stoller Debra Wallace and Charlie Graham Earl Sykes Marilyn Sykes

Harry and Polly Tarbell Sue Mautz Mary Lou Turner Helen Lindgren Nick Vanikiotis Ann Vanikiotis Steve Von Hagen John and Shirley Baldwin Benz Spring Co. Geraldine Brosy Arnold and Betty Conzelmann Lorie and Karl Damann Beverly and John Ellis Gerald Hynes Terry Johnson and Nancy Pastor-Johnson Reed Miller Oregon Auto Spring Service, Inc. S. L. Pastor Power Heavy Duty Jim Richrod Janis Sander Bart Sowa Triangle Suspension Systems - Fontana, CA Triangle Suspension Systems, Inc. Margreta Umland Masayo Yamamoto To honor Gretchen Wagner in memory of Peter Wagner John Herman Gene and Jean Wells Patricia Flitcroft Virginia Williamson Chiane Kathrens The Pool Palls Joellyn Zolnoski Thomas and Barbara Miller John Zweben Elizabeth and John Ehrsam Nancy and Michael Neuman Kathy Niemi Elisabeth and Jerry Ouellette Mark Perry Sandra Stewart Stephen Young These lists represent donations made between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012. We have made every attempt to ensure the accuracy of this list, and ask that you please contact us if you find an error or omission.

volunteer committees

leaders & professional standinG 2011-12 i

board of directors Priscilla Lewis, RN, MBA, Chair Executive Director of Community Services & Development Providence Health & Services Larry Davis, MBA, Chair-elect Senior Vice President Bank of America Colin R. Cave, MD, Immediate Past Chair Board Chair & Surgeon Northwest Permanente Chris Adamek Practice Director ACME Business Consulting Shelley Barnes Consumer Representative Family Consultant OHSU Teri L. Barichello, DMD Vice President & Chief Dental Officer ODS Doug Bogen Area Manager Eaton Electrical Mariel Combs, JD Attorney, Pacific NW Region U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Office of the Solicitor Angela Hult Director of Corporate Philanthropy Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield Executive Director Cambia Health Foundation Tom Lasley Director of Destination Services Providence Health & Services – Pastoral and Spiritual Care Douglas D. Morris, JD Partner Ater Wynne LLP Celia Murphey Consumer Representative David Reinhart Managing Director Felton Properties, Inc.

Serilda Summers-McGee, MBA Affi rmative Action/Diversity Recruitment Kaiser Permanente, NW Region John Thoma Senior Director of Finance Hannah the Pet Society John Ward President R & H Construction Karin Wandtke, CPA Partner McDonald Jacobs Stewart A. Williams, III, MBA Senior Vice President Columbia Bank David Wilson, DMD President/Owner David L. Wilson, DMD, PC

Honorary Ken and Ginger Harrison Peter Jacobsen

emeritus Peter Bhatia Christine Brown, JD Marsha Buono Jean C. Cory Andy F. Dignan Helen H. Lindgren Robert Mesher, CPA Greg Mottau Victor Stibolt, JD Ken Thrasher Bill Ulrich Connie West

foundation trustees David Manougian, Chair General Manager Comcast SportsNet Northwest Keith Meyers, CPA, Chair-elect Principal Perkins & Company

Margaret Rowland, MD Chief Medical Officer CareOregon, Inc.

Jerry Baysinger, Immediate Past Chair Co-Founder/President Baysinger Partners Architecture, PC

Rich Smith, JD Vice President, Human Resources Kaiser Permanente, NW Region

Kay Abramowitz, JD Partner Ater Wynne LLP

Carilyn Alexander Community Volunteer

Jodi Lippert, CFRE Chief Development Officer

A.F. “Fritz” Bartsch Community Volunteer

Craig Rusch Chief Information Officer

Tom Griffi n Vice President, Financial Consultant RBC Wealth Management

Susan Stanley Vice President, Human Resources

Mary Ann “Miki” Herman Community Volunteer Christopher J. Krenk, MSW Ex-Officio President & CEO Albertina Kerr Centers Mary Lago, CTFA Vice President and Relationship Manager Washington Trust Bank Mike Rompa, CPA President & Managing Shareholder Geffen Mesher Alan Ruderman, CPA Certified Public Accountant Mack, Roberts & Co, LLC Anthony J. Seashore Principal TS Construction Management David Widmark Gresham City Council Keren Brown Wilson, PhD President Jessie F. Richardson Foundation

corporate officers Christopher Krenk, MSW, President & CEO Barbara Farringer, Secretary Jerald Hoffert, MBA, Treasurer

staff leadersHip Christopher J. Krenk, MSW President & CEO Gina Brimner, LCSW Senior Vice President, Youth & Family Services Jeanne Farr, MA Senior Vice President, Developmental Disability Services Doug Butler Vice President, Facilities Jerry Hoffert, MBA Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Woods Corporate Compliance Officer

certified & licensed State of Oregon Seniors and Persons with Developmental Disabilities Division Oregon Department of Human Services as a Private Child Caring Agency State of Oregon Addictions and Mental Health Services Division Medicaid Approved

member Association of Fundraising Professionals National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare National Foster Family Based Treatment Association Nonprofit Association of Oregon Oregon Alliance of Children’s Programs Oregon Rehabilitation Association Developmental Disabilities Coalition

accredited Behavioral Health Care Accreditation: The Joint Commission

By sharing their time and talent with Albertina Kerr, volunteers make much of our crucial work in the community possible. Last year, volunteers gave 49,693 hours of their time and talent. Thank you all for your expertise and efforts. executive Committee Chair: Priscilla Lewis Colin Cave, MD, Larry Davis, MBA, David Manougian, David Reinhart, Margaret S. Rowland, MD, Karin Wandtke, CPA Audit & Compliance Chair: Karin Wandtke, CPA Committee: Axel Bergman, Doug Morris, JD, Mike Rompa, CPA Governance & Board Development Chair: Larry Davis, MBA Committee: A.F. (Fritz) Bartsch, Keith Meyers, CPA, Celia Murphey, Rich Smith, JD, Serilda Summers-McGee, Keren Brown Wilson, PhD operations Chair: David Reinhart Committee: Shelley Barnes, Douglas C. Bogen, Geoff rey Bruce, Victoria Bryson, Tom Lasley, John Thoma, John Ward, Stewart Williams III, MBA Program & Accreditation Chair: Margaret S. Rowland, MD Committee: Carilyn Alexander, Teri Barichello, DMD, Elyse Clawson, Mariel Combs, JD, Jalaunda Granville, Rich Smith, JD, Serilda Summers-McGee, David Wilson, DMD Investment, Gift Acceptance & Planned Giving Chair: Mary Lago, CTFA Committee: Kay Abramowitz, JD, Ted Austin, Kevin Blount, Christine Brown, JD, Tom Griffin, Christopher J. Krenk, MSW, Keith Meyers, Jeff Rippey, Mike Rompa, CPA, Alan Ruderman Marketing & Public Relations Chair: Angela Hult Committee: Heather Barta, Jerry Baysinger, Christopher J. Krenk, MSW, David Manougian, Leigh Milander, Brad Preble, Katie Sachse, Debi Sakamoto, Jim Trolinger


| 17

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Portland, OR Permit No. 2009

424 NE 22nd Avenue Portland, Oregon 97232

Save the Date February 15, 2013 Spotlight on Kerr Gala: Rock Around the Clock Dinner, dancing and entertainment at The Left Bank Annex. April 14, 2013 Albertina Kerr’s Race for the Roses Half-marathon, 10k and 5k races start warm and dry at the Oregon Convention Center. September 15 & 16, 2013 Kerr Golf Classic Evening dinner and auction followed by a golf tournament the next day. October, 2013 106th Annual Meeting & Community Awards Community awards, Albertina Kerr update and guest speaker. Spring & Fall, 2013 Snapshot Series Get a glimpse into Albertina Kerr programs and services.

Contact Printed on paper that is 30% post consumer and FSC-certified.

For more information, hours or reservations, please visit or call 503-239-8101.

Kerr Annual Report 2011-2012  
Kerr Annual Report 2011-2012  

Kerr Annual Report 2011-2012