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COFA0207 - Textiles: Tradition and Contemporary Technology Project 2B

Digitally generated research image

Made in Peckham by Carolina Caicedo; Printed Fabric, specifics not provided on website.

Concept and Development Concept in Project 1AFor this task, I decided to interpret the terms ‘wild nature’ in two different ways, ‘nature gone wild’ and ‘wild by nature’. ‘Nature gone wild’ was the intial starting point for my block prints, where I tried to experiment with the depiction of whales, and applying to them textures/ patterns not normall found on whales. This also drew from the fanciful, entertaining way that Rousseau depicts nature and animals. ‘Wild by nature’ is the theme I decided to employ in my stencils, exploring animals which have become ‘domesitcated’ in an urban landscape. I wanted to explore the idea of urban landscapes becoming wild vs. wild animas become urban. This was inspired by Eliasson’s photography, whereby the natural landscapes he depicts can support no life-forms, whereas man-made environments have been able to. Concept Project 1BI continued with the idea of Wild By Nature, deciding to work primarily with the foxes as I thought that they were the strongest graphically. I decided to stylize the idea of city into a chequered pattern and experiment with the opaqueness of the ink with the foxes, suggesting a dirty or foggy atmosphere, as associated with the urban environment Concept Project 2My concept has remained mainly unchanged, bar some alterations pertaining to the personal textile. Please see below. I really enjoyed builing on my imagery using Photoshop. I was able to achieve effects I couldn’t using traditional methods such as small, repetitive shapes, really fine patterns, multiple colours and general precision. I incorporated my old concept with the new quite easily. I felt like both concepts could be addressed without compromising the quality of either. I mainly experimented with lots of different images from the earlier projects; cutting and pasting and regularly referring to older images (including unsubmitted images) for inspiration. Because I’m quite familiar with Photoshop, I was able to experiment very quickly, trying different filters, layouts and amounts of repetition to achieve my desired effect.

Work 1: Fox on the Vine Digital print edited in Photoshop from traditional block and stencil prints.

Work 2: Spotty Fox Digital print edited in Photoshop from traditional block and stencil prints.

Process Images

FOX ON THE VINE In this textile, I took advantage of photoshop to create an image which I was technically unable to using traditional methods. In both projects 1A and 1B I attempted to create a pattern to fill a larger geometry. This has until this project proved to be very difficult. To create this effect I cut a fox from an existing print, copy and pasted in Photoshop and applied the mezzoitint filter. I then experimented with masses of foxes (both spotted and solid black), different ‘vines’ (as inspired by my personal textile) and different colours and positioning.





1. I chose this spot to cut the tiled ‘Y’ (using Photoshop) because I liked the gradation from dark red to yellow. I thought this would be effective in emphasising the one ‘Y’ element’s transformation and branching out. 2. Using photoshop, the cut shape was tiled. 3. The ‘pointilise’ tool was used on photoshop to create the spotted effect of the branches. I wanted to soften the harshness in the grain on the fabric and take advantage of being able to experiment with filters and achieve a very complex fill in what is effectively a block print. 4. Foxes, cut from a seperate print were inserted in some of the resulting white spaces <see final image>.

Personal Textile

Personal Textile Concept Development When analysing my personal textiles, I found it interesting how the main branches created movement and were quite dynamic, whilst the flowers and leaves seemed to just grow along them. I wanted to explore this same idea- movement with one element and a fruit of the vine, in my project this was represented by the fox. This is also in line with my concept of an urban wild, the proliferation of foxes is graphically represented in both works. Additionally, I wanted to work with the same â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;feelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; of the pillow case- I like the feminine yet very graphic and almost punchy nature of the pillow case. I tried to achieve this through the blended use of colour and sharp graphics.

<prints that werenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t submitted but nonetheless referred to during the creation of this project>


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