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Facilitators Richard Beere

Albert Stafford

Managing Director Fastrak Asian Solutions

Director, The Stafford Group

Over 30 years experience in senior positions, Richard formerly held the position of Director International Marketing with Tourism Australia where his industry experience covers all aspects of retail, marketing, product development, destination promotion, business tourism & marketing.

Albert has a background in economics, tourism planning and strategic marketing. He has over 25 years in planning and advisory work gained by working in large corporate practices and working for government.

Megan Thompson Marketing Manager

With domestic and international marketing experience with speciality in incorporating development of marketing strategy, business planning to implement strategies, campaigns and marketing activities. Megan has worked with many regional tourism organisations and tourism operators in both Queensland and Tasmania.

Tourism is Everybody’s Business Summit

Your opportunity to have your say on the tourism roadmap for the future.

Some actions to consider regarding the three working sessions: Marketing • New campaign activity • Are there new target markets we could consider • Existing and new channels of distribution • Partnerships to gain leverage Product and Experience Development Remember actions need to be achievable, need to provide our region with a point of difference and be focused on providing the best outcomes. • Identify gaps & opportunities across the region. • What real and tangible products & experiences can BNBT investigate beyond those that have already been identified and prioritised.

Events and Festivals Festivals and Events are a key driver to attract and disperse visitation throughout the region. • Actions to strengthen existing events & festivals • Identify new events or festivals that could be established to increase visitation in quieter periods. • Actions to assist organisers to externally market their events outside of the region, increasing visitation

Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism T 07 4153 8888

271 Bourbong St, Bundaberg Q 4670 E W

Thursday August 15, 2013 The Waves, Bundaberg Proudly supported by

General Manager’s Welcome Thank you sincerely for committing the time to be part of the inaugural Tourism IS Everybody’s Business Summit this week. This is your opportunity to share your ideas on the future of tourism for the Bundaberg North Burnett region. Your ideas will make a difference. We want to identify great opportunities to grow our tourism industry. New, fresh ideas are the lifeblood of any successful society. We need to innovatively promote and market this region, create new products and experiences that will attract more visitors for more reasons and have a strong and vibrant events and festival program around the region that will give visitors more reasons to visit and stay longer. This summit is about listening to your ideas and taking the key outcomes from the sessions and distilling them into five to ten key points which will be prioritised over the course of the next year. Tourism really is everybody’s business and while business conditions and the economic environment are constantly changing and

Program presenting new challenges, identifying and prioritising key projects, products, experiences, events, festivals and marketing initiatives is essential to ensure we keep growing visitor numbers to our region, have them stay longer and enhance their experiences whilst here. Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism currently undertakes a variety of marketing initiatives to promote and develop the region’s tourism potential which includes a strong partnership with our local councils – Bundaberg Regional Council and North Burnett Regional Council as well as Tourism Events Queensland and we thank them for their great support.

• Domestic daytrip visitors spent $131 million

Arrivals and registrations


Introduction – Summit Convenor, James Corvan


Welcome Address – General Manager Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism, Rick Matkowski


Introduction of Facilitators • How will we market Bundaberg North Burnett as a region into the future? Richard Beere, Managing Director Fastrak Asian Solutions • New Destination products & experiences – identification of product gaps and opportunities. Albert Stafford, Director The Stafford Group

The Bundaberg North Burnett Region really is a diverse region offering a great lifestyle and a wonderful authentic Australian experience which we want to share with the world. Thank you again for being part of this important forum and being part of our future. Rick Matkowski General Manager Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism

Quick Facts: Bundaberg North Burnett Research Snapshot • Domestic overnight visitors spent $204 million


• Bundaberg North Burnett region has over 600,000 overnight visitors each year which include: • Holidaymakers • Corporate & business travellers

• International visitors spent $31 million

• Visiting friends & relations

• Total expenditure for year end June 2012 is $374 million, which is just over $1 million a day!

• Festivals & events • Backpackers & many more

• What type of events and festivals should be supported, created and nurtured across the region into the future? Megan Thompson, Marketing Professional 10.00am Summit Convener – how today will work 10.15am

Morning Tea


Simultaneous breakout sessions, rotating between the three key focus areas


Secondary breakout session




Third breakout session


Afternoon tea break


Facilitator address on key themes emerged from focus sessions


Summary & Voting on action plan


Summit ends

Make sure you have your contact details lodged with the Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism team, as the results and action points from the summit will be emailed to you within two weeks.

Tourism Is Everybody's Business Summit Program  

Tourism Is Everybody's Business summit will be held in Bundaberg on Thursday 15th August, 2013 to faciliate community consultation on the Bu...

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