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ECON 325/PLCY 327 Fall 2010 DUE October 26, 2010 Assignment 4: Securities Online Assignment Particulars Due:

Your paper must be placed in the Blackboard digital drop box no later than the start of class (12:30) Thursday Oct. 23 or turned in as hard copy at the beginning of class. Make a copy of your work to refer to during our discussion so you can turn one copy in and keep the other. If you submit a digital copy, make sure you follow the file naming convention below.


A one page paper responsive to the assignment described below.

Naming convention: The computer file you submit must conform to the following naming convention. Group_Lastname_first initial_Assign 4.(doc or pdf) If you are Bob Smith and in Bucks group (group 2), you would name your Word file “2_Smith_B_Assign 4.doc� Late papers and papers that fail to follow the naming convention will have points deducted. Grading criteria: Validity of your arguments. Use of the facts of the casein supporting your conclusion Clarity of your explanations Neatnessof your work Understanding the Mind of the Investor Based on your understanding of the Securities Online caseand the opportunity the company represents write a one page paper explaining why you would or would not invest $1 million in the company to receive a 25% ownership share of the company1. Support your argument with no more that three points. Your arguments should draw from the readings and discussions we have had to date. Among the factors you might wish to consider are: --Size and nature of the opportunity; --The environment in which the company is operating; --The ability and structure of the management team; --The stage of the company's development; --The customers the company will be focused upon; --The amount of capital that will be required; --The economics of the business;and --The opportunity for investors to achieve a successful exit State your conclusion at the beginning of the paper. Would you invest-yes or no? Then support your conclusion with no more than three factors which may come from the list above or may be of your own choosing.


Assume you have the money.