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Elliott Tepperman Senior Rabbi Darby Jared Leigh Associate Rabbi Ariann Weitzman, Rabbi Director of Congregational Learning Stuart Brown Director of Operations Craig Levine and Richard Freedman Co-Presidents Jane Susswein and Leslie Weber Editors Shabbat Handout

June 29 - 21 Tammuz


Numbers 25:10-26:51

p. 918


All those observing a yahrzeit are encouraged to accept the honor of the second aliyah.

Joel Infeld  remembered by Martin and Lois Infeld (22 Tammuz) Bernard Weinstein remembered by David Weinstein and Amy, Kira and Mikaela (23 Tammuz) Simon Schattner remembered by the Schattner family (23 Tammuz) Shirley Lasky Chase  remembered by Cheryl and Marc Slutzky (23 Tammuz) Dennis O’Leary  remembered by Sarah O’Leary (23 Tammuz) Sarah Forbes Brown  remembered by Catherine Brown and Larry Kramer   (24 Tammuz) Gershon Taitelbaum  remembered by the Silverberg‑Urian Family (24 Tammuz) Joey Sheps remembered by the Helfman/Sheps family (24 Tammuz) Ira Raymond Maiman  remembered by the Maiman‑Stadtmauer family  (25 Tammuz) Jeanne Fleischer  remembered by Carolyn and Joe Fleischer (26 Tammuz) Thomas J. O’Brien  remembered by Patricia O’Brien (26 Tammuz) Bert Sandweiss  remembered by Beth Sandweiss (27 Tammuz) Rosalie Rodner  remembered by Steve Rodner (27 Tammuz 5761) Esther Schwimmer  remembered by Eric Schwimmer (27 Tammuz) Thanks to Nathan Goldwasser and Jack Greenberg for chanting Torah. Thanks to Dinah Hendon and Carmen Corrales for sponsoring the kiddush.

This Shabbat “RELIGIOUS PLURALISM IN ISRAEL”    Daniel J. Sokatch, Chief Executive Officer of the New Israel Fund (NIF), the leading organization committed to equality and democracy for all Israelis, will give the dvar Torah on religious pluralism in Israel.

WELCOME TO BNAI KESHET    Bnai Keshet is a diverse, family-friendly community with a lively mix of tradition and innovation. Whatever your interests, age, family structure, or level of Jewish practice or knowledge, you’ll find a home here, as well as programs that engage your mind, nourish your spirit, and make a difference at home and in the world. Bnai Keshet is fortunate to be served by three outstanding rabbis: Senior Rabbi Elliott Tepperman, Associate Rabbi Darby Leigh, and our Director of Congregational Learning, Rabbi Ariann Weitzman.

PLEASE RETURN DUES & BET MIDRASH (SCHOOL) REGISTRATION FORM    either the paper form you received in the mail or online at: (There is one form for both school and shul this year!) Coming Up

BIKE WITH BK ON THE HAZON NY  LABOR DAY WEEKEND: AUGUST 30 to SEPTEMBER 2, 2013.  Cycle with Team BK on Hazon‘s NY Ride this Labor Day Weekend. Cycle through the Berkshires and finish in NYC. Enjoy an incredible Shabbat retreat. Team BK members get a discounted registration fee of $150. Fundraise in support of environmental sustainability projects for the Jewish community and the world. We are starting to train now and are planning some great training rides to do together. Contact Monica Rawicz (monrawicz@gmail. com) for more information.

KIDDUSH SPONSORS NEEDED FOR THE SUMMER.   Attendance is lighter than during the year. Bagels and toppings, fruit, and cookies would be so appreciated. Call the office (973-746-4889) to volunteer. Two cats need a new home.   Please contact BK member Barry Jackson at INTERGENERATIONAL TROPE CLASS  Starting in the Fall, Mondays at 7:15 pm.  Get ready for an upcoming family simcha or just prepare to be a part of our Torah chanting crew! Contact Rabbi Ariann to join! BK READS 2013-2014 Continuing this fall, join us at 12:45 pm (after Kiddush) on Saturdays at Red Gables,  as follows: THE GOLEM AND THE JINNI  by Helen Wecker (October 12) Helen Wecker’s first novel is a blend of Jewish and Arab mythology and historical fiction. At the turn of the 20th century in the lower East Side, a golem and a jinni set out to make sense of their new Lower Manhattan surroundings. Chava, the golem, was brought to life by a disgraced rabbi who dabbled in dark Kabbalistic magic. Ahmad, a 100-year-old jinni born in the ancient Syrian desert, was accidentally taken out of his bottle. The two find each other and a world they barely understand. JERUSALEM MAIDEN by Talia Caren (November 16)  Passion or faith? A young Jewish woman struggles between her love of art and her ultra-orthodox faith. In Jerusalem at the end of the Ottoman Empire’s rule, Esther Kaminsky knows that her duty is to marry young and produce many sons. When her French teacher observes Esther’s extraordinary doodling and gives her colored pencils along with art lessons, however, Esther feels torn between her desires and her beliefs.

Each Week WEDNESDAY MEDITATION MINYAN at 8 am (except in July).  Led by Rabbi Elliott. FRIDAY MORNING MINYAN  at 7:30 am. TALMUD STUDY CLUB  Most Saturdays at 12:45 pm.  New members welcome.

And More! MEMBERSHIP   To join Bnai Keshet, or find out more about us, please contact Cheryl Marshall-Petricoff at or the BK office at 973746-4889.

HESED IS HERE  Helping those in need: meals, shiva preparation, rides to BK, rides to doctor appointments, grocery shopping, visits, phone calls, help with simchas. Any specific need a congregant has, we are here. Remember: It is a mitzvah to let others know you need help!! Contact Lori Becker at READ RABBI ELLIOTT’S INSPIRING ESSAY IN THE MAY ISSUE OF SH’MA.   The article connects Torah, prayer, poverty, and injustice (http:// SHABBAT MORNING SERVICE ON OUR WEBSITE   Want to familiarize yourself with the melodies for our service? Site is on the left side of the BK web page (

MetroWest News JCC BOOK GROUP Monthly meetings on Thursdays at 7:30 pm at JCC West Orange. Coming up in the fall, immerse yourself in the world of Iraqi Jews. In October, November, and December, two novels and one memoir will be read about Jewish Iraqis, in settings ranging from World War II-era Iraq to modernday New York City. The hope is to learn something about this group,about whom most of us know very little, while enjoying some engaging, moving stories. Sweet Dates in Basra  by Jessica Jiji. October 10 My Father’s Paradise  by Ariel Sabar. November 14 Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots  by Jessica Soffer. December 12 PJ LIBRARY   is a program offered to the MetroWest community. Families with children ages 6 months to 5 1/2 years are eligible to enroll on a first-come, first-served basis. The child will receive a free age-appropriate book or CD each month! To enroll, contact Andrea Bergman at 973-929-3128 or abergman@

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Bk june 29 2013 shabbat  

Bnai Keshet, Montclair NJ Shabbat Program for 6/29/2013

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