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Elliott Tepperman Senior Rabbi Ariann Weitzman  Assistant Rabbi & Director of Congregational Learning Stuart Brown Director of Operations Craig Levine and Richard Freedman Co-Presidents Jane Susswein and Leslie Weber Editors Shabbat Handout

HA‘ AZINU Shabbat Shuva

September 7 - 3 Tishrei Deuteronomy 32:1-52

p. 1185


All those observing a yahrzeit are encouraged to accept the honor of the second aliyah.

Meyer K. Silber  remembered by Sig Silber (3 Tishrei) William Linet  remembered by Liz and Zach Lipner (4 Tishrei) Laura Slutzky  remembered by Cheryl and Marc Slutzky (4 Tishrei) Louis Levenson  remembered by Debbie Wohl (4 Tishrei) Albert Lindemann  remembered by Bert Lindemann (5 Tishrei) Laura Joseph  remembered by Jay, Susan and Zak Opperman (5 Tishrei) Cornelius John O’Leary remembered by Terry Heon (7 Tishrei) Julius Levine  remembered by the Kurzweil family (7 Tishrei) David Berg  remembered by Barry Berg (8 Tishrei) Herbert Spitzer  remembered by the Spitzer/Berman family (9 Tishrei) Thanks to Debbie Wohl for chanting Torah. SHABBAT SHUVA POETRY READING Saturday, September 7 at 10 am. Bring your favorite poem to share with the congregation. YOM KIPPUR  Friday, September 13 at 6:30 pm at the Central Presbyterian Church on Park Street, and Saturday, September 14 at the church starting at 10 am. Check the BK website ( for a complete schedule of services.

WELCOME TO BNAI KESHET  Bnai Keshet is a diverse, family-friendly community with a lively mix of tradition and innovation. Whatever your interests, age, family structure, or level of Jewish practice or knowledge, you’ll find a home here, as well as programs that engage your mind, nourish your spirit, and make a difference at home and in the world. Bnai Keshet is fortunate to be served by two outstanding rabbis: Elliott Tepperman, Senior Rabbi, and Ariann Weitzman, Assistant Rabbi & Director of Congregational Learning.

Join us for the rest of the Holidays Members:   Go to the BK website ( to download the schedule, sign up for service participation, and register for child care. GUESTS/NON-MEMBERS High Holy Days information is available (including child care, if needed) on the BK website. There is no charge to attend services, but we ask that you reserve in advance. A contribution is encouraged so we may continue to invite the community to join us in the future.

Sukkot Activities—Join Us! HELP BUILD THE SUKKAH Sunday, September 15 at 9 am. COME DECORATE THE SUKKAH  Monday, September 16 at 4 pm. SUKKOT MORNING SERVICES  Thursday, September 19 at 9 am. SCOTCH IN THE SUKKAH (Men Only) Thursday, September 19 at 8 pm. KABBALAT SHABBAT Friday, September 20 at 6 pm followed by DINNER at 7 pm. All events are in the Sukkah, and everyone is welcome. (Go to the BK website at to RSVP for the dinner.) PROSPECTIVE MEMBER COFFEE AND CONVERSATION IN THE SUKKAH (Weather Permitting) Saturday, September 21 at 5:30 pm.  Come learn more about our community. SUKKAH HAVDALAH, CAMPFIRE, AND SLEEPOVER   Saturday, September 21 from 7 pm to Sunday, September 22 at 8 am.  Sukkot is all about the outdoors. Bnai Keshet invites everyone to take this to heart. We’ll say farewell to Shabbat with Havdalah and build a campfire (in a portable fire pit), cook our dinner, and sing to guitar accompaniment. There will be a social component and evening prayers before bedtime. (Note: All bets are off in the event of rain.)    BK families are welcome to come for any or all of the evening and overnight. Parents must stay with their children or make sure that another adult who is staying will be responsible for them. To sign up for the sleepover and for a list of what to bring, go to the BK website (

SHEMINI ATZERET SERVICE  Thursday, September 26 at 9 am. SIMCHAT TORAH  Thursday, September 26 at 6 pm.  We joyously embrace the Torah with singing and dancing. It is customary to completely unroll the Torah scroll while it is held by the congregation in a large circle. At that time, the end and the beginning of the Torah are read as we celebrate the start of a new year. Simchat Torah is truly an experience not to be missed! All are welcome. SAVE THE DATE! Bnai Keshet Roabsts BARBARA REISMAN  Saturday, November 2 from 7 to 10 pm.  Dinner Reservations and Tribute Pages are available now! Go to the BK website ( to buy tickets and sponsorships/tributes.

Coming Up LILITH SALON Sunday, September 29 at 7 pm. Independent, Jewish, and Frankly Feminist. More free-flowing than a book club, less “spiritual” than a rosh hodesh group, and more intimate than a lecture, Lilith salons are a place to meet and talk with smart women like you. For more information go to the BK website ( and click “Community Interest.” PLEASE RETURN DUES & BET MIDRASH (SCHOOL) REGISTRATION FORM-either the paper form you received in the mail or online at: BKDues2013 (There is one form for both school and shul this year!) INTERGENERATIONAL TROPE CLASS   Starting in the Fall, Mondays at 7:15 pm.  Get ready for an upcoming family simcha or just prepare to be a part of our Torah chanting crew!  Contact Rabbi Ariann to join! BK READS 2013-2014 Continuing this fall, join us at 12:45 pm (after Kiddush) on Saturdays at Red Gables. The first book will be The Golem and the Jinni, by Helen Wecker (October 12). Helen Wecker’s first novel is a blend of Jewish and Arab mythology and historical fiction. It is about two supernatural creatures in turn-of-the-century immigrant New York. For a complete list of BK Reads 20132014 see the BK website at:

Each Week WEDNESDAY MEDITATION MINYAN at 8 am.  Led by Rabbi Elliott. FRIDAY MORNING MINYAN at 7:30 am. TALMUD STUDY CLUB  Most Saturdays at 12:45 pm.  New members welcome. ADULT BET MIDRASH BEGINS AFTER HIGH HOLIDAYS Classes will be offered from 9 to 10 am Shabbat morning and from 8 to 9 pm most Wednesday evenings throughout the school year. Please join us every Shabbat morning

for our innovative Intergenerational Bet Midrash program, which begins with singing and prayers at 9 am and provides parallel learning tracks for adults and children. Stay with us for adult classes until 10 am and then join us for Shabbat morning services! HESED IS HERE  Helping those in need: meals, shiva preparation, rides to BK, rides to doctor appointments, grocery shopping, visits, phone calls, help with simchas. Any specific need a congregant has, we are here. Remember: It is a mitzvah to let others know you need help!! Contact Lori Becker at SHABBAT MORNING SERVICE ON OUR WEBSITE  Want to familiarize yourself with the melodies for our service? Site is on the right side of the BK web page ( RRC News JOIN THE FIRST RECONSTRUCTIONIST MOVEMENT TRIP TO ISRAEL May 1421, 2014. The RRC is offering a unique journey to Israel with “off the beaten track” programs. Deepen your connection to Judaism as you experience life in Israel today. Learn from leading academics, Israeli thinkers, and political activists in a unique series of stimulating and provocative programs. Take part in a progressive Jewish conversation—an intellectual, spiritual, and political dialogue that will build your knowledge, challenge your perspectives, and broaden your understanding of Israel. Learn more at

MetroWest News JCC BOOK GROUP Monthly meetings on Thursdays at 7:30 pm at JCC West Orange. Coming up in the fall, immerse yourself in the world of Iraqi Jews. In October, November, and December, two novels and one memoir will be read about Jewish Iraqis, in settings ranging from World War II-era Iraq to modernday New York City. The hope is to gain familiarity with this group, about whom most people know very little, while enjoying some engaging, moving stories. Sweet Dates in Basra, by Jessica Jiji. October 10 My Father’s Paradise, by Ariel Sabar. November 14 Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots, by Jessica Soffer. December 12 PJ LIBRARY is a program offered to the MetroWest community. Families with children ages 6 months to 5 1/2 years are eligible to enroll on a first-come, first-served basis. The child will receive a free age-appropriate book or CD each month! To enroll, contact Andrea Bergman at 973-929-3128 or abergman@

Bk 9 7 2013 shabbat  

Shabbat flyer for September 7, 2013.

Bk 9 7 2013 shabbat  

Shabbat flyer for September 7, 2013.