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Bulletin October, 2011 3 Tisheri – 3 Heshvan Vol. 10 Published Monthly





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CONTACTS Aron Hochhauser Howard Nathanson

President Director Religious School

Shelly Blumenthal Nanette Neadle

USY Advisor & Gift Shop Chair USY Chair

Howard Nathanson Scott Levin

Kadima Advisor Programming Committee Chair

Sara Levin Irwin Lewis, M.D.

Kadima Advisor Men’s Club President &

Elaine Morrow

Chair Ritual Committee Sisterhood President

Ellen Lifschutz

Choir Director

Aliette and Marc Abo, MD Gerald Weisberger Marna Simon Lothar Gumberich

Theatre Club House Chair Membership Chair Memorials & Torah

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS The deadline for submitting items is October 17th. Please have all items to BAS office no later than October 17th. Any items received after that date will be published in the next month’s bulletin.

Restoration Committee

O F F I C E H O U R S: Closed on Mondays and Fridays. Hours open: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Services/Minyan Schedule Thursday: 7:25 AM Friday Night Services – 8:00 PM Saturday: 9:30, AM Kiddush follows If you require a special minyan, please notify the office at 610-258-5343.

A MESSAGE FROM RABBI DANIEL STEIN… (continued) On Rosh Ha-Shanah, I spoke on the importance of engaging with Israel. My personal belief is that, although there are many threats to Israel, the one we have the most ability control is Jewish apathy. Many believe--and I would suggest mistakenly--that younger Jews tend to be attracted towards a dovish stance on Israel in a way that threatens the continued viability of the Jewish state. My belief is that so long as a person believes oneself to be a Zionist in the broadest sense of the the word--that they believe that there should be a Jewish state in our ancestral home--then they are part of the solution, regardless of their opinions on the Palestinian right of return, the legality of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, or the future of East Jerusalem. I am of the belief that a diversity of opinions on Israel creates a healthy debate and allows for multiple pathways towards Israelengagement. A second way that we can promote Jewish engagement is through financial support of organizations that help to sustain the Jewish state. By giving, we both support the state and show our commitment to its survival; we also model to our friends, family, and community that Israel is important enough to us that we are willing to make a financial sacrifice on its behalf. Although there are many organizations that contribute to the political dialogue on Israel, I believe that our first priority in giving should be to organizations that work toward advancing Israel without an expressed political agenda. Locally, the easiest way to make a difference is to contribute to Jewish Federation’s annual campaign ( A substantial percentage of funds donated to Federation goes to help Jewish communities in Israel, working to deal with the consequences of war, resettling refugees, and helping to create a more viable and democratic state. I was recently touched listening to Dr. Irwin Lewis recall his experience on a Federation mission to Israel; he reenforced for me the quality and importance of the work of Federation abroad. There are, of course, other organizations that do exceptional work in Israel. For almost 100 years, Hadassah ( has worked to improve health care in Israel. Today, Hadassah’s hospitals are among the best in the world, providing the highest quality of care regardless of race or religion.

In celebration of Hadassah’s 100th anniversary, the organization is offering lifetime memberships at a substantially discounted rate of $100; even if you are already a lifetime member, membership makes a wonderful gift for a daughter, niece or special friend. Also worthy of support is Birthright Israel (, which gives a free trip to Israel to Jews between the ages of 18 and 26. Over the past decade, Birthright has helped to send more than a quarter million Jews to Israel, giving them a first person, hands-on experience in Israel that they might not have otherwise had. For many young Jews, Birthright serves as the entry point into a lifetime of Jewish engagement and helps to create an ongoing relationship with Israel from the teenage years. My first Israel experience came on a Birthright trip in 2004, and I know that I remain grateful to the donors who made it possible. As we prepare for Yom Kippur, the mitzvah of tzedakah takes on special significance. As you consider your gifts this year, I urge you to be reflective. Your gifts can, and should, impact the way we experience the Jewish future. L’shana tova, Rabbi Daniel Stein

Yahrzeit List In the Bond of Life October, 2011

Contact Irwin Lewis, Ritual Chairman

September 29 September 29

Douglas Cooper, father of Peter Cooper Edith Wertheimer, mother of Carol Maisel

September 30

Morris Kramer, husband to Ethel Kramer

October 1 October 1

Martha Neadle, mother to Dexter Neadle Benjamin Sulkin, father of Ted Sulkin

October 3

Rosemary Winkelbauer, mother of Rosie Bader

October 4 October 4

Herman Pinskey, brother of Birdie Hillman Benjamin Weisberger, father of Gerry Weisberger

October 5 October 7

Bessie Yonkelowitz, mother-in-law of Frances Yonkelowitz Belle Goldman, mother of Bernice Merbaum

October 8

Max Goldberg, father of Miriam Cassel

October 9 October 9

Fannie Strimban, mother of Karen Popkave Harry Strimban, father of Karen Popkave

October 9

Sidney Yonkelowitz, husband of Frances Yonkelowitz

October 10 October 10

Matilda Rosenblum, mother of Doris Asteak Rose Bugen, mother of Roslyne Smolow

October 11

Augusta Maron, mother of Dr. Norman Maron

October 11 October 11

Selma Gumberich, mother of Lothar Gumberich A. Mal Malvin, father of Ronald Malvin

October 14

Irving Cohen, father of Debby Ziev

October 14 October 18

Rose Goldman, mother of Eugene Goldman Minerva Zeidman, mother of Judy Cohen

October 19

Sarah Friedman, grandmother of Becky Goldenberg

October 19 October 20

Abraham Cohen, father of Ricky Hochhauser Philip Packer, husband of Lena Packer

October 21 October 21

Edith Brock, mother of Dr. Stanley Walker Benjamin Cohen, father of Danny Cohen and Arnie Cohen

October 23 October 23

Arthur Bloomberg, father of Diane Silverman Helen Popkave, mother of Dr. Arthur Popkave

October 24

William Goldberg, husband of Faye Goldberg and

October 24

brother of Miriam Cassel Sophie Shapiro, mother of Selma Jacowitz

October 24

Clara Zippel, mother of Martin Zippel

October 25 October 25

Rose Schwartz, grandmother of Wendy Williams Claire Weiner, mother of Dr. Robert Weiner

October 28

Edward Hillman, husband of Birdie Hillman

BNAI ABRAHAM SYNAGOGUE General operating expenses BEATRICE & LEON FRIEDMAN FUND 1. Support organizations that benefit minor children whose parents are unable to provide for their health, maintenance, support and education 2. Needy, elderly 3. Shelter for the homeless BUILDING FUND Extraordinary maintenance and repair of the buildings and property of the synagogue and parsonage GENERAL ENDOWMENT FUND Interest (only) used to subsidize Bnai Abraham’s operating expenses GOLDMAN TORAH FUND HERB SNYDER GARDEN FUND JESSE & TAYLOR COOPER FUND DR. JOEL LEWIS SCHOLARSHIP FUND Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutoring stipends JULIUS COHEN MEMORIAL FUND 1. Religious School Scholarships 2. Assisting needy congregational youth in Jewish oriented education, programming and activities (Yeshiva or Jewish Day School, trips, USY) RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND ROBERT KUTNER LIBRARY FUND SHEILA GOLDBERG FUND To pay High Holiday fees for anyone who cannot afford to attend SILVERMAN RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND Religious School Scholarships, Shofars SUE SIEGEL FUND 1. Shabbat programming, including kiddush lunches 2. Bagels and Books SY JACOWITZ TOT SHABBAT FUND Boker Tov Scholarships THEATER FUND Supports a wide variety of synagogue projects and functions

Bnai Abraham Synagogue Shirley and Howard Falk in memory of Si Merbaum Shirley and Howard Falk in memory of Marc Abo’s step mother, Gert Abo, and uncle, Harry Rosen Helaine Sigal in memory of Marc Abo’s uncle, Harry Rosen Daniel Pressle in honor of Annalise Schaffer’s Bat Mitzvah

Dr. Joel Lewis Fund Lothar and Wendy Gumberich in memory of Laurie Shainker, sister of Linda Lewis Sally and Dexter Neadle with Get Well wishes to Linda Lewis Susie Aufrecht in memory of Laurie Shainker, sister of Linda Lewis Helaine Sigal in memory of Laurie Shainker, sister of Linda Lewis

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund Generous donation made by Eloise Stampoulos Herman and Jessica Ytkin wishing Ruth Reiter happiness and good health in her new apartment Helaine Sigal with Get Well wishes to Joe Grollman and Nancy Cohen Sanford and Sharon Stein with Get Well wishes to Susan Wachtel

Theatre Fund Cindy and David Drill in memory of Gert Abo, step-mother, and uncle, Harry Rosen Cindy and David Drill in honor of Karen and Arthur Popkave’s 40th Wedding Anniversary Ellen and Phil Hof in memory of Marc Abo’s step-mother, Gert Abo Lorrie and Jay Scherline in memory of Marc Abo’s uncle, Harry Rosen Doris Lifland in memory of Marc Abo’s uncle, Harry Rosen, and step-mother, Gert Abo Norman Falk in memory of Marc Abo’s uncle, Harry Rosen Linda and Irwin Lewis in memory of Marc Abo’s uncle, Harry Rosen

Yahrzeit Donation Alisa Summers in memory of her mother, Dorothy Weiner Judy Cohen in memory of her mother and father, Samuel and Minerva Zeidman Helaine Sigal in memory of her husband, William Sigal Selma Jacowitz n memory of her father, Louis Shapiro Sara Levin in memory of her father, Allen Levin Helene Kaplan in memory of her mother, Dorothy Feuerman

Sue Seigel Shabbat Susan and Stuart Wachtel in honor of their grandson’s birth, welcome Cole Roe Wachtel

Todah Rabah Thank you to the following families for placing flowers in the sanctuary for the High Holidays: Shirley and Howard Falk in memory of Shirley’s parents, Irving and Rose Krasner The Cooper Family in memory of their parents Douglas and Zelda Cooper Sandy and Robert Weiner in honor of Cantor Weiner Aliette and Marc Abo in memory of Aliette’s mother, Sonia Schneigeiger and Marc’s parents, Bette and Alex Abo. Bernice Merbaum in memory her husband, Simon Merbaum and mother Belle Goldman Thank you to Larry Kaplan & Anne Zuckerman for sponsoring a kiddush on September 17th in Celebration of their Wedding Anniversary. Thank you to Bernice Merbaum for sponsoring a Kiddush on September 23rd. Sheryl Feinstein will be sponsoring a kiddush on November 26th in honor of her niece, Dara Hechter’s, 10th birthday. A Kiddush is a perfect way to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary, and it allows you the opportunity to celebrate with our community. To sponsor a Kiddush for $36, please contact the synagogue office.

R e f u a h S h ’ l e m a (A Full and Complete Healing) To all who were sick or hospitalized, we wish a return to good health. Jan Panto Roz Smolow Joe Grollman

In memoriam May God in His Kindness Grant Comfort and Solace to the Mourners

Sisterhood News

Submitted by Irwin Lewis The Ritual Corner

Music in Solomon's Temple About half of the 150 psalms were written to be sung to well-known melodies and to be accompanied by specific musical instruments. The Levites were required to be skillful instrumentalists and often accompanied their own singing on harps or the lyre or a special lyre called a psaltery or reed pipes and cymbals. It is quite certain that the MAGREPHA, a sort of organ equipped with bellows and various perforated pipes, was played during the prayer service. The music evoked and expressed moods in the Temple Service but was designed not to distract from the actual prayers. Archeologists have identified the KINNER, a lyre played with a pick, the NEBEL, a stringed instrument with a range of 12 notes plucked with the fingers, and the HALIL, a type of reed pipe. There is some limited knowledge of forms of bells, castanets, percussion and the wind and stringed instruments referred to above. So what happened to the music? It has a lot to do with the rise of Christianity and the vigorous incorporation of music into the Christian service. It has to do with the Rabbis of the first centuries of the Common Era trying to make a sharp distinction between Judaism and the new Christian faith by removing the music from services. History of the Jewish People, Nathan Ausubel 1953 Source: Jerusalem and the Holy Land – Eyewitness Travel DK Publishing, Inc.

Join the Sisterhood Board Making the Sisterhood a vibrant part of the synagogue takes a strong team. Please consider assuming a Sisterhood Board position. Time to Renew Your Membership Please send your check for $20 made out to The Sisterhood of Bnai Abraham to the office. Last year Sisterhood dues and past fund-raising efforts contributed $5000 toward the Parsonage renovation, $2000 toward Rabbi Stein’s installation, as well as contributions toward the USY weekend, Dena’s Welcome Luncheon, and our Break-the-Fast Dinner. Let’s work together so we can continue to support the synagogue in this way. Elaine Morrow, Sisterhood President 610-588-1561

General announcements…

HIGH HOLY DAY Rabbi Stein will be leading Kever Avot services--the traditional memorial services of the High Holidays-- at both the South Side and Forks cemeteries on Sunday, October 2, 2011. Services at South Side will be at 12:30 and at Forks at 1:15. COFFEE WITH RABBI STEIN Enjoy coffee with the Rabbi at 1:00 pm on Tuesdays at Wegmans on Rt. 248. Look for the Martin Guitar on the back right corner of the room. The Jahna Haldeman-Foland Memorial Lecture Series Presents: Ira Byrock, M.D., Director of Palliative Medicine at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire, and Professor at Dartmouth Medical School “The Four Things That Matter Most” Monday October 3, 2011 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm Lehigh Valley Health Network, Cedar Crest – Employee Auditorium For more information please call 610-402-8564 MEN'S CLUB Opening Brunch Sunday October 16 10AM Presentation 10:30 AM Always a GALA Fresh bagels, lox, whitefish, eggs, coffee, juice $6.00 All are invited to attend Special Presentation: Language and Speech Development and Stuttering With renewed interest since the film THE KING’S SPEECH Presented by Gail Ehrens Weisberger Masters in Speech Pathology from Columbia University 18 years in private practice 22 years in hospital practice Please RSVP

General announcements continued… TALENT SHOW Bnai Abraham Synagogue Saturday, October 30th at 3pm Tell stories, sing, play instruments, dance, act, entertain, do magic, or read poetry To participate call Synagogue at (610) 258-5343 or Ellen/Boris at (610) 559-9073 or email SAVE THE DATE Double Chai Plus JFS Anniversary Celebration November 5th, 2011, at the Barrister’s Club In Honor of Tama Fogelman and JFS past presidents Food catered by Boscov’s. Music by the Trio Fuzed. For more information and to make reservations, call 610-821-8722 MINDFUL FITNESS Happily Presented by Bnai Abraham Sisterhood Cost: $5.00 Come join Sharon Trinker on Wednesday mornings at 9:30 AM for sculpting, toning, pilates and yoga. No prior workout experience necessary. Bring hand weights, a mat or towel, water and a smile. Please call with any questions @ 610-253-3069 BNAI ABRAHAM KNITTING GROUP Fall Schedule Wednesday mornings at 10:30 a.m. October 19th at the home of Cindi Daniels 12 Kent Lane, Easton, PA Phone: 610-559-5536 November 16th at the home of Gwen Jacobs 511 Fairbanks Street, Phillipsburg, NJ Phone: 908-859-6509 Please call the hostess if you have any questions and to let her know that you will attend. You're Invited to ProJeCt's Simply Savory! Share the good with us as we present the Lehigh Valley's finest food, wine and beer masters gathered for a fabulous night for a good cause. This fundraiser helps us to serve over 3,500 individuals and families each year—last year, over 5,000 individuals and families. Simply Savory will be held, Monday, October 3rd at the Hampton Inn in Easton, PA from 5:30 pm 9:00 pm. Reservations ($75.00) and Raffle Tickets (3 for $25.00, 1 for $10) may be ordered online at Meg Dowd, Community Relations Assistant (610) 258-4361 ext. 20

General announcements continued… ADULT EDUCATION Our successful Torah Study group will continue to meet Thursday mornings, 10:15 to 11:15. No prior experience is necessary. We are charging a low materials fee of $10 per semester to defray the cost of copying and coffee. AL’S CLEANERS - FUNDRAISER FOR BAS! Bnai Abraham has been signed up at Al’s Cleaners, 1132 Northampton Street, to enable the synagogue to collect 10% of all sales of dry cleaning and laundry services that our congregants spend there. It’s easy. Just mention that you are a member of Bnai Abraham Synagogue, and they will credit the synagogue and send the proceeds periodically. Al’s is only about seven blocks from the synagogue, has very convenient hours, and does excellent work. MOVING? Please notify the Bnai Abraham Synagogue office of any address changes to avoid charges for returned and undeliverable mail and to insure that you receive all mail being sent to you from the synagogue. CAMPAIGN FOR NEW MEMBERS HELP WANTED! We are asking every member of our congregation to help us locate prospective new members. They may be your neighbors, friends, vet, or whoever. Please relay the name and any pertinent information to the Membership Chair, Marna Simon or to Elaine Morrow. You may also call and give the information to the synagogue office staff. SHOPPING AT AMAZON…A FUNDRAISER FOR BNAI ABRAHAM! Click on the Amazon search link on the “Donations” page on the BAS website, and for any purchases made during your visit on, Amazon will contribute 4% to 15% of the purchase price to Bnai Abraham! How it works: Navigate to the BAS Donations webpage at and type any item keyword in the Amazon search box, and you will be transferred to (You must use this link or purchases will not be traced to BAS). If you place items in your shopping cart and complete a purchase during your visit, Amazon will pay us a portion of the purchase price (not including shipping), that portion to range from 4% to 15% depending on the item category. Rates for categories are posted on our website. We encourage all of our members to shop on – but remember to only access through the BAS link at the below url or we will not get the purchase credit: Thank you for your continued support of BAS and HAPPY SHOPPING!

THE HIGH HOLIDAYS – 2011-5772 Saturday, September 24th 8:30 PM - COMMUNITY SELICHOT and PROGRAM - at Temple Beth El (see page 10)

Wednesday, September 28th , EREV ROSH HASHANAH 6:32 PM – Candle lighting (at home) 7:00 PM – Services Thursday, September 29th , 1st Day of ROSH HASHANAH 9:00 AM – Services 11:00 AM – Shofar Sounded 11:30 AM – Family Service 4:00 PM – Tashlich, meet at Rabbi’s home 7:32 PM - Candle lighting at home 8:00 PM – Services Friday, September 30th , 2nd Day of ROSH HASHANAH 9:00 AM – Services 11:00 AM – Shofar Sounded 11:30 AM – Family Service 7:00 PM – Services Sunday, October 2nd Congregational Memorial Services at the Cemeteries 12:30 PM – South Side 1:15 PM – Forks Friday, October 7th, KOL NIDRE 6:17 PM – Candle lighting (at home), fast begins 6:30 PM sharp– Kol Nidre

Saturday, October 8th, YOM KIPPUR 9:00 AM – Yom Kippur Services 11:00 AM Family Congregation 11:45: Yizkor (Memorial Service) 4:30 PM Study Session on the Book of Jonah 5:00 PM Minha 6:00 PM Ne’ilah 7:00 PM Ma’ariv 7:15 PM Break-the-Fast

Wednesday, October 12th, EREV SUKKOT 6:09 PM – Candle lighting (at home) 8:00 PM – Services Thursday, October 13th, 1st DAY SUKKOT 9:30 AM – Services Kiddush in the Sukkah 7:10 PM – Candle lighting (at home) Friday, October 14th, 2nd DAY SUKKOT 9:30 AM – Services Kiddush in the Sukkah 6:04 PM – Candle lighting (at home) Wednesday, October 19th, EREV SHEMINI ATZERET 5:58 PM – Candle lighting (at home) 8:00 PM – Services Thursday, October 20th, SHEMINI ATZERET 9:30 AM – Services Yizkor Memorial Service 6:00 PM – Candle lighting (at home) 6:00 PM – Family dinner details in October’s bulletin 7:30 PM – Simhat Torah Family Service Friday, October 21st, SIMHAT TORAH SERVICE 9:30 AM

180 Club A Huge Success!! The 175 guests who attended our 180 Club event on Wednesday evening, August 31, enjoyed cocktails and hors d’ouvres on the patio, dinner, a raffle and dessert after making their grand entrance past two spectacular vehicles parked in our circular drive. It was an exciting and enjoyable night for all of the attendees. The synagogue sparkled both inside and out, not only with sights and sounds of beautiful flower arrangements, tables set with fresh linens, and delicious food and drink, but with the laughter and spirit of community that was everywhere. Many thanks to our Bnai staff for their support and cooperation. Kudos to our sound expert, Bruce, for providing just the right background music. Much appreciation is given to Jim Finnen, the voice of Lafayette, for acting as our MC during the dinner and raffle. The following were winners: Dr. and Mrs. A. Altman Dr. and Mrs. N. Blumenthal Mr. and Mrs. B. Finestein Mr. and Mrs. C. Palmeri And Dr. H. Salib They cordially agreed to divide their winnings and share the fun. We gratefully acknowledge the following sponsors and benefactors: The Bennett Automotive Group Coordinated Health LLC The Martin Cohen Family Foundation Bloomies Flowers and Nan Ronis Becky Goldenberg and Hans Lautner The Walker Family Beverly Palm Jewelers Marc and Aliette Abo Dan and Nancy Cohen Rabbi Dan and Dena Stein Lastly I offer my sincere thanks to everyone who supported and attended the event, helping to create a positive experience and a successful fundraiser. We hope to see you all on August 26, 2012. Save the date!!! Judy Walker Fundraising Chair

Special Activities for Sukkot and Simchat Torah

Bnai Abraham is excited to offer several special programs for Sukkot and Simchat Torah. On Saturday October 15 at 7:30 pm, the community is invited to join Dena and Rabbi Stein for Havdallah Services in their Sukkah, located at 1458 Spring Garden Street, Easton. On Sunday October 16, we will be organizing a family and teen trip to Hershey Park, the most popular Jewish destination for Sukkot. Please pre-purchase your tickets at any Giant location and meet us at Bnai Abraham Synagogue 8:00 am to carpool to Hershey. LUNCH IS ON US!!! Finally, on Thursday October 20, we will be celebrating Simchat Torah as BAS with a family dinner at 6:00 pm. Followed by services at 7:00pm. Cost is $10 per adult, $5 per child or $30 per family. Please join us as we honor special volunteers with Aliyot and Hakafot.

TALENT SHOW When: October 30th, 2011 at 3pm Where: Bnai Abraham Synagogue Why: To share your talent What for: To enjoy Who: Yourself, your relatives, your friends How: show your talent Prerequisite: Pride in what you do To be considered you must be able to do one of the following talents: Tell stories, sing, play instruments, dance, act, entertain, make tricks or magic, read poetry or prose and much much more. To participate call Synagogue at (610) 258-5343 or Ellen/Boris at (610) 559-9073 or email

The 69th Broadway Extravaganza!! Join the Bnai Abraham’s Theater Group!!

Sunday, November 13th, 2011 The 2011 Tony Award winning Broadway Musical

A hilarious story line following a pair of mismatched Mormon boys sent on a mission to a place that’s about as far from Salt Lake City as you can get!!! Curtain Time: 3:00 PM Departure: 9:15 AM, SHARP Checks payable to: Bnai Abraham Synagogue Dr. Marc and Aliette Abo 936 Wedgewood Road Bethlehem, PA 18017 “Book of Mormon”

Eugene O’Neill Theater, 230 W. 49th Price: $195.00 Name: Address: City: Phone: Email: # of Tickets requested:

Tree of Life Permanently commemorate your simcha or celebrate a person! The “Tree of Life” sculpture is on display in the BAS Main lobby known as Founders Hall. It is used to honor and remember special events such as:

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Birthdays Anniversaries Memorials Engagements Namings Weddings and any other special milestone or celebration! Leaf: $140

Apple: $800

Or memorialize your loved one: Stone at base of tree: $1,100 Dedicate a memorial plaque to be located on the Lothar Gumberich, Chairman: 610-253-5263 BAS office: 610-258-5343

walls of the Sanctuary: $300 To honor your friends on the Walk of Life: $350

Jewish Family Services of the Lehigh Valley help keep our kosher food pantry stocked… Every time you attend a meeting for a Jewish 0rganization, please bring a nonperishable kosher item with you. Call for your collection box and pick up. Call Becky Goldenberg at 610-892-1250 or Email: or Jewish Family Services of The Lehigh Valley at 610-821-8722. Jewish Family Services of the Lehigh Valley will provide a collection box and will pick up the items.

Food Pantry

BAS is going green We will email the bulletin to all those who have provided a current e-mail address. Everyone will continue to receive the bulletin by mail. Please send your email address to You will receive your bulletin quicker and in full color. Please note... We will be notifying congregants of emergencies and special events through e-mail.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. These three words are applicable to a wide variety of things and situations Paper is a precious commodity and comes from trees, one of our dwindling natural resources. Stay conscious of the need to conserve paper, and rethink some of your work or school printing practices. This will cut down on wasted paper and will decrease the amount of new paper that needs to be purchased. Don't print things out unless absolutely necessary. Try not to print emails. Back up files on your computer using multiple electronic methods and locations. If you still have old one-sided sheets of paper around, use them for printing, copying, or as a notepad for taking notes. And always recycle paper rather than throwing it in the trash.

ProJeCt of Easton has been helping people help themselves for 42 years, ever since a group of clergy and everyday people of goodwill saw the need in their community and acted. Today, ProJeCt offers relief to people struggling to meet their basic needs, helps lift them out of emergencies, and supports their move to selfsufficiency through top-ranked adult and family education programs. ProJeCt also works for you as we work to build a strong community. With your support, we serve over 3,600 families and individuals annually. It’s our ProJeCt. It’s your ProJeCt. Donations Needed for Food Pantry (Food Pantry menus change monthly; therefore, items will change accordingly.) Canned potatoes Canned soup Juice Saltine crackers Hygiene products (deodorant, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.) Brown paper bags (grocery store size) Food items can be delivered directly to ProJeCt’s Food Pantry, located at the rear of St. John’s Lutheran Church parking lot, 330 Ferry St. Easton. Donations accepted Mon - Fri, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm, and 1:00 - 4:00 pm. (For large donations of food, please schedule drop-off in advance) Other: Gift cards for pharmacy, clothes and food, children’s backpacks, school supplies notebooks, binders, filler paper, pens and pencils, flash-drive memory sticks, new or gently-used strollers, new or gently-used locking file cabinets, new or gently-used brochure display racks, room dividers or partitions.

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