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Bulletin April , 2011 Vol. 4 26 Adar II – 26 Nisan Published Monthly





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Jewish tradition designed the Passover Seder to engage all of our senses at the most basic level. The foods we eat—bitter herbs, salt water, sweet charoset, savory meats—trigger the core of our taste buds. We hear familiar songs, watch as the middle matzah is broken and wine glasses and shank bones are lifted. And we touch—as we spill ten drops from our glasses, we commiserate with the pain felt by the Egyptians as they endured the ten plagues. This ritual is based on a famous legend recorded in the Talmud: When the Egyptians were drowning in the Red Sea, the Angels wanted to sing a song in praise of God’s triumph. God, though, was not interested in their song and rebuked them. “My handiwork is dying,” God said, “and you want to praise me?!” In response to this legend, the Talmud records that Rabbi Yose ben Hanina said: “Even if He will not rejoice, He allows others to.” This tale especially resonates with me this year; I am writing this column just a few days after the earthquakes and tsunami that struck Japan. Today, nuclear plants continue to fail in the North of the country, and there is a sense of uncertainty about how the crisis will resolve. I know that when we sit down to our Passover Seder, Japan will just be beginning to pull itself out of this crisis. As I watched the remarkable image of the water traveling across fields, carrying boats and buildings, and making towns disappear, I was reminded of the story of the Exodus. Before the waters of the Red Sea crashed down on the Egyptians, it stood for the Israelites as a “wall, to their right and left.” This Passover we also will likely discuss the continuing drama in the Middle East. We will talk not just of Pharos, but also of modern dictators and despots. We will pray for American soldiers, deployed now on three different fronts. Our Passover celebration of freedom this year will be colored by the very real fears of a rapidly changing world. We know that God is not rejoicing—how can we celebrate?

Jewish ritual understands these fears. It teaches us that the first step towards genuine joy is insuring for the needs in all of the community. Our celebrations take place in the presence of friends, and, if they are suffering, we cannot experience true joy. At Passover, we give maot chitin—literally, wheat money, to insure that all in our community can celebrate the holiday. In this month’s bulletin, you will notice that we are collecting maot chitin as part of the chametz-selling process. I also wanted to suggest a few charities that might be of interest this season. •  The Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley’s designated fund for Japan 100% of funds go directly to relief efforts in Japan • The Jewish Coalition for Disaster Relief The JCDF is perhaps the most collaborative organization in the Jewish world. In addition to relief work in Japan, the JCDF remains actively involved in Haiti and is prepared to handle disasters as they emerge. • The JWB Jewish Chaplain’s Council In addition to endorsing Jewish chaplains, the Jewish Chaplain’s Council provides for the religious needs of Jewish military personnel. This includes planning Passover Seders for Jewish troops deployed abroad and providing Kosher for Passover k-rations. If you would like more information on the charities above, please let me know. Hopefully, the mitzvah of providing for those in need this Passover season will serve as a corrective to the complicated emotions many of us are feeling this year. Giving, we are taught, is the first step towards achieving the true joy in our holidays. Dena and I wish you all a joyful and kosher holiday. As I mentioned last month, there is still space at our table for the first Seder, and we hope to see many of you for the second Seder at Bnai Abraham. Best Wishes for a chag kasher v’sameach,

Rabbi Daniel Stein

Yahrzeit List In the Bond of Life April, 2011

Contact Irwin Lewis, Ritual Chairman

April 6

Edward Linker, beloved grandfather of A. Brett Bragin

April 9

Charles Minsky, beloved brother of Lillian Krim

April 9

Louis Sheps, beloved grandfather of Ellen Sheps-Busby

April 9

Irwin Bussell, beloved father of Les Bussell

April 9

Reubin S. Bragin, beloved father of A. Brett Bragin

April 10

Rose Cohen, beloved mother of Ricky Hochhauser and grandmother of Aron Hochhauser

April 12

Samuel Abramowitz, beloved father of Sally Brau

April 13

Jean Greenberg, beloved mother of Sandy Weiner

April 17

Rose Merbaum Wolf, beloved mother of Si Merbaum

April 19

Joseph Goldman, beloved father of Eugene Goldman

April 23

Jacob I. Grollman, beloved father of Joseph Grollman

April 23

Allen Trinker, beloved father of Gary Trinker

April 24

Irving Krasner, beloved father of Shirley Falk

April 24

Joseph Albalak, beloved father of Lena Packer

April 25

Morris Bugen, beloved brother of Ethel Kramer

April 27

Edith Hatfield, beloved sister of Susie Aufrecht

April 29

Stanley Gross, beloved father of Robin Smith

Yahrzeit Fund Becky Goldenberg in loving memory of her mother, Ida Friedman Margaret Kaplan in loving memory of her mother, Margaret Spaziani, and her grandmother, Alice Johnson Si Merbaum in loving memory of his mother, Rose Merbaum Lena Packer in loving memory of her father, Joseph Albalak Sheila Goldberg in loving memory of her stepmother, Lillian Richmond Ethel Kramer in loving memory of her brother, Morris Bugen Ricky and Les Hochhauser in loving memory of Ricky’s mother, Rose Cohen

Bnai Abraham Synagogue Fund Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kaye in memory of Michael Fein Doris Lifland in memory of my dear friend, Ruth Asteak Annette Sylvester in memory of Ruth Asteak, a loving mother and grandmother Shari Lifland, Glenn, and Logan Ruppel in memory of Ruth Asteak Jan Kreiger in memory of Ruth Asteak Sally Brau in memory of Ruth Asteak Upper Nazareth Township Board of Supervisors in remembrance of Ruth Asteak Jean L. Stapleton in memory of Ruth Asteak Leonard Kornit in memory of Ruth Asteak Lillian Krim in memory of Ruth Asteak Christopher T. Spadoni, Esq., in memory of Ruth Asteak Daniel and Anne Kaye in memory of Ruth Asteak Sybil Kamber in memory of my friend, Ruth Asteak, whom I knew for over sixty years Sandra and Mitch Levinson and Erica, Josh and Sarah in memory of Ruth Asteak Ellen and Phil Hof , Mazel Tov to Howard and Shirley Falk and the Gallants on Alicia’s Bat Mitzvah Jim and Doris Kressly in memory of Ruth Asteak Mearhoff Insurance Agency, Inc., in memory of Ruth Asteak Ethel Kramer in honor of Ruth Asteak Alan and Marsha Abraham in memory of Ruth Asteak Ricky and Les Hochhauser in memory of Ruth Asteak

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund Danny and Nancy Cohen with thanks for Rabbi Stein’s wonderful Shabbat service for Nana Susie’s birthday Susie Aufrecht in honor of Helene and Sidney Kaplan’s wedding anniversary Barbara and David Sussman with thanks to Rabbi Dan Stein and Dena Stein for their help with the Global Day of Jewish Learning Joseph Panto wishing his wife, Jan Seidel Panto, good luck and a speedy recovery from surgery on March 16th in New York Bob and Sandy Weiner in honor of Susie Aufrecht’s special birthday and in memory of Dr. Nathan Kantor A thoughtful donation from David Denenberg Sally and Dexter Neadle wishing Shirley and Howard Falk Mazel Tov on the Bat Mitzvah of their granddaughter, Alicia Gallant Susie Aufrecht in honor of Jessica and Herman Ytkin’s birthdays Nancy and Michael Seksinsky in memory of Ruth Asteak Sheila Goldberg with thanks to the committee who prepares the Shabbat Kiddush

Robert Kutner Library Fund Helene and Sid Kaplan with get well wishes to Roz Smolow

Goldman Torah Fund Helene and Sid Kaplan in memory of Ann Eisenberg, mother of Marlene Kaplan and mother-in-law of Dr. Lee Kaplan Si and Bernice Merbaum in honor of Helaine Sigal’s special birthday

Sisterhood Fund Nancy and Danny Cohen in memory of Ruth Asteak Ellen and Phil Hof in memory of Ruth Asteak, a loving mother and grandmother

Sue Siegel Shabbat Fund Helene and Sid Kaplan with a “thank you” to Anne Zuckerman, Sara Levin and their committee in appreciation for the wonderful Shabbat Kiddush Ruth Reiter in honor of Alicia Gallant’s Bat Mitzvah, granddaughter of Shirley and Howard Falk

USY Fund Doris Asteak in memory of Ruth Asteak

Theatre Fund Marc and Aliette Abo in memory of Ruth Asteak and Mazel Tov to Shirley and Howard Falk upon the Bat Mitzvah of their granddaughter, Alicia Gallant.

Building Fund Nancy and Danny Cohen in memory of Dr. Nathan Kantor

Todah Rabah The Membership Committee invites all congregants of Bnai Abraham to join us for a special Kiddush luncheon on Saturday, May 6 in honor of our new members. We are delighted that so many families have chosen to join Bnai Abraham this year and we hope that you will help us to welcome them to our community. Victoria and Scott Levin will sponsor Kiddush on May 21 in honor of their 11th wedding anniversary.

To all my friends at Bnai Abraham Synagogue who were so generous with their donations in honor of my special birthday, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! You continue to honor me with your kindnesses and friendship. And a special “thank you” to Rabbi Stein, whose words touched me and my family so deeply. Thank you, all, and may each of you reach such a special birthday in good health. With love, Susie Aufrecht

R e f u a h S h ’ l e m a (A Full and Complete Healing) To all who were sick or hospitalized, we wish a return to good health. Lillian Schocker Joe Kaplan Susie Aufrecht Dexter Neadle Phoebe Altman Roz Smolow Jan Panto

In memoriam May God in His Kindness grant comfort And solace to the mourners Ruth Asteak Margaret Middleman

The Ritual Corner

THE POWER OF ONE (continued from last month)

Why did the Rabbi accept the testimony of one man when so many testified against him? Why did the Rabbi keep the official who was accused of being lazy and negligent in his post? The Rabbi replied, “When Isaac was on the alter itself and Abraham had the knife in his hand, did not Abraham listen to an angel who came to stay his hand? And God found this just though it went against God’s original direct command.” The lesson, according to the Rabbi, is that to do a man harm, a decision from high authority is required. To keep him from harm, a word from one insignificant person shall be enough. The principle is reflected in the American jury system as well. A “guilty” verdict is not possible if a single juror refuses to agree.

Source: The Jewish Mystique by Ernest Van Dan Haag

Submitted by Irwin Lewis

General announcements…

FIRST SEDER As you will see advertised elsewhere in the bulletin, Bnai Abraham again will be hosting a communal second Seder. If you need a place to attend a first Seder or have extra room at your Seder table for a guest, please contact the synagogue office so that we can make a match. Rabbi and Mrs. Stein are eager to have a full table of guests. Please be in touch. Also, Temple Covenant of Peace has invited us to be their guests at their Women’s Seder, Sunday, April 3rd at 5:00 PM. Contact the TCP office at 610-253-2031. COFFEE WITH THE RABBI Starting Monday, March 7 at 1:00 PM, and every Monday thereafter, please feel welcome to join Rabbi Stein for coffee at Wegman’s, located on Rt. 248, Lower Nazareth Township. No program, just come and schmooze. MEN’S CLUB SPECIAL BRUNCH Sunday, April 3 at 10:00 AM 10:30 AM, special speaker, Martin Lemelman, Lehigh Valley noted author, will discuss “Two Cents Plain” – his story of growing up in the back of a Brooklyn candy shop $6 covert for lunch – All are invited RSVP or leave message at 610-253-2481 BETHLEHEM EASTON HADASSAH Book/Film Club Thursday, April 7 at 7:00 PM Film: “Precious Life” Place: Marna Simon’s home at 2241 Montgomery Street, Bethlehem, PA RSVP: 610-865-1150 Hadassah is celebrating 100 years. Become a life member for $100

General announcements continued… THEATRE TRIP May 15, 2011 Please join Bnai Abraham’s Theatre Group in celebrating our 67th Broadway extravaganza “Sister Act”, a divine musical comedy. Departure time, 9:15 AM; curtain time, 3:00 PM. Please make checks payable to Bnai Abraham Synagogue and mail to “Sister Act”, Dr. Marc and Mrs. Aliette Abo, 936 Wedgewood Road, Bethlehem, PA 18017. See flier for more details. RABBI’S INSTALLATION June 5, 2011 Mark your calendars. More information and invitations will be forthcoming. TRIP TO PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM OF AMERICAN JEWISH HISTORY Sunday, June 26, 2011 We are in the process of arranging for docents for our special group tour. Current plans are for a bus to be shared by Bnai Abraham and the Temple, and is expected to fill up fast. Those congregants wishing to join this tour will be asked to make a deposit to hold a place. Details will be available very soon.

MINDFUL FITNESS Happily Presented by Bnai Abraham Sisterhood Cost: $5.00 Come join Sharon Trinker and Wendy Williams on Wednesday mornings at 9:30 AM for sculpting, toning, pilates and yoga. No prior workout experience necessary. Bring hand weights, a mat or towel, water and a smile. Classes are cancelled if schools are closed or delayed due to inclement weather. CHAIR YOGA Come sit, relax, stretch and build strength from 10:00 to 11:00 AM following Mindful Fitness on Wednesdays. Build strength, flexibility and balance all from a seated and/or standing position. There is no need for a mat. Dress comfortably and come with a open mind for fun and fitness. Cost is $5.00. If you are already attending Mindful Fitness, your fee covers Chair Yoga. Please call Wendy Williams with any questions @ 610-253-3069 SPONSOR A KIDDUSH! Anne Zuckerman and Sara Levin have been working hard to revamp our after-service Kiddush. A Kiddush is a perfect way to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary, and it allows you the opportunity to celebrate with our community. To sponsor a Kiddush for $36, please contact the synagogue office.

General announcements continued… ADULT EDUCATION Our successful Torah Study group will continue to meet Thursday mornings, 10:15 to 11:15. No prior experience is necessary. We are charging a low materials fee of $10 per semester to defray the cost of copying and coffee. AL’S CLEANERS - FUNDRAISER FOR BAS! Bnai Abraham has been signed up at Al’s Cleaners, 1132 Northampton Street, to enable the synagogue to collect 10% of all sales of dry cleaning and laundry services that our congregants spend there. It’s easy. Just mention that you are a member of Bnai Abraham Synagogue, and they will credit the synagogue and send the proceeds periodically. Al’s is only about seven blocks from the synagogue, has very convenient hours, and does excellent work. MOVING? Please notify the Bnai Abraham Synagogue office of any address changes to avoid charges for returned and undeliverable mail and to insure that you receive all mail being sent to you from the synagogue. CAMPAIGN FOR NEW MEMBERS HELP WANTED! We are asking every member of our congregation to help us locate prospective new members. They may be your neighbors, friends, vet, or whoever. Please relay the name and any pertinent information to the Membership Chair, Shirley Falk or to Elaine Morrow. You may also call and give the information to the synagogue office staff. SHOPPING AT AMAZON…A NEW FUNDRAISER FOR BNAI ABRAHAM! Click on the Amazon search link on the “Donations” page on the BAS website, and for any purchases made during your visit on, Amazon will contribute 4% to 15% of the purchase price to Bnai Abraham! How it works: Navigate to the BAS Donations webpage at and type any item keyword in the Amazon search box, and you will be transferred to (You must use this link or purchases will not be traced to BAS). If you place items in your shopping cart and complete a purchase during your visit, Amazon will pay us a portion of the purchase price (not including shipping), that portion to range from 4% to 15% depending on the item category. Rates for categories are posted on our website. We encourage all of our members to shop on – but remember to only access through the BAS link at the below url or we will not get the purchase credit: Thank you for your continued support of BAS and HAPPY SHOPPING!

You never knew kosher for Passover wine could be so fine! Kosher for Passover Wine Tasting at Blue Grillhouse and Wine Bar Sunday, April 10, 4:00 PM $18 per person RSVP and payment MUST be received by Monday, April 4th before 9:00 AM to Bnai Abraham Synagogue or Temple Covenant of Peace Email reservations to at your earliest convenience Wine selection and descriptive notes will be prepared for our event by nationally recognized Christopher Cree from 56 Degree Wine Store in Bernardsville, New Jersey. In 1966 he became only the thirteenth American to have passed the demanding Master of Wine Examination. Today, there are still only 23 Americans out of a total of 235 people worldwide who has passed this most demanding wine examination since it was first given in London in 1953. His success as a wine educator can be attributed to a unique understanding of what people want to know about wine, a talent that evolved during years of working with clients of his retail shops. Christopher will detail the new trends in fine kosher wines. Come join us and taste the best Kosher4Passover wines on the market. All wines can be purchased at state stores in PA.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Monday, April 11, 2011 We need volunteers to help prepare the kitchen for Passover. Both men and women are welcome to help clean starting at 10:00 AM. Please call the office at 610 258-5343 to volunteer.

Bnai Abraham Synagogue is delighted to extend a warm welcome to new members of our Bnai Abraham family WELCOME!

Barry, Diana, and Hannah Glassman __________________________________________________________________

SISTERHOOD NEWS IT’S NOT TOO LATE! Sisterhood still wants you as a member!! Please join us in supporting the Synagogue. We have ongoing projects: Judaica Shop, Rummage Sale, Camp Scholarships, and more. And we are always looking for new ideas. We had to cancel our trip to the Flower Show due to lack of interest. Let us know what interests you, and we’ll try to make it happen. Please send your check for $20, made payable to Sisterhood Bnai Abraham , to the Synagogue at 1545 Bushkill Street, Easton, PA 18042 Thank you, Nancy Cohen Financial Secretary

A NEW FUNDRAISER FOR BNAI ABRAHAM Our next fundraiser will be a “Buy Local” campaign, which will be an extension of the arrangement that we already have with a few local businesses. We will be soliciting local small businesses to give Bnai Abraham a small percentage of the sales from Synagogue members who identify themselves as such at the time of purchase. We will list all participating merchants in the Bulletin on a tear-out card which you can carry in your wallet as a reminder. According to ‘Buy Local Philly’, three times as much money stays in the local economy when you buy goods and services from locally owned businesses instead of large chains. This campaign can definitely spread some goodwill from our Bnai community to the heart of the area business community. If you know of any business that would like to participate, please contact Judy Walker at We will have a soliciting team armed with information and a letter from the Synagogue.


SUNDAY, MAY 15, 2011

“SISTER ACT” A DIVINE MUSCIAL COMEDY HALLELUJAH………….It’s almost here! A HABIT-FORMING TRIUMPH!!!!!! BROADWAY THEATRE 1681 BROADWAY, NEW YORK DEPARTURE TIME: 9:15 AM CURTAIN TIME: 3:00 PM PRICE: $150.00 Please make all checks payable to Bnai Abraham Synagogue. Mail checks and order form to: “SISTER ACT” Dr. Marc & Aliette Abo 936 WEDGEWOOD ROAD BETHLEHEM, PA 18017

Name:______________________________________________________________________ Address:____________________________________________________________________ City:_________________________________ State_______________ Zip_________ Telephone#___________________________ Email___________________________ # of tickets requested:_______________

Tree of Life Permanently commemorate your simcha or celebrate a person! The “Tree of Life” sculpture is on display in the BAS Main lobby known as Founders Hall. It is used to honor and remember special events such as:

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Birthdays Anniversaries Memorials Engagements Namings Weddings and any other special milestone or celebration! Leaf: $140

Apple: $800

Or memorialize your loved one: Stone at base of tree: $1,100 Dedicate a memorial plaque to be located on the Simon Merbaum, Chairman: 610-253-2175 Lothar Gumberich: 610-253-5263 BAS office: 610-258-5343

walls of the Sanctuary: $300 To honor your friends on the Walk of Life: $350

Jewish Family Services of the Lehigh Valley help keep our kosher food pantry stocked… Every time you attend a meeting for a Jewish 0rganization, please bring a nonperishable kosher item with you. Call for your collection box and pick up. Call Becky Goldenberg at 610-892-1250 or Email: or Jewish Family Services of The Lehigh Valley at 610-821-8722. Jewish Family Services of the Lehigh Valley will provide a collection box and will pick up the items.

Food Pantry

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ProJeCt of Easton has been helping people help themselves for 42 years, ever since a group of clergy and everyday people of goodwill saw the need in their community and acted. Today, ProJeCt offers relief to people struggling to meet their basic needs, helps lift them out of emergencies, and supports their move to selfsufficiency through top-ranked adult and family education programs. ProJeCt also works for you as we work to build a strong community. With your support, we serve over 3,600 families and individuals annually. It’s our ProJeCt. It’s your ProJeCt. Donations Needed for Food Pantry (Food Pantry menus change monthly; therefore, items will change accordingly.) Canned potatoes Canned soup Juice Saltine crackers Hygiene products (deodorant, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.) Brown paper bags (grocery store size) Food items can be delivered directly to ProJeCt’s Food Pantry, located at the rear of St. John’s Lutheran Church parking lot, 330 Ferry St. Easton. Donations accepted Mon - Fri, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm, and 1:00 - 4:00 pm. (For large donations of food, please schedule drop-off in advance) Other: Gift cards for pharmacy, clothes and food, children’s backpacks, school supplies notebooks, binders, filler paper, pens and pencils, flash-drive memory sticks, new or gently-used strollers, new or gently-used locking file cabinets, new or gently-used brochure display racks, room dividers or partitions.

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