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Bulletin April, 2013 21 Nisan – 20 Iyar 5773 Vol. 4 Published Monthly





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A MESSAGE FROM RABBI DANIEL STEIN… This month marks Israel’s 65th Anniversary; in March, Dena visited Israel as part of her work with Masa. While she was there, she participated in a Rosh Chodesh service with Women of the Wall, a group fighting for religious pluralism at the Western Wall. I wanted to share her reflections with you this month: As I approached the Zion Gate, the threshold in Jerusalem’s fortifications leading to the kotel (Western Wall), I had mixed emotions. Over the past 13 years, since I first stepped foot in front of its vast expanse, this place has transformed in my imagination from a shrine of deep religious significance to a place of oppression. Ingrained in me was the notion that the kotel was sacred to all Jews, but the more I approached this holy site, the less sacred it felt. Over the years, a shrinking women’s section, an inability to use my voice in prayer, and an overwhelming feeling that my Judaism and brand of yiddishkeit were not accepted here have led me to think of this spot not as one of liberation and connection, but as one of oppression. I’ve been disheartened by the news coming from Israel, highlighting how far women and progressive Judaism have to go here. The reports of women literally having to sit on the back of the bus, men spitting on women and girls due to their clothing, and the prevailing law that allows police to arrest women at the kotel wearing tallitot (prayer shawls), is not only appalling but fearsome. It makes me want to fight. But with all this, I am torn. I made a conscious choice not to live in Israel. I wonder if this struggle for women’s rights and religious freedom is my own. Do I have a right to join the resistance? I was taught at a young age that Israel is my homeland, a concept that I bought into with all my heart and soul. But that notion was challenged ten years ago, as I prepared with my fellow Israeli and American program participants to enter and work in a Russian Jewish community. During one group discussion on Israeli society and politics, a fellow Israeli participant challenged the expression of Americans’ connection to Israel. She, struggling with non-Israelis in the room using the word “we” to describe Israel, remarked that most non-Israelis in the room might feel a connection to Israel, but we neither fought for the state nor had family or friends die while serving this country. Non-Israelis—even Jews – didn’t have the right to be part of the Israeli “we.” This conversation caused a deep internal struggle for me – was she right? What does it mean to be an American Jew in relation to Israel? What right do I have to question, criticize, or in the case of the women’s rights and religious pluralism, fight?

While I have a deep love and an evolving relationship with Israel, I feel a sense of distance from the country. These competing ideas were on my mind as I approached the kotel to daven with these incredible women. What I experienced brought me to tears in ways that I never would have anticipated. I encountered a large circle of strong women (and some men standing nearby) who were fighting for the basic right of religious freedom. They were together, singing with voices high, praising God in joyous song, and yes, some courageous women wearing tallitot at the holiest site for Jews around the world. It was breathtaking. But for me, something was different: I’ve prayed with this group many times over the past thirteen years, at various stages in my life: as an undergraduate studying in Israel for the first time, as a graduate student contemplating aliyah, and now, as a woman expecting her first child this summer. Today, I stood with Women of the Wall carrying the next generation. I am carrying the potential for a new tomorrow — a child who should not only enter a world with fewer struggles, but a child who has the potential to help effect real change. The impact of this moment — participating with a group that is fighting for aspects of social justice that I hold so dear — felt monumental. In that moment, I realized the importance for their fight and my role in that effort. During Hallel we sang, “Min hametzar karatiya anani vamerchav ya” (From the narrow place I called to God. Answer me from the divine expanse) – in this place, with these people, it felt as though these words were coming directly from our hearts. I still have not solved my internal struggle – this is one I anticipate I will have for a lifetime, no matter where I am. But in the meantime, I will support these warriors in Israel, just as I know I need to with those battling for similar causes here at home. If nothing else, joining the Women of the Wall stirred a passion in me to use my voice in order to create change. Rabbi Stein


I always enjoy the transition from Winter to Spring. The days grow longer. The weather becomes warmer. The flowers and trees burst into bloom, and people begin to re-emerge and enjoy the outdoors. Spring began with the vernal equinox (when the day is almost equal to the night) at 7:02 a.m. on March 20, 2013. Although the vernal equinox is the actual start of the Spring season, our Bnai Abraham communal second sedar on the evening of March 26, 2013, will be the ceremonial beginning of the season for us. Victoria and I look forward to seeing you at the sedar! Best regards, Scott A. Levin President

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Edith Hatfield, beloved sister of Susie Aufrecht Stanley Gross, beloved father of Robin Smith Marilyn Margolis, beloved mother of Sherry Brooks Jesse Cooper, beloved son of Peter Cooper Sadie Sheps, beloved grandmother of Ellen Ann Busby Ada Anglenik, beloved mother of Frances Yonkelowitz Beatrice Hochhauser, beloved mother of Les Hochhauser, beloved mother-in-law of Ricky Hochhauser, and beloved grandmother of Aron Hochhauser Taylor Cooper, beloved daughter of Peter Cooper Ruth Blechman, beloved sister of Lydia Zibulewsky Myriel Seidel, beloved wife of Norm Seidel Mollie Pessin, beloved mother of Henrietta Pessin Fay Gast, beloved mother of Judy Walker Seymour Cooper, beloved father of Jill Reilly Marcus Zeitz, beloved father of Jessica Ytkin Zev Maisel, beloved husband of Carol Maisel Jean Kalb, beloved mother of Sally Neadle Burton Abramowitz, beloved brother of Sally Brau Jack Friedman, beloved father of Richard Friedman Theodore Martin Braffman, beloved father of Marsha Abraham Morris Berman, beloved father of Ilona Marmer Lena Feihman, beloved grandmother of Sherry Brooks Doris Zippel, beloved wife of Marty Zippel Zalman Leib Lifland, beloved father-in-law of Doris Lifland Fannie Kaplan, beloved mother of Sidney, Joseph and Leopold Kaplan Philip Goldman, beloved father of Bernice Merbaum

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Bnai Abraham Synagogue Ralph and Becky Civjan sending birthday and stay well wishes to all. Ralph and Becky Civjan thanking Rabbi Stein and Dena for their gracious hospitality during the holidays. Shirley and Howard Falk in honor of their granddaughter, Emily Gallant, celebrating her bat mitzvah. Doris Lifland sending belated birthday wishes to Susie Aufrecht. Doris Lifland – Mazel tov to Shirley and Howard Falk on the bat mitzvah of their granddaughter, Emily Gallant. David and Judy Greenberg in memory of Joan Kerbel. Boris and Ellen Lifschutz sending get well wishes to Linda Lewis. Sally and Dexter Neadle – Mazel tov to Shirley and Howard Falk on the engagement of the grandson, Mitchell Stern, to Abby Russell.

Building Fund Mitchell, Sondra, Erica, Josh and Sarah Levinson in memory of our father and grandfather, Harold Karon.

Goldman/Merbaum Torah Fund Helene and Sidney Kaplan sending get well wishes to Bernice Merbaum.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund Nancy and Danny Cohen – Mazel tov to the Smolow family on the marriage of Marcy Smolow to Jesse Freeman. Nancy and Danny Cohen – Mazel tov to Rabbi Jonathan and Beverly Schnitzer on the engagement of their daughter, Shira. Helene and Sidney Kaplan – Thank you to all who donated and prepared the Shalach Manot Purim baskets. Jan and Joe Panto – Thank you to Marc and Aliette Abo, Sally Brau, Nancy and Danny Cohen, Daniel and Elizabeth Edelman, Phillip and Ellen Hof, Selma Jackowitz, Scott and Victoria Levin, Sally and Dexter Neadle, Nan Ronis and Robert Sun, Rabbi Stein and Dena, Marna and Roger Simon, Mark Goldstein and Shari Spark, Larry Kaplan and Anne Zuckerman, for the lovely Shalach Manot Purim basket. Arthur and Karen Popkave in memory of Joan Kerbel and Jay Scherline. Arthur and Karen Popkave – Mazel tov to Anne Zuckerman and Larry Kaplan on the naming of their granddaughter, Olivia Irene Martin.

Sisterhood Camp Ramah Scholarship Fund

Nancy and Danny Cohen wishing Judy and Steve Molder full and speedy recoveries.

Sheila Goldberg Fund Sheila Goldberg sending happy birthday wishes to Ralph Civjan. Sheila Goldberg – Thanking Marna and Roger Simon, Selma Jacowitz, Danny and Nancy Cohen, Daniel and Elizabeth Edelman, Sara Levin, Aliette and Marc Abo, Sally and Dexter Neadle, Ellen Hof, Ruth Edelman, Sally Brau, Eva Cohen, Anne Zuckerman, Rabbi Stein and Dena, Scott and Victoria Levin, Mark Goldstein and Shari Spark, and Nan Ronis for the Shalach Manot Purim basket. Helene and Sidney Kaplan – Congratulations to Roz and Bill Smolow on the marriage of their granddaughter, Marcy, to Jesse Freeman.

Theatre Fund Alan and Marsha Abraham – Mazel tov to Marc and Aliette Abo on the engagement of their daughter, Alyssa, to David Lubitz. Nancy and Danny Cohen – Mazel tov to Marc and Aliette Abo on the engagement of their daughter, Alyssa, to David Lubitz. Phil and Ellen Hof – Mazel tov to Marc and Aliette Abo on the engagement of their daughter, Alyssa, to David Lubitz. Boris and Ellen Lifschutz – Mazel tov to Marc and Aliette Abo on the engagement of their daughter, Alyssa, to David Lubitz. Arthur and Karen Popkave Mazel tov to Judy Walker on her special birthday. Mazel tov to Marc and Aliette Abo on the engagement of their daughter, Alyssa, to David Lubitz. Mazel tov in honor of Rachel Cooper’s marriage to Jared Zolna. Mazel tov to Susie Aufrecht in honor of her 92nd birthday. Mazel tov to Rabbi and Beverly Schnitzer in honor of Shira’s engagement.


Sandy Abeshaus in memory of her mother, Bertha Fingeroff. Sally Brau in memory of her father, Samuel Abramowitz. Becky Civjan in memory of her mother, Nettie. Shirley Falk in memory of her father, Irving Krasner. Ricky Hochhauser in memory of her mother, Rose Cohen. Helene Kaplan in memory of her father, Abe Feuerman. Margaret Kaplan in memory of her mother, Margaret Spaziani, and her grandmother, Alice Johnson. Margaret and David Kaplan in memory of Joan Kerbel. Boris Lifschutz in memory of his mother, Ann Rosenstein. Ellen Lifschutz in memory of her father, Gregory Polischuk. Ruth Reiter in memory of her mother, Lillian Koplin. Sandy Weiner in memory of her mother, Jean Greenberg. Anne Zuckerman in memory of her mother, Edith Zuckerman.

Todah Rabah Kiddush is a perfect way to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary, and it allows you the opportunity to celebrate with our community. To sponsor a Kiddush for $36, please contact the synagogue office.

Mazel Tov Shalom and Mazel tov to Rabbi Stein. On February 10, 2013, at a congregational meeting Rabbi Daniel Stein was reappointed for another term as our Rabbi and spiritual leader. The term of Rabbi Stein's reappointment and engagement have been authorized and are in accordance with the By-Laws of Bnai Abraham Synagogue. The Congregants of Bnai Abraham would like to wish Rabbi and Dena Stein continued success and a promising future building on an illustrious past. Corresponding Secretary, Aliette Abo

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R e f u a h S h ’ l e m a (A Full and Complete Healing) To all who were sick or hospitalized, we wish a return to good health. Phoebe Altman Susie Aufrecht Deborah bas Briendel Joe Kaplan Judy and Steve Molder Eloise Stampoulos

In memoriam May God in His Kindness Grant Comfort and Solace to the Mourners

Sisterhood News

Sisterhood News

The Ritual Corner Submitted by Irwin Lewis Genesis 50: 26 Joseph died at the age of 110 years and was embalmed and placed in a coffin in Egypt, a very interesting footnote from Etz Hayim. The last words of the Book of Genesis, “a coffin in Egypt,” foreshadow the events of the opening chapter of Exodus, the enslavement of the Hebrews, the killing of the Hebrew babies, and the birth of Moses who will be placed in a coffin-like basket on the Nile. The last words in each of the five books of the Torah, "Egypt, journeys, Sinai, Jericho, Israel,” are a virtual summary of the Torah's narrative about the people Israel, from slavery to Sinai to the Promised Land.

Ritual Challenge Hint for April There were no responses to the March Ritual Challenge below. A hint will be Genesis 27:43-47 in which Rebecca essentially tells Jacob to hide out from Esau at her brother Laban’s household, and, when Esau forgets his anger, she will fetch Jacob. Does this happen? Genesis 27:13-But his [Jacob's] mother said to him, "Your curse, my son, be upon me! Just do as I say---”. Rebecca overhears Isaac ask Esau to bring some game and prepare a dish so that Isaac will then bless him. She instructs Jacob to impersonate Esau and take Esau's blessing. When Jacob is concerned that his father will find him out and then Jacob would bring upon him a curse, not a blessing, Rebecca claims any curse will be upon her. In what way in Genesis did Rebecca receive a punishment for what she instigated? The best answer to this ritual challenge will win a free super gala deluxe men's club brunch. Send answers to or leave a message at 610-253-3481.

It’s a New Year -- Be Part of Sisterhood Join an extraordinary group of women to support the synagogue and have fun while doing it. It’s the New Year – Send in your annual dues -- just $20 (Make check payable to Bnai Abraham Sisterhood and send to the office.) Sisterhood members will be calling all the women in our congregation with the goal of making every member feel part of our Jewish community. Mitzvah Committee Let’s reach out to our members in times of consolation or illness, celebrate happy events, and welcome new members. Let’s especially reach out to Jewish residents (in and out of our congregation) at local facilities. We can make a difference. Contact Elaine Morrow with any questions or to get involved. 610-588-8713 or email

MEN'S CLUB TOPICS FOR 2013 ALWAYS ON THE LOOK-OUT FOR SPEAKERS - NEED NOT BE ON A JEWISH TOPIC AND CAN BE VERY INFORMAL. PROFESSIONALS WELCOME WITH EDUCATIONAL INFO, NOT SOLICITATIONS. MEN'S CLUB ACTIVITIES APRIL 28, 2013 SUNDAY OF LAG B OMER HAVA NEGRILLA DAY Come and join us at noon in the Bnai Abraham Courtyard for a picnic that will include hot dogs, fixings and much more. The March 10th Brunch was a great success. Many of those in attendance have indicated that they would like to consult Aaron Janowski regarding the configuration and safety of their computers. Aaron has suggested that he would be glad to offer a free consultation for anyone in exchange for a donation to Bnai Abraham Synagogue. The plan is that, upon receipt of a donation, the Bnai Abraham office will forward to Aaron the name and phone number of anyone wishing to take Aaron up on his generous offer. The Men's Club will also work with Aaron to try to bring him back in the future because of the exceptional interest that his lecture did generate. SAVE THE DATE MEN’S CLUB BRUNCH SUNDAY MAY 5, 2013 - 10:30 AM – LECTURE AT 11:00 AM Professor Roger Simon of Lehigh University will speak on "Jews and the Left in America.” This talk is part of the Muhlenberg College community-wide series “Jews, Money & Capitalism.” Also hopefully the presentation about Center Grove, the old Easton Jewish swim club, with fun pictures will soon be scheduled with Jessica Ytkin leading this nostalgic adventure.

General announcements continued… BETHLEHEM/EASTON HADASSAH BOOK AND FILM CLUB DATE: THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 2013 – TIME 1:00 p.m. Book: “A Pigeon and a Boy” by Meir Shalev Place: Home of Sandy Wruble, 3341 Lord Byron Drive, Bethlehem, PA Phone 610-865-2474

BNAI ABRAHAM/TEMPLE COVENANT OF PEACE KNITTING GROUP DATE: WEDNESDAY MORNING – APRIL 17th - TIME 10:30 a.m. At the home of Jessica Ytkin, 2321 Woodridge Terrace, Easton, PA 18045 Please RSVP to Jessica via phone at 610-253-8251 ARTISAN FAIR – FUNDRAISER FOR BAS! SUNDAY APRIL 28, 2013 12:00 – 4:00 PM On Sunday April 28, 2013, Bnai Abraham Synagogue will host its second annual Artisan Fair fundraiser. Last year’s event was a big success and enjoyed by all who attended. We look forward to seeing you.

General announcements continued… COFFEE WITH RABBI STEIN Enjoy coffee with the Rabbi at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesdays at Wegmans on Rt. 248. Look for the Martin Guitar on the back right corner of the room. ADULT EDUCATION Our successful Torah Study group will continue to meet Thursday mornings, 10:15 to 11:15. No prior experience is necessary. We are charging a low materials fee of $10 per semester to defray the cost of copying and coffee. CAMPAIGN FOR NEW MEMBERS - HELP WANTED! We are asking every member of our congregation to help us locate prospective new members. They may be your neighbors, friends, vet, or whoever. Please relay the name and any pertinent information to the Membership Chair, Marna Simon, or to Elaine Morrow. You may also call and give the information to the synagogue office staff. AL’S CLEANERS - FUNDRAISER FOR BAS! Bnai Abraham has been signed up at Al’s Cleaners, 1132 Northampton Street, to enable the synagogue to collect 10% of all sales of dry cleaning and laundry services that our congregants spend there. It’s easy. Just mention that you are a member of Bnai Abraham Synagogue, and they will credit the synagogue and send the proceeds periodically. Al’s is only about seven blocks from the synagogue, has very convenient hours, and does excellent work. MOVING Please notify the Bnai Abraham Synagogue office of any address changes to enable us to avoid charges for returned and undeliverable mail and to insure that you receive all mail being sent to you from the synagogue. SHOPPING AT AMAZON…A FUNDRAISER FOR BNAI ABRAHAM! Click on the Amazon search link on the “Donations” page on the BAS website, and for any purchases made during your visit on, Amazon will contribute 4% to 15% of the purchase price to Bnai Abraham! How it works: Navigate to the BAS Donations webpage at and type any item keyword in the Amazon search box, and you will be transferred to (You must use this link or purchases will not be traced to BAS). If you place items in your shopping cart and complete a purchase during your visit, Amazon will pay us a portion of the purchase price (not including shipping), that portion to range from 4% to 15% depending on the item category. Rates for categories are posted on our website. We encourage all of our members to shop on – but remember to only access through the BAS link at the below url or we will not get the purchase credit: Thank you for your continued support of BAS and HAPPY SHOPPING!

General announcements continued… FROM OUR MAIL BAG Dear Rabbi Stein, Personally and on behalf of our class on World Religion, I thank you and members of the congregation for your hospitality, explanations and patience on our visit. It was then, and will be in the future, an important part of our learning, and influence on shaping attitudes and relationships. By the way, your website is great! Walter Wagner Moravian Theological Seminary

BETHLEHEM-EASTON HADASSAH SABBATH AT CONGREGATION BRITH SHOLOM SATURDAY MORNING SHABBAT SERVICE APRIL 6, 2013 SPEAKER: KATE BRIGGS Kate Briggs, who will be ordained next July, is a final year rabbinical student at the Leo Baeck Rabbinical School in London. She has also studied at an egalitarian yeshiva in Jerusalem. Kate currently serves as the only Jewish Chaplain resident at St. Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem, and she is a member of Brith Sholom. LEHIGH UNIVERSITY MAGINNES HALL, ROOM 102, 9 WEST PACKER AVENUE, BETHLEHEM, PA TUESDAY APRIL 9, 2013 – TIME: 4:15 PM JEWISH STUDIES IN CHINA: THE NEW FRONTIER Lihong Song, Associate Professor in the Dept. of Religion and Deputy Director of the Glazer Institute of Jewish Studies at Nanjing University, China.

General announcements continued‌

General announcements continued… TEMPLE COVENANT OF PEACE BECOME A BONE MARROW OR STEM CELL TRANSPLANT DONOR SUNDAY APRIL 14, 2013 - TIME 9:30 AM TO 1:00 PM Have you considered becoming a registered bone marrow or stem cell transplant donor on the chance that you may be a match for someone fighting for his or her life? Jews are only about 2% of the world’s population, and according to Jacqui Klein, who has been working tirelessly to find a match for her daughter-in-law, Shira Klein, “if and when a match is found for Shira, it will most likely be with an Ashkenazi Jew, a person with a genetic background similar to Shira’s.” To quote Neil Dicker of the Lehigh Valley, who is a two-time stem cell transplant recipient, ”the Holocaust greatly reduced the number of Jews in the world, making it even harder for Jews to find a stem cell match.” Neil is now an Ambassador for the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation (G.O.L.), the organization that found the match for his transplant, and is speaking out to encourage everyone, especially Jews, to become part of the international registry. Founded in 1991 by a young Jewish man whose life was saved by a donor, the G.O.L. is open to everyone, but focuses on the Jewish Population. Shira Klein, a New Jersey mother of three young children, has been battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma since 2010. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy, but will need a stem cell transplant from a donor to prolong her life. Her family has organized a fund called Smiles for Shira , through which they have tested over 9500 people and have found 14 matches for other people, but none yet for Shira. Neil Dicker and another Lehigh Valley resident, Jeannie Miller, are organizing a cheek- swabbing event on April 14th, 2013, from 9:30 a.m. to 1 pm. at Temple Covenant of Peace, 1451 Northampton St., Easton, in a effort to find a match for Shira Klein and others. A cheek swab is free, simple and painless for healthy people ages 18 to 60, and will enter you into a bone marrow registry. Come to this event for what might be your greatest mitzvah – saving a life! If you cannot attend, go to and enter sponsorship code Shira for a free swab kit during the month of April. If you forget whether you have already registered with a bone marrow registry, contact the organization with which you registered to find out for sure. There is a variety of medical conditions that would disqualify a person from being a donor. It is advisable to check with for details.

General announcements continued… DAY OF DIALOGUE SUNDAY, APRIL 21, 2013 This year’s Day of Dialogue, organized by the Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding, will be held on Sunday, April 21, from 1:00 to 5:00 PM at Temple Beth El in Allentown. The topic for the afternoon is “Thin Places: Where We Touch Holiness.” In Celtic tradition, places where we feel closer to God are known as “thin places.” In this Day of Dialogue, there will be opportunities to share with neighbors of other faiths our personal experiences with “thin places.” To provide a framework for these discussions, Dr. Peter Pettit, the Director of the Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding, will introduce us to one of the holiest places in the world, Jerusalem, Yerushalayim, al-Quds and its significance to Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Dr. Pettit first traveled to Jerusalem as a teen, lived there for a year as a graduate student and has returned there more than two dozen times in various professional capacities. In addition to Dr. Pettit’s presentation, three friends from our local religious communities will briefly share their experiences of holiness in relation to Jerusalem. The remainder of the time will be spent on dialogue in small groups where we will share our own respective holy places and our experiences there. Registration begins at 1:00 PM and the program at 1:30 PM at Temple Beth El, 1305 Springhouse Road, Allentown. The cost of the program is $10 per person. To receive a flier or to make a reservation, please phone the Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding, 484-664-3470 or check their website: or email:

BRUNCH AND LEARN “THE GRAND ART OF DECEPTION” PRESENTER: BOB KILLGORE WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24, 2013 – PRICE $3.00 Did you hear the one about the plans to saw Manhattan in half? Our history is full of outsize hoaxes such as this one, the more fantastic, the more fascinating. The “star” of these deceivers was P.T. Barnum, but there were many others less famous. How did these hoaxers invent their tall tales—and why were they believed? Come and find out at our brunch and learn! Call 610-821-8722 by April 22. Admission is $3 per person and includes the talk and the brunch. Brunch at 9:45 a.m., talk at 10:00 a.m. at Jewish Family Service 2004 Allen St., Allentown, PA

Tree of Life Permanently commemorate your simcha or celebrate a person! The “Tree of Life” sculpture is on display in the BAS Main lobby known as Founders Hall. It is used to honor and remember special events such as:

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Hot or cold cereal, canned fruit, juice (plastic bottles), baby food (dry and jars), jelly (plastic containers)** ** Although ProJeCt is able to purchase food at cost of $1 for $15 worth of food, we are currently not able to purchase this item from suppliers. Contributions of this item would be greatly appreciated. Other: Can openers can be given to clients in need. Soaps, shampoo, deodorant, feminine products, diapers (toddler sizes), cleaning products, gift cards for pharmacy, clothes and food, children’s backpacks, school supplies notebooks, 3” binders, filler paper, pens and pencils, flashdrive memory sticks, new or gently-used strollers, new or gently-used locking file cabinets, new or gently-used brochure display racks, room dividers or partitions. Food items can be delivered directly to ProJeCt’s Food Pantry, located at the rear of St. John’s Lutheran Church parking lot, 330 Ferry St. Easton. Donations accepted Mon - Fri, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm, and 1:00 - 4:00 pm. (For large donations of food, please schedule drop-off in advance). Volunteers Needed: Office Assistants - Flexible scheduling For more information call 610-258-4361 ext. 18. Tutors Needed: Help with adult literacy, learning English as a second language (ESL), improving pronunciation and articulation, transitioning to secondary education or career field – 18 or older with high school education or more. No teaching or foreign language experience required. Training and materials provided. For more information all 610-258-1100, ext. 14.

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April 2013 Bulletin  
April 2013 Bulletin  

Bnai Abraham April Bulletin