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Please Remain Vigilant

I have just received the August 2021 issue of BMW Owners News and noticed all the announcements for upcoming events. I live in Florida and can ride yearround. In case no one is watching, the COVID-19 pandemic is not slowing down due to the Delta variant. Many hospitals are full or filling up, especially the ICUs. Many hospitals are not able to provide adequate coverage for other services. This variant is particularly affecting younger people. The Delta variant is many times more infectious than prior iterations and appears to be second only to the measles virus. As a retired physician, I encourage MOA to limit the events to those with vaccination cards (yes, a vaccination passport) and encourage masking and distancing. Florida has had more cases than several states combined, most of which are the Delta variant with over 98 percent in unvaccinated people. Sturgis was a super spreader event last year, and Daytona had several hundred cases traced back also. The link below has some interesting and very concerning information regarding the virus and infection. Please be careful and be wise and live to ride another day. Get vaccinated and wear a mask. Almost everyone who has been sick wished they had. newsweek.com/2021/08/13/doomsdaycovid-variant-worse-delta-lambda-maycomingscientists-say-1615874.html Steven Kraft MD #191557 Gainesville, Florida

Saved by the BMW Owners Anonymous app

I traveled six hard, hot days from eastern Pennsylvania to make it to the rally in Great Falls. Along the way, I met my two buddies from Georgia, and our plan was to ride the Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route after the rally. We traveled most of


BMW OWNERS NEWS | October 2021

the time 75 to 80 mph when we could. On Saturday of the rally, I traveled to Sport City Cyclery to have two new tires installed, and they discovered that my drive shaft universal joint near the transmission was about to catastrophically fail. I never heard or felt anything while traveling 80 mph for all those miles. When Sport City Cyclery found the problem, they showed me the broken universal and said that this bike should not be ridden around the block. Unfortunately, they had no parts to fix it and were not trained to work on BMWs. I tried to rent a truck but none were available, so I used my BMW Owners Anonymous app as I had no way of getting my bike (and me) to Missoula. My third call using the app was a success when Jim Burckhead from Great Falls answered my call. Later, Jim and his friend Tim Horn picked me and my broken bike up and hauled us both to Big Sky Motorsports in Missoula for the repair. Jim’s only requirement was that I remember to pay this debt forward to another rider in need some day. I am so grateful for all that they did for me it was hard to believe. I even got an invitation from Tim to do some fly fishing with him some day. Thanks again Jim and Tim. Todd Urban #183846 Bernville, Pennsylvania

Thank you, Muriel

I was pleased to read Muriel’s story (“Muriel Farrington: Friend of the Marque,” August BMW Owners News) as ours are similar. My first road bike was at about 60, if I remember rightly, but I did have a little experience on Trials bikes. Muriel started the right way, and I’m curious as to what prompted the move. I would also appreciate her opinion about promoting our pursuit to friends in that age group. I hesitate to be involved in the decision

lest it go badly, and I try to answer questions honestly but stop short of advocating. At 82, I judge my skill level to be as good or better than it’s ever been, but there are so many factors involved, including luck, and the consequences are so severe that such a decision must be personal. I watch for signs of decline in myself, but we’re nearing uncharted waters here. Aches and pains go with the demographic, but vision, a modicum of strength, and enough flexibility to lane check must be monitored. Frankly, I feel more secure on the RT than walking across the parking lot. Be safe Muriel. Tom Feux #118048 Bellville, Texas


I was pleasantly surprised to read Mark Barnes review of HVMP Bar-Ends in the August 2021 issue of BMW Owners News. I’ve been a huge fan of their superior products for over a decade as they work and work well. When others ask about them, I’ll go over the pros and never the cons, as there are none. When asked about the price, then folks start to wonder. Let me tell you that you most definitely get what you pay for here. I have them on several Moto Guzzis and on my Triumphs when I owned those, and they made a 2018 G 310 R go from awful in the bar vibration department to “what vibration?” Don’t be afraid of the price. Vincent Morabito #189947 Buffalo, New York