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What I need to bring on the t r ip Since I’m travelling on a yacht, I won’t have much space in my yacht so these are  the things that I’m bringing . A few friends of mine . Radio . Lots of tinned food . First aid kit  . Toolbox . Waterproof clothes/swimming costumes . Flares . Extra tank of fuel . Nintendo . Laptop . Some cash and credit cards

The oceans that I have to go th rough in the jou rney The ocean that I have to go th rough from Korea (1* ) to Malibu beach is the North Pacific Ocean. Then from Malibu beach (2* ) to Bari (3* ) I have to go to the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediter ranean Sea. My final destinations Athens (4* ) and Istanbul (5* ) , I still have to go th rough the Mediter ranean Sea from Ba ri. *

refer number on the map

The route of my jou rney






trip of the life time