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Special Thanks to: Eddie Cutillas and Bacardi U.S.A., Keith Gapp and EFG International, Marc D. Sarnoff and Staff, City of Miami, City of Newport, Regatta Chair Mark Pincus, Barbara Beigel Vosbury and the Star Class, Justin Scott and the Viper 640 Class, Andy Burdick, Joy Dunigan and the Melges Classes, Jeff Johnstone and the J/70 Class, Christopher Howell and the VX One Class and Sail Newport.

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WINNERS 1927-1930•

Adrian Iselin II F. Robinson Fred Bedford W.F. Teves


Adrian Iselin II Paul Shields Harry Nye Paul Smart


Woodie Pirie Woodie Pirie Skip Etchells Durward Knowles


Basil Kelly Howard Lippencott Ding Schoonmaker Read Ruggles


Ding Schoonmaker Ding Schoonmaker Read Ruggles Bill Buchan


Peter Wright Bill Buchan Bill Buchan Vince Brun


Vince Brun Vince Brun Ed Adams Mark Reynolds


Ross Macdonald Ross Macdonald Vince Brun Mark Reynolds


Mark Reynolds Peter Bromby Afonso Domingos Mark Mendelblatt


2 BACARDI Sailing Week 2014

Rick Merriman & Phil Trinter Guillaume Florent & Pascal Rambeau Xavier Rohart & Pierre Alexis Ponsot Mark Mendelblatt & Brian Faith


Carlos de Cárdenas David Atwater Adrian Iselin II Adrian Iselin II


Harry Nye Harry Nye Alfred de Marigny

•1952-1955 57

Robert Lippincott Ding Schoonmaker Alberto Reyes Jorge de Cárdenas Alvaro de Cárdenas


Joe Duplin Richard Stearns Richard Stearns Frank Zagarino


Ding Schoonmaker Peter Wright Ding Schoonmaker Ding Schoonmaker


Vince Brun Andy Menkart Mark Reynolds Vince Brun


Mark Reynolds Ed Adams Mark Reynolds Peter Wright


Mark Reynolds Ross Macdonald Ross Macdonald Peter Bromby


John Dane Hamish Pepper Afonso Domingos Peter Bromby




IT USED TO BE A MIDWINTER CHAMPIONSHIP The predecessor to the Bacardi Cup was the first Silver Star series, the Midwinter Championship of the Star Class. It was sailed in Havana in 1926. The Bacardi Cup was conceived in 1927 as a three-day event with less than ten boats competing for the Trofeo BACARDI as part of the Cup of Cuba’s Mid-Winter Championship. The regatta continued for thirty years until political unrest forced the Bacardi Cup to move in 1962 from Havana to the Coral Reef Yacht Club in Coconut Grove, Florida. Since continuing in Miami, The Bacardi Cup has grown into an internationally renowned sailing spectacle with world class sailors channeling the grand tradition of camaraderie first evidenced by the regatta’s beginnings.


IT BECAME A MIAMI TRADITION We all know that Miami, as a fairly new city, does not have much history. When there is a regatta which began in Havana in 1927 and moved to Miami’s CRYC in 1962, this has become one of our very special Miami traditions. This regatta is the Bacardi Cup. Over the years, the Star Class competitors have included many of the top sailors in the world. While many sailed when it competed in the Olympics (which ended in 2012), many more enjoy sailing Stars with the fun ambiance of the Bacardi Cup which include no weight rule for the skipper and crew, no measuring for the boat and only one or two long races a day. We hope for good wind and great sailing and, for the 87th time, someone will get to raise the Bacardi Cup itself and drink the rum as our latest Bacardi Cup Champion. AND NOW IT IS A PARADE OF GOLD STARS One unique way where Star sailors compete begins way before the Race Committee starts the sequence. It is the colored stars on their sails. Naturally, Star boats have stars on the sails…but there is a huge difference in the color of the stars. (See the Star Class section of this program for the details.) The gold stars on the sails belong to the boats where the skipper is a Star World Champion. For the 2014 Bacardi Cup, there will be six Star sailboats with gold stars racing on Biscayne Bay. The World Champion skippers are Alan Adler, Paul Cayard, Torben Grael, John MacCausland, Mark Reynolds and Xavier Rohart. Talk about intimidating!


Another newer tradition is the BACARDI Miami Sailing Week. In addition to the Stars racing in the Bacardi Cup, five more classes (J/70, Viper 640, VX One, Melges 20 and Melges 24) will compete in BACARDI Miami Sailing Week. Although the Star sailors will be based at CRYC, the regatta headquarters (for all the sailors in the Bacardi Cup and BACARDI Miami Sailing Week) will be located in Coconut Grove’s Kennedy Park.

BACARDI CUP MEMORIES When you really want to know how it feels to win The Bacardi Cup, who better to ask than a trio of multiple time winners. They are Mark Reynolds, Ding Schoonmaker and Vince Brun. What is your favorite thing about the Bacardi Cup? Mark Reynolds: The excellent competition but what also makes the Bacardi Cup special is the history of the Cup, the fact that it’s the oldest sporting event of its type and of course the Bacardi Rum every night! Ding Schoonmaker: Racing against many of the best sailors in the world at two excellent venues, Havana and Miami, plus the camaraderie ashore. Vince Brun: The relaxed and friendly atmosphere on shore, outstanding racing, and great history. Of all the times you have gotten to “sip the rum from the Cup”, do you have a favorite Bacardi Cup regatta? If so, which one and why? Mark Reynolds: My favorite would be my first win in 1984, I hadn’t been that competitive leading up to the regatta but for that Bacardi Cup, I chartered a boat (an older Buchan), had a new very experienced crew (Chris Gould) and designed and made a new set of sails. Generally changing that many things at once doesn’t work out but we ended up dominating the regatta! Ding Schoonmaker: Havana 1953, the first Bacardi Cup I won. Vince Brun: My first win in 1981 was clearly my favorite. I believe we had a 94 boat fleet with all the sailors that I admired and watched over the years. What an honor that was to be congratulated by what I considered the best in our sport. This was my first go on the Star Class which turn out to be a lifetime experience for me and also my family. Thanks for this great opportunity Bacardi! Who is your favorite competitor who you have sailed against and beaten in the Cup? Mark Reynolds: Sailing with Ding on the race course, who had won the Bacardi more than anyone else, certainly made it a special Bacardi Cup. Every Bacardi win was made that much more outstanding by the fact that so many great sailors compete in the Bacardi Cup every year. Ding Schoonmaker: Sir Durward Knowles Vince Brun: Buddy Melges and Tom Blackaller Do you have a funny or memorable story about someone at the Cup which I can actually publish? Mark Reynolds: A memorable Bacardi Cup race for me was the last race in 1993. Hugo Schreiner was crewing for me and we needed to beat John Kostecki and maybe Peter Wright in the last race. I say “maybe” because unfortunately because of a protest reopening, it wasn’t clear if an earlier race would count or not. If it counted we just needed to beat John but if it didn’t count we needed to be close to Peter as well. John was pushing us at the start but we ended up perfectly timing the pin. At the gun Hugo straight legged hiked and his hiking strap broke going into the water. I helped get him back in the boat but John had pulled even with us. We ended up beating John in the end but Peter finished a ways ahead of us. We got in and found out the earlier race would count, so we won the regatta. Unfortunately a few months later an appeal heard at the District Level threw the race out again and we lost that Bacardi. Ding Schoonmaker: When King Constantine, with Paul Elvstrom as his crew in 1987, was called OCS in one race and the press reported in the Miami Herald that “the King was disqualified for crossing the finishing line too early.” Are you glad that they finally have a trophy for the winning Bacardi Cup crew? Mark Reynolds: Of course, the skipper shouldn’t ever get more recognition than the crew. (FYI, Mark’s crew for the Olympics, Worlds and Bacardi was Coral Reefer Magnus Lilejedahl, founder of Team Paradise) Ding Schoonmaker: YES! Vince Brun: Absolutely! Why is the crew so important in sailing Stars? Mark Reynolds: Whenever there is more than one, it’s a team sport and the Star is as much of a team effort as any other boat. The crew is more reasonable for the boat handling and can also help tactically. It’s a great boat for two singlehanded sailors such as Laser for Finn sailors to team up in and if you look back, a lot of the winning teams (like Ding!) came from singlehanders. Ding Schoonmaker: A good crew is important not only helping to keep the boat flat but having another pair of eyes and plenty of muscle. Vince Brun replies: The crew is very important on every sailboat, but especially important on boats that are more physically challenging. Because of the large sailplan, the relatively fragile mast, and the running backstays, crewing on the Star requires, to be a large person, agile with hands and feet, and good sailing skills. There are only a few people that fits these criteria in our World!

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In its fifth year, BACARDI Miami Sailing Week presented by EFG Bank is building on the success of previous year’s events, again offering six days of remarkable sailing competition. Celebrating its 87th anniversary, the Bacardi Cup has become a world known event valued by many. Heading into 2014, the Bacardi Cup continues to be the only Cuban-born sporting event to survive in the United States. This event now attracts more than 200 sailors each year from some 23 countries and the attention of national & international media. The 87th running of the Bacardi Cup for the Star class will be the marquee event of BACARDI Miami Sailing Week, with racing from Sunday, March 2nd through Saturday, March 8th, 2014. Competition for the Melges 20, Melges 24, J/70, Viper 640 and VX One classes takes place Thursday, March 6th, through Saturday, March 8th, with the Melges 20s also competing for their Winter Series and the Viper 640s also competing for their Pan American Championship. The prestigious Coral Reef Yacht Club in Coconut Grove, Miami will continue to support the Bacardi Cup and BACARDI Miami Sailing Week with Mark Pincus as the Regatta Chairman. The event will also be sustained by Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, US Sailing Center, Shake a Leg, Coconut Grove Sailing Club, City of Miami, Coconut Grove business Development and Miami-Dade County.

The same successful format started in Miami was used to create this exciting new event. With the continued support from BACARDI and EFG Bank along the precious and professional experience of Sail Newport the BACARDI Newport Sailing Week, now in its fourth year attracts sailors from all over the country. Staged from Newport’s public sailing center, seven one design fleets - Star, Melges 20, Melges 24, Viper 640, J/80, J/70 and VX One will gather and compete in three days of fun and exciting racing on the waters of Narragansett Bay. Located at picturesque Fort Adams State Park, Sail Newport offers easy access to the bay, a great facility with a spectacular view of downtown Newport & of the New York Yacht Club.

BMSW Charities ProAM On Sunday March 2nd, we will give people from the local community (Amateurs) the unique opportunity to interact on the water and compete with and against the world’s most accomplished sailors (the Pro’s) during this fun and exciting day. Attendees will be able to choose between sailing on a classic Paralympic class Sonar boat or on a new, fast and thrilling Marstrom 32. We encourage energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate individuals which possess an open heart and mind to come and participate in this once in a lifetime experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to develop and improve your skills and abilities as a sailor while training with the best sailors in the world. Thanks to our community’s generosity, we have been remarkably successful in our first year. We have generated over $6000 which have been donated to charitable organizations such as Shake a Leg Miami, Team Paradise and Sailing Heals. These funds make a huge difference in the lives of less fortunate people in our community.

4 BACARDI Sailing Week 2014

Boats kindly offered by

Magnus Liljedahl & Peter Gustafsson Sonars TeamParadise.org The Sonar is a 7 m (23 ft) one-design keelboat for three to five people. It is bermuda-rigged, with a large mainsail and a 100% jib. The class is recognised by the International Sailing Federation. Marstrom 32 Marstrom.com The M32 is a 32 ft open cat sailed by a crew of three to four. It is designed for both racing and speed crusing possible to beat a 40-foter in speed.




Shake-A-Leg Miami is a not-for-profit organization working with children & adults with physical, developmental, and economic challenges in a marine environment, utilizing Biscayne Bay to teach environmental lessons, therapeutic sailing, swimming, & kayaking, among other watersports activities. Shake-A-Leg’s president and founder, Harry Horgan, knows how liberating sailing can be. When he was 22, he was flung out of a car door; the fall broke his back and injured his spinal cord. In 1986, Horgan launched the summer sports program in Newport, but on a visit to Miami, Dr. Barth Green, a neurosurgeon, convinced him to move the program to Coconut Grove, where he could run it year-round. They partnered with the City of Miami, took over a former US Coast Guard base on Biscayne Bay, and inaugurated Shake-A-Leg Miami in October of 1990, bringing with them the customized 20foot sloop Freedom Independence. Shortly after the program’s start, a woman named Kerry Gruson caught sight of the Freedom Independence. “I happened to be rolling along the dock, and I saw a group of people in chairs having so much fun,” she recounts. “It was love at first sight.” Like Horgan, the connection was personal. When she was 26 and a journalist on assignment for The Boston Globe, Gruson stopped in Hawaii en route to Vietnam to report on the postwar nation. She began speaking with a Green Beret, and that’s all she remembers. “He had a flashback and thought I was the Vietcong,” she says. “When he left, he assumed I was dead.” She had been strangled, which left her partially paralyzed for life and having trouble with projecting her voice—a condition diagnosed as traumatic Parkinsonism. Gruson persevered in journalism, working for The New York Times’ Miami bureau as a news assistant for 27 years. She joined the sailing club and, despite her severe disability, became an instructor. Gruson is now Shake- A-Leg Miami’s chairman of the board. Gruson also competes and has won many races, including last year at the prestigious Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week Regatta in England. Horgan, too, is active in the racing world; he hosts the important Rolex Miami Olympic Class Regatta (now called ISAF Sailing World Cup) for the paralympic classes each January.

Positive attitude, perseverance and resourcefulness ...these are attributes aspiring Team Paradise paralympian and humorous Motivational Speaker Tracy Schmitt. Tracy was born a 4 way amputee: both her legs end above knee yet does very well wearing prosthetic legs. Here is her amazing story; her 40+ years have seen more experiences than most people manage in a lifetime! At 11 years old Tracy joined Independence Afloat a sailing school two week summer camp for children with disabilities. Many told her she didn’t have what it takes to make it, many told her it was unsafe for her to be in a boat. In the face of resistance she kept trying and soon after she acquired a Bronze Level 4 and then went on to Instruct in CL14s, to eventually running the sailing school in Bluenose keel boats. Instructing sailing led her to pursue her Bachelor of Education and work as an elementary school teacher in developing countries like Uganda, Mexico and Jamaica. Out of relationships made sailing, opportunities led to climbing mountains in Nepal without her prosthetic legs teaching, scuba diving in Bon Aire and earning a bronze medal as a Para sport athlete in alpine skiing. Tracy is a dynamic individual whose work experience also includes Teaching in the Corporate Sectors as a Learning and Development Consultant. Her educational background includes earning her Honors Degree in Recreational and Leisure Studies, a B.Ed. with an Integrated Arts specialty, and her Master’s in Business Administration. Tracy competes in world cup regattas across North America and is embarking on a Paralympic Sailing Campaign for the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio, Brazil! Tracy is training between Toronto, Ottawa and Miami Florida. Together with Olympic Gold Medalist, Magnus Liljedahl, Team Paradise’s founder, she is helping people with disabilities achieve their Paralympic dreams in the sport of sailing.

In 2013, Sailing Heals hosted 381 “VIP” guests for healing sails/cruises on the water, courtesy of volunteer Host Captains. VIPs are defined as patients, caregivers and medical staff. “ That number is important because we like to think that we hosted 381 little celebrations. In a unique and personal way we are celebrating every guest that we host. No matter what stage of cancer s/he may be in, or what their experiences may be as a caregiver, our goal is for each guest to celebrate a day away from treatment, away from fears, away from their pain and find comfort--not only in the healing powers of the sea and the beauty of a gorgeous vessel--but also in the kindness of strangers” sais Trisha Gallagher Boisvert- Sailing Heal’s Executive Director. One of those 381 stories celebrated VIP Guest Betty Tang. Betty was diagnosed in January of 2011 with late stage cancer. When she was diagnosed her only child, Brian, was just six. In the last 3 years since her diagnosis, Betty, who has a PhD from China in oncological research studies, has had the fight of her life. Betty wanted to schedule her healing sail with her family and caregivers to coincide with her son’s 9th birthday in early Sept. It was a long way out from when she first signed on for a sail in June but she said the anticipation would help her stay alive through her difficult summer months. Although Betty said she would not be able to be upright for most of the sail due to kidney failure, she still wanted to come and experience the sail. We ended up having a fantastic day and even surprised Brian with a birthday cake! The Host Captains were incredibly moved by her story and her strength. When half way through the sail, Betty—all smiles—said, “Out here in the wind, I do not feel my pain” they decided to get more involved in Sailing Heals and even asked to be nominated for the Board. Betty just celebrated another birthday herself that is truly a miracle none of us who have followed her journey could have predicted. Betty is hopeful that she’ll be able to enjoy a sail with her family again this summer so that she can forget her pain for just a little while and share more happy memories with her family and caregivers.

ShakeALegMiami.org TeamParadise.org SailingHeals.org

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West Marine, the largest specialty retailer of boating supplies and accessories, has more than 330 companyowned stores located in 38 states, Puerto Rico and Canada and two franchised stores located in Turkey. Our call center and Internet channels offer Customers over 60,000 products plus the convenience of exchanging catalog and Internet purchases at our Store locations. Our Port Supply division is one of the largest wholesale distributors of marine equipment serving boat manufacturers, marine services, commercial vessel operators and government agencies.   We are committed to improving and conserving marine habitats so that future generations can enjoy fish and sustainable fishing, reducing the impact on the environment and contributing to communities they operate in.  For more information on West Marine’s products and store locations, or to start shopping, visit our website.

Since 1979 SLAM manufactures, distributes and licenses sailing apparel and accessories for men and women. The main idea behind this revolutionary clothing line is to constantly provide concrete improvements to the sailor’s comfort and performance. The company is renowned for paying extreme attention to product innovation, to the extent that they have made hitech their vocation. SLAM has maintained their original spirit, to constantly explore whatever is new and to continually strive to produce ultra-modern materials. The production of their clothing line is the result of a long experience with the Italian Sailing Federation (FIV) and many professional racing teams. Today there are forty SLAM stores all over the world located in the most prestigious locations. In 2010 SLAM won the 33rd America’s Cup with BMW ORACLE Racing as it served as the Official Supplier ! and technical partner of the challenger.

North Sails is the world’s leading sailmaker with 63 major lofts and 56 service, sales & satellite locations in 29 countries. Since it was founded by Star World Champion and Olympic Medalist Lowell North in 1957 in San Diego, CA, North’s growth and success has been built on a foundation of superior performance, quality, technology and customer service. A proud sponsor of the Bacardi Cup, North Sails prides itself on employing One Design sailors who have the experience and knowledge needed to win local, national and world championship titles. When performance counts, the choice is clear.

STUDIOMILANO is boutique business, project, event management and marketing company that offers a wide spectrum of services with meticulous focus, creativity and passion in every task. With strongholds in the sports and luxury industries, STUDIOMILANO believes in the power of tailored and unique solutions that will result in a competitive advantage for our clients. STUDIOMILANO currently manages the North American Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge for Officine Panerai, a company part of the Richemont Group, the Bacardi Cup regatta and is the promoter of BACARDI Sailing Week Presented by EFG Bank. For more information on our regattas please visit our newly redesigned websites: MiamiSailingWeek.com & NewportSailingWeek.com and follow us on facebook.com/ BacardiSailingWeek.

6 BACARDI Sailing Week 2014


Bacardi U.S.A., Inc. is the United States import and distribution arm of one of the world’s leading spirits and wine producers. The company boasts a portfolio of some of the most recognized and top-selling spirits brands in the United States including BACARDI® rum, the world’s favorite and best-selling premium rum, as well as the world’s most awarded rum; GREY GOOSE® vodka, the world-leader in super-premium vodka; DEWAR’S® Blended Scotch Whisky, the number-one selling blended Scotch whisky in the United States; BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® gin, the top-valued premium gin in the world; CAZADORES® blue agave tequila, the number-one premium tequila in the world; MARTINI® vermouth, the world-leader in vermouth; and other leading and emerging brands. BACARDI.COM

EFG International is a global wealth management group, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. It has a record of dynamic growth, courtesy of providing clients with a level of service they expect and deserve. It operates in 30 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America, and has some 2,300 employees. EFG International has a strong commitment to sailing, and is proud to be a partner of The Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta. In addition, it sponsors: BACARDI Sailing Week, Miami and Newport; The EFG Bank Viper 640 Pan-American Championships; The Star Winter Series, Florida; EFG Bank Mandrake (competing in leading regattas across Asia); EFG Bank Sailing Team (competing in the Melges 24 class, Europe); and EFG Bank Sailing Academy, Monaco Yacht Club. EFG International - practitioners of the craft of private banking. EFGSAILING.com EFGINTERNATIONAL.COM



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The Coconut Grove BID is a Board of the City of Miami dedicated to protecting and enhancing the vitality of Coconut Grove’s commercial core. Established in 2009 by its property owners and merchants, the BID has developed a variety of programs to keep the District clean and secure, fund marketing projects, sponsor special events, beautify the streetscapes, make capital improvements, collect and disseminate economic development research, facilitate access to parking, foster new business relationships, and partner with national, state and local organizations.

CocoWalk is the renowned Tuscanstyle shopping, dining, and lifestyle center located in the heart of Coconut Grove. The first Florida lifestyle center, CocoWalk benefits from a trend-setting design and configuration that produces a unique ambiance central to its success. Its mix of unique boutiques, casual dining, specialty shops, art galleries, movie theaters and live music entertainment results in a chic yet casual environment that draws loyal local residents and curious tourists. The latter has helped keep CocoWalk and Coconut Grove in the top five of the most popular tourist destinations in Greater Miami.

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The Stars are the premier one-design racing keel boat in the world. For 100 years Star sailors have led the way in advancing the sport of competitive sailing, and were honored by sailing in the Olympic Games from 1932-2012. Join us as we lead the sport of sailing into our next century. For more information, visit www.starclass.org

STARS AT THE HELM The Star Class recently elected two former Olympians as class officers. Lars Grael (BRA), double Olympic medalist in the Tornado, is now the International President, while American Mark Reynolds, who has sailed the Star to three Olympic medals and two World Championship titles, is the International Secretary. They both are still competing in the Star Class. As a young Star sailor, Olympian Mark Reynolds says that one of his favorite lyrics was Bob Dylan’s “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” That could have been Reynolds mantra. A sailmaker and life-long resident of San Diego, Reynolds’ sails have won more Olympic medals in the Star class over the last 30 years than any other sailmaker. “In this business, I have to be real open with everybody,” Mark says, “but that seems to work out. I learn from them as well, so it helps my sailing.” He is still sailing at the top… His latest trophy was 3rd in the 2013 Star Worlds and he won the King of Spain and Lipton Cup last year. In 2012 Mark was inducted in National Sailing Hall of Fame. Despite his success, he is always helpful with younger sailors. Lars is an Olympian, 1983 Snipe World Champion and ten time Brazilian and five time South American Tornado champion. In 1998, he suffered a serious accident caused by the negligence of an irresponsible boat driver that amputated one of his legs. Grael then gradually began to take a role to promote the sport in politics. The 8 BACARDI Sailing Week 2014

loss of a limb definitely has not slowed Lars down on land or on the water (finishing 2nd in 2013 Bacardi Cup against fellow Olympians and World Champs). He comes from a very strong sailing family with older brother Olympian and America’s Cup skipper Torben Grael. Lars and his wife Renata sail on their classic 6 Meter Int. Class in Rio de Janeiro. Their son Nicholas Grael was runner up the Snipe Junior Nationals (2013 and 2014) and 6th at the Snipe Junior Worlds (2013). Great sailing genes!

WHAT DO THE COLORED STARS ON THE SAILS MEAN? World Champion Winner of a Continental or Hemispheric Championship District Champion Displayed by the Novice winner of a District Championship


The Star Winter Series Presented by EFG was founded in 2012 as an answer to the Star being removed from the Olympics after the 2012 Olympics. The series includes the Schoonmaker Cup, Commodore’s Cup, Levin Memorial Regatta, Star Midwinters and the Walker Cup. It was an instant success attracting the top names such as Augie Diaz, Lars Grael, and most recently Paul Cayard. With the Star Worlds possibly being held in Miami for 2016, the series promises to follow in the footsteps of the very popular Etchells Jaguar Series. Despite its removal from the games, the boat remains “the” class to make a name for yourself in keel boats. More information can be found at www.starwinter.com.


EFG is an international wealth manager, operating in 30 locations worldwide. According to Keith Gapp, Head of Strategic Marketing and Communication for EFG International, “We were drawn to sailing for many reasons – the fact that it is very international, the many levels at which it operates, and the passions it engenders. Indeed, sailing has an almost universal quality, from sporting to pastime, and it is an active interest shared by a good number of our clients and employees.”

THE STARS’ COMPETITION IS ALWAYS CLOSE The 2013 Bacardi Cup had to be one of the closest in history with only 4 points between the top 3 boats (Mark Mendelblatt and Brian Fatih in first place, Lars Grael and Mario Lagoa in 2nd and 2012 Bacardi Cup champ Xavier Rohart and Serge Pulfer in 3rd) with Diego Negri and Frithjof Kleen only 3 points behind in 4th place. The following is an interview with the three winning skippers: What is it like to be in such close competition? Is it more fun when you are racing against friends? Mark Most Bacardi Cups are very close and usually come down to the last race. Last year was no exception, and we were very pleased to win it. Lars That shows how the Bacardi Cup is so important. Tradition, big fleet; the highest level of international competition on keelboats; famous sailors and great camaraderie among the sailors. Xavier That’s the point of the star boat. It shows the difference between crews not between boats and we are sailing at a very high level. Of course the point is to sail against very good old friends. The Star class includes lots of the best of the world ! Why do you like sailing the Star? Mark It’s a great design still after so many years, and it’s has been a class which has drawn the world’s top sailors for decades. Lars It has history, glamour, style, technology and sailing skills. In the Star class, we find famous sailors from many different international classes. It`s difficult, but great when you can compete against great sailors. Xavier It’s sometimes so easy to drive her and sometimes you lose the groove and it’s hard to get back. It’s the perfect combination of a small keel boat and a lower price easy to sail and yet challenging boat with high performance and feeling. They say that the crew is as important as the skipper on a Star boat. Why is that?

Mark It’s a very physical boat, I was lucky to have Brian Fatih with me. Lars It`s important in many ways. It is much more important to be heavy. A good crew needs to be strong, have endurance and share with the skipper, tactical and trimming decisions. Xavier Because we work together on the trimming, the balance, the maneuvering, “alone” you are no one… “together” you are almost there. Was last year’s Bacardi Cup a serious regatta or a fun regatta or both? Mark The Bacardi Cup is an important regatta. The fun comes after you win it. Lars At the race course, it`s a serious and competitive regatta. At the club and at the regatta venue provided by the sponsors like EFG, it`s fun with great social events. Xavier A nice balance between classic sailing, perfect place and intense sailing


I have been crewing on a Star for 17 years and have had the chance to sail with the best. Because the Star is a technically challenging, subtle and responsive sailboat, the skipper and crew have to work well together. As in any relationship, communication is the most important component of a great skipper-crew situation. If you sail with someone for a while, what begins as a professional relationship naturally becomes a friendship. Racing a Star certainly makes for great competition. All the personal stuff just disappears as you’re trying to do the best you can in the moment. When the competition is tough, it just ups the game and makes it challenging and fun. The 2013 Bacardi Cup was one of the closest ever. It is always a pretty serious regatta to compete in. Despite the tough opposition and the pressure to win, we also had fun last year; we always try to. I finally have my name on the Tito Bacardi Trophy for the best crew in the Bacardi Cup. Drinking the rum from that cup was very sweet.

PRINCIPAL DIMENSIONS LOA Beam Draft Weight Spinnaker Crew

22 ft 7 in 5 ft 7 in 3 ft 3 in 1479 lbs No 2

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THE AUDI MELGES 20 Every year since its inception, BACARDI Miami Sailing Week has served as the final event on the hotly contested Audi Melges 20 Miami Winter Series circuit. 2014 is no different — the teams are highly competitive, feature the brightest stars in the sailing industry, and comprised of the greatest amateur drivers in the world. Thirty-six teams are in attendance, and surely the Audi Melges 20 fleet will steal the show in 2014. Originating from five countries, the vast majority of the field of players call the U.S.A. and Canada home. In addition, the International fleet is thrilled to welcome five entries from Italy and one each from Japan and Denmark.

TOP CONTENDERS Top contenders include past series winner Michael Kiss’ Bacio, Rob Wilber’s Cinghiale, Alexis Michas’ Midnight Blue and James Wilson on Oleander. Miami Winter Regatta Champion Richard Davies returns to the course on Section 16 as well as last November’s World Championship Primer winner Russ Lucas on Shimmer. Davies is also the current Series Leader as well as the defending Miami Winter Series Champion. Bringing to the mix some additional heat is none other that reigning Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series Champion Alessandro Rombelli on STIG, World Champion John Taylor on Ninkasi, Paul Reilly on Red Sky Sailing Team and Bob Hughes on Heartbreaker. Japan’s Naofumi Kamei on Mamma Aiuto! returns to Bacardi for the second year in a row, as does International Class Chairman Manfredi Vianini Tolomei on Maolca, and for the first time ever Claudio Dutto will race his very Italian Asante Sana Sailing Team on beautiful Biscayne Bay. 10 BACARDI Sailing Week 2014

The Corinthian division remains strong with John Brown leading the charge on Blind Squirrel. Canada’s Paul Currie on Wild Deuces is running a close second place overall in the 2014 Miami Winter Series. The class is thrilled to welcome fleet newcomers Andrea Pozzi aboard Bombarda, Drew Freides on Pacific Yankee, Bo Boje Pedersen on UpUpUp and last, but certainly not least is thirteen-year old Liam Kilroy on Wildman.

GO ONLINE… AND SAIL WITH THE AUDI MELGES 20S The Audi Melges 20 is a social media bug. Daily race reports, photos and news will be posted online each day during BACARDI Miami Sailing Week at melges20.com. From the course, live updates as the racing happens will be hosted at the Official Audi Melges 20 Facebook Page : Melges 20.


PRINCIPAL DIMENSIONS LOA Beam Draft Weight Spinnaker Crew

20 ft 7 ft 4 ft 6 in 1146 lbs Yes 3-4



The Melges 24 — the darling that started it all — the true champion of high performance, sportboat racing.

ABOUT THE MELGES 24 Designed by Reichel Pugh, the Melges 24 celebrates a long and storied heritage. With Buddy Melges’ inspiring America’s Cup win, it immediately set the standard in high performance, one design racing. To this very day, it is the benchmark by which all are measured. Forever categorized as the most unique one design sportboat in the world, the reputation of the Melges 24 precedes itself. Best known for its very competitive disposition and easy-to-sail personality, this modern sportboat maintains its status as a leader in highperformance, one design yachting. With more than 900 bo ats sold, it continues a humbling tradition of America’s Cup, Olympic Medallists, Volvo Ocean Race recruitment. Looking to improve on tactics and boat handling skills? The Melges 24 builds better sailors.

MELGES 24 SPEAKS LOTS OF LANGUAGES Hot off the international heels of a very successful, first ever held World Championship in Australia, the Melges 24 U.S.A. schedule begins to ramp up in Miami at BACARDI Sailing Week. Amongst the biggest and baddest contenders is 2014 Quantum Key West Race Week Champion Nicola Ardito on Little Wing. A string of solid bullets led him to win this prestigious title and now, he campaigns forward in Miami. Ardito will have to hold off the likes of International Class Chairman Riccardo Simoneschi’s Audi, Jens Wathne on Party Girl from Norway, Steven Boho on The 300 from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and Richard Reid’s Zingara from Canada. Nate Duer on Evil Duer, Kevin Welch on Mikey, KC Shannon on Shaka will also prove to be forces to reckon with on Biscayne Bay.


KEEP UP WITH THE REGATTA ONLINE The Melges 24 is a social media bug. Daily race reports, photos and news will be posted online each day during Bacardi Miami Sailing Week at usmelges24.com. From the course, live updates as the racing happens will be hosted at the Official U.S. Melges 24 Class Association Facebook Page: Melges 24.


PRINCIPAL DIMENSIONS LOA Beam Draft Weight Spinnaker Crew

24 ft 8 ft 2 in 5 ft 1783 lbs Yes 2-5

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The Viper 640:

MORE FUN PER HOUR! The Viper 640 is a high performance, three-person sport boat. The design mandate was to provide a fast and exciting sport boat that is easy to sail, so that high performance sailing is accessible and affordable to one-design sailors everywhere. The Viper begins planing downwind in a mere 12 knots of wind so the fun starts earlier!


PAN AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP AT BACARDI MIAMI SAILING WEEK EFG International and The Viper Class Association are very proud to announce that the 2013/2014 EFG Bank Pan American Championship will conclude for the first time at BACARDI Miami Sailing Week in March, 2014. Organizers are anticipating the largest Viper fleet in history to descend on Biscayne Bay for the event. In addition to two qualifying events in South America, one qualifying in Europe and another in Australia, the six US qualifying events for 2013/2014 were: April 19-21 Charleston Race Week (Charleston, SC) June 28-30: Long Beach Race Week @ Alamitos Bay YC (Long Beach, CA) July 13-15: BACARDI Newport Sailing Week Viper Atlantic Coast Championship (Newport, RI) August 23-25: Canadian National Championship @ CORK (Kingston, ONT) October 9-12: North American Championship @ Houston YC (LaPorte, TX) February 2014: Valentine’s Cup @ Miami (Miami, FL) 12 BACARDI Sailing Week 2014


21 ft 1 in 8 ft 2 in 4 ft 6 in 749 lbs 2

ABOUT THE VIPER 640 The Viper has a clean, simple and effective layout. Using state-ofthe-art materials and a high-tech resin infused construction, the entire boat weighs only 750 lbs. The hull design is a modern, low freeboard, sport boat shape with an aggressive flair amidships and pronounced rocker that provides high initial stability and distinctive “bow up” sleigh rides downwind. It is designed to plane! The Viper is the fastest production one-design keel boat in its category. It is also remarkably simple to sail and unanimously voted by crews “as the most comfortable sport boat in its category.” It has a light carbon mast which actively responds to different wind strengths with only three base tuning settings. The layout is clean and ergonomic with no unnecessary controls. The three person crew sits together in a “legs in” hiking position, and 32-inch wide curved tanks ensure that hiking is incredibly comfortable. The spinnaker is launched instantaneously and easily with a single halyard/retrieval line system from a throat in the bow. For those “Darn It!” moments that happen to all of us, the bulb keel at 37% of total displacement ensures that the Viper is forgiving and passes the international self-righting standard.

Tyler Moore, three-time Collegiate All-American, Farr 30 World championship, 505 North American champion and Chesapeake Viper sailor sums it up, “The Viper brings fun back to sailboat racing. The fun of planing downwind without hassle, the fun of racing with friends and the fun of a simple boat with close tactical racing. The design sets the standard for modern sport boats.”


VIPER PROFILES: Robert Williams, Homebuilder Viper 168 Apache -Seabrook, TX

I came from displacement boats and on a whim fell in with some Rum Runners like Drake Borer, Jeff Jones, Farley Fontenot and Pat Gibson while they were accepting new Rondar Vipers on the Houston Yacht Club lawn. Seemed like a great idea at the time, however the boat not only cost me cash but my wife ordered new floors for the house upon hearing the madness! (Ed: worth every penny!) I had long harbored the idea of traveling to different venues and the Viper is indeed the perfect boat for overland travel. We approach each regatta with the plan to win but soon the likes of Boston, Carrol and company relegate us to reality. The enjoyment is pure and no matter our finish the excitement and raw speed continues to urge us around the course. At my age the most difficult challenge is acquiring young crew. The Yute’s prefer racing with their own age not 63 year olds but the Viper makes up for it for them! I’m enjoying the travel, fellowship and speed. The enjoyment I get out of it far exceeds the than the investment in the boat. Additionally one design racing at this high level of competition brings out the fire in the furnace and post race parties around the rear of the truck are legendary with the Viper family.“ At age 63, Robert says, “It’s fast. I have a need for speed! It’s easy to sail. The Viper is the most fun you can have on the water with your clothes on.

Cole Constantineau, Mechanical Engineer Viper 39 Patched Up Cole Constantineau (Cambridge, MA) at age 32 is one of the youngest Viper owners racing, on one of the oldest Vipers in the Class. Cole picked up 1986 Viper hull #39 last year in just his fourth year as a sailor and promptly hit the road to BACARDI Miami Sailing Week, Charleston Race Week, the BACARDI Newport Sailing Week, the High Performance Dinghy Open and was a constant in his home club fleet in Marblehead, MA. Cole sails as often and on as many boats as he can, form Rhodes 19’s to Mercury’s to Thunderbirds, and the infamous Cone of Silence. He chose to own a Viper because, First of all, it’s just plain fun to sail! Its the most affordable high performance boat to campaign, a logical step up from club racing. It’s affordable to purchase an older boat, it’s manageable to outfit and maintain, and I can tow it with my little four cylinder car. Plus the class is super helpful, fun and welcoming.” Expect to see Cole racing all over the East Coast in his Viper for years to come, “I have so many friends that are just dying to sail a Viper, I have more enthusiastic crew than I know what to do with. Some of them just need to buy their own Vipers!

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A One-Design

for the Whole Family! Since its introduction in March 2012, the J/70 one-design speedster is already sailing in 25+ countries with over 500+ boats delivered and more than three dozen fleets established worldwide-- quite a remarkable debut for any sailboat in any market. Furthermore, the J/70 achieved the unprecedented feat of being the first sailboat in history to receive four of yachting’s most prestigious awards at the same time- the “European Yacht of the Year”, “Sailing World Boat of the Year”, “SAIL Best Boat” and “Yachts & Yachting Best Performance” awards. And, it’s the only boat in ISAF (International Sailing Federation) history to ever be awarded “International Class” status in less than twenty-four months from its introduction. The first J/70 World Championship will be hosted by New York Yacht Club in Newport, RI in September 2014.

MOMENTUM… In virtually every regatta J/70’s attend, one-design or multi-class, they’ve established class attendance records. It’s been called “the right boat at the right time” by sailing industry veterans worldwide. The first J/24 Midwinters in 1978 had 21 boats, the first J/70 Midwinters in Key West had 39 boats. The next J/70 Midwinters had 62 boats. That’s topped by the first 2013 J/70 North American Championship in Annapolis, MD with 92 boats registered in less than 48 hours! For 2014, momentum for J/70s continues at a dramatically increased pace, with 90+ boats already registered in less than 30 days for the J/70 North Americans in Rochester, NY and nearly 100 boats registered for the world’s largest regional regatta, the 2014 Charleston Race Week in Charleston, SC. The Worlds in Newport are capped at 120 boats.

14 BACARDI Sailing Week 2014

Momentum is growing dramatically in Europe and Asia. The German J/70 Class Association worked with partners to create the J/70 Deustche Segel-Bundesliga, a sailing league format that had 18 top German sailing clubs participate In a season long series of five events for the 2013 summer. The response was overwhelming! For 2014, 55 clubs “applied” to participate resulting in a two regatta elimination format with a three regatta “championship” program. The format has become so successful that both Denmark and the Netherlands are forming similar “sailing leagues” for their sailing clubs. And, a combination of American and Chinese clubs are going down the same path on a regional basis for 2014/ 2015.

“THE” J/SPORTBOAT Was the J/70 something that J/Boats has been working on for years? You bet, in fact decades. The concept was initially hatched in the “sprit/ sport” boat strategy discussions J/Boats held back in the early 1990s. While the J/105 became the first “J/sprit” design to be introduced in 1991 (the world’s first production sprit keelboat design), the little 23 foot trailerable boat was already on the drawing boards. In the meantime, J/Boats has built over 1,600 J/22s, 5,500 J/24s and 1,600 J/80s. It was only a matter of time before a lifting-keel, one-design J/Sportboat would be designed to address the 95% of the market no competitors have addressed to date.

A BOAT FOR EVERYONE… The J/70 seems to be satisfying enormous pent-up demand for a fun, family-friendly, easy-to-sail boat that has no limitations on where or how you want to experience sailing-- that’s a good thing, you can trail and ramp-launch it anywhere! J/70 is really about growing the sport of sailing. Less than 15% of current J/70 owners are previous ‘J’ owners, the rest are coming from all four corners of the compass and, literally, just about every competitive one-design keelboat and dinghy class you can mention.


Today, the J/70 is built in Bristol, RI for the North & South American market; Les Sables d’Olonne, France for the European market; and in China for the Pacific Rim/ Asian market. With 500 boats built to date, it’s already the best-selling “J” out of the box since the J/24. In fact, J/70s doubled J/24s’ attendance for its first Midwinter Championship also held in Key West in 1978 and it’s well on its way to eclipsing every one-design keelboat attendance record in the foreseeable future. It’s not hard to see why, since women skippers and teams are competitive and kids/ teenagers have no difficulty handling the boat in even the most challenging conditions—a unique trait for a sport boat. Plus, everyone feels fast since the boat is so easy to tune! It’s not a “tweaky boat”, unlike others with jumpers on the top-mast, upper & lower shrouds on sliding tracks, hiking straps for straight-leg hiking gorillas and no-backstay rigs that are prone to collapse like pretzels and blow out of the boat. By comparison, J/70 is designed to be a wholesome, fast, fun easy boat to sail by a large cross-section of people.


J/70 a hoot to sail,

especially in the


When the J/70 Class brags about being a boat for everyone, they aren’t just kidding. The J/70 gives the best sailors a chance to step up to the trophy podium without being 6’4”. One of their superstars is Heather Gregg-Earl. She owns Muse with fellow Bostonian Joe Bardenheier. She is an OptiMom with son Hayden who is on the US National Opti Team. In the very first time the J/70s competed in Charleston Race Week,

Muse sailed an excellent regatta under very windy conditions. When they gave the top trophy for the J/70 Corinthian Division (amateur teams), it was Heather Gregg-Earl and Joe Bardenheier who took the honors over sixteen other teams. The other members of their team were Stu Johnstone and Julia Langford. That victory was followed by another at the very first J/70 North Americans. With a turnout of 89 boats, Heather Gregg Earl, at the helm, and Joe Bardenheier will be remembered as the first ever J/70 North American Champions. They won with a total Corinthian team made up of Jumbos (Tufts University grads). Heather and Joe, sailing with Stuart Saffer and Bill Lynn, earned a ninth in the final race to secure victory with 95 points in the seven-race series. Heather won the N.A.’s, Corinthians & Top Women Skipper Trophies! Heather loves to talk about J/70s and says “I haven’t had as much fun sailing since college sailing!! The J/70 is a blast!! It truly is one-design, it’s manageable in terms of crew (only three other people needed to sail), it’s great value for the money, and the fleet after one year has such depth in talent.” Heather’s advice to fellow amateurs is: “Practice, practice, practice - together as a team! Make sure having fun is one of your goals- we all tend to do better when we do!”

PRINCIPAL DIMENSIONS 22 ft 9 in LOA 7 ft 5 in Beam 4 ft 9 in Draft 1750 lbs Weight Yes Spinnaker 3-4 Crew 2.5hp Outboard Engine MiamiSailingWeek.com | NewportSailingWeek.com



16 BACARDI Sailing Week 2014


With many of today’s popular racing boats using asymmetric spinnakers, it’s important to take a good look at the tactics and strategy of the asymmetric downwind game. The key to down-wind VMG sailing is to have clear air, sail the proper angle, and capture the best pressure to sail down the course. A shifty day like a Miami northerly wind will allow more creativity and gybes while a steady Newport sea breeze will require more patience sailing to the edges of the course for pressure. The most important call for the downwind leg occurs before the boat reaches the windward mark. The tactician must evaluate wind advantages, course bias, position in the race, and den-sity of the fleet to make the proper judgment on whether to straight set or gybe set. If a team cannot recognize at least two gybe set

BE A CHEERLEADER By Craig Leweck, Scuttlebutt Sailing News

There are many great places to sail in the United States, but this time of year there is only one.... Miami! Your participation at BACARDI Miami Sailing Week not only tells me you’re smart, but you’re also a leader in the sport. You are active, and willing to travel for the best action. Near as I can tell, 90% of you traveled from out of the state, with nearly a third coming from out of the country. You might now be shaking off cobwebs, and lathering on sunscreen, but when this week is over you’ll be fully ready for what 2014 brings. With the meat of the sailing season ahead, I encourage you to think about how you can help the sport. Your shear participation is helping, but look around to see how you can help other people have fun too.What’s great about one design is how easy it is to help others. The boats are the same and the sailing skills are the same.

indicators out of the four, the proper move is a straight set. The four signals for a gybe set are: more wind right or right shift, skewed course, mid-fleet or deeper in the fleet, and a low fleet density at the windward mark. Below is an abridged ver-sion of a decision matrix. After rounding the windward mark, execute a straight spinnaker set or gybe set that will guarantee clear air to an edge of the course. Patience is a virtue in the first fifty percent of the run because a high density fleet creates a cone of death under the windward mark that claims many and rewards few. Because the sweet spot for a gybe towards the leeward marks is typi-cally around eighty percent (see chart), the area between sixty and ninety percent is a danger zone. Only the lead boats will have the freedom to execute the ideal eighty percent lane. Gybe set boats must sail at least seventy percent on port to benefit from the increased distance be-tween them and the peloton.

the cor-ner and come back with a fast, clean angle—advantageous in steadier breezes.

Navigating the boat traffic and dirty air in the bottom third of the run is the crucial piece to a successful leg. Taking sterns and leveraging the edges will help ensure a fast angle to the marks and buoy room at the gate marks. Dramatic losses will ensue from extra gybes at the bottom traffic cone.

The trailing boats in the peloton are like a pack of hungry wolves looking to attack the vulnerable boats ahead that will predictably gybe in the danger zone. The boats behind have the ad-vantage of gybing on the boats ahead and covering their wind for the long port leg to the lee-ward gate marks. The optimal gybe area for boats battling in the top half of the fleet is to pre-empt the wolves with an early gybe at sixty percent down the leg—a shiftier breeze will also benefit coming back to the middle early. Otherwise, the leaders should send it deep in

Zach Brown is training for the 2016 Olympics with teammate Fred Strammer in the 49er for the United States. They are currently the #1 US team and have sights set on a medal in Rio de Ja-neiro. To follow Zach and Fred’s road to Rio, check out their website a OURROADTORIO. com.

We wear the same gear, ache the same muscles, and overcome the same obstacles. Some have done it for years; others are just figuring it out. There is also a social element. For the class stalwarts, many of their best friends are their sailing opponents. But others are new, and looking to make that connection too.

there’s more to gain than just exposing your class. The sport for young people is largely age-based, so they miss out on mentoring moments. What they will learn from you, and what you will learn from them, may surprise you.

With so many of you traveling, I’m guessing most of you are sailing with people you know well. Your inner circle. However, not every event this year will be a significant commitment, and it is those events that present a real opportunity. Maybe it’s an event where the stud teams and the green teams switch personnel to help the newbies along. Or maybe it’s an event where the the local juniors get a taste of crewing in your class. The sooner young sailors of today get connected with something other than their youth boats, the better the chance they will keep sailing beyond their youth years.

By and large, this is our recreation, and the more we enjoy it, the more enthusiastic we are about it. We will participate more, and we will encourage others to do the same. We all have the opportunity to be a cheerleader, and the health of each one design class is connected to the size of its cheerleader squad.

I assume you are of Bacardi drinking age, so when teaming up with the younger generation,

Warning... message coming.

One last message... As good as the sailing conditions will be this week on Biscayne Bay, the races are only to keep you busy until the regatta parties at night. Only one team will win the regatta, but everyone can win the party. Enjoy!

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The 2011 Boat of the year …VX One This evolutionary design from the pen of Viper 640 designer Brian Bennett sets out to rewrite the book on affordable, high performance hybrid one-design race boats and offers an exciting technical crossover for smallboat sailors from all classes and sailing backgrounds.

THE BOAT The VX One is painstakingly modeled and engineered to the highest production standards, and now produced for growing demand by world renown builders, Ovington Boats (UK) and MacKay Boats (NZ), the VX One delivers a new dynamic for performance oriented sailors. With features like self tacking and furling jib, a kite launcher designed for efficiency, and a wide open, uncluttered cockpit, the VX One is super slick to sail, with tight mark roundings, quick and easy hoists and douses, and high speed downwind action with complete control. This is a boat designed for optimum tactical one-design racing efficiency. A durable one-design with a long race life, built with the best epoxy laminates and processes to give the owner undeniable value, and rigged with top end equipment from Harken and Southern Spars. For the first time, high quality program management and logistics is affordable with 6 boats easily fitting in 40’ containers with launching trolleys. Bennett’s company, BYT, also offers complete transport and regatta services through their 48’ self-contained regatta support trailer, complete with coaching and daily race debriefs, spares and services if needed. This model offers unbeatable value in terms of regatta transport cost and team support. More information available at vxone.org. 18 BACARDI Sailing Week 2014

THE BOAT OWNERS Our ownership has a distinctly fun and Corinthian makeup, with families, established teams, juniors, and gals and guys of all ages enjoying one of the most exhilarating boats available today. The VX One Class is growing worldwide with fleets in the Gulf Coast, Seattle, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Michigan, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Atlanta, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Great Britain and Germany to name a few.

THE BUZZ Class President David Reich comments: The VX One is providing a platform that is quite unique in a world flooded with 20ft sport-boats. Bennett Yachting has really hit a home run with the VX One. These boats are easy to sail by men and women of all ages, abilities, and crew weights. From the beginning, we set out to form a strong class association that has been supported by the builder and a dedicated group of owners and is backed by a professional class management team. The VX One International Class Association is built upon proven methods that have worked with other successful one-design classes. These include a Class Constitution and Class Rules that truly represent what the owners and crew want – level sailing in a fun-filled and affordable environment – both on and off the water. The VX One is truly one-design sailing evolved. Peter Conde – Etchells, Star, and Laser Champion - Director of High performance sailing for Yachting Australia: It was a pleasure to sail the VX One for the first time. I enjoyed the experience enormously - the fun of sailing it downwind like a dinghy


in 25 knots, the tactical sailing, the responsiveness of the boat both upwind and downwind, and the great group of people in this class. Marty Kuhlman – Quantum Sails: It’s back to what makes sailing fun. You get a sportboat that’s cool, exciting, and easy to sail. The Norris family: Richard Being easy, and being high performance – makes it a great class. Anthony The VX One is simple, fast, and suits sailors of all skill levels. The best one-design I have ever sailed by far, and I hope others will continue to discover this incredible boat” Beth and Andy Walford – Drs. St Petersburg, Fl. Finally, an exciting boat for family racing. Andrew Brennan , Crew The VX One is as much a family as it is a great one-design class. Lauren (Lozzy) Kasparek Crew AUS 127 I have sailed on dinghies, trailerables and skiffs, which are all fun. However nothing comes close to the VX One. It combines all the best elements of these different boats. It is fast, dry, simple to rig and easy to move around in. The way it has been designed, I feel safe and confident sailing it in windy conditions. In a wipeout, all you have to do is let go of the sheets, blow the vang and wait for the VX One to right itself. Then you are back on track - no worries! I love sailing the VX One!

The VX One Class Association is professionally run with class rules and bylaws, aligned for ISAF application in 2014. A growing list of regattas throughout the year including a 4-leg Florida winter circuit, and NAs in Newport, RI provide plenty of fun activity and opportunities to join the fun and fast growing group of owners.

PRINCIPAL DIMENSIONS LOA Beam Draft Weight Spinnaker Crew

19 ft 7 ft 2 in 4 ft 4 in 573 lbs Yes 2-3


see usFLY...

See the VX One at BACARDI Miami Sailing Week… A great group of sailors enjoying down to earth high speed tactical racing in arguably the best venue in North America.

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20 BACARDI Sailing Week 2014


When the City meets the Sea MIAMI

is well known as one of the world’s most popular vacation spots and also for the sporting infrastructures it offers. Though destinations often are said to offer something for everyone, Miami truly offers multiple enticements: the trendy nightlife, the bustle of Calle Ocho, the highly caffeinated energy of Little Havana and the eye candy of the Design district along with the amazing all year round summer weather and it’s warm water beaches. Miami has been flourishing as one of the most important art centers with prime highlight to the famed Art-Basel Show in which presents artwork from across the globe; with over 250 of the world’s leading galleries in attendance showing work from masters of modern and contemporary art, as well as pieces by newly emerging stars. Art-Basel draws over 75,000 visitors each year between artists, collectors, gallerists, curators and art enthusiasts creating the excitement that makes the week long event a remarkable way to encounter art. Art Miami, which will celebrate it’s 25th anniversary in 2014, is the leading international contemporary and modern art fair. It takes place each December during Art Week at the Midtown Miami complex located in the renowned Wynwood Arts District. This art event is considered to be one of the most important annual contemporary events in the United States. Early this year, the Pérez Art Museum, a brand new art spot inaugurated in the heart of Miami,

located on Biscayne Boulevard just after the Miami Arena. The Pérez Art Museum Miami was originally founded as the Center for Fine Arts, and was strictly an exhibiting organization with no collection of its own. In 1996, as part of an institution-wide reorganization, the museum was renamed Miami Art Museum and dedicated itself to collecting and exhibiting international art of the 20th and 21st centuries with a special emphasis on art of the Americas. Miami has been the home for many famed artists such as Romero Britto and Stephen Gamson. Romero Britto creates a completely new expression that reflects his optimistic faith in the world around him and today is represented in galleries and museums across five continents. Stephen Gamson, who exhibited at BACARDI Miami Sailing Week in 2012, is an American Artist from the communication age with a unique style easily recognizable for it’s bold colors and mass appeal iconic symbols. All throughout town, the city has been embellished with amazing true art expressions that deliver fresh and vibrancy that speaks the amazing creativity of brilliant upcoming, free spirited and sometimes under estimated street artists. If one has a chance to walk Wynwood Art District it is easy to drown into a colorful and broad world of imagination with precise detailing . Stop by Wynwood Walls, conceived by the renowned community re vitalizer, the late Tony Goldman in 2009. He was looking for something big to transform

the warehouse district of Wynwood, and he arrived at a simple idea: “Wynwood’s large stock of warehouse buildings, all with no windows, would be my giant canvases to bring to them the greatest street art ever seen in one place.” The Wynwood Walls has brought the world’s greatest artists working in the graffiti and street art genre to Miami. The world-class murals and spirit of the project continues to attract thousands of people to the Wynwood Walls each year. Among other things, it is an inspiring model for the revitalization of run-down, abandoned historic communities and a must-see destination for the city. For this reason we’ve been working with Cushy Gigs, a Wynwood based Creative Team, to engage ten different local street artists along with BACARDI Miami Sailing Week Presented by EFG Bank, to create 10 custom-tailored white canvasses shaped as jibs and stimulate us with their nautical oriented creativity showcasing sailing through their imagination. The sails will be displayed at the iconic premier openair shopping, dining, and entertainment destination in Coconut Grove, thanks to the support of Coco Walk and the Coconut Grove BID. We will also have two live performances that will take place on Sunday March 2nd and 8th from 4:00PM to 8:00PM at the same location. We can’t wait to see the results and how our partnering artists will express their views of what we love most, the sea, the wind and sails. We hope to see you at the Wynwood Sails Color the Grove Art Exhibit!

MiamiSailingWeek.com | NewportSailingWeek.com



SLAM Man’s Summer Vest


ZATARA | L27.2404 | 48mm

SLAM Woman’s Summer Jacket

SLAM Force 4 Spray Top Designed using nautical elements, the LAPIZTA Zatara navigates thrill-seeking, offshore lifestyles. The solid stainless steel case, chronograph functions and unidirectional rotating bezel give maritime thrill seekers exact time-keeping capabilities. Comfortably tell time even under the roughest conditions with colored, luminous hands and indexes that contrast against the matte black dial. Featuring 100m of water resistance and sturdy screw down crown and case Zatara 48mm Watch LAPIZTA back the Zatara is ready to take on any adventure.

SIMRAD NSS9 Evo2 Series


FLY SUP Angler Dry Backpack SLAM

43mm 48mm











Newport Bracelets

GARMIN Virb Elite Action

Camera with Wi-Fi & GPS SLAM Skiff Helmet

22 BACARDI Sailing Week 2014

SLAM Woman’s Vellan S/S Polo SLAM Force 2 Shorts

SLAM Force 4 Long Johns

HOBIE Dogpatch Polarized Lens

Go Pro Hero 3+

Luminor 1950 Regatta 3 Days Chrono Flyback Automatic Titanio 47mm / PAM00526

SLAM Force 4 Jacket GARMIN Quatix Watch




11.5 Sit-On-Top Angler Kayak



Optics’ Stedi-Eye 14x40 mm Monolite Monocular S/S Spear Tech T SLAM

L/S Scock SLAM

MiamiSailingWeek.com | NewportSailingWeek.com 23

24  BACARDI Sailing Week 24 BACARDI Sailing Week 20142013


We live in an era where what used to be great is now excellent, convenient and of easy access. Competition is at its highest and there is no lack of choices for consumers even in the tough tourism industry. Cities are in fact no strangers to these business concepts and they must adapt and adopt the best strategies in order to be at the top of their game. Sparkling beaches, warm winter temperatures and a wide array of entertainment options make Miami one of the world’s booming tourist centers. Tourism is Miami’s largest industry; the area boasts almost 350 hotels with more than 42,000 rooms, making it one of the top hotel markets in the United States. More than 12 million people visit Miami annually, 48 percent of which come from international destinations and spend in excess of $17 billion. With more than 50 percent of residents foreign-born, this culturally diverse area is also the starting point for many Caribbean cruises. High seas cruising might be the most popular access to the water, but the City is also known for its pristine weather conditions favorable for excellent sailing. This is why thousands of sailors come

from allover the world in order to take advantage of these circumstances. The Miami Coconut Grove area knows this and with the Regatta Park project that is under development wants to make a transition from being a sailing destination to a sailing town. The City’s vision for the Coconut Grove Waterfront is a humanscaled coastal recreational park with public open spaces, strong pedestrian connectivity, inviting waterfront promenades, diverse open spaces, and a 35-acre Regatta Park, which will also host a new facility for both the United States Olympic Sailing Center and the Coconut Grove Sailing Club. The area will be equipped with hoists, floating docks and other essential services that will make sailing in Miami a pleasure on and off the water. The Waterfront and the Regatta Park will therefore be outfitted to accommodate a wide array of activities including large-scale regattas such as the Bacardi Cup and BACARDI Miami Sailing Week. Although details may change, we sincerely hope to be able to inaugurate the new space in 2015. Let’s cross our fingers!

MiamiSailingWeek.com | NewportSailingWeek.com 25




STUDIOMILANO: Miami Sailing Week Event Chair: Miami Sailing Week Regatta Chair: Star Class Representative: Melges 20 Class Representative: Melges 24 Class Representative: Viper Class Representative:

J/70 Class Representative: VX-One Class Representative:

HQ– Hospitality Village Gabriele Pedone Mark Pincus Barbara Beigel-Vosbury Andy Burdick Christopher Farkas Jonathan Nye Kendra Muenter Christopher Howell


Circle #1 Star course: Sharon Bourke Circle #2 Viper 640, J/70 and VX-One course: Judy Hanlon Circle #3 Melges 20 and Melges 24: Bruce Golison


Elliot Levy: Hernan Salcedo:


Chief Judge Judge

Leo Reis: CAN IJ Judge Herriet Ottenheimer: USA NJ Judge

Dorian Goldberg:

PUR NJ Jury Secretary


There are three main goals for BACARDI Miami Sailing Week: Provide a great sailing experience with lots of fun and unforgettable memories. All of this can be achieved if everyone is conscious of the dangers of our sport. Safety on and off the water is paramount to us and we ask that everyone follow the rules and regulations. It is always a good idea to take the time to review your emergency procedures before leaving the dock and should you have any question or concerns please do not hesitate to ask us.


Biscayne Bay waters and the Coconut Grove area are part of a large South Florida ecosystem. We kindly ask all the participants of the BACARDI Miami Sailing Week event to take particular care in keeping the property and the surrounding area in order.


We would like to take a moment to give special thanks and recognition to all the people that have helped us create this extraordinary event. Without the work of so many unseen but fundamental players we couldn’t have achieved such incredible results. Among these numerous individual we would like to acknowledge our sponsors, our Regatta Chair, The Principal Race Officers, the Race Committees, the Jury, the Scoring team, the Shore side Staff, the Volunteers, the US Coast Guard and all the supporting organizations.






Founded in 1955, the Coral Reef Yacht Club is said to be one of the most prestigious yacht clubs in South Florida and the nation. Located in the Coconut Grove section of Miami on the western shore of Biscayne Bay adjacent to Dinner Key, it is considered to be “home” for many sailors that either live or sail in Miami. As it has happened for the past 50 years, the 87th edition of the Bacardi Cup will be hosted by the CRYC; the club will map out the Star course and logistically support the Viper 640, J/70 & VX-One classes. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Commodore Larry Reeder and to the Club members and volunteers. A special thank you to Mark Pincus, whose valuable help made this event possible. Founded in 1955 by an enthusiastic group of sailors in Coconut Grove, CRYC has turned over the years into a pillar for the sailing community in South Florida and in the United States.


CGSC.ORG 2990 SOUTH BAYSHORE DRIVE MIAMI FL 33133 (305) 444-4571

Founded in 1946, the Coconut Grove Sailing Club is very community minded. They recently have joined forces with the Miami Dade Public School System and their Marine Science Academy and are constantly collaborating with non-profit organizations. The CGSC continues to be a leader in the sailing community and continues to stand by its mission by offering adult and children sailing classes, racing, education programs and community service sailing programs. For this edition of the BACARDI Miami Sailing Week, the club will host the Audi Melges 20 and the Melges 24 Classes. CGSC will also be providing the RC for these two classes during the event. We would like to take the chance to show our appreciation to Commodore Sean Connet and team for their invaluable help in the organization of the event.



Shake-A-Leg Miami is a non-profit organization which helps children and adults with physical, developmental and economic challenges. S-A-L Miami is South Florida’s “Gateway to Biscayne Bay.” Their continued partnership with the City of Miami, plus over 100 community organizations, both public and private, is the ultimate confirmation of the power of unity and collaboration. We want to say thanks to Harry Horgan, Chief Executive Officer, which with his team and with CGSC will help to coordinate logistics for the Melges 20 and the Melges 24 classes.



The U.S. Sailing Center (USSC) is an independent local non-profit organization founded in 1987 whose primary mission is to promote sailing in the Miami area. The center has been an official U.S. Olympic Training Site since 1998. The Schoonmaker Center and the Herman F. Whiton Pavilion are well equipped to host world-class regattas. A special thank you to the USSC for providing support and assisting with the organization of the BACARDI Miami Sailing Week 2013.

SPECIAL THANKS to the City of Miami, the numerous City Departments involved and the Sail the Grove Program for their invaluable aid in securing the locations and services necessary to make BACARDI Miami Sailing Week a reality. We cannot speak highly enough of the City and County initiative and willingness to promote the sport of sailing in Coconut Grove and allover Miami-Dade.

MiamiSailingWeek.com | NewportSailingWeek.com 27

Sail fast, sail fair.

assistance during the event, look for the North Sails class experts. 28 BACARDI For Sailing Week 2014


MiamiSailingWeek.com | NewportSailingWeek.com MiamiSailingWeek.com - NewportSailingWeek.com  29 29

West Marine is Proud to Support

Bacardi Miami Sailing Week

Good luck to all participants!

Visit one of our area stores or go to westmarine.com to find a location near you. SW 22nd St.

SW 2nd Ave

SW 23rd St.

SE 22nd St.



SE 25th St

S Federal Hwy

N. Miami

12195 Biscayne Blvd. (305) 895-1870

S Andrews Ave


8687 Coral Wy. (305) 263-7465

Florida East Ccast RR

SW 2nd Ave


SE 4th Ave

SW 24th St.


3635 S. Dixie Hwy. 30 BACARDI Week 2014 (305)Sailing 444-5520

SE 23rd St.

Fort Lauderdale 2401 S. Andrews Ave. (954) 400-5323

TREND EAT WYNWOOD KITCHEN & BAR wynwoodkitchenandbar.com

2550 NW 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33127 (305) 722-8959 This cool and visually striking restaurant and bar offers a perfect blend of innovative Latin-influenced cuisine and beautiful art. Cultural adventurers and seasoned foodies will love this delicious experience.


info@porcaogrill.com 901 South Miami Ave Suite 101 (855) 767-2261 Porcao Farm to Grill located in the heart of Mary Brickell Village is a modern American Seasonal Steakhouse driven by seasonal cuisine, local farmers, fishermen, and ranchers.. It encompasses two levels of indoor and outdoor seating options. PORCAO is fun unpretentious, and has a female friendly menu. Dance and drink the night away or just socialize with your girlfriends to 80’s music playing in the background. Beautiful Décor, lighting, and contemporary finishes is a perfect backdrop to any dining experience.





woodtavernmiami.com 2531 NW 2nd Ave Miami, Florida 33127 The idea behind Wood Tavern is simple: a place where everyone wants to be, because anyone is welcome. Where you can meet up with friends, grab a craft brew or a cocktail, and wait to see which character you bump into this time. And there’s always good music, so catch a picnic table with your friends on the patio. People don’t just go there to drink but to get comfortable.


WYNWOOD 729 SW 1st Ave Miami, FL 33130 (305) 671-3307

Blackbird Ordinary is an indoor/outdoor sophisticated, yet homely bar. They specialize in hand crafted cocktails using local & fresh ingredients, as well as a diverse beer selection. Being big fans of rum, the selection of liquors are extensive. Voted by Complex Magazine as one of the top 50 concert venues in America.



3451 NE 1ST Ave SUITE 104 MIAMI, FL 33137 (305) 424-9588 Salumeria 104 is based on the Italian concept of a trattoria and small neighborhood shop where one can find Italian specialty cured meats and other delicacies, also known as a salumi shop. The restaurant combines Northern Italy’s rustic charm and Midtown Miami’s vibrancy while serving impeccably authentic Italian food.

The Design District isn’t just home to funky galleries and unusual art; it is also a high end shopping mecca and great restaurants. The Design District is roughly divided by NE 36th Street to the south, NE 43rd Street to the north, NW 1st Avenue to the west and Biscayne Boulevard (US 1) to the east.




The Miami Design District is a neighborhood north of Midtown in Miami, Florida. The Design District is home to over 130 art galleries, showrooms, creative services, stores, antiques dealers, eateries and bars. Every second Saturday of each month a community wide Art & Design Night is held from 7-10 p.m.

565 NW 24th St Miami, FL 33127 (305) 982-8732 Wynwood Brewing Company is Miami’s first craft production brewery in the heart of Wynwood Art District, featuring a tap room. They are a family owned and operated with the simple objective of bringing fresh, delicious, and creative beers to thirsty South Floridians and tourists alike. They operate a 15-barrel brew house and distribute their blond ale, IPA, Porter, barrel aged Strong Ales and seasonal offerings.

Wynwood is a trendy arts hub. The Wynwood Arts District contains over 70 galleries, museums and collections. It is the center of “cool” in Miami right now, drawing in thousands during Art Basel for its pop up parties and galleries and inspiring unusual collaborations between musicians, artists, graphic designers, commercial brands and all kinds of creative types. The streets of Wynwood are bustling; the once quiet neighborhood surrounded by warehouses is now in the midst of a gentrified renaissance. Enjoy clever plates of food al fresco in a café or scope out the Wynwood Walls, a giant set of outdoor murals decorated by some of street art’s most famous names. Some have called the entire Wynwood area an outdoor street art museum, unrivaled by any other in its mix of highbrow artists joining in on the up-and-coming scene and street artists who claimed a wall as their own. Gallery nights are held monthly, and the area is bustling during many of the annual art fairs held in Miami.

PEREZ ART MUSEUM (PAMM) Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), formerly Miami Art Museum, is Miami-Dade County’s flagship museum presenting international art of the 20th and 21st centuries. The Museum’s new state-of-the-art facility is now open to the public in Downtown Miami’s Museum Park alongside Biscayne Bay. The new campus features a variety of gallery spaces, an education complex, an auditorium, a waterfront restaurant, and more.

MiamiSailingWeek.com | NewportSailingWeek.com


Did you know…

Night Cap

Traditional Royal Navy Toasts In the early days, up until about 1900, the naval officers received a daily rum ration. In the Ward Room of the Officers Quarts, the daily dinner ritual was to toast the reigning monarch, which was then followed by the toast of the day.

BACARDI | Drinks

Monday / Our ships at sea Tuesday / Our Men Wednesday / Ourselves

MIAMI HANGOUT SPOTS The Mojito Believe it or not, 16th century hipsters drank cocktails too. It may not have looked like a cocktail, but the forerunner to the Mojito was invented way back in 1586. Called ‘The Draque’, it was named after an English Privateer known as Drake, and made with rough-as-old-boots Aguardiente, the only rum they could get their hands on at the time. Fortunately, by the late 1800s, thanks to Don Facundo Bacardi Masso, the founder of BACARDI®, rum had found its mojo. ‘The Draque’ turned into the far more enchanting Mojito, which means “little spell” in Creole.


2 parts Bacardi Superior 12 fresh mint leaves 3/5 part bar sugar or simple syrup (Equal parts sugar and water) 1/2 lime cut into wedges Club soda 1 spring fresh mint for garnish In a highball glass, muddle 12 mint leaves and lime wedges. Add simple syrup or sugar and top with ice. Add Bacardi Superior and top with club soda. Stir gently to combine and serve with a spring of mint for garnish and a straw.

32 BACARDI Sailing Week 2014

Thursday / A bloody war and a quick promotion Friday / A willing soul and sea room Saturday / Sweethearts & wives, may they never meet Sunday / Absent friends and those at sea


3540 Main Highway Coconut Grove


3540 Main Hwy Coconut Grove


3419-3421 Main Hwy Coconut Grove


3064 Grand Ave Coconut Grove


3131 Commodore Plaza Coconut Grove

GREENSTREET 3468 Main Hwy Coconut Grove

BACARDI 8 and Coke® In 1900, a group of American soldiers gathered at the American Bar on Neptuno Street in Havana combine Bacardi Carta de Oro with an exotic new beverage called Coca Cola®. The ultimate Cuba Libre, or Eight and Coke as it’s known among the Bacardi Cup sailors, is a more modern variation of the popular drink.


2 parts Bacardi 8 4 parts Coca Cola® 1 lime wedge Fill a highball glass with ice. Add Bacardi 8, followed by Coca Cola® and garnish with a wedge of lime and a straw.

Proud sponsors of BACARDI Sailing Week, Miami and Newport Also proud to sponsor: EFG Sailing Team in Melges 24, Europe EFG Sailing Academy, Monaco Yacht Club EFG Mandrake in Division A regattas, Asia EFG Sailing Arabia – The Tour The EFG Viper 640 Pan-American Championships The Star Winter Series, Florida Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta Panerai British Classic Week 2013 www.efgsailing.com


Photo: Pierrick Contin

Practitioners of the craft of wealth management

EFG is the marketing name for EFG International and its subsidiaries. EFG International’s global private banking network includes offices in Zurich, Geneva, London, MiamiSailingWeek.com - NewportSailingWeek.com  33 Channel Islands, Luxembourg, Monaco, Madrid, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Taipei, Miami, Nassau, MiamiSailingWeek.com Bogotá and Montevideo. www.efginternational.com | NewportSailingWeek.com






LIVE PASSIONATELY. DRINK RESPONSIBLY. 34 BACARDI ©2014. Sailing Week 2014 BACARDÍ, BACARDÍ UNTAMEABLE and the BAT Device are trademarks of Bacardi & Company Limited. Bacardi U.S.A., Inc., Coral Gables, FL. Rum - 40% Alc. by Vol. BACARDI.CoM


BACARDI Miami Sailing Week 2014  

Official program of the BACARDI Miami Sailing Week International Regatta.

BACARDI Miami Sailing Week 2014  

Official program of the BACARDI Miami Sailing Week International Regatta.

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