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26 BACARDI Miami Sailing Week 2010

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Class overview

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By Craig Leweck, Scuttlebutt editor


America’s Cup photography exhibit


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Special Thanks to: Eddie Cutillas and Bacardi U.S.A., Keith Gapp and EFG International, Marc D. Sarnoff and Staff, City of Miami, City of Newport, Regatta Chair Mark Pincus, Bill Allen and the Star Class, Justin Scott and the Viper 640 Class, Andy Burdick, Joy Dunigan and the Melges Classes, Jeff Johnstone and the J/70 Class, Sail Newport.


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The Bacardi Cup has a long and rich history. It is also a very unique regatta with its own character and flavor keeping true to core values such as sportsmanship. Founded in Havana, Cuba in 1927, it has survived World War II until political instability forced Bacardi to leave Cuba in 1957. Miami native and former World Champion “Ding” Schoonmaker facilitated the transition in order to keep this tradition to live on. This year will be the 86th year since sail #202 crossed the finish line in Havana Bay in 1927. Skipper Adrian Iselin II and Ed Willis were the winners and we desire to commemorate this anniversary with quick snapshots from the sailors who made this event one of the top regattas in the world:


Ding Schoonmaker – 7 time BACARDI Cup Champion “Close my eyes and think of the Bacardi Cup?... it would be racing in Havana in the 50’s. The Havana Yacht Club was magnificent. I had never seen a club like it anywhere. Competitors could stay in the club. When we unpacked our Stars, the boatmen would clean them. The same crew would launch the boats each morning, put them on moorings in the harbor and haul them out after racing each day. They would wash our sails, hang them up to dry and put them back in the boats. If repairs were needed after racing, they would work all night if necessary. The course was very close to the yacht club. Normal wind direction was from the East and when it blew, the waves were big and we got great rides downwind. The presentation was at the BACARDI Building in downtown Havana. The Daiquiris at the bar were delicious and after the reception, we would go to Floridita for dinner.”


Thanks to Ding Schoonmaker, Frank Zagarino and Tito Bacardi, the Bacardi Cup came to Miami’s Biscayne Bay in 1962. The Bay is considered to be one of the best sailing venues in the world. Who would have dreamed that Star sailors would still be racing for the Bacardi Cup today and that this year would be the 51st year that the racing would still be taking place here in Miami. The regatta is known all over the world as a fun event. It attracts Olympians, World champions and amateur sailors alike. The wind is pretty consistent, the tides are weak and the chop makes it entertaining. The location is easy to get to, located between Coconut Grove and Key Biscayne and within close proximity to downtown Miami and South Beach. How is the Bacardi Cup different from other major Star regattas? The Bacardi Cup is now a little more flexible with no weight rule for skipper and crew. No measuring of boats and sails as at the Worlds. The races start later in the day allowing for more partying at night. Everyone still takes the racing seriously but there are no protests as “everyone is family”. This is a “fun” regatta with minimal drama. The World champions and Olympians frequently offer friendly assis-

2 BACARDI Sailing Week 2013

Bacardi CUP 86 | 51 | 4

tance to the newbies and everyone shows up at the bar later no matter their results. Magnus Liljedahl Five time Bacardi Cup winner as crew “Over the years the trophy ceremony has changed. I remember the famous BACARDI party at the top of the BACARDI Building, just north of downtown, which brought uniqueness to the regatta. What makes the Bacardi Cup so special are the people in it, the sailors, the Race Committees, the press boat and the helicopter taking pictures from above. Then I recall the social agenda surrounding the event. Mark Reynolds - Seven time BACARDI Cup winner and Olympian “The Bacardi Cup, where tradition, history and competition come together like no other regatta in the world”.


In 2010, STUDIOMILANO launched the inaugural BACARDI Miami Sailing Week Presented by EFG Bank, a new multi-class sailing regatta format built around the Bacardi Cup. Four other sailing classes join the Stars in Miami. Those classes are Viper 640, Melges 20, Melges 24, and new for 2013, the J/70. With this combination of sailboats and sailors competing in three circles on Biscayne Bay and partying at the BACARDI Village, the BMSW excitement has spread down South Bayshore Drive in Coconut Grove. In addition to Coral Reef Yacht Club, sponsors now include Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, Shake-A-Leg Miami and Coconut Grove Sailing Club. BACARDI and Coconut Grove… a perfect combination. Long time Star sailor Rick Burgess remembers when Jock Kohlhas and Larry Scott won a Bacardi Cup race beating World Champion Freddie Loof by inches. “It was like David beating Goliath. The whole race course including sailors, spectators, coaches and Race Committee erupted in cheers…it showed that anything is possible at the BACARDI Miami Sailing Week” Many times Bacardi Cup PRO Bill Smoak comments that “The Bacardi Cup, since its inception, has been more than a regatta. It has been the annual good fellowship gathering of the international sailing brotherhood. It is the epitome of everything good in “Corinthian” sailing. It is intense and friendly at the same time. Competition has been outstanding with sailors from all over the world. The highest order of sportsmanship prevails. Protests are very rare.” 2009 Star World Champion George Szabo loves to talk about his first Bacardi Cup. “With two days of driving, I towed a Star all the way from California to Miami not realizing what would lie at the end of the road. Little did I know that I would meet sailors who would become friends for a lifetime.” John Craig, Principal Race Officer for the 34th America’s Cup, came to his first Bacardi Cup as a Coach for the Canadian Star teams. He says that after the long drive to Miami, he did not know exactly where to go. He soon was welcomed by PRO Bill Smoak, CRYC and the folks at Bacardi Cup and reports that the hospitality was as warm as the weather. Top crew Phil Trinter says “I have won Green, Blue, Silver and Gold Stars on the top of my sails as crew but until I won the Bacardi Cup, it was still unfinished business. And…drinking the rum from the Cup was most satisfying. Rum always tastes better when you win!”

is out on Biscayne Bay.”

John Chiarella is proud to boast that he has competed in 43 Bacardi Cup Regattas. He says, “Coming back is like attending a family reunion except it

Mark Pincus, BACARDI Sailing Week Race Management Chair, explains that the BACARDI Cup is always a bit different with no weight rules for skipper and crew and no measurement of boats and sails. There usually is only one race a day to allow for more partying at night. This year, a “lay day” has been added so that the sailors, their friends and families can enjoy South Beach. There also will be two days with two races each.


Adrian Iselin II F. Robinson Fred Bedford W.F. Teves


Adrian Iselin II Paul Shields Harry Nye Paul Smart


Carlos de Cárdenas David Atwater Adrian Iselin II Adrian Iselin II


Harry Nye Harry Nye Alfred de Marigny


Woodie Pirie Woodie Pirie Skip Etchells Durward Knowles


Basil Kelly Howard Lippencott Ding Schoonmaker Read Ruggles


Ding Schoonmaker Ding Schoonmaker Read Ruggles Bill Buchan


Peter Wright Bill Buchan Bill Buchan Vince Brun


Vince Brun Vince Brun Ed Adams Mark Reynolds


Ross Macdonald Ross Macdonald Vince Brun Mark Reynolds

1952-1955 57

Robert Lippincott Ding Schoonmaker Alberto Reyes Jorge de Cárdenas Alvaro de Cárdenas


Joe Duplin Richard Stearns Richard Stearns Frank Zagarino


Ding Schoonmaker Peter Wright Ding Schoonmaker Ding Schoonmaker


Vince Brun Andy Menkart Mark Reynolds Vince Brun


Mark Reynolds Ed Adams Mark Reynolds Peter Wright


Mark Reynolds Ross Macdonald Ross Macdonald Peter Bromby


Mark Reynolds Peter Bromby Afonso Domingos Mark Mendelblatt


Rick Merriman & Phil Trinter Guillaume Florent & Pascal Rambeau Xavier Rohart & Pierre Alexis Ponsot


John Dane Hamish Pepper Afonso Domingos Peter Bromby

Heritage BSW | Miami | NEWPORT





hen a tradition begins in 1927 and is still going strong in 2013, it qualifies as a success. BACARDI Sailing Week Presented by EFG Bank is more than the BACARDI Cup. It actually is two big regattas with multiple racing circles. Spanning the sailing venues of Miami, Florida in March and Newport, Rhode Island in July, these regattas combine sailing competition with art (this year featuring Cory Silken and his amazing photos of the America’s Cup sailboats), the popular BACARDI Sailing Week Village and a big charity fundraiser in Miami for three great causes.



n Sunday, March 3, five top skippers (the Pros) will race against each other in Paralympic class Sonar boats. Their teams will be made up of people (Amateurs) who bid on the right to ride on the boats at the Auction held at the BACARDI Miami Sailing Week KickOff Party on Saturday night, March 2. All funds raised will go to three charities which have something in common; Shake-A-Leg Miami, Team Paradise and Sailing Heals all use sailing as a tool to help those who cannot go out on the water by themselves.

Enjoy your sailing and may you and your friends and families always celebrate the tradition of BACARDI. Eddie Cutillas – Director of Community Relations - BACARDI Gabriele Pedone – Event Chair – STUDIOMILANO



Commissioner Marc Sarnoff District 2 City of Miami

W Harry Winthrop Mayor City of Newport, RI

4  BACARDI Sailing Week 2013




Those of us who have full access to the water are very lucky. Maybe we bike or walk to our boats and go out on Biscayne Bay by ourselves on a sunny Miami day. A sunset sail on Narragansett Bay takes us under the Newport Pell Bridge before we return to our cars at Sail Newport or dock at Bannister’s Wharf and walk up the dock for dinner. We can look forward to many years of boating with our children and grandchildren. What if we, however, are confined to a wheel chair, are blind or are otherwise restricted from being fully independent. What if our “someday” would become limited to only a few months and we need to be able to get out of the house, hospice or hospital in order to see the horizon and share it with our friends, families and caregivers. How do we achieve freedom then? Here are several charitable organizations which are working hard to offer that “freedom”.

SHAKE-A-LEG MIAMI (SALM) One of Coconut Grove, Florida’s hidden treasures is Shake-A-Leg Miami, a very active charitable organization. Founded in 1982 in Newport, RI, this vibrant summer-time sailing program which Harry Horgan helped establish, quickly became nationally known. In 1990, Dr. Barth Green, a co-founder of the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, recruited Harry to start a year-round program in Miami. Shake-A-Leg Miami has made its mark around the world. Today, working in partnership with the City of Miami, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, a host of community organizations and with Federal, State and local agency support, it serves adults and children with disabilities, their families, disadvantaged youth and the entire community. Using adapted sailboats appropriately called the Freedom Independence 20s, sailors are trained and accompanied out on the water by volunteers…many of whom learn that Shake-ALeg Miami does a lot more than give access to the water, it also teaches that no one need be defined or disabled by their handicap. Information is found at www.shakealegmiami.org

TEAM PARADISE As a paralympic sports club, Team Paradise is working as a charity organization not only to introduce people with disabilities to the sport, but also to develop athletes for Paralympic sailing competition. At the 2012 Paralympic Summer Games in Weymouth, England following the Summer Olympics, Team Paradise was very proud of Silver Medalists Jen French and JP Creignou. They certainly epitomize the Vision of “Finding the next generation of physically disabled and blind sailors who can become Paralympic medal contenders” which supports the Team Paradise Mission Statement which is to “Provide Paralympic Equipment (sailboats) and Coaching Support to Disabled and Blind Athletes”. We are Team Paradise Sailing and our name makes perfect sense! Team Paradise Sailing’s core mission is to support and promote disabled sailing. In order to accomplish this, Team Paradise provides Boats, Equipment and Coaching support to sailors for national and international competition (or regattas). We also provide coaching support to disabled and blind athletes from around the globe. More information is found at www.teamparadise.org

SAILING HEALS Sailing Heals has a unique goal... to partner with sailors to offer VIP patient guests and their caregivers a memorable day of healing on the water... a beautiful day of sailing and respite. As a charitable organization, they match volunteer boat owners (sailing or motorized) with patients. They also want to bring the healing properties of the water to individuals who might ordinarily not be exposed to its benefits, such as military veterans. Sailing Heals wishes to be a premier charity of choice for sailing and boating enthusiasts. Currently most of their activities are in Coconut Grove, FL; Buzzards Bay, Marblehead, Marion and S. Dartmouth, MA; Newport, RI and New York Harbor. “Sailing Heals made my day special, Like Make-A-Wish, but for Adults! Special warm thanks for supporting me through this endeavor of Breast Cancer, 6 year battle, at 43, my life is short, in hospice at home. Again Bless all for making Sailing Heals happen for me!” Amy Preston Macbeth Snow For more information, visit www.SailingHeals.org

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Aboard Bacardi U.S.A., Inc. is the United States import and distribution arm of one of the world’s leading spirits and wine producers. The company boasts a portfolio of some of the most recognized and top-selling spirits brands in the United States including BACARDI® rum, the world’s favorite and best-selling premium rum, as well as the world’s most awarded rum; GREY GOOSE® vodka, the world-leader in super-premium vodka; DEWAR’S® Blended Scotch Whisky, the number-one selling blended Scotch whisky in the United States; BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® gin, the top-valued premium gin in the world; CAZADORES® blue agave tequila, the number-one premium tequila in the world; MARTINI® vermouth, the world-leader in vermouth; and other leading and emerging brands. WWW.BACARDI.COM

EFG International is a global wealth management group, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. It has a record of dynamic growth, courtesy of providing clients with a level of service they expect and deserve. It operates in 30 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America, and has some 2,300 employees. EFG International has a strong commitment to sailing, and is proud to be a partner of The Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta. In addition, it sponsors: BACARDI Sailing Week, Miami and Newport; The EFG Bank Viper 640 Pan-American Championships; The Star Winter Series, Florida; EFG Bank Mandrake (competing in leading regattas across Asia); EFG Bank Sailing Team (competing in the Melges 24 class, Europe); and EFG Bank Sailing Academy, Monaco Yacht Club. EFG International - practitioners of the craft of private banking. www.efgsailing.com /


Since 1979 SLAM manufactures, distributes and licenses sailing apparel and accessories for men and women. The main idea behind this revolutionary clothing line is to constantly provide concrete improvements to the sailor’s comfort and performance. The company is renowned for paying extreme attention to product innovation, to the extent that they have made hi-tech their vocation. SLAM has maintained their original spirit, to constantly explore whatever is new and to continually strive to produce ultra-modern materials. The production of their clothing line is the result of a long experience with the Italian Sailing Federation (FIV) and many professional racing teams. Today there are forty SLAM stores all over the world located in the most prestigious locations. In 2010 SLAM won the 33rd America’s Cup with BMW ORACLE Racing as it served as the Official Supplier and technical partner of the challenger. WWW.SLAM.COM

6  BACARDI Sailing Week 2013

West Marine, the largest specialty retailer of boating supplies and accessories, has more than 330 company-owned stores located in 38 states, Puerto Rico and Canada and two franchised stores located in Turkey. Our call center and Internet channels offer Customers over 60,000 products plus the convenience of exchanging catalog and Internet purchases at our Store locations. Our Port Supply division is one of the largest wholesale distributors of marine equipment serving boat manufacturers, marine services, commercial vessel operators and government agencies.  We are committed to improving and conserving marine habitats so that future generations can enjoy fish and sustainable fishing, reducing the impact on the environment and contributing to communities they operate in.  For more information on West Marine’s products and store locations, or to start shopping, visit :


North Sails is the world’s leading sailmaker with 63 major lofts and 56 service, sales & satellite locations in 29 countries. Since it was founded by Star World Champion and Olympic Medalist Lowell North in 1957 in San Diego, CA, North’s growth and success has been built on a foundation of superior performance, quality, technology and customer service. A proud sponsor of the Bacardi Cup, North Sails prides itself on employing One Design sailors who have the experience and knowledge needed to win local, national and world championship titles. When performance counts, the choice is clear.





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What a Star?


he Star is one of the most prolific keelboats in the world for a reason: it is an incredible boat to sail. Designed in 1911 by Francis Sweisguth, it has proven to be a classic in every sense. The Star has evolved into the consummate craft for all ranges of competition and performance sailing. Its equipment and rig is simple enough for the novice, yet versatile enough for those on the forefront of sailing. Its large, powerful sail plan, combined with a sleek hull and light weight, propel the boat in the faintest of airs, while the flexible spar can be tuned to “de-power” when the breeze kicks up. The large main is infinitely adjustable, allowing the sailor to completely control the driving surface of the sail. Boats today are generally constructed of fiberglass, with positive flotation and an integrated keel. The design, sails, and equipment of the Star are governed by stringent class rules, created to improve competition on the basis of skill and control cost. This has also served to help the longevity of the design, keeping older boats competitive through careful evolution. Stars are generally “dry-sailed”, that is, stored on their trailers when not in use, and with a total weight around 1500 lbs, can easily be towed from place to place.



ark Reynolds says “With its huge rig it’s a great boat in light wind and that also make it a demanding, but very manageable boat, in strong wind. It’s a technical boat but still very tactical as well, it’s got it all going on!” Augie Diaz answers “The boat, the competition and the camaraderie.” Tomas Hornos replies, “I like sailing stars because it’s been such an iconic class for so long, reading about all the sailing legends that have competed over the years makes it very appealing. In my opinion, it’s the pinnacle 8  BACARDI Sailing Week 2013

STAR | Class

of one design keel boat racing. I respect how difficult the tuning is and enjoy learning new things about sail shape, mast bend and hull design, things you don’t get from many classes. I like having the opportunity to compete in Star regattas internationally; there are only a handful of classes that have more of an international presence than the Star. I love the fact that I can at anytime hop on a plane and race in a Star regatta anywhere around the world. The people in the Star are fun and interesting and the organization of such a large and important class is impressive.” George Szabo comments that competing in Stars has less logistical hassles. He does not have to round up a team. All he has to do is call one of his best friends and ask “Do you want to hang out with me and sail this weekend?” Bill Allen, Star Class President writes “I love the Star because it’s so challenging to sail well. Very technical and has always attracted the best sailors. The camaraderie among sailors is the best of any of the many classes I have sailed.”



he 2012 Olympic Games had spectacular competition among the best in the Star Class. The Gold Medal went to Sweden’s Freddy Loof and Max Salminen, Silver to Britain’s Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson and Bronze to Brazil’s Robert Scheidt and Bruno Prada. Congratulations to all. We know that Star sailor Dennis Connor went on to win the America’s Cup, but today other Star sailors are heavily involved in the America’s Cup. John Craig, former Star Coach for Canada, is the Principal Race Officer of the 34th America’s Cup. Paul Cayard is CEO of the 34th America’s Cup Artemis Racing and Ian Percy is the Sailing Director of Artemis. John Kostecki is the Navigator for Spithulls’s

Oracle. More great Star competition… Did you know that the Star is one of the featured boats in the San Diego Hall of Champions?



he Gold Star on the sail means World Champion. Silver is the winner of a Continental or Hemispheric Championship. A Blue Star means District Champion and a Green Star is displayed by the Novice winner of a District Championship.


STAR Power

By Stuart Hebb


ith the move from the Olympics, we decided we needed to progress to the kind of racing that modern sailors want. The Star Winter Series put together shorter, more intense races - and more of them - with a venue and format (shorter races, more races in a series, and less days for the event) that encouraged a more relaxed attitude than the typical Olympic mindset. It seems people are noticing, and our biggest hope is that it brings new blood into this historic class. Just recently, a 22 year-old skipper won the last race of our Midwinters with a 24-year old skipper right behind him, and it wasn’t a fluke; these kids told me that it was more exciting than any of their dinghy, skiff or catamaran sailing had ever been. It also helps that the Class continues to attract the best sailors who want to sail a technical, tactical boat. Our Class organization and quality of events are the best among one design classes. With competitive Stars available for a comparative song and economical racing options like we are offering here on Biscayne Bay with the Star Winter Series, I think the future is bright for Star sailing here in Florida, and hopefully around the world.



hen you talk to Star sailors about who really was the best skipper of all time, they all shake their heads and say it is impossible to determine but several names do rise to the very top. Mark Reynolds says “that’s easy…it is Lowell North, 4 World Championships, a Gold medal and more top 10 Worlds finishes than anyone else, Bill Buchan

is right behind Lowell on those stats.” Others say that Mark Reynolds is in the top three along with those two. Robert Scheidt and his favorite crew Bruno Prada get a lot of raves too. Tomas Hornos says “Scheidt and Prada are definitely my favorite Star team. They are respectful on and off the water, have a high attention to detail and incredible work ethic. I also really admire their off the breeze dominance in the Star fleet, they are definitely a product of their environment with lots of long downwinds and big waves in Brazil, I think that is pretty cool.” Plus you have to include the recent Olympic medal winners Loof and Percy.


he great thing about Star sailing is that everyone acknowledges the importance of the crew. You cannot win a Star regatta without a great crew. In addition to Bruno Prada, the names which rise to the top in that category are Hal Haenel and Magnus Liljedahl. Mark Reynolds says that Bruno Prada should be up there, “not only because of his record but right now he’s one of the biggest crews and I don’t want him to kick my ass for not including him.” Phil Trinter also got a lot of compliments. Augie Diaz, who has always been complimentary of crews, adds Mark Strube, Frithjof Kleen, Marcello Ferreira and Marshall Duane to the list and Magnus included Steve Ericsson, Hugo Shreiner, Mike Dorgan, David Giles and Mike Wolfs.

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he Audi Melges 20 fleet is always proud to compete in BACARDI Miami Sailing Week with an anticipated 50+ boats in attendance for 2013. As the last stop on the Miami Winter Series, the fleet adores sailing in Miami making Bacardi Miami Sailing Week a pinnacle part of its Midwinter series. As part of a series of 2013 firsts, the International Audi Melges 20 Class Association is thrilled to welcome the very first two Japanese teams ever to race on the global circuit.

Oh Canada…

Representing Canada well is Fleet Captain Rhonda Joyce, owner of Batteries Not Required. The Audi Melges 20 Canadian Fleet has growth wildly over the last year totaling 20 boats. More than half of the fleet will sail at Bacardi Miami Sailing Week.

Here is an interview with Rhonda: What drove the Canadian turnout at the bacardi miami winter regatta?

Warm weather and good sailing for starters but logistical convenience is a huge benefit with everything in one location, and within walking distance of the event. The flights are easy and direct from Toronto too.

Your participation in Audi Melges 20 events is almost perfect. What keeps you coming back? I started sailing the summer before I bought my boat. I see what other people can do with their boats and I want to be like them when I grow up. I have a long way to go and the only way I’m going to get there is by racing, racing, and racing. Having said that, it’s the great people, fun nightlife, and fantastic weather conditions that put the icing on the cake. 10  BACARDI Sailing Week 2013

From the standpoint of a female skipper, what is your view of the Audi Melges 20 Class?

It could be a lot more intimidating, being one of few female skippers and new to the sport, but everyone is so friendly and everything I hear from other more experienced racers is that this fleet is one of the most sportsmanlike they have ever known so I haven’t really given it much thought.

Tell us a little more about the Audi Melges 20 North American Championship being held in Toronto, Canada this September...

This is such an incredible honor for us! Many of us do a lot of travelling to regattas and we have experienced such great hospitality from host clubs. The job they did in San Francisco for the 2012 Nationals stands out in particular. We know we have big boots to fill but we do not doubt that we’re up for it. Toronto is a great place to sail in September and with the sanctioned events on either end of the summer and two well attended regattas between, we expect to see a lot more action up here this season. There is so much to do in the Toronto area outside of sailing we hope people will come up and take advantage of all we have to offer.



MELGES | 20 & 24 Classes | EXPERIENCE



he Melges 24 fleet is excited to participate in the Bacardi Miami Sailing Week, and appropriately designated as the 2013 Atlantic Coast Championship. This is also part of the Florida Cup Series as Event Number 4, so it is an important regatta for the Melges 24 sailors. Teams have competed in the Bacardi Miami Sailing Week since its inception in 2010. The fleet always enjoys this well run regatta with beautiful weather, crystal clear water, and amazing nightlife built right in.


his year, the fleet of 25+ boats will continue the battle between the nations with teams participating from the U.S., Italy, Great Britain and Bermuda. The Italian fleet is sure to be well represented by returning second place finisher of the 2012 Bacardi Miami Sailing Week, Riccardo Simoneschi with tactician Fonda Enrico sailing AUDI. Another hot contender this year in Miami will be Bermuda’s Alec Cutler, driving hedgehog with Richard Clarke on tactics. Cutler has had a great start to the 2013 season finishing second in Key West Race Week and has all intentions of keeping the momentum going at Bacardi as he works his way up to Worlds in San Francisco during late September, early October.



M24 Class Vice President Rob Britts, owner of Hot Mess, is from Tampa, FL. Britts is back in Miami

looking to land a spot on the podium after a 10th place finish in last year’s competition and a 9th place finish at Key West Race Week.


iami is naturally a great place to sail the Melges 24 during the winter. The Miami Sailing Week event falls in between other key stops for our class’s winter circuit and Biscayne Bay offers very predictable winds and warm and flat water

making it a perfect venue to sail these really fun boats. However, the sailing is just half the fun for some teams, including my team that enjoy going out and experiencing Miami’s great nightlife and cuisine.”


e had a great regatta last year minus a few mistakes on Day 1 which seems to be a regular occurrence for us but we always find a way to pull it together and sail better as the event goes on. For me, sailing with mostly a Corinthian team is half the challenge because not every crew can make each regatta. This year, we are going to just relax going into Day 1 and have fun on the boat.”


e are really looking forward to the fun in Miami this year as it the Atlantic Coast Championship for our class and a prelude to our North American Championship in 2015.”


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VIPER 640: Fast and Fun T

he Viper 640 is a high performance, three-person sport boat. The design mandate was to provide a fast and exciting sport boat that is easy to sail, so that high performance sailing is accessible and affordable to one-design sailors everywhere. 2012 was a banner year for the Viper 640 Class: • More than 70 boats participated in the EFG Bank Pan American Championship series. We saw 40+ boats on the starting line at the Atlantic Coast Championship at Charleston; and the North American Championship at Marblehead. • Rondar Raceboats opened a new production facility in Peabody, Massachusetts, so that Vipers are now being built in the USA and Europe. • Hull 200 was sold in December, 2012, and Rondar is reporting a record order book for 2013.


he Bacardi Miami Sailing Week in 2013 will see a competitive and international fleet—including defending North American Champion Pieter “The Flying Dutchman” Taselaar; and two-time defending EFG Bank Pan American champion Glyn Locke from Great Britain, accompanied by match race champion David Chapman from Australia. They will be vying with the Canadian team led by threetime Viper NA champion and Canadian Olympic Soling sailor Brad Boston. US Competitors include Jason Carroll from New York; and West Coast newcomer Ed Feo from Long Beach, CA. EFG International and The Viper Class Association are very proud to announce that the 2013/2014 EFG Bank Pan American Championship will conclude for the first time at Bacardi Miami Sailing Week in March, 2014. Organizers are anticipating the largest Viper fleet in history to descend on Biscayne Bay for the event. In addition to two qualifying events in South America, one qualifying in Europe and another in Australia, the six US qualifying events for 2013/2014 are: April 19-21: Charleston, SC Charleston Race Week June 28-30: Long Beach, CA Long Beach Race Week @ Alamitos Bay YC July 13-15: Newport, RI BACARDI Newport Sailing Week Viper Atlantic Coast Championship August 23-25: Kingston, ONT Canadian National Championship @ CORK October 9-12: LaPorte, TX North American Championship @ Houston YC February 2014: Miami, FL Valentine’s Cup @ Miami The Viper has a clean, simple and effective layout. Using state-of-theart materials and a high-tech resin infused construction, the entire boat weighs only 750 lbs. The hull design is a modern, low freeboard, sport

12  BACARDI Sailing Week 2013

boat shape with an aggressive flair amidships and pronounced rocker that provides high initial stability and distinctive “bow up” sleigh rides downwind. It is designed to plane! The Viper is the fastest production one-design keel boat in its category. It is also remarkably simple to sail and unanimously voted by crews “as the most comfortable sport boat in its category.” It has a light carbon mast which actively responds to different wind strengths with only three base tuning settings. The layout is clean and ergonomic with no unnecessary controls. The three person crew sits together in a “legs in” hiking position, and 32-inch wide curved tanks ensure that hiking is incredibly comfortable. The spinnaker is launched instantaneously and easily with a single halyard/retrieval line system from a throat in the bow. For those “Darn It!” moments that happen to all of us, the bulb keel at 37% of total displacement ensures that the Viper is forgiving and passes the international self-righting standard. Tyler Moore, three-time Collegiate All-American, Farr 30 World championship, 505 North American total displacement ensures that the Viper is forgiving and passes the international self-righting standard. Tyler Moore, three-time Collegiate All-American, Farr 30 World championship, 505 North American champion and Chesapeake Viper sailor sums it up, “The Viper brings fun back to sailboat racing. The fun of planing downwind without hassle, the fun of racing with friends and the fun of a simple boat with close tactical racing. The design sets


Viper | Class

the standard for modern sport boats.”


iper 201 Jackpot Viper super crew Lee Shuckerow (Detroit, MI) co-owns Jackpot, one of the most successful programs in class history, with Brad Boston. The team has won three class North Americans and a variety of regional championships. Lee is an electrician and is known for lighting up the racecourse and the post-race party. The team comes to Miami with a new Jackpot, having sold the old boat to the new and growing Sarasota Viper fleet on Florida’s Gulf Coast. We know that Lee’s favorite sailing condition is flat water and lots of breeze, so the team decided to return to Miami where they previously won the 2010 North American Championship. Lee’s two favorite things about sailing Vipers are “the speed grin,” and the people in the class. “When you hit the dock at the end of a hard sailing day, everyone gathers at the dock and has a few drinks to talk about the day. I get to crew in a lot of other classes but there is

something special about the Vipers,” he said.


iper 98 LoQi Kay VanValkenburgh (Boston, MA) is known by some in the class as “the really tall guy with the ponytail,” but to many others, the class stalwart is known for his big smile and affable manner on and off the course. Kay’s dozen years of Viper experience led to his recent appointment as one of the Class “Governors,” a small group charged with overseeing and safekeeping the most fundamental aspects of the Viper’s future. The software developer started racing Vipers after moving from France to Boston, and was hooked the moment he started helming the boat. As Class Governor, Kay’s goals are to encourage diversity in the Viper fleet.

He is on a mission to tell as many people as possible about the low cost of owning a Viper, and how easy it is to sail in broad wind range. “The Viper is the iPod of sailing—brilliantly designed, easy to use and it’s changing the way we think about performance sailing,” he concluded.

PRINCIPAL DIMENSIONS LOA 21ft 1in Beam 8ft 2in Draft 4ft 6in Weight 749lbs Spinnaker Yes Crew 3

“We have such a wide range of sailing backgrounds in the Class. We have guys that have come from PHRF boats, and others that have come from 505s, and we have more women sailors than any other sport boat class—and we even have tall guys with pony tails!” Kay said. MiamiSailingWeek.com - NewportSailingWeek.com  13


J/70 | Class


DONE It Again


n less than nine months from introduction in March 2012, the recently launched J/70 one-design speedster is already sailing in 20+ countries and has over 350 orders with nearly two dozen fleets in development-- quite a remarkable debut for any sailboat in any market. Furthermore, the J/70 has achieved the unprecedented feat of being the first sailboat in history to receive four of yachting’s most prestigious awards at the same time- the “European Yacht of the Year”, “Sailing World Boat of the Year”, “SAIL Best Boat” and “Yachts & Yachting Best Performance” awards. Recently, an awesome, competitive fleet of 39 J/70s loaded with some of the sailing world’s leaders raced their first Midwinter Championships in Key West, Florida accounting for an incredible 30% of the entire Quantum Key West fleet. It’s been called “the right 14  BACARDI Sailing Week 2013

boat at the right time” by sailing industry veterans worldwide. And, if you think this is something that J/Boats has been working on for years, you’re right. We recently had a chance to catch up with Jeff Johnstone, President of J/Boats. For starters, where is J/70 being built today? “The J/70 is built in Bristol, RI and Les Sables d’Olonne, France. One hundred and fifty boats have already shipped and there are orders beyond hull #350; so it’s already the best-selling “J” out of the box since the J/24. In fact, J/70s doubled J/24s’ attendance for its first Midwinter Championship also held in Key West in 1978.”

Where did J/Boats get the idea? “We’d been discussing having an entry-level sprit boat to complement the J/80 for nearly a

engage the whole family.”

Aren’t you competing with yourselves?

“No. We believe the J/70 is a great complement to both the enormous J/22 and J/24 fleets and the larger J/80 -- it gives us our first design that can truly be ramp-launched almost anywhere in the world. There are now J/70s sailing in about 20 countries and the reason is simple, there are thousands of boat ramps worldwide and places where our boats simply don’t exist and aren’t sailing due to launching restrictions. The J/70 seems to be satisfying enormous pent-up demand for a fun, family-friendly, easy-to-sail boat that has no limitations on where or how you want to experience sailing-- that’s a good thing! J/70 is really about growing the sport of sailing. Less than 15% of current J/70 owners are previous ‘J’ owners, the rest are coming from all four corners of the compass.”

What about the sails? “For the sails, the class is open to all sailmakers provided the sail materials and sizes meet the class rules. What is exciting to see is that many of the sailmaker teams that helped promote the J/24, J/22, J/80 classes are also jumping aboard the J/70 bandwagon. They too see the ‘base’ of sailors broadening quite dramatically as a wide-range of sailing experience can be accommodated with the J/70; it’s not a ‘twitchy’ boat like some others and most sailors can be competitive at the top of the fleet with little practice. The sailmakers themselves acknowledge this as they’re seeing their client base of sailors jumping into the J/70 coming from a remarkably diverse range of boats-- TP52s, Farr 40s, IRC MiniMaxis, Catalina 22s, 470s, 49ers, PHRF, Etchells 22s, Solings, Lasers and so forth.” We note that the designer is Alan Johnstone. Who is this talented person?

dozen years and address a segment of the marketplace that has been largely untouched by J/Boats and others, but the timing was never quite right. If you take into account the fact that J/Boats has built over 1,600 J/22s, 5,500 J/24s and 1,600 J/80s with 95% of them using harbors, marinas and yacht club hoists, it clearly points to the opportunity to broaden the appeal and use of a fun-sailing boat that can be launched and sailed anywhere-- after all, didn’t Catalina 22s sell in the 20,000+ units range? It all came together about two years ago when we thought there was a real need for a trailerable, ramp-launchable boat with stability that could

“Alan is the son of ‘J/24’, just kidding. But, truer than you can possibly imagine! As Rod J’s son, Alan has perhaps been engaged in one of the longest design apprentice programs ever. As they say, the ‘apple sure doesn’t fall far from the tree’ in the Johnstone family. Building on his dinghy experiences and having a more diverse, open-minded approach to the extraordinary dynamics of sailboat design than most, meant that Al would push the envelope of convention in ways that would extract more performance. Inheriting the philosophy of ‘balanced design’ from his Dad has meant that Al has ensured the J/70 has that signature J-design element of delicate, finger-touch balance on the helm upwind while enabling excellent downwind performance under a high-aspect sail plan and asymmetric spinnaker-- it’s a unique attribute in today’s ‘sportboat’ market.”


un race to race and easy to trail Comments from the fans:

“This is a great combo of the J-22 and J-80.” “The drop keel is super easy.” “I especally like the open transom and wide cockpit; this makes it fun to sail.”

“Did I hear that you had 39 J/70s at your very first Key West week?”


ot off the press Doyle Sails report “With

the J/70 named the 2013 Boat of the Year with over 300 J/70s sold, fleets springing up all over the country … Doyle Sailmakers is excited to be making fast, easy to tune J/70 sails. The J/70 was the largest class at Quantum Key West Race Week with 39 boats registered, and the brand new design was showcased with some spectacular racing. SAIL Magazine writes “There’s nothing more disappointing than test sailing a high-octane sport boat in a drifter. But that wasn’t a problem with the new 22ft, 9in J/70” J/70 wins Yachts & Yachting Best Performance Award!!! The winners of the Yachts & Yachting Awards 2013 have been announced and the J/70 has been voted the “Best Performance Boat under 30 feet.” J/70 announced as 2013 Boat of the Year! Sailing World magazine announced the winners of its annual Boat of the Year awards, the most anticipated awards in the sailboat-building industry. Topping this year’s field of winners as the Boat of the Year is the J/70 from J/Boats and CCF Composites (Bristol, RI).


icknames North Point Yacht Sales calls it “The Speedster”-- “The J/70 Speedster (22.75 feet) is J/Boats’ first ramp-launchable keelboat. Key Yachting says it is the new “Baby J”-- “The J/70 is the new ‘Baby J’ which is kicking up quite a stir and generating tremendous enthusiasm for a next-generation slipway-launchable keelboat. Sailing Anarchy wonders if it is the next “Great Sporty”!

MiamiSailingWeek.com - NewportSailingWeek.com  15

Where is it?

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The Community

of ONE Design Sailing by Craig Leweck, Editor of Sailing Scuttlebutt

The best part about one design sailing is the opportunity. The sailors come from all walks of life. Private schools or public schools. Self-employed or unemployed. It doesn’t matter who your family is or what kind of car you drive. Out on the water, when the Warning Signal is raised, all the boats have an equal chance on that start line. But the strengths of one design sailing can also be its weakness. Class rules control the equipment and manage the costs to promote close racing. Information on how best to prepare the boat is readily available. When the race has begun, the only glaring variable is the sailors. There is one truth that resides in all one design classes: not everyone will win a prize. At the end of the regatta, the sun will only shine on a few, and it can get kind of cold in the shade. There needs to be more reasons for people to participate than the pursuit of a pickle dish. People may choose one design sailing for the convenience,

the simplicity. Or people may choose one design sailing for the honest test of their ability. But what ultimately keeps people engaged is the community of one design sailing. I often say the racing we do only keeps us busy between the parties. While the prominent championships require a sharp focus on the competition, the majority of our racing needs more balance. There needs to be more to a regatta than just the racing. The community of one design sailing should be every class’ strength. Different classes attract different segments, but the commonality of the class is what connects its members. There are experiences that can be shared, that must be shared. Each class is its own fraternity, and each event is its reunion. As much as every team has an equal chance at a good start, not every team has an equal chance at a good finish. Some teams are just better. Better gear, better training, better genetics. That is the test we take on the water, but it is not a score we carry over onshore. To maintain the community of one design sailing, be concerned if the finishing order also reflects the social order. If top teams only hang out with top teams, then the community suffers. If there is a contingent that is only about the racing and nothing else, the community suffers. The 2013 BACARDI Sailing Weeks in Miami and Newport provide a unique reunion for each one design boat, attracting class members from wide range of sailing areas. Meet some new people, share your experiences, offer help where needed, and don’t forget to have a good time after the racing. You are a member of one design class, a fraternity. Embrace it!

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onBREEZE the

AMERICA’S CUP PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT Cory Silken’s photography of sailboats which have competed for the America’s Cup, the world’s oldest continually contested sporting trophy.

History on the water The very first America’s Cup race wasn’t really named that. It was just a 53 mile race between one radically designed American schooner and 12 British boats around the Isle of Wight. The 100-foot America had a black hull, V bottom, two tall masts and a sharp bow. In modern terms, America did a “horizon job” on the fleet. Even Queen Victoria commented on it from her royal yacht as she witnessed America beating the 2nd place boat by 22 minutes. That is where the term “Your Majesty, there is no second” came from. The date was August 22, 1851. The America’s Cup trophy itself is a good size, 35 pounds, with an original height of 27 inches but it has since had its base extended twice. It is affectionately called the “Auld Mug” by the sailing community and it stands for a lot more than just a regatta trophy. Over the years, through all of the different boats which have competed in this event, the importance of improved sailboat design and innovations has moved the entire industry. The “Deed of Gift” mandates that whichever club or nation who wins the Cup has the right to make the rules…including the type and size of boat to be sailed. These yachts, while not identical, are all designed to a particular formula, so as to make the boats involved in a competition roughly comparable, while still giving individuals the freedom to experiment with the details of their designs making it a unique contest. Who can ever forget the “winged keel” controversy of 1983? From the America and comparable schooners and to the 130 foot long J-Class sloops to the 12-Metres ranging from 65-75 feet to the 82 foot long IACC (International America’s Cup Class) and to today’s catamarans (72.2 feet long, 45.9 maximum beam and masts at a maximum of 131.2 feet with a powered by a towering wing sail), sailboats have certainly changed. These new America’s Cup 34 sailboats will soon be blasting their way across San Francisco Bay at top speeds in excess of twice the wind speed. The America’s Cup will continue to be the oldest active trophy in international sports. For more information, go to www.americascup.com.

20  BACARDI Sailing Week 2013




n avid outdoor explorer, Cory Silken’s main photographic and outdoor interest lies in sailing. He has crewed aboard the classic America’s Cup 12 Metre Class fleet in Newport, Rhode Island and is a champion Herreshoff S Class sailor. Cory now combines his passion for photography and love of sailing to document and preserve the grace of classic yachts, and convey the real thrill of sailboat racing. He is world renowned for his ability to fuse serenity with adventure in the inspiring scenes he captures. Cory’s awardwinning fine art racing images are never posed or set up; rather, they are special images, each a unique vantage point which portrays the dynamic range of light and life on the water. Cory studied Environmental Science and Economics at Boston University. He now travels throughout the world for personal work and assignments, and his sailing photographs are published worldwide. In 2012, he opened the Cory Silken Photography Gallery, located at 518 Thames St., in Newport, Rhode Island, U.S.A. Cory has a broad photographic background which gives him an excellent creative palette to approach new photographic assignments from a unique perspective. Whether photographing from a chase boat or helicopter, Silken infuses

his lively style into imagery. There is a reason that his Bacardi Sailing Week Exhibit in 2010 was titled Color of Wind. With his camera, Cory Silken is able to translate the motion, passion and power of sailing into a photograph...clearly capturing the color of wind on the sails. When did you learn to take and love taking photographs? “I first became interested in photography to record my outdoor adventures as a kid, hiking and mountain biking. I continued to learn black and white photography with classes during high school.” How did you segue from your college study of Environmental Science and Economics to photography? “I took photography classes throughout high school and college, whenever my schedule allowed, although I did not go to a photography school. I entered the marine industry working during the summers in college on 12 Metres, the former America’s Cup boats, which are used for charter and racing. I finished school just after the “dot com” bubble had burst, around the time of the 9/11 attacks. I was already selling some of my photography and figured I wasn’t missing any great job opportunities in another field, so I de-

cided to start my own business. I began shooting a variety of fashion, portraits, photojournalism, and forensic/documentary projects. After about a year and a half, I started photographing regattas and found the yachting niche to be a good fit. Everyone was most impressed with those images, and of course it allows me to be out on the water.” Do you prefer color or black and white? “I like them both equally, it depends on the picture.” Do you have a favorite photograph? “There are too many great ones to choose.” Where is your gallery in Newport? “The Cory Silken Photography Gallery is located at 518 Thames St. (lower Thames) in Newport, a block north of Zelda’s and Scales and Shells, or you can visit us online at corysilken.com.” Champions on the Breeze exhibit is complemented by images of Minneapolis, MN photographer JH Peterson ShootingTheBreeze.com - and line drawing artist Will Sofrin WillSofrin.com - The exhibit will be shown in Miami during BMSW and in Newport, R.I. during BACARDI Newport Sailing Week in early July. Exhibit is a free admission event.

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SLAM Vela Gloves

1. SLAM Force 4 Long Johns 2. SLAM Force 4 Spray Top 3. RONSTAN Wind Indicators 4. HARKEN Camcleat Fairlead 5. RONSTAN Dry Sailing Bag




4 5

22  BACARDI Sailing Week 2013

< RONSTAN Top Down Adaptor

1. SPINLOCK Zero High Agility Flotation Vest 2. RONSTAN Clear Start Stainless-Steel Regatta Watch 3. SLAM Force 2 Spray Top 4. RONSTAN Full-Finger Sticky Race Gloves 5. SLAM Women’s Jay Shorts 6. SPINLOCK Emergency Safety Line Cutter

3 2


5 4


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GARMIN GPS map 741 1. SLAM skiff bouyancy vest 2. HARKEN spriddle fiddle block 3. SLAM skiff l/s titanium top 4. HARKEN standup block 5. HARKEN carbo block pieces 6. HARKEN single becket block


2 3




24â&#x20AC;&#x192; BACARDI Sailing Week 2013


SLAM Mistral Shoes

1. SLAM skiff Shorts 2. SLAM Vela Long Gloves 3. HARKEN Grinder Sunglasses, Razor Red Frames with Polarized Lenses 4. WEST MARINE Spreader Boots 5. KIDDE White fire extinguisher 6. SLAM Skiff S/S Rash Top

1 3 2


4 5

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Sailing Conditions

OF MIAMI & NEWPORT by Zach Brown


iami, Florida and Newport, Rhode Island are at the top of a long list of favorite sailing venues in the world. The atmosphere, weather, and sailing conditions of these two sailing meccas combine for an unbeatable regatta experience. Grab your suitcase and throw in some business casual clothes for the night life, flip flops for the weather, and some UV protected long sleeve sailing shirts to handle the sun and wind. Here we go! If you are sailing in Miami, you will most likely launch out of yacht club row in Coconut Grove. Coral Reef Yacht Club, its two neighboring clubs, Coconut Grove Sailing Club and Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, and the US Sailing Center are lined up on Biscayne Bay’s northwest shoreline protected by mangroves and shallow water. Be sure to respect the channel markers on your way in and out of the harbor because it gets shallow. Biscayne Bay provides ideal sailing conditions in March that will challenge even the most elite sailors. Count on the famous Biscayne Bay chop derived from twelve to fifteen feet of water

depth to test your boat speed ability. Because the tides are only three feet, current isn’t too much of a factor unless you are sailing near a passage to the Ocean or the North. The wind shifts and velocity changes are tough to predict, but keeping an eye on the moving clouds overhead and over the Gulf Stream will give you a hint. A good wind forecast can be found online at the Miami Flats location of WindGuru. Known as the home to the America’s Cup venue for over fifty years, Newport is truly a sailing town. It was just picked the only U.S. stopover of sailing’s around-the-world Volvo Ocean Race in 2015. As you dodge the hundreds of moored boats on your way out of Brenton Cove, home of Sail Newport, you may experience a wave of nostalgia when you pass the classic 12-Metre yachts like Courageous and Freedom on your left near Fort Adams. Newport’s Narragansett Bay is famous for its tricky current which comes from the vast quantity of water that moves through only two narrow passages. Newport local and J24 World Champ John Mollicone suggests that a chart

should be looked at prior to racing as water can be over 100 feet in the deepest channels and under the Pell Newport Bridge. Wind strength and direction are typically dictated by the land and water temperature differential as well as the tides. There may also be frontal passages that can affect the wind. July is a great month for a steady sea breeze from southwest but you often wait until the late morning for the breeze to fill in. Enjoy your time on and off the water in two of the world’s greatest sailing locations!

Zach Brown The author Zach Brown is teamed up with Fred Strammer pursuing Olympic Gold in 2016 in the 49er class. With a win at Miami’s 2013 World Cup, Zach and Fred are the top US 49er team. To learn more about these Olympic hopefuls, check out their website at OurRoadToRio.com.

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tion to all the people that have helped us create this extraordinary


Miami Sailing Week Event Chair:

Miami Sailing Week Regatta Chair:

Star Class Representative:

Melges 20 Class Representative:

Melges 24 Class Representative: Christopher Farkas

HQ– Hospitality Village Gabriele Pedone Mark Pincus Barbara Beigel-Vosbury Andy Burdick

Viper Class Representative:

Jonathan Nye

J/70 Class Representative:

Kendra Muenter


Circle #1 - Star course:

Circle #2 - Viper 640 and J/70 course: Circle #3 – Melges 20 and Melges 24:

Sharon Bourke Judy Hanlon

event.Without the work of so many unseen but fundamental players we couldn’t have achieved such incredible results. Among these numerous individual we would like to acknowledge our sponsors, our Regatta Chair, The Principal Race Officers, the Race Committees, the Jury, the Scoring team, the Shore side Staff, the Volunteers, the US Coast Guard and all the supporting organizations.




Bruce Golison

*The main purpose of the information presented in this brochure is to


offer a comprehensive overview of the event. For all the official competition rules and regulations, please refer and rely to the Sailing Instructions.

Tom Rinda:

USA IJ - Jury Chairman

Elliot Levy:

VEN IJ - Co-Chair

Leo Reis: CAN IJ Hernan Salcedo: COL IJ Martin Ottenheimer: USA NJ

Rick Mallinson:




There are three main goals for BACARDI Miami Sailing Week: Provide a great sailing experience with lots of fun and unforgettable memories. All of this can be achieved if everyone is conscious of the dangers of our sport. Safety on and off the water is paramount to us and we ask that everyone follow the rules and regulations. It is always a good idea to take the time to review your emergency procedures before leaving the dock and should you have any question or concerns please do not hesitate to ask us.

BISCAYNE BAY & COMMON AREA Biscayne Bay waters and the Coconut Grove area are part of a large South Florida ecosystem. We kindly ask all the participants of the BACARDI Miami Sailing Week event to take particular care in keeping the property and the surrounding area in order.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We would like to take a moment to give special thanks and recogni-

28  BACARDI Sailing Week 2013


Founded in 1955, the Coral Reef Yacht Club is said to be one of the most prestigious yacht clubs in South Florida and the nation. Located in the Coconut Grove section of Miami on the western shore of Biscayne Bay adjacent to Dinner Key, it is considered to be “home” for many sailors that either live or sail in Miami. As it has happened for the past 50 years, the 85th edition of the BACARDI Cup will be hosted by the CRYC; the club will map out the Star course and logistically support the Viper 640 and the J/80 classes. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Commodore Stephen Moynahan and to the Club members and volunteers. A special thank you to Mark Pincus, whose valuable help made this event possible. Founded in 1955 by an enthusiastic group of sailors in Coconut Grove, CRYC has turned over the years into a pillar for the sailing community in South Florida and in the United States. WWW.CORALREEFYACHTCLUB.ORG 2484 SOUTH BAYSHORE DRIVE, MIAMI, FL 33133 (305) 858-1733


Founded in 1946, the Coconut Grove Sailing Club is very community minded. They recently have joined forces with the Miami Dade Public School System and their Marine Science Academy and are constantly collaborating with non-profit organizations. The CGSC continues to be a leader in the sailing community and continues to stand by its mission by offering adult and children sailing classes, racing, education programs and community service sailing programs. For this edition of the BACARDI Miami Sailing Week, the club will host the Audi Melges 20 and the Melges 24 Classes. CGSC will also be providing the RC for these two classes during the event. We would like to take the chance to show our appreciation to Commodore Ron Rostorfer, Vice Commodore Doug Hanks and General Manager Patrick Tully for their invaluable help in the organization of the event. WWW.CGSC.ORG 2990 SOUTH BAYSHORE DRIVE, MIAMI, FL 33133 (305) 444-4571


Shake-A-Leg Miami is a non-profit organization which helps children and adults with physical, developmental and economic challenges. S-A-L Miami is South Florida’s “Gateway to Biscayne Bay.” Their continued partnership with the City of Miami, plus over 100 community organizations, both public and private, is the ultimate confirmation of the power of unity and collaboration. We want to say thanks to Harry Horgan, Chief Executive Officer, which with his team and with CGSC will help to coordinate logistics for the Melges 20 and the Melges 24 classes. WWW.SHAKEALEGMIAMI.ORG 2620 SOUTH BAYSHORE DRIVE COCONUT GROVE, FLORIDA 33133 (305) 858-5550


The U.S. Sailing Center (USCC) is a non-profit organization founded in 1987 whose primary mission is to promote sailing in the Miami area. The center has been an official U.S. Olympic Training Site since 1998. The Schoonmaker Center and the Herman F. Whiton Pavilion are well equipped to host world-class regattas. A special thank you to the USSC for providing support and assisting with the organization of the BACARDI Miami Sailing Week 2012. WWW.USSCMIAMI.ORG 2476 SOUTH BAYSHORE DRIVE, MIAMI, FL 33133 (305) 854-1058


Will provide extra support to CRYC in the form of logistic and RC aid for the Star, Viper 640, and J/80 classes accordingly. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Commodore Tom Piper and to the Club members and volunteers. 2540 SOUTH BAYSHORE DRIVE MIAMI, FL 33133 (305) 858-6303

Special thanks to the City of Miami, the numerous City Departments involved and the Sail the Grove Program for their invaluable aid in securing the locations and services necessary to make BACARDI Miami Sailing Week a reality. We cannot speak highly enough of the City and County initiative and willingness to promote the sport of sailing in Coconut Grove and allover Miami-Dade.

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Bacardi Miami Sailing Week

Good luck to all participants!

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Do you really think you like to go places because of your sailing passion? Think again! Everyone’s thought as we hit the docks is a cold and refreshing drink (Bacardi of course) and make plans for an enjoyable dinner. Miami is known for its International cuisine and if you want to make plans outside Coconut Grove and away from the “movida” of Miami Beach we would like to suggest an upcoming area just behind Brickell Avenue. You can have a cocktail before or after dinner (the choice may influence your racing the next morning) at Blue Martini at Brickell Bay Village and then dine at upscale Toscana Divino or at Pizzeria Piola. In Newport we like to stop by at Anthony’s Sea Food, a casual family restaurant and market. We found them few years ago just because they are located in Midlletown, R.I. close to our storage facility and we end up there every year. Another popular stop is the more central The Mooring, an upscale waterfront popular sailor hang out where Bacardi drinks are always featured.









900 S Miami Ave. Miami, FL 33130 Phone: (305) 371-2767


1250 S Miami Ave Miami, FL 33130 Phone: (305) 374-0031 www.facebook.com/PiolaBrickell

1 Sayers Wharf Newport, RI 02840 Phone: (401) 846-2260 www.mooringrestaurant.com

963 Aquidneck Ave Middletown, RI 02842 Phone:(401) 846-9620 www.anthonysseafood.net




Authentic Italian pizza

Seafood kitchen and bar






Contemporary Italian At Toscana Divino everyone is passionate about good food, wine and Tuscan lifestyle! The restaurant features an authentic Italian menu, presenting both the most contemporary and traditional Tuscan and Italian cuisine, including the world-famous Fiorentina steak. But the main reason why we go there is to enjoy Pici Senesi, fresh Pici pasta with braised duck and tomato ragout topped with pecorino cheese. Choose a table in the courtyard and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Brickell Bay Village and the astonishing view of Miami’s skyline.

At pizzeria Piola our favorite pizza is Regina Margherita. A popular Italian urban legend holds that the archetypal pizza, Pizza Margherita, was invented in 1889, when the Royal Palace of Capodimonte commissioned to Raffaele Esposito to create a pizza in honor of the visiting Queen Margherita. Another favorite of ours at Piola is the Sgroppino a refreshing after dinner drink originated in Venice, Italy. The slushy combination of lemon sorbet, Grey Goose vodka, and Martini prosecco is just perfect and very refreshing.

Their website says that the “The Mooring Seafood Kitchen & Bar elevates the Newport seafood tradition to a new level, providing a casual elegance while maintaining all of its relaxed Newport charm,” and we can’t agree more. The menu combines unique and distinctive flavors that fuse with specially selected ingredients on top of a great service. We love the Atlantic Salmon with a fresh selection of vegetables and the Sole Francaise served with jasmine rice, tomato dill puree, lemon beurre blanc and capers.

Seafood and market Anthony T. Bucolo pioneered Anthony’s Seafood in 1956. Originally, Anthony’s was a wholesale lobster company located on Spring Wharf in Newport and moved to Middletown in 1988. Just recently Newport Life’s awarded Anthony’s with “Best Seafood Dishes” and “Best Lobster”. The menu is in fact designed around seafood, which is always guaranteed to be fresh. We like to start with a creamy New England Clam Chowder or Crab Cakes and then indulge ourselves with a Steamed Lobster or with the always lavish daily special.

MiamiSailingWeek.com - NewportSailingWeek.com  31 B A C A R 1D I

Night Cap BACARDI | Drinks

Did you know…

Following an article on military life in The Saturday Evening Post, the Navy sailors’ term for leisure time on board ship “Happy Hour,” enters civilian use as the popular name for after work imbibing.

The Mojito Believe it or not, 16th century hipsters drank cocktails too. It may not have looked like a cocktail, but the forerunner to the Mojito was invented way back in 1586. Called ‘The Draque’, it was named after an English Privateer known as Drake, and made with rough-as-oldboots Aguardiente, the only rum they could get their hands on at the time. Fortunately, by the late 1800s, thanks to Don Facundo Bacardi Masso, the founder of BACARDI®, rum had found its mojo. ‘The Draque’ turned into the far more enchanting Mojito, which means “little spell” in Creole.


3540 Main Highway Coconut Grove


3540 Main Hwy Coconut Grove


3419-3421 Main Hwy Coconut Grove


3064 Grand Ave Coconut Grove


3131 Commodore Plaza Coconut Grove

GREENSTREET 3468 Main Hwy Coconut Grove



2 parts Bacardi Superior 12 fresh mint leaves 3/5 part bar sugar or simple syrup (Equal parts sugar and water) 1/2 lime cut into wedges Club soda 1 spring fresh mint for garnish In a highball glass, muddle 12 mint leaves and lime wedges. Add simple syrup or sugar and top with ice. Add Bacardi Superior and top with club soda. Stir gently to combine and serve with a spring of mint for garnish and a straw.

In 1900, a group of American soldiers gathered at the American Bar on Neptuno Street in Havana combine Bacardi Carta de Oro with an exotic new beverage called Coca Cola®. The ultimate Cuba Libre, or Eight and Coke as it’s known among the Bacardi Cup sailors, is a more modern variation of the popular drink.


2 parts Bacardi 8 4 parts Coca Cola® 1 lime wedge Fill a highball glass with ice. Add Bacardi 8, followed by Coca Cola® and garnish with a wedge of lime and a straw.

Proud sponsors of BACARDI Sailing Week, Miami and Newport The private bank for sailing. Also proud to sponsor: EFG Bank Sailing Team in Melges 24, Europe EFG Bank Sailing Academy, Monaco Yacht Club EFG Bank Mandrake in Division A regattas, Asia The EFG Bank Viper 640 Pan-American Championships The Star Winter Series, Florida Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta EFG Bank Sailing Arabia – The Tour 2013 www.efgsailing.com


Practitioners of the craft of wealth management

EFG International’s global private banking network includes offices in Zurich, Geneva, London, Channel Islands, Luxembourg, Monaco, Madrid, Hong Kong, Singapore, MiamiSailingWeek.com -NewportSailingWeek.com  BACARDI13 Shanghai, Taipei, Miami, Nassau, Bogotá and Montevideo. www.efginternational.com


BACARDI Miami Sailing Week 2013  

Official program of the BACARDI Miami Sailing Week International Regatta.

BACARDI Miami Sailing Week 2013  

Official program of the BACARDI Miami Sailing Week International Regatta.

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